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N.J. county to share license-plate reader data with the feds Comrade 03/19/2019 (Tue) 00:06:14 No. 734
N.J. county to share license-plate reader data with the feds

The US used to have few laws, but you would go to jail if you violated them.

Now the USA is a hell like China where everything is illegal and everyone is a criminal, but not everyone will be arrested for every crime because there are not enough prisons. The government today just kills the chicken to scare the monkeys. You never know when the axe will fall.

The elites have turned everyone into criminals, liars, hypocrites, and cowards. The only good thing about living in a police state is that no one can take the moral high ground on anything.

The US might have been a little dangerous in the past, but Americans had personal responsibility. Now everyone is a criminal and a slave and Americans must fear the Gestapo. Everything is illegal, but the government doesn't obey the law and wiretaps, tracks, and watches you 24/7. The good and bad who murder, steal, own a gun, pray, protest, remain silent, start a business, swear, wear yoga pants, smoke, use a straw, take a photo, deposit less than $10,000 into their own bank accounts, report the news, or feed the homeless will all end up in jail eventually.

What will you do when they come for you?


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