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Comrade 11/20/2020 (Fri) 03:11:36 No. 5968
How does this make you feel?
>>5968 It's probably sold copys and not read bc nobody reads the bible
Are Muslims too poor to buy the Quran?
>>5968 every hotel and motel room in the united states has a bible in it. that's a lot of bibles. and as >>5969 said, no one who has a bible reads the bible, because that is the quickest way for someone to become atheist so it is actively discouraged by religious leaders.
>>5971 I've got a friend who reads the Bible every day.
>>5968 the alchamist is a good book 10/10 would read again
Chairman Mao is based
(56.07 KB 604x756 h5MSdPM97fm55kTk4kk4P7.jpg)
It makes me feel annoyed at the graphic design.
(409.44 KB 1000x1500 returnCounter.jpg)
>>5968 >most read How do you know that people read the books they purchase instead of just putting them on a shelf as display? I think this would be more accurate if it said "Most purchased books" rather than "Most read books"
>>5970 Ah, I may be able to answer this. Dedicated Muslims would have one decorated Quran, and hang it on a wall with a string so that it isn't touching the ground/table. There is no giving people Qurans like people do with Bibles. It's more of a decoration than actual reading stuff. A similar thing that happens is giving people calendars with Quran verses and other religious stuff.


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