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Snowden says prosecuting NSA leaker Reality Winner without jury would be a serious 'threat to free press' Comrade 03/13/2019 (Wed) 13:30:30 No. 702
Snowden says prosecuting NSA leaker Reality Winner without jury would be a serious 'threat to free press'

Nazis and Commies scream that there needs to be a civil war because of illegal immigrants, homosexuality, and marijuana, but no one cares that the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state.

While the USA is headed for a collapse, maybe the 99% should unite and fight the elites who are the real enemy instead of each other.

If Americans cannot be on the same page then why doesn't the USA break up into 2 or 3 separate countries or why don't all 50 states secede from Washington, DC?

Why don't Americans try to convince the Gestapo and soldiers that they work for the bankers and that the Gestapo and soldiers are traitors to the 99%? Getting rid of the bankers would be easy if no one protected them.

Do you really want to kill your neighbor or cousin because they support homosexuality?

Are Americans unable to recognize hypocrisy?

Can anyone take the moral high ground now?

Can Commies see the hypocrisy of supporting marijuana while outlawing vaping?

Nazis hate Commies because Commies love free trade and illegal immigrants, but Fascists used to support free trade and illegal immigration.

Why was Obama an evil monster for defending Obamacare and gun bans, but Trump is a holy god for keeping Obamacare and supporting gun control?


Would you kill someone because they wore the wrong color? Do you really support what you believe or are you just parroting your team talking points?

Would the USA really be a utopia if all the Jews, Muslims, females, queers, illegal aliens, and blacks were dead?

The first US Civil War was a pretty black and white issue. The South supported slavery and the North didn't.

Civil War 2.0 wouldn't be so clear-cut.

What would you do if you were Spanish during the Spanish Civil War or Chinese during the Chinese Civil War? Would you pick a side or leave?

The advantage of leaving the US now is that you might stay alive temporarily, but the danger of leaving the USA and not fighting is that Libertarians who flee to live in the Amazon, Siberia, or on a sailboat risk finding that tyranny might finally chase them down.


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