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What if Government Steals Liberty and Fails to Deliver Safety? Comrade 03/15/2019 (Fri) 23:58:21 No. 710
Some Americans say a revolution needs to start right now, but most Americans seem to think that they should just enjoy the fake booming economy and tolerate living in a police state, the risk of being arrested by the Gestapo at random, and being used as an example instead of attacking the government today and being arrested or killed for certain.

Americans seem to be saying that they will wait to rebel against tyranny, debt, and wars when the economy implodes and Americans are starving in the streets.

The guy who mows your lawn might be smart and notice the US decay, but he's probably too busy and would rather not think about it.

Your wife might be angry at you for spending so much time trying to wake people up and ridicule you by asking how many people you saved today, but someone has to speak up.

Are we just supposed to wait to go to the concentration camps?

How much evidence do you need?

You can feel the collapse in the air and you can be damn sure tomorrow won't be better.


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