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Customs officers searching more travelers’ devices Comrade 03/11/2019 (Mon) 04:58:32 No. 695 [Reply] [Last]
Customs officers searching more travelers’ devices

Our overlords don't even have a good reason for the nanny police state anymore. Toothpicks must be outlawed to protect the environment. Rope must be banned for safety. Baseball hats must be outlawed because they are ugly. Insurance must be mandatory to protect the insurance industry.

Why not just put Americans in prison when they're born?

Trump Cancels U.S. Report on Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes Comrade 03/07/2019 (Thu) 11:44:27 No. 685 [Reply] [Last]
Trump Cancels U.S. Report on Civilian Deaths in Drone Strikes

Does anyone get the feeling that the Smollett, free college, and Epstein stories are just diversions from the real issues of debt, wars, and the police state?

There is so much evidence that the USA is collapsing now that you can't ignore it, but no one does a damn thing.

Something epic is coming like the French Revolution, US Revolution, the Civil War, WWII, or the Soviet collapse.

There is no serious effort to end the wars, reduce the debt, or restore the Bill of Rights. The elites are getting everything they want and the 99% don't care.


Maybe there is no hope, but one wonders if Americans cannot at least make an effort to think of solutions or wake people up so that they can prepare instead of just waiting for a spark that leads to collapse.

Can't anyone say anything?

Why not print up bumper stickers, pass out flyers, protest, go on hunger strikes, rent billboards, or make a website?

Couldn't there be a free market solution to the collapse? Couldn't there be mass awakening? Shouldn't freedom go viral?

Man sentenced to jail after city officials said he operated an illegal Airbnb Comrade 02/28/2019 (Thu) 11:41:40 No. 674 [Reply] [Last]
Americans have lost their minds.

Americans are just animals at this stage.

If the US could be a free country for 200 years then why does the USA need to suddenly become a police state?

Why did the US fight the British if Americans hate freedom?

Why did Americans fight Nazis and Commies just to become Nazis and Commies?

Americans are so retarded now that they need their beloved government overlords to ban straws.

Americans think that they know what is best for others, but are simply unable to understand that if you want your neighbor to remove his garden, your neighbor might want your driveway banned.

Do you feel like the US is a happy utopia now that styrofoam has been outlawed? Do you think tyranny has stopped? Do you honestly believe backpacks will never be banned?

Do you feel safer now that you have no rights?

Everyday Americans spit on the graves of US soldiers who died fighting for freedom.

Everyday Americans shit on the Bill of Rights.

Americans do not have the mental capacity to recognize hypocrisy, do not know history, and are completely unable to comprehend the meaning of unintended consequences.

Americans say North Koreans are monsters for using torture and having nuclear weapons, but then Americans turn around and insist that the US can take the moral high ground for torturing and having nuclear bombs.

Americans scream Trump is a holy god for supporting wars, debt, tyranny, but Obama was evil for defending wars, debt, and the police state.

Americans do not realize that tyranny spreads out from the US to other countries and down to to states, counties, and cities. Americans cannot see that if smoking is banned in California today, smoking might be outlawed in Kansas tomorrow.

The USA feel like it is committing suicide.

Do Americans understand that force is not the only possible answer to solving problems?

Do Americans who hate liberty feel like traitors?

Americans say that they hate the elites, but then Americans turn around and embrace every insane decree, debt increase, and war the globalists are pushing.

When a country is collapsing into madness, the most rational action for any sane person is to leave.

Disgusting and shameful.

Do Americans realize that tyranny grows and never stops?

Why would the elites restore the Bill of Rights, end the wars, and reduce the debt if the ruling class has crossed every line and Americans don't care?

Will Americans regret remaining silent when they get sent to the concentration camps?

Burn it down. Burn it to the ground.


‘For the People’ legislation is really ‘For the Government’ Comrade 03/08/2019 (Fri) 08:43:55 No. 689 [Reply] [Last]
Americans used to believe in freedom.


Now Americans would need to be mentally ill to think tyranny won’t get worse.

Who would have thought in 1980 that the USA would soon have curfews, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, checkpoints, forfeiture, the end to the right to silence, free speech bans, torture, kill lists, no fly lists, searches without warrants, private prisons, mandatory minimums, 3 strikes laws, DNA databases, CISPA, SOPA, NDAA, IMBRA, FBAR, FATCA, TSA groping, secret FISA courts, and Jade Helm?

During the Wild West in the US, everyone could carry guns, businesses were not licensed, no one had Social Security numbers, there were no sales, income, or property taxes, and drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, and prostitution were legal.

There was little government, yet people lived and had freedom.


The government today is regulating every area of everyone’s life.

The government wants to tell us what to do, what to think, where to live, how to live, what to wear, and what to eat. Saying you live in a free country with a straight face is difficult when everything is illegal.

How can anyone take the moral high ground on anything when we are all criminals?

In the US, your body is not your body, your property is not your property, and your kid is not your kid.

Government is not the solution to problems. Government IS the problem.

Alcohol prohibition failed. The Soviet Union failed.


Anyone who supports the police state is just a tool for the elites.

Too bad Americans are surrendering liberty so easily.

Why did the USA fight for freedom against the British, Hitler, and Saddam if America just ended up as a police state? All those American soldiers died in vain.

The elites are trying to weaken and divide Americans by race, gender, handicap, penalizing hard work, encouraging welfare use, and pushing immorality while using fear, terrorism, drugs, false flags, discrimination, hate speech, Russian propaganda, and fake news laws, and wars on cash to make Americans give up their free speech rights, religious freedom, guns, right to silence, privacy, property, right to trials, freedom from torture, and the freedom from extrajudicial assassination.


Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Wake up.


Pass the word.

Whose Country Is This? Is the Constitution Even Welcome Here Anymore? Comrade 03/13/2019 (Wed) 04:09:41 No. 701 [Reply] [Last]
The US is headed for a total collapse. There is no chance the globalists will arrest the bankers, end the wars, reduce the debt, or restore the Bill of Rights and Americans don't care.

All that is unknown is the timeframe for the US collapse.

Will the elites manage to kick the debt can down the road for another 2, 5, 30, or 100 years?

The US collapse will happen in stages.

The USA is now at the point where the US is a total police state and the government is not legitimate.

Americans should stop paying taxes, practice civil disobedience, protest, and stop getting driver licenses, fishing licenses, gun permits, and business licenses.

You wouldn't listen to a stranger who told you not to chew gum so why should you listen to someone who is wearing a costume, badge, and a gun?

Americans should encourage the Gestapo, soldiers, and government workers to quit and stop being puppets for the 1%.

Americans should constantly be educating others about freedom.

Americans should be stocking up with guns, gold, and food, and making exit plans to prepare for the collapse.

A full-scale civil war is not likely when Americans are well-fed, the A/C, electricity, and water work, government checks are good, there are bread and circuses, and Americans have beer and weed.

When the stock market collapses, the elites will react by printing money and giving out bailouts and using the media to say that the economy has recovered.

If the stock market collapse is severe, ATM cards don't work, government checks bounce, inflation is 1 million percent, taxes are 100%, and people are starving in the streets, Americans might grow some balls and start firing on checkpoints, seizing army bases, and flying planes into government buildings. Americans might also have a racial civil war or a civil war between Communists and Nazis.

The government might react by shutting down the Internet, nationalizing property, closing churches, shutting down newspapers, banning guns, and herding Americans into concentration camps or cities to be starved. The ruling class might also start WWIII with North Korea, Russia, China, and Iran as a distraction or as a way to boost the economy.

If Americans refuse to resist, the US will turn into North Korea.

If Americans successfully revolt, the USA might break up into two or more countries.

Americans should understand that people can tolerate a great deal of government abuse. The USSR, Cuba, North Korea, and Cambodia never rebelled against tyranny. Vietnam and China are even grateful their governments dialed back tyranny enough that they can start businesses.

Americans who refuse to resist are no better than the elites who have destroyed the USA with wars, debt, and tyranny.

Federal government spends $4.6M on crab and lobster tails in a month: Report Comrade 03/15/2019 (Fri) 23:27:19 No. 709 [Reply] [Last]
Federal government spends $4.6M on crab and lobster tails in a month: Report

Dark times are coming.

Americans seem to be dealing with the US collapse by having cognitive dissonance. Watching Americans use mental gymnastics to explain their hypocrisy and narratives is difficult to watch.

The very same Americans who scream Obama was an evil monster for embracing wars, debt, and tyranny then turn around and insist Trump is a holy god for supporting wars, debt, and the police state.

Nazis who insist they love freedom then swear unconstitutional NSA wiretapping is just fine.

Americans say that they love free speech, but then become batshit insane when anyone suggests flag burning and protests should legal.

Americans who scream that they love the free market say the US needs a trade war.

Fascists who insist that they love gun rights say they would immediately surrender their firearms when Trump bans guns because Muslims are dangerous.

Americans also seem to be dealing with the collapse by changing history to meet their point of view.

Americans either say the USA was always a police state or is the most free country in the world. No one says the US used to have freedom, but lost it.

Americans insist that the US always had seatbelt checkpoints and food stamps.

Racists scream that the US never had negroes before today.

Nazis and Commies scream no one died during WWII.

Nazis say that the Jews started the Revolutionary War to divide up white people, but even if the UK and the US were united now the USA and the UK would still be Socialist shitholes with fags and illegal immigrants.

As the US declines, Americans will need to chose what roles they will play.

Will you be one of the enemy globalists who is destroying the USA?

Will you be a traitor who is trying to become of the elites by giving campaign donations to politicians so you can get a bailout, subsidy, or grant to start a business?

Will you be a traitor who becomes a puppet for the elites as a politician, reporter, actor, government worker, soldier, or joins the Gestapo?

Will you be a coward who keeps your head down, works, and pays taxes that fund wars, debt, and tyranny?

Will you dropout and become dependent on government welfare?

Will you be a hero and risk being arrested or killed to become a dissident educating others on freedom and how to resist or fight the elites by firing on checkpoints and flying planes into government buildings?

Will you dropout and buy a sailboat or travel the world as a nameless and stateless nomad?

Will you dropout and start a commune or join a monastery?

Those who are able, do what they can.

Those who can't, do what they must.

Trump team considers creating a nationalized 5G network — and gets pushback from several directions Comrade 03/18/2019 (Mon) 05:19:01 No. 730 [Reply] [Last]
Trump team considers creating a nationalized 5G network — and gets pushback from several directions

The US is now a police state where everything is illegal and Americans have no rights.

The 1% could confiscate guns and order Americans to go to the concentration camps tomorrow, but the ruling class do not have the manpower and the camps have not built yet.

The elites seem to prefer to slowly kill every possible bit of freedom. Yesterday bump stocks were banned, today silencers will be banned, and pistols will be outlawed tomorrow.

Not only are the ruling powers determined to kill off the 99%, Americans are embracing their slavery with glee.

The media screams the USA must bomb Iran and Americans clap with delight.

The elites say debt doesn't matter and Americans agree.

Trump could decree that every American get their thumbs chopped off with machetes and Americans would jump with joy.

Have Americans ever read a history book?

Americans today could either be a zombie and willing accomplice to US wars, debt, and tyranny and remain silent, attack the government, or look for a way to escape.

What kind of life do you have now when you must lie to your wife about your plans because you're afraid the NSA will hear you on her mobile phone?

Americans need to go hardcore about resisting the police state now.

Increase your privacy and become anonymous.


Use gold, cash, and barter.

Avoid taxes.

Research buying a boat, submarine, or an island.

Try to avoid security cameras, license plate readers, and redlight cameras.

Americans really should try to live like the Amish or a primitive tribe in the Amazon or Vietnam.

Once you have a SSN and a name and the government has your fingerprints and DNA, the elites know who to look for when they launch their final solution against the 99%.

Do you think the ruling class will be able kick the debt can down the road for another 2, 5, 10, or 30 years?


Trump signs bill renewing NSA's internet surveillance program Comrade 03/09/2019 (Sat) 15:06:06 No. 691 [Reply] [Last]
Trump signs bill renewing NSA's internet surveillance program

One wonders how much dirt the NSA has on Trump to make him defend the police state so strongly.

Israeli group honors Nikki Haley with coin Comrade 03/16/2019 (Sat) 00:51:22 No. 711 [Reply] [Last]
Israeli group honors Nikki Haley with coin

Americans have lost their minds.

There is no hope for the US.

There is no indication Americans are resisting wars, debt, or tyranny.

The only options Americans have now are Deep State controlled Trump or Communism.

Voices of reason that support peace, balanced budgets, and freedom like Rand Paul and Amash are being ignored.

The only thing the government understands is force.

Americans may look outside and think that everything appears normal, but soon surveillance cameras might be installed in front of your house, homeless people will move into your neighborhood, your income tax will rise, and your property taxes will soar.

The Gestapo may one day commit summary executions on the street.

The hypothetical laws have become actual laws and the possibility of collapse will soon become a real collapse.

You hate to say the sky falling, but the sky is falling.

Do you really think that the US debt will be able to reach $40 trillion or $300 trillion with no consequences?

What will you do when your ATM card doesn't work?

Do you think that you would be safer on a farm with no electricity in Laos or New York City when the stock market collapses?

Do you really think that the US government cannot build concentration camps in a hurry?

One would hope every state would secede from Washington, DC, but every American soon being employed by the government seems more likely.

Americans either need to dropout and become nameless and stateless nomads or buy canned food, guns, and gold today.

The elites want the 99% dead and Americans are too immoral, distracted, degraded, depraved, divided, and crippled to care.

Americans don't seem to mind if straws, toothpicks, backpacks, perfume, or toothpaste are banned.

Americans scream guns need to outlawed to prevent murders, but isn't there already a law against murder? Should ropes, rocks, baseball bats, pillows, swimming pools, and fists be banned, too?

The USA used to be rich and Vietnam was so poor that the Vietnamese rented cameras to take pictures.

Now Americans have gone insane and seem to be doing everything possible to run the US into the ground so that the USA will look like North Korea.

The US may be lost and only those here are able to wake people up.


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