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(103.33 KB 1200x675 C199tDkXcAEz2i8.jpg)
Comrade 02/17/2017 (Fri) 11:35:44 No. 99
Where does Bunkerchan stand with pewdiepie?
Gulag all Swedish niggers.
>What's your opinion on the biggest porky of YT?

Why, gulag with the other porkies, unless he wants to become one of us.
>biggest porky on YT
He became rich, but is he actually exploiting someone?
I hate youtubers for being attention whoring faggots, but if other people enjoy their videos, why should I fucking care?
He is petitbourg as his material interests align more readily with his corporate masters over the average "user" of YouTube.
Gulaging/fighting petty bourgeois instead bringing them to join the cause of the working class leads down a dangerous path, comrade. ;^)
Unfunny and annoying. Why would I care if he lost his job?
pewdiepie's merely collateral damage in the eyes of advertisers and news media, and scummy marketing firms.
(21.12 KB 500x375 1331720114073.jpg)
>Be hated by /v/ for being unfunny and making loud noises
>come out as aut right
>get praised by /v/ as the savior of the (wannabe) white race
This goes for Jon and Pewd, holy shit the hypocrecy.
At this point I'm convinced that I can forge an article from The Jacobin about how video games are the most leftist shit in the universe, post it on /v/ and then see how the board becomes a desert.
Didn't /v/ get a bit pissy about Kojima and MGS even since their turn right?
>He's ever gonna say "goodbye" to his kapital to help the common man

I've always felt video games were pretty leftist too. Not sure if this is just an American thing but it seems gamers in the US often meet the unintelligent autist cliche. Naturally, these fucktards don't understand how leftist video games really are.
>forge an article from The Jacobin about how video games are the most leftist shit in the universe
bonus points if you construct article saying that gamergate is communist to it's core.
seriously someone do this and post results (of article AND thread) here asap.
I write like a tard so its up someone more articulate.
/O U R G U Y /
He should be able to say whatever he want.
He's hiring editors with a wage.
Jon is a particularly pathetic example, since before he was a lazy LPing parasite, he was actually a decent animator from his Newgrounds days. But of course he only hit it big with something for alienated millennial autists to use as background noise.
fuck eceleb bullshit
Seriously, I had to break down how Persona 5 was a surface level criticism of Japanese society from a leftist perspective. Shits obvious as hell. I remember someone coping out saying its not the same cause Japan doesn't have SJWs and feminists.
There's a villain that views people as literal walking ATMs

How much more explicit does it need to be
Do you mean Egoraptor? That chinless fuck used a friend's cgi animations in his gamegrumps shit and never paid him.
he's unbearable and obnoxious.


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