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Supreme Court Just Made It Easier for Police to Arrest You for Filming Them Comrade 06/02/2019 (Sun) 11:14:31 No. 798
Supreme Court Just Made It Easier for Police to Arrest You for Filming Them

Americans are so enslaved now that Americans scream that anyone who loves freedom, peace, and balanced budgets is a traitor and must get out of the USA.

Americans cannot see hypocrisy.

Americans swear that Biden is an evil monster for embracing war, debt, and tyranny, but then Americans turn around and insist Trump is a holy god for supporting war, debt, and the police state.

Strange how Trump can quickly regulate airline seats and ban bump stocks, but is powerless to stop illegal immigrants, reduce refugees, end wars, end Obamacare, reduce the debt, or restore the Bill of Rights.

4d chess, right?

Americans are only interested in bread and circuses, celebrities, movies, sports, sex, drugs, or irrelevant issues like free college, homosexuality, and slavery reparations.

Americans say surrender is the answer to tyranny.

Americans are not interested in solutions to the collapse. Americans only want to blame, point fingers, and say that they're not at fault and not responsible for anything.

Why can't Americans unite and agree that debt, wars, and tyranny are bad?

Do you think things would change in the US if Americans protested? What if the Gestapo, government workers, politicians, and soldiers went to work and were not sure that they would come home? What if Americans attacked government buildings?

Some of the problems with tyranny is that remaining silent means that you accept debt, wars, curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, checkpoints, forfeiture, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, torture, kill lists, no fly lists, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, FBAR, FATCA, TSA groping, secret FISA courts, and Jade Helm.

Assange is in jail because of your silence.

The blood from US wars is on your hands.

Another problem with tyranny is that it grows.

Do Americans think that because straws are illegal now that the USA is a paradise? Do you think tyranny will not continue?

The US seems to be waiting for a spark like Yorktown today.

Will Americans revolt when the stock market crashes, property is nationalized, books are burned, guns are confiscated national ID card are required, passports are revoked, domestic travel permits are required, Americans are required to submit a DNA sample, give fingerprints, get microchip implants, and be registered in a facial scan database, Internet filters are required on all computers, mobile phones are banned, the Internet is shut down, free speech and protests are illegal, reporters are arrested, government loudspeakers are installed on street corners, newspapers, magazines, and TV and radio stations are closed, churches are shut, neighborhood watch groups are set up, undercover police are everywhere, warrantless home searches are routine, taxes are raised, cash is banned, there are negative interest rates, bank fees, bail-ins, capital controls, gold is outlawed, torture and extra-judicial assassinations are routine, government drones and robots patrol everywhere, lawyers are arrested, elections are canceled, juries are banned, courts have show trials, congress is eliminated, Americans are required to wear uniforms and attend study sessions, or concentration camps are opened and Americans are starved and killed?

What if Americans never rebel?

How do people live under tyranny?

If you lived in China in 1947 would you join the Communists, fight Communists, or flee to Taiwan?

Would a Vietnam prison
guard in a re-education camp have ethics or try to justify his job?

How would feel if you spent your whole life in the USSR? Would you think that you are free? Would you think bread lines are normal?

How would feel if you lived in North Korea and were in a concentration camp because your dad found a Bible?

Cuba is a police state because they are cowards.

Are Americans pussies, too?

Can't freedom go viral?

Do you think tyranny is a joke? Do you see what is happening?


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