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Comrade 05/13/2016 (Fri) 22:42:14 No. 5
what vidya does bunkerchan like
The Dark Souls franchise
Suoer Smash Brothers
Most Mario and Zelda games
pretty good taste

want to play a souls game but I don't have a controller for my PC
I'm a huge Zelda fan and love playing Kart Racing games tbh
Advance wars tbh lads
>want to play a souls game but I don't have a controller for my PC
My recommendation: buy a second hand Dualshock 3. It is pretty well supported on GNU/Linux system and the WinSCP driver makes it recognized by all games you love on Windows.

The D-pad is especially nice for retro games. I don't know if the Dualshock 4 is better, maybe it's more comfy in the hands.
80s/90s text adventures
Paradox RTSs
Tabletops (1st edition D&D especially)
90's JRPGs
Ill pretty much play anything thats DRM free and runs on Linux these days tbh.
FPSRPGS: STALKER, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Fallout: New Vegas

FPS: DOOM (it's all you need tbh), Blood, Shadow Warrior

RTS: Command and Conquer, Warcraft III

Text-based: Dorf Fort, Liberal Crime Squad

Turn-based: Darkest Dungeon
(61.67 KB 799x525 1456136411942.jpg)
Dark Souls, though I'm shit at it.
Civ 5 and Paradox games, mostly CK2.
Company of Heroes.

Classics are Age of Empires 2 and Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

I'd like to buy The Witcher but I'm stuck with a portable.

>mfw I haven't played anything in months now anyway bc coursework and theory
Stellaris is okay and the new patch should fix some of its glaring issues but it won't be great without serious modding or expansion packs
Deus Ex is required playing
(454.77 KB 680x619 D719HcZXkAIrLEo.png)
The Metal Gear games are my favourite by far. The stealth is fun to fuck around with, the boss fights are all great and there's a nice story to round it all off. It was actually the thing that got me to consider the cost of nuclear armaments and war. A close second would be the older Battlefields, particularly Vietnam. Lots of good memories with that one. I'm also playing through the old Interplay Fallout games for the first time and I wouldn't be surprised if they become long time favourite of mine. I'm interested in trying some more CRPGs.

Fallout New Vegas
Red Dead Redemption 2
Grand Theft Auto V
Titanfall 2
Rusted Warefare
Planetary Annihilation Titans
Assassins Creed BF
MGS2 (All of the Metal Gear games really, but especially Sons of Liberty)
Deus Ex
Metroid Prime
Metroid: Zero Mission
New Vegas
Titanfall 2
System Shock
Prey (2017)
Immersive sims in general
Metroidvanias in general
undertale tbqh
Does it still run like shit?

Also, I'm in it for the engie games:
Oxygen Not Included
Any Zachlike
sometimes spengies

And i've found myself playing Planetary Annihilation again lately as well
I love Zachtronics games as a concept but I'm way too much of a math/engineering brainlet to get very far into any of them.
(890.85 KB 1200x1200 skyrim.png)
I'm on this shit rn
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
Heroes and Generals
War Thunder
(23.47 KB 680x447 b2f.jpg)
>Rising Storm 2
AoE 2 and only playing vietnamese even though they're shit
Oh hey ISP I didn't realise you were a marxist.
Everything Kremlin Games make.
Recently Bloodborne and Danganronpa. I'm also trying to get into VNs in general and finished Saya no Uta yesterday. Any suggestions what else to check out?
Thanks r-word
U got discord?
A little bit of everything, but I'm mainly playing Overwatch right now.


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