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Snowden: Prosecution of Reality Winner without jury a 'threat to free press' in America Comrade 05/27/2019 (Mon) 12:48:19 No. 793
Snowden: Prosecution of Reality Winner without jury a 'threat to free press' in America

The US will look like North Korea.

The USA is headed for a fall.

The US is a bankrupt warmongering police state now, but Americans cannot vote for change because the US is no longer a democracy, the election machines can be hacked, the only candidates are Nazis or Communists, and Americans are too degraded to vote for someone who supports freedom.

Once the stock market crashes, guns will be banned, property will be nationalized, the Internet will be shut down, starting a business will be illegal, the tax rate will be 100%, and Americans will be required to work at government jobs.

The world will have a global government, but there will be still be borders. Countries will be set up as zones and prisons will be the size of cities. The elites do not want people to fly from Chile to Russia because a mobile population is hard to control.

Americans should sell their homes and cars now and be mobile. Don't carry a cellphone around. Property owners become a target because of property taxes. Consider burying your firearms or starting an anonymous shell corporation or a nonprofit church to buy property.

Practice civil disobedience. Why obey the law or pay taxes that you didn't vote for? The government and illegal aliens don't obey the law, why should Americans?

The are some Americans who still say the USA is a free and peaceful country with a balanced budget. Americans who have never been arrested or beaten by the police and get food stamps might view the government as kind.

People can tolerate a great deal of government abuse. Even the Chinese say that they live in a free country.

Americans today need to urgently start trying to wake people and promote freedom.

Americans must tell the government workers, soldiers, and the Gestapo that they are puppets for the elites.

The government agents who insist that they are doing good and justify their paychecks should be mocked.

Everyone has a breaking point.

A large-scale organized resistance is not likely because of NSA wiretapping, so patriots will need to use of word of mouth, speak in code, and operate as lone wolves.

The media will portray Nazis and Communists as normal and say anyone who loves freedom is a rightwing terrorist and nutjob.

When guns are outlawed, patriots will use trucks and airplanes as weapons against government buildings.

Patriotic soldiers might surrender weapons to the rebels.

Americans must be obsessed about spreading freedom now.

Americans who are complacent today about tyranny are naive. The elites are clearly determined about killing off the 99%.

If Americans have no rights now, why would the ruling powers stop? If plastic bags were outlawed yesterday and straws were banned today then what would stop the 1% from banning carpet tomorrow?

The founding fathers loved freedom and knew tyranny would grow, but how could the founders know that the elites would have Obamacare? Freedom is good, but unfortunately there is no constitutional right to have the freedom to own a snowblower.

The government cannot help you. Americans used to be able to trust the police and were surprised that people in the 3rd world did not, but now you see why.

The US collapse is certain. All that is unknown is when. Will the elites be able to kick the debt can down the road for another 5, 10, or 50 years?

If the US today is a police state and tomorrow will be worse, why not get this party started?

Americans want to live in bankrupt warmongering police state because Americans accept it. The US is not a bankrupt warmongering police state because of blacks, Jews, Muslims, fags, and Mexicans. YOU are the reason the USA is collapsing.

Do you think that things would change in the USA if 60 million Americans protested in Washington, DC? What would happen if everyone in Congress and governors suddenly died?

What happened to Caligula?



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