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ITT: Cultural Degeneration Comrade 09/08/2019 (Sun) 23:32:09 No. 303
Culture is degenerating, but not because of duh Jooze or something. It's because capitalism is sanding the edges off everything and making it as marketable as possible. ITT post the shittiest examples of libs, normies, boomers, and so on being uncultured swine.
>thinks its possible for culture to "degenerate"
>thinks that some unsourced twitter take demonstrates this
I think any quick look at social media like twitter, youtube etc. will provide enough proof that capital aims to create the dumbest creatures possible living solely for dopamine fixes rather than higher values such as culture, virtue etc.
We could be experiencing a second enlightenment but instead our generation's most potentially prominent are spending their days fapping to mongolian cartoons and watching 1000 degree knife vids.

Also the chick in your screenshot is right, the movie version of Deckard is a prick and the androids are presented as quasi-human. In the novel he's much more empathic and the androids are soulless automatons incapable of empathy or basic survival instincts.
*most potentially prominent thinkers


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