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Nazis flags in Charlottesville were an affront to WWII veterans. And they fought back. Comrade 05/07/2018 (Mon) 08:42:48 No. 579
Nazis flags in Charlottesville were an affront to WWII veterans. And they fought back.

Americans scream that the US fought the British, Hitler, and Saddam because Americans love tyranny, but what if the USA fought wars because Americans loved freedom?

Americans insist Cuba is a paradise, but why do Cubans try to escape if tyranny is so wonderful?

Americans say North Korea is fantastic because North Korea has closed borders, but North Korea is poor. Americans do not understand that North Korea is a police state where everyone must wear the same clothes, have the same beliefs, and are not allowed to excel.

Americans today think that the only possible solution to any problem is force.

Instead of ending regulations, working hard, moving, starting a business, or learning a skill, Americans swear that the only way to get rich is to have a government decree that increases the minimum wage. Americans are simply unable to comprehend that laws have unintended consequences. Americans do not have the mental capacity now to realize that a higher minimum wage will increase prices and kill businesses.

Americans scream that the government must force airlines to have large airplane seats, but Americans cannot understand that decrees increase costs. Americans do not realize that Americans could take some personal responsibility and choose to buy 1st class plane tickets to get larger seats, use a better airline, or lose weight.

Americans insist that the only possible solution to fake news is to close newspapers and allow the government to tell you what to believe, but couldn't Americans boycott lying media companies?

Americans say a trade war is the only way to help the economy, but wouldn't tariffs drive up costs and kill exports? Couldn't Americans boycott imports? Don't US tariffs fund wars, welfare, debt, tyranny, and illegal aliens? Did a trade war help the USA recover from the Great Depression or did trade wars make the economy worse?

Americans swear guns must banned for safety, but didn't the US used to have a Bill of Rights? How can you protect yourself without a gun?

Americans say that the US must bomb Iran because Iran might make nuclear weapons, but doesn't the USA have nuclear bombs? Do wars lead to refugees, debt, tyranny, and terrorism?

Americans scream that the US debt doesn't need to be paid back, but how did debt work out for Rome?

Are Americans really this stupid?


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