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will translate any russian text under 20k words Comrade 05/18/2020 (Mon) 22:38:49 No. 1688
it should take me a couple of days max to do so. drop links, pdfs, images if it's larger than 20k lmk and i'll think about it i'll also do belarusian if needed
absolute madman
>>1690 You working on this, OP?
>>1705 just saw this. should be finished by sunday.
>>>/leftypol/417827 What about something from Lev Chernyi? He seems to be interesting but it is hard to find anything from him in English.
>>1738 send me a link to something and i'll get to work
>>1690 finished. let me know if there are any issues.
>>1750 Thanks for the work comrade
OP bumping in case anyone needs a translation
(96.03 KB 814x703 russianmemes.jpg)
(181.57 KB 599x800 memdprp2.jpg)
(98.84 KB 358x604 memdprp.jpg)
Hi, I'm writing an article for New Multitde about new Russian left.. would you be able to translate some of these memes for me?
(126.16 KB 1280x729 agitochka3.jpg)
(230.44 KB 1280x720 agitochka2.jpg)
>>1688 https://leftypics.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=translation_request Can you post translations of these images in their comment sections?
>>1842 Thank you so much, is the first one supposed to be a dig at KPRF? What do you think is the meaning of the last one? Is it anti communist or more defeatist?
>>1842 thanks! who are the first one supposed to be?
>>1845 >>1846 the first one is a reference to a trot party (RWP), if anything it was prob made by a KPRF member. i'd say the last one is about how there's not a lot of interest in the left in Russia, especially RWP
>>1750 thank you anon
BUMPING to remind people of my services. i am also working through the images in the translation request tag on the booru.
Can you translate this (google translate was ok, but a native version would be better): http://stalinism.narod.ru/vieux/benedikt.htm
>>2005 on it, should be done by tuesday or wednesday
>>2005 >>2007 scratch that, expect it in a week or so
OP, do you know how to access Nechayev's works? I can only find the Catechism online.
(159.66 KB 800x1048 stalin.jpg)
Translate this, please: "Why Stalin is a god", by Alexandra (the girl who created sci-hub) https://sci-hub.tw/alexandra/articles/stalin.html
>>2013 unfortunately i couldn't find anything but catechism either
(86.68 KB stalin god.pdf)
>>2037 finished. >>2005 currently a quarter done with this
>>2083 > currently a quarter done with this Yes, it's really a long interview, but I think it's quite informative and a balanced view of the Stalin era. Thank you very much
>>2084 i myself am learning a lot in the process of translating it!
>>2083 >finished. Thank you!
(354.73 KB land-17.pdf)
This is allegedly the KGB file on soviet physicist Lev Landau. It's not too long and I would appreciate it if you could translate this.
>>2175 >KGB file on soviet physicist Lev Landau You meant this? http://www.bukovsky-archives.net/pdfs/sovter74/1016_land-17-Eng-Chulsky.pdf Anyway, Landau was a good scientist but not a citizen. However, he didn't do anything harmful, so the state let him do what ever he wanted (of course no escaping to the capitalist world)
>>2176 Yes, thanks anon.
>>1842 kek @ the 3rd pic
>>2719 it can be done. i'm still working my way through stalin and khrushchev so this might be a while
>>2736 No worries, take your time
Does anyone have At the Time of Great Battles by Sofia Dzezhinky? Was published in the soviet union and poland, can't find anything in bong-land
>>2918 It was only published in the USSR so I wanted to ask the Russian speakers. However I don't think an English version exists, or will ever exist, since it is quite a long work and very obscure. For now we have this which is based off it though! https://www.redstarpublishers.org/DzerzhinskyBio.pdf
>>2719 This one seems to be good. "Main features of cybernetics"
http://lenincrew.com Could you translate anything by the Lenin Crew? Maybe something that stands out to you? I'm not sure if the Google translation is good enough, but I would like a confirmation if it is accurate. If you could, I would like your thoughts and opinions on the website. Or, if you are busy and cannot do any of my requests, I would at least ask you to translate this: http://lenincrew.com/imperialism-and-the-transformation-of-values-into-prices/ Although I am welcome to a translation of a work that you deem to be much more important.
Requesting translations of these images posted in their respective comment sections: https://lefty.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=list&tags=translation_request+russian_text


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