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Anonymous 09/15/2020 (Tue) 14:40:18 No. 4101
How do dialectics explain evolution?
>>4119 what are you even trying to say, pompous bitch?
(63.09 KB 1280x720 pj.jpg)
>>4121 >this nigga >calling anyone else pompous wow dude
>>4120 lol, whiny bitch, where was the USSR's variant of Lysenkoism in, say, chemistry, physics, maths, etc.? You literally can't apply diamat to empirical sciences or math "as-is"
>>4122 Still waiting for u to explain, counter argue, or just utter some semi-comprehensive points beyond 'muh revisionism.'
>>4106 i laugh at you retards that apply dialectical materualism to everything. it's like a fucking religion for some leftists.
>>4120 Where did Sartre say that class was insignificant? The fucker even supported the 1956 invasion and was crucified for it in intellectual circles. You have no idea about what you try to speak of.
>>4127 Sartre was never a communist to begin with. Existentialism as a philosophy owes very little to the Marxist ideological tradition.
>>4128 Are you physically unable to answer simple questions, like, do you have some kind of handicap or sg hindering your ability to answer?
Panta rhei
>>4130 mind: blown
>>4126 >>4116 how is it not simply a law of nature for lack of a better phrase? Biological structures are simply matter in a developed form, so why are dialectics suddenly useless at describing processes of more simple forms of matter?
>>4129 I would say that Sartre never thought that class was relevant in the Marxist sense of the word. Mostly I'm just pointing out that defending Sartre's communist credentials is pretty stupid.
>>4133 >Biological structures are simply matter in a developed form No. shut the fuck up.
>>4135 what are biological structures made of if not matter, unless you believe that every tree has a soul or some hippie shit like that?
>>4124 It’s literally a way to look at history. One that has proved extremely accurate
>>4137 That's historical materialism, but what about diamet in general
>not a single response explaining evolution with marxist dialectics the absolute state
>>4138 Diamat is more of a Stalinist buzzword than an actual Marxist thing.
>>4136 He's deriving his argument from a french existentialist whilst acting exceedingly smug about it. So yes he's basically a hippie
>>4140 This is why we should go back to using flags more often. You could have made it clear you're a liberal moron without having to get to this post
>>4136 >>4141 Biological structures' difference from regular stuff is the replication, propagation and mutations of its design rather than just matter. Like saying numbers are objects in matter.
>>4113 Yeah because the greenhouse effect was already known of back then. Not to shit on Engels but it doesn't take a supergenius to connect the dots. >greenhouse gases warm the planet via the greenhouse effect >we're producing more and more greenhouse gases from industry, agriculture, etc >therefor the planet will get warmer over time The fact that rightoids can't grasp this is because of decades of industry propaganda + massive stupidity.
>>4143 I don't see how that's relevant. >>4144 is an example of dialectics explaining a natural process that isn't biological.
(23.50 KB 565x432 1555448123062.jpg)
>This is what philosphyggers actually believe >Philosophyggers think it's in any way shape or form necessary or intrinsic to science
>>4145 Idk if dialectics can be used to explain natural phenomena but your description of biology was disgustingly inaccurate that I had to object.
(1.07 MB 3194x2129 the_thinker_chimp-41.jpg)
>>4101 Organisms are in a dialectical conflict with their environment. The organism seeks to survive and reproduce, and their environment generally throws things at them that generally resist them doing just that. Thus the organism evolves along a certain path towards a greater ability to survive and reproduce in its given environment towards an eventual "perfected" state where any further mutation would cause it to be less likely to survive and/or reproduce, a state that invites no more change. However, generally the environment changes far faster than evolution can even begin to approach such a state, so evolution is a constant race towards an ever moving goalpost.
>>4147 So instead of contributing you nitpicked at something that should have been taken as given. Autist moment.
>>4149 Better to say nothing than to waste time saying completely inaccurate stuff to pollute everyone's mind with misconceptions.
>>4143 >Like saying numbers are objects in matter. Numbers are material too. Mathematicians are material and all the maths they produce are too.
>>4146 posting moe is a litmus test for retardation
>>4151 Pythagoras will be rolling in his grave right now.
>>4153 >Pythagoras will be rolling in his grave right now. Numbers change the material world when humans use maths, immaterial numbers would be immaterial causes for material effects.
>>4113 Engels foresaw WWI and more or less understood how the alliances would shake out too
>>4150 Again you didn't read my post and invented your own narrative, I guess you're just an extreme narcissist
>>4115 This shit is spooky, Life probably began due to the laws of thermodynamics, as a part of the Universe Life doesn’t exist as somehow an opposition to its physical properties. Life is entropy with consciousness.
>>4153 I dont care all that much about the triangle cultist
>>4157 Could we go over the laws of thermodynamics again. Serious. I want to make a point
>>4148 >so evolution is a constant race towards an ever moving goalpost. Just like my beloved leftypol threads. Based answer tho.
>>4160 You made my day, anon, thanks
>>4159 Not him but searching a little a found this >The biological evolution may be explained through a thermodynamic theory. The four laws of thermodynamics are used to frame the biological theory behind evolution. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can not be created or destroyed. No life can create energy but must obtain it through its environment. The second law of thermodynamics states that energy can be transformed and that occurs everyday in lifeforms. As organisms take energy from their environment they can transform it into useful energy. This is the foundation of tropic dynamics. >The general example is that the open system can be defined as any ecosystem that moves toward maximizing the dispersal of energy. All things strive towards maximum entropy production, which in terms of evolution, occurs in changes in DNA to increase biodiversity. Thus, diversity can be linked to the second law of thermodynamics. Diversity can also be argued to be a diffusion process that diffuses toward a dynamic equilibrium to maximize entropy. Therefore, thermodynamics can explain the direction and rate of evolution along with the direction and rate of succession. https://www.mdpi.com/1099-4300/17/8/5522
>>4142 But it is factually true? Marx never speaks about dialectical materialism. I thought everyone knew that it is more of a ML thing?
>>4118 lmao get filtered
>>4163 >entropy diffuses Entropy dispersing energy is half explained. Entropy also increases disorder, linking thermodynamics with information theory.
>>4151 >Numbers are material too. lol
>>4167 if numbers are not material what else are they ?
>>4168 ideas
>>4169 https://invidious.tube/watch?v=JWaukcx-upg Math arises as a tool to aid humans in changing the material world. Like a shovel or a bulldozer, math too is material.


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