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Trump prepares to reopen CIA ‘black site’ prisons Comrade 04/21/2018 (Sat) 05:23:47 No. 556
Trump prepares to reopen CIA ‘black site’ prisons

When the elites bomb countries, run up the debt, and build up the police state, are Americans not responsible at all when they stay silent? Are Americans really just innocent victims?

Do Americans pay taxes that fund wars, tyranny, and debt? Do Americans vote?

Do you think that the ruling powers are just going to be bothered by their consciences and turn around and end the wars, restore the Bill of Rights, and reduce the debt on their own?

Does American silence about government crimes scare the 1% or encourage the ruling class to be bolder in their destruction?

When you get pushed into the ovens, will you say that you resisted or that you just sat there, stayed silent, and did nothing?

Jesus Christ, how much more evidence do you need that the elites want the 99% dead?

Wake the fuck up.


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