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Comrade 08/12/2019 (Mon) 10:31:10 No. 1031
Why is Free Speech Forum blasting TBP?

Please converse or stay away!

T4C wants you BANNED!
Free Speech Forum

The US is headed for a total collapse. There is no chance the globalists will arrest the bankers, end the wars, reduce the debt, or restore the Bill of Rights and Americans don’t care.

All that is unknown is the timeframe for the US collapse.

Will the elites manage to kick the debt can down the road for another 2, 5, 30, or 100 years?

The US collapse will happen in stages.

The USA is now at the point where the US is a total police state and the government is not legitimate. The US is no longer a free country, everything is illegal, but the government and illegal aliens don’t obey the law.

Americans should stop paying taxes, practice civil disobedience, protest, and stop getting driver licenses, fishing licenses, gun permits, and business licenses.

You wouldn’t listen to a stranger who told you not to chew gum so why should you listen to someone who is wearing a costume, badge, and a gun?

Americans should encourage the Gestapo, soldiers, and government workers to quit and stop being puppets for the 1%.

Americans should constantly be educating others about freedom.

Americans should be stocking up with guns, gold, and food, and making exit plans to prepare for the collapse.

A full-scale civil war is not likely when Americans are well-fed, the A/C, electricity, and water work, government checks are good, there are bread and circuses, and Americans have beer and weed.

When the stock market collapses, the elites will react by printing money and giving out bailouts and using the media to say that the economy has recovered.

If the stock market crash is severe, ATM cards don’t work, government checks bounce, inflation is 1 million percent, taxes are 100%, and people are starving in the streets, Americans might grow some balls and start firing on checkpoints, seizing army bases, and flying planes into government buildings. Americans might also have a racial civil war or a civil war between Communists and Nazis.

The government might react by shutting down the Internet, nationalizing property, closing churches, shutting down newspapers, banning guns, and herding Americans into concentration camps or cities to be starved. The ruling class might also start WWIII with North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran as a distraction or as a way to boost the economy.

If Americans refuse to resist, the US will turn into North Korea.

If Americans successfully revolt, the USA might break up into two or more countries.

Americans should understand that people can tolerate a great deal of government abuse. The USSR, Cuba, North Korea, and Cambodia never rebelled against tyranny. Vietnam and China are even grateful their governments dialed back tyranny enough that they can start businesses.

Americans who refuse to resist are no better than the elites who have destroyed the USA with wars, debt, and tyranny.


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