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How to decide what to read? Comrade 10/17/2020 (Sat) 23:46:34 No. 5014
What is your process? Do you use reading charts? Do you decide based on Recommendations? Aside from the obvious Leftist ones, which are the good and which are the bad Publishers?
I usually go to used bookstores to find stuff. If online, I use Amazon. It's pretty good for finding related books, even if you decide to not buy from there although I often do.
(829.61 KB 1988x2085 1586527220238.jpg)
/lit/ memes and whatever I hear enough in the zeitgeist of our culture. Like, infinite jest is both a meme but also reverberates through the more thoughtful genx'ers. The western cannon etc. I think material analysis aside there's plenty of great fiction and nonfiction out there that helps one become more cultured and aware, even if it doesn't arise out of leftism.
>>5014 Well when I had to start somewhere it was lists and recs from boards. Like one time I came across a quote from Hesse's Siddhartha on 420ch and ended up reading a bunch of his work. Or I'd visit what I've heard is canon/classic, so I did that and would then see where the text ramifies out to, like contemporaneous or within the same nation (e.g. enjoyed Dostoyevsky, went on to Tolstoy and Gogol). It's much easier to decide where to go next when it comes to philosophy and theory.
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>>5017 >Solzhenitsyn He's not even considered a good writer in Russia. No, in fact he's an atrocious writer and his pretentious attempts at inventing his own neologisms, meandering prose with no rhyme or rhythm, and endless exposition dumps with ambitions of a wannabe 20th century Leo Tolstoy constantly fall flat on their face. All the bullshit aside. Don't know what to think of the rest of the list from this.


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