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Scores of civilians killed in suspected US strikes in Syria Comrade 05/03/2018 (Thu) 02:51:33 No. 573
Has anyone noticed the elites create a problem and then offer a solution?

Oh no, people might drive drunk, let’s have checkpoints.

Oh no, there are car crashes, let’s force people to use seatbelts and buy liability car insurance.

Oh no, people get cancer, let’s ban smoking.

Oh no, ballots have hanging chads, let’s have electronic voting machines.

Oh no, terrorists attacked the WTC, let’s have TSA groping, CIA torture, kill lists, and NSA wiretapping.

Oh no, Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, let’s invade Iraq.

Oh no, someone peed outside, let’s have sex offender registration laws.

Oh no, bankers committed fraud and ruined the economy, let’s have bailouts.

Oh no, businesses are dangerous, let’s regulate them.

Oh no, regulations and debt have suffocated the economy, let’s have food stamps and start a trade war.

Oh no, healthcare is expensive, let’s have Obamacare.

Oh no, the Internet is slow, let’s have more laws.

Oh no, the police are killing black people, let’s have cop cameras.

Oh no, your phone might be stolen, let’s have kill switches.

Oh no, someone shot people, let’s ban guns.

Oh no, immigrants are buying mobile phones, let’s ban prepaid phones.

Oh no, someone called someone a bad word, let’s crackdown on free speech.

Oh no, a junkie bought drugs, let’s ban cash and kill drug users.

Oh no, a terrorist bought a clock with a debit card, let’s ban anonymous debit cards.

Oh no, we started wars, let’s import refugees.

Oh no, Muslims have encrypted mobile phones, let’s ban encryption.

Oh no, Russia and China are large countries that might oppose the NWO of debt, bombing Iran, illegal immigration, immorality, homosexuality, and feminism, let’s increase the military budget.

Oh no, the US has too many illegal immigrants, let’s build a wall.

Oh no, Russia is releasing propaganda, let’s ban free speech.

Oh no, Russia is hacking voting machines, let’s allow DHS to control the elections.

Oh no, the 99% are unhappy about tyranny, let’s ban protesting.

Oh no, George Washington owned slaves, let’s tear down statues.

Oh no, we started a War on Terror and a War on Drugs, let’s militarize the police.

Oh no, prostitution exists, let’s ban free speech.

Oh no, someone killed someone, let’s ban video games.

Oh no, homes are dirty, let's ban home-schooling.



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