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(18.46 KB 1152x648 guess what it is.png)
Historian 02/29/2020 (Sat) 15:16:58 No. 110
let's play a game someone draws a historic event in paint and other people try to guess what event that person drew
>>1321 Yay! That's right! I just thought it was crazy that the same ship survived Pearl Harbour and was destroyed famously by Thatcher in the 80s.
>>690 No one has guessed this right yet...
>>1333 Look at the close detail ! And wrong
>>1340 Details? It's a stick figure.
>>1344 Big eyebrows.
>>1347 ... Leonid Brezhnev didn't die hanging
>>1347 I went through that list and there are too many people with eyebrows without facial hair, yet none of them stand out as someone who would be chosen in a /his/tory thread. My final guess is John Brown because he had majestic eyebrows and is usually shown without the equally amazing beard that he had at the time of his execution.
(112.40 KB 1740x1080 Untitled11_20200426154800.png)
this one should be easy
>>1350 BO destroying old /leftypol/
>>1348 Apparently Brezhnev was the only person in history to have big eyebrows ? >>1349 I'll give another hint, died in the 1980s.
>>1352 Ismail has nothing to do with the old BO. He would've been a better BO if anything.
>>1359 He's not in there.
>>690 It's ur mom tonight unless you reply to this post
>>1368 You're a rat.
>>1370 that's rude to the anon
>>1371 They threaten my mother, I believe they can take a little insult in return.
(142.60 KB 1000x1000 bob_2.jpg)
>>1377 Just another day in new york city, watching the twin towers as a plane flies past in the background guess pic related
(1.82 KB 1034x375 de.png)
three guesses
>>1382 capitalist realism(1991-2016)
>>1384 no.
>>1382 My achievements.
>>1386 No.
>>1382 France
>>1397 Times up, Tiananmen Square on April 15th, 1989
>>1378 Charlottesville?
(12.58 KB 683x384 untitled.png)
Fuck it my turn
>>1403 What? Why are bringing up such a random day?
(546.86 KB 2008x3071 antifascism.jpg)
>>1409 Close enough. 2016 in general but I'll give it to ya.
(2.48 MB nice meme kid.webm)
>>1412 haha very epic picture you memelord! Too bad if it was historically accurate Bob would be using the bone to beat the hobgoblin to death, which would lead to very different conclusions about the utility of 'anti-fascism' that would hurt your delusions of red-brown alliance you imbecile.
(209.05 KB 600x333 voosh.png)
>>1419 >Too bad if it was historically accurate Bob would be using the bone to beat the hobgoblin to death Oh in the 20th centuries definitely! I had that in mind when I decided to use a bone. It could be used both as a weapon and as a toy to play fetch with. This picture is specifically in reference to 2016. >delusions of red-brown alliance you imbecile. Um no thank you. Fascism is petite-bourgeois. The point is that both anti-fascism and collaboration with fascists are class collaborationist. I want nothing to do with either side.
>>1425 t. armchair radical who never had to do street politics
>>1425 >The point is that both anti-fascism and collaboration with fascists are class collaborationist. I want nothing to do with either side.
(23.24 KB 474x639 ramonnmercader.jpg)
>>1436 I don't want to derail this thread but I would be happy to defend this position in another thread. Even if you disagree with me you should hear the analysis. Read the section on antifascism in this text: https://libcom.org/library/communism-introduction-politics-internationalist-communist-tendency
>>1440 I am so fucking tired of this bullshit, anon. Do you seriously believe that that section is in any way relevant to antifa? It would have made a compelling argument about the Spanish Civil War but you are out of your mind if you think antifa is a "broadest possible alliance of all do-gooders" or class collaborationists. If you want to spread disinfo about them being the henchmen of the Democratic Party or being paid by Soros then please go back to /pol/ or ask your FBI handler to assign you to a different website.
>>1441 Idk about European antifa, I hear they are a little more militant over the pond. It's not like antifa here is a group. This is definitely relevant to the antifascist actions taken by the GDC and various trot parties. All the antifascist actions I've taken part in have indeed involved broad coalitions of do gooders, ie bourgeois orgs marching with alleged communists. It's a lose lose in terms of how those kind of demos play out. I guess the one good thing is that if we outnumber them then the liberals see which side the cops are on. There's also a false consciousness though that that breeds, because it feels like you've scared them off and are doing something productive, when in reality they just failed to mobilize (as they frequently do) because they aren't a real threat.
>>120 The Helga (poorly) shelling the GPO? Not liberty hall and the statue at the top looks right
>>129 Kek
>>146 Hahaha what the fucking lel. The nazis are like bad saturday morning villains
>>1410 When did the libs use a sonic lobster to push away and bully salvador dali?
(7.04 KB 800x600 guess.png)
>>2076 First Spanish astronaut, Luis Carrero Blanco.
(41.28 KB 1207x788 yeet.png)
Should be easy
>>2086 Defenestration of Prague but I don't know which one
>>175 Sinn Fein
>>683 I like how you made Fidel look like Wario
>>690 Mussolini's death?
>>2091 that'd be upside down


no cookies?