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cool uniforms Historian 03/01/2020 (Sun) 00:49:10 No. 282 [Reply] [Last]
ITT post ur favourite historical uniforms
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(260.72 KB 1500x1022 fwa reloading.jpg)
(65.12 KB 1417x1048 fwa drill.jpg)
(249.44 KB 1024x576 5077219143_4e8ef19ea3_b.jpg)
(165.14 KB 800x531 img_32721.jpg)
(53.53 KB 640x422 image.jpeg)
One that I hate. The Legión Española, the Christ... and the famous goat. A fascist remnant in the army of Spain, certainly ridiculous.
>>289 that emblem is very Juche.
(193.17 KB 1200x713 REU-KOREA-NORTH__013.jpg)
(59.72 KB 640x477 D8QQf2uXYAES_du.jpg)
>>453 I loled overall, but in particular at how they had to accentuate the Bulge. I wonder if the put some socks there too if they don't have the goods necessary for the parade...

(107.53 KB 570x712 manto_0.jpg)
The Indian Navy Strike 1946 Comrade 04/14/2020 (Tue) 10:58:28 No. 903 [Reply] [Last]
I was reading a book by Laal Khan on the history of proletarian and communist struggle in pre-Partition India and I was baffled at the fact that I had no idea about this event. This has to be the greatest rebellion/revolution in India before Partition. >On the eve of February 19 1946, much wider layers of the Naval personnel had joined in this revolt. The union jacks on most of the ships of the Royal Indian Navy in the Bombay harbour were torn down and the rebel sailors hoisted red flags along with the flags of the political parties that were involved in the struggle for independence. Within 48 hours the British imperialists were faced with the largest revolt ever of their Naval units. The message of this rebellion started to spread by word of mouth and then over the radio (the radio station had been taken over by the rebels) to military garrisons and barracks across India. Some of the leaders of the sailors broadcast the message of the uprising and revolutionary songs and poetry were also broadcast round the clock. The revolt spread to 74 ships, 20 fleets and 22 units of the Navy along the coast. It involved Bombay, Calcutta, Karachi, Madras, Cochin and Vishapatam. On February 20 only 10 ships and 2 naval stations were not in complete revolt. >One of the effects of this uprising was that the British Prime Minister Clement Atlee was forced to announce that the British would leave India before June 1948. https://www.marxist.com/1946-rebellion-indian-navy150903.htm
>>903 Based
>>1134 >On 19 March, a strike wave penetrated the police force throughout the major centres of the country. At Allahabad, the police went on a hunger strike. The Delhi police joined them on 22 March. On 3 April, 10 000 police personnel in Bihar joined the strike movement. Soon the workers also joined this mass wave of strikes. On 2 May 1946, the workers of the North Western Railway went on strike. On 11 July, more than 100 000 postal workers started an all-India strike. Industrial workers across the subcontinent joined the movement with massive strike action. The whole of India was engulfed in these mass uprisings, revolts and strikes. The British were losing control over the armed forces. The first to come to the rescue of the imperialist Raj were the political leaders of all religions.

I don't like reading Comrade 04/04/2020 (Sat) 13:18:46 No. 333 [Reply] [Last]
I'm a highschool drop out who never had the tension span to read anything more than 200 pages, why should I now read some 700 pages of confusing dialectics? isn't it enough to read some wikipedia articles or something? aren't there any movies that explain all the theory?
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>>416 BASED if you read this whole manga, do you even need to read the original? it seems like it covers everything
(130.93 KB 656x875 Carlo_Cafiero.jpg)
There is only one summary of Capital that was approved by Marx himself: https://www.marxists.org/archive/cafiero/1879/summary-of-capital.htm It's around 80 pages when printed.
>>416 Why does the value of the machinery and materials used to produce count as part of labour value? The workers that produced those things allready got what they worked for when they were sold, so why is the value of those things added to the labour value done every hour? I don't get it.
>>416 I'd try to redo this if I had the raws.
>>709 Yes.

(347.86 KB 680x730 tmp_14091.png)
/his/ humour thread Historian 03/15/2020 (Sun) 21:22:26 No. 194 [Reply] [Last]
Dark edition.
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>>450 >1st pic It’s still staggering how I used to believe in “niggers were always uncivilised” meme
anyone know sites with good history boards?
>>765 How can anyone rationally believe that when the easier answer is that you only learn European history in school?
>>855 Bunkerchan.xyz/edu It’d be good if we had more people.
>>866 >>855 I sexond this one

Cosmopolitan mongrel deleted his blog Comrade 04/16/2020 (Thu) 17:10:23 No. 1112 [Reply] [Last]

(1.93 MB 1920x1304 communebarricade.png)
/ahg/ Alternate History General Comrade 04/14/2020 (Tue) 18:06:08 No. 1047 [Reply] [Last]
The Paris Commune successfully establishes socialism in France. What now? ITT: Post and speculate about alternate history.
(572.44 KB 1700x1164 l49rqmmtf0311.jpg)
My guess is the monarchies/government of the old regime would just double down on suppressing any mention of socialism/communism within the nation
Seeing how there was many coalitions again the Republic when they won their revolution, I'd assume the imperial powers would do the same.
>>1047 Speculate: What would have happened if Bordiga got his way at the last meeting of the executive council of the Comintern in 1926?
Lenin lives to see WW2.

Which of these books do you recommend? Anonymous 04/04/2020 (Sat) 21:46:37 No. 767 [Reply] [Last]
And which should I skip?
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>>875 >A lot of his works are Baudrillard's attack on postmodern society in literary form. I agree, but this doesn't exclude him from post-modern lit. Sure he's not playing with the novel as a form, but all of his works are hyper-meta, partiularly Mao II, explicitly asking itself what the novel, as a medium, and each of his books in particular, can do in the postmodern age. Can they reconcile history? Can they still save the individual? Are they capable of constructing world narratives? >>852 Most ""Socialist Literature"" is bad. Literature by socialists, however, is good.
>>904 > Most ""Socialist Literature"" is bad. > Literature by socialists, however, is good. At least read Тихий Дон.
>>905 I didn't say all socialist lit was bad, just a lot of it. >And Quiet Flows the Don My Russophile friend always badgers me to read this but, man, I don't really wanna read a four volume novel. I tend to tap out after one thousand pages
>>906 Please, read it. It's not only a Russian novel, but a socialistic novel. It shows how the revolution actually was, from the viewpoint of non-proletarian class. Also Как закалялась сталь, this is not a masterpiece, but it shows the revolution from the viewpoint of proletarian class. Both of them will give you a quite completed picture of the revolution
>>869 We're talking about literature here... so you're telling us not to read who? Allen Ginsberg?

Period management before cheap paper Historian 02/29/2020 (Sat) 17:34:06 No. 14 [Reply] [Last]
How did women do it back then?
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(89.08 KB 750x748 image0-287.jpg)
>>28 That was my step-dad from tennessee. He claimed to be a christian but he seemed to value wealth more than GOD, so he took us to evangelical churches where i almost began apologizing for turning my back on the lord. I'm not sure why,i guess i just felt like the atmosphere was suffocating me and the deity was personally trying to force me to kneel. I went to a catholic church later on where i did kneel and begin crying during something those retards were doing, i'm not sure what catholics do but i kinda got up in front of everybody with tears in my eyes for no particular reason and asked for a blessing. My biological father was the one who claimed to be a satanist when he was younger (but he personally met jesus inside a jail cell), smoked meth and threatened to kick me out of the house if i voted for bernie lol. Anyways it was my biological father who told me that you're supposed to sleep on the roof to avoid women on their period. That was when my parents were divorcing i think.
Freud thought women learned to be devious because they had to hide their periods so nobody knew they could get pregnant so they got better at covering shit up.
>>14 I would bet that the association between women and working with textiles comes partly from women weaving fibers together to form linen and the like to soak up cooter fluids. I've heard historians referring to reusable menstrual cloth much like reusable diapers, so as far back as there was cloth there was probably menstrual cloths. Before that maybe they got creative with other shit like feathers. I know in rural India where cheap sanitary napkins are being introduced, there was a typical practice of shoving fucking dirt up there, but that's also in a culture where the whole subject is very taboo. >>20 90% of the idea that hunter-gatherers were ooga booga cave men is the lack of hard evidence of their sophistication. Prior to monumental stone architecture, most of what they made and built disappeared completely over the ages. Shit, the idea that people were primarily cave-dwellers probably mostly comes from the fact that caves shield physical evidence from the elements. The kind of people who lived in caves back then were probably the kind of people who live in caves today - social rejects and those who were too lazy/stupid to build a longhouse or whatever. They were just as smart as us, but had less of the kind of knowledge we do, and more knowledge of how to survive in a less altered (but still altered) environment.
>>14 how the fuck do you think I know that? I'm a dude. Let us all wait for a woman or a human waste historian to show up itt

(79.24 KB 597x424 antique-painting.jpg)
Weird History Facts bear 03/30/2020 (Mon) 06:36:17 No. 83 [Reply] [Last]
Post any weird and obscure history facts that you know of
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>>596 It doesn't specify that all navy soldiers who died or were wounded were on that specific destroyer.
>>83 Mao was really into dick nipples futa porn Surprisingly it was introduced to him by an undercover american spy. Also George Bush hated black people.
In the 1930s a party member called Gorbachev was executed during the great purge
The Camera was invented simultaneously by three different people at the same time in the 1830s without any of them having been aware of one another's work. Hércules Florence, in Brazil, in 1832 Daguerre & Niépce, in France, in the 1820s-30s (they were partners, and had both created proto-photographs independently, but it wasn't until their later collaboration that led to the Daguerreotype in 1834-6) Henry Fox Talbot, in Britain, in 1834
(25.71 KB 440x348 tails.jpg)
the Spanish civil war ended on the first of April, please tell me the national victory was just a joke, we actually won right?

(994.87 KB 1550x2417 manifest-995k.jpg)
Notes Comrade 04/07/2020 (Tue) 02:56:39 No. 461 [Reply] [Last]
How do you take your notes? Do you take notes? Use this thread to discuss methods, tips, and anything else related to how you take notes.
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>>890 cute girl, i like it better already
>>889 Yeah if you're taking notes for a class I don't think the Zettelkasten method is really what you're looking for. It's more meant to be an overall knowledge management system. Cornell method is decent. It's really not so important to follow one particular method as it is write things out in a way that isn't too rushed, is easy to understand later, and is in your own words (so that you actually have to understand it).
>>889 I don't really see the point of having designated places for keywords and summaries.
>>894 Search time optimization.


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