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Comrade 04/22/2020 (Wed) 23:12:22 No. 1282
Educate me on weapons
>>1282 you can die from them
>>1284 sounds dangerous
I likes guns
(262.64 KB 1024x800 welcometoK.jpg)
Here's The Ar/k/, ~300 Gigs of condensed knowledge. Mostly about guns, but lock-picking and other handy skills, too. https://pastebin.com/uF0NV5Nf Since it's so big, I suggest starting the torrent and then unchecking all the folders and topics you're not currently interested in. Hold on to the torrent and load new modules when needed, deleting old stuff as you go along.
(236.41 KB 2048x1394 realist-beauty.jpg)
While this is a thread, Is pic related (hanging bricks from rifle) part of training for weapons in militaries/militias? Is it really that heavy/straining to aim with a rifle for a prolonged period of time that this is necessary? Or is the purpose of it to make aim steadier/less shaky (or does it even help with that at all)? Thanks.
Reminder to mods that that there's also >>>/hobby/5906 (/k/ thread). Maybe it fits better here on /edu/ though? I mean it's education for self-defense (which is pretty damn important for our context as a lefty imageboard). I'd be for moving weapons threads over to /edu/.
(12.39 KB 340x191 Sister_Yolanda.jpg)
>>2103 I think it's to get the muscles you use for aiming stronger, that way you can be steadier.
>>2103 dont this this fucking retarded plus steady aim only recquires normal strenght
>>2121 Something tells me the only retard here is you, though feel free to prove me wrong.


no cookies?