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Comrade 06/05/2019 (Wed) 06:11:29 No. 802
Almost all US reporting about North Korea comes directly from South Korea. Now, the thing about South Korea is, they have a piece of legislation called the National Security Act (or NSA) that's been in practice since 1948. Under the NSA, saying good things about the DPRK or saying bad things about the Republic of Korea is literally illegal; people have even gotten killed for speaking up for North Korea. So South Korean media literally cannot say good things about North Korea, however there's absolutely no penalty for making up absurd shit about North Korea. They legally must be biased. And the US media almost always takes South Korean news articles completely at face value, which leads to the US reporting being biased and inaccurate.
But what about the defectors, right? Those are actual North Korean citizens who moved to the South, and their stories clearly show how terrible life in the North is like, right? Well, not always. There's a lot of organizations that pay defectors sizable amounts of money to tell their story. They're encouraged to exaggerate and tell the most heart-wrenching stories, often enough making things up. Because they can't be disproved, that's the thing. If another defector knows that someone's story is false, they can't speak up because of the National Security Act. And defectors aren't allowed to leave the country, or go back to the north, either. They can't escape the NSA, which means its extremely hard for them to get out information that goes against the standard narrative. It's a rather dastardly system that makes sure that nearly all the media reporting about Korea is anti-DPRK. But the hard facts don't lie. If South Korea is really so much better than the North, why do approximately 200 defectors try to defect back to the North each year? The North isn't nearly as bad as most people believe.
It's become increasingly obvious that we're being lied to about conditions inside the DPRK. Anyone who read Shin Dong-hyuk's book would have realized that the conditions he describes within the supposed prison camps would have meant his father should have been dead or a mangled cripple. The man was then produced intact on video for the world to see.


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