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How Chicago Keeps Tabs On Its Food Trucks and Destroys the Fourth Amendment Comrade 05/02/2018 (Wed) 13:15:22 No. 571
How Chicago Keeps Tabs On Its Food Trucks and Destroys the Fourth Amendment

Americans have lost their minds.

There is no hope for the US.

There is no indication Americans are resisting wars, debt, or tyranny.

The only options Americans have now are Deep State controlled Trump or Communism.

Voices of reason that support peace, balanced budgets, and freedom like Rand Paul and Amash are being ignored.

The only thing the government understands is force.

Americans may look outside and think that everything appears normal, but soon surveillance cameras might be installed in front of your house, homeless people will move into your neighborhood, your income tax will rise, and your property taxes will soar.

The Gestapo may one day commit summary executions on the street.

The hypothetical laws have become actual laws and the possibility of collapse will soon become a real collapse.

You hate to say the sky falling, but the sky is falling.

Do you really think that the US debt will be able to reach $40 trillion or $300 trillion with no consequences?

What will you do when your ATM card doesn't work?

Do you think that you would be safer on a farm with no electricity in Laos or New York City when the stock market collapses?

Do you really think that the US government cannot build concentration camps in a hurry?

One would hope every state would secede from Washington, DC, but every American soon being employed by the government seems more likely.

Americans either need to dropout and become nameless and stateless nomads or buy canned food, guns, and gold today.

The elites want the 99% dead and Americans are too immoral, distracted, degraded, depraved, divided, and crippled to care.

Americans don't seem to mind if straws, toothpicks, backpacks, perfume, or toothpaste are banned.

Americans scream guns need to outlawed to prevent murders, but isn't there already a law against murder? Should ropes, rocks, baseball bats, pillows, swimming pools, and fists be banned, too?

The USA used to be rich and Vietnam was so poor that the Vietnamese rented cameras to take pictures.

Now Americans have gone insane and seem to be doing everything possible to run the US into the ground so that the USA will look like North Korea.

The US may be lost and only those here are able to wake people up.


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