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(21.10 KB 236x329 josephplaneswalker.jpg)
Comrade 07/16/2016 (Sat) 08:45:20 No. 67
Who else spends his hard earned (or state given ;^) ) money frequently on commodity fetishes like M:tg cards? How is such behaviour to justify (there is no right living in the wrong)?

One pal of mine tries to get me into his rpg-group, and I'm honestly thinking about it, even tough I don't have much interest anymore in high fantasy-rpgs.

Any other non-vidya gamers around?
(389.58 KB 1701x1316 TRS-80_III_Hi-res_Hat.jpg)
I hoard 70's and 80's business computers. It's getting compulsive. I don't even play games on them, I just clean them, do repairs, and keep them in working order. I run a family farm my parents left me, and have no formal education in electronics. Im not even old enough for them to be nostalgic. WHY AM I COMPELLED TO SPEND MONEY ON THIS SHIT?

On a side note, telnet RPGs make me pretty hard.
>Any other non-vidya gamers around?
/tg/ thread?

I love RPGs, specially since I only need to pirate the books to play.
OP here; the friend I was talking about has also pirated all his books for his mother is working in a print shop. One can only tell the difference to my original books if you look very closely.
(677.13 KB 543x1169 1367056935721.png)
>playing Eclipse Phase with a bunch of commies and anarchists
Sounds perfect.
DEC fedora?
I play WoD:The Masquerade every blue moon.
>inb4 vampires are gay meme

Pen&Paper can be really fun, you should at least try. It's nigh-endless possibilities. I mostly play absolutely retarded characters and try to crash/sidestep the plot by any means possible. My current character is an edgelord anarchist calling himself "The Patriarch" who uses a shoulder-mounted anti-tank gun to snipe people from kilometers away and my plan is to rob banks and give out guns to civilians in the hope that this will bring down society.
I play Malifaux, Mei Feng in that is vaguely commie.
(160.05 KB 404x369 phanes.png)
I like to indulge in purchasing sexy expensive books on magick when i know i should be saving

D&D and other ttrpgs are borderline non-expensive, you only need to invest interest and some time

I've invested a bit on dice because im an autist fuck and i really like weird dice but its ok

*about mtg: just play pauper comrade*


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