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Man sentenced to jail after city officials said he operated an illegal Airbnb Comrade 02/28/2019 (Thu) 11:41:40 No. 674
Americans have lost their minds.

Americans are just animals at this stage.

If the US could be a free country for 200 years then why does the USA need to suddenly become a police state?

Why did the US fight the British if Americans hate freedom?

Why did Americans fight Nazis and Commies just to become Nazis and Commies?

Americans are so retarded now that they need their beloved government overlords to ban straws.

Americans think that they know what is best for others, but are simply unable to understand that if you want your neighbor to remove his garden, your neighbor might want your driveway banned.

Do you feel like the US is a happy utopia now that styrofoam has been outlawed? Do you think tyranny has stopped? Do you honestly believe backpacks will never be banned?

Do you feel safer now that you have no rights?

Everyday Americans spit on the graves of US soldiers who died fighting for freedom.

Everyday Americans shit on the Bill of Rights.

Americans do not have the mental capacity to recognize hypocrisy, do not know history, and are completely unable to comprehend the meaning of unintended consequences.

Americans say North Koreans are monsters for using torture and having nuclear weapons, but then Americans turn around and insist that the US can take the moral high ground for torturing and having nuclear bombs.

Americans scream Trump is a holy god for supporting wars, debt, tyranny, but Obama was evil for defending wars, debt, and the police state.

Americans do not realize that tyranny spreads out from the US to other countries and down to to states, counties, and cities. Americans cannot see that if smoking is banned in California today, smoking might be outlawed in Kansas tomorrow.

The USA feel like it is committing suicide.

Do Americans understand that force is not the only possible answer to solving problems?

Do Americans who hate liberty feel like traitors?

Americans say that they hate the elites, but then Americans turn around and embrace every insane decree, debt increase, and war the globalists are pushing.

When a country is collapsing into madness, the most rational action for any sane person is to leave.

Disgusting and shameful.

Do Americans realize that tyranny grows and never stops?

Why would the elites restore the Bill of Rights, end the wars, and reduce the debt if the ruling class has crossed every line and Americans don't care?

Will Americans regret remaining silent when they get sent to the concentration camps?

Burn it down. Burn it to the ground.



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