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US forces under fire for using white phosphorous weapons against ISIS Comrade 03/07/2019 (Thu) 02:45:59 No. 684 [Reply] [Last]
US forces under fire for using white phosphorous weapons against ISIS

Americans should look at the big picture.

Conservatives used to support the rich because Conservatives thought that they would become wealthy one day, too.

Liberals used to hate the rich.

Now the elites have embraced socialism.


The elites seem to be willing to lose money in the short-term if they can kill off the 99% in the long-term because the ruling class will then be able to steal the property of the 99%.

Concentration camps cost money, but the USSR could afford them.

The ruling powers don't mind losing money if they can gain control.

If the wealthy cared about money so much then why would Bezos buy the money-losing Washington Post?


If the rich cared so much about money now then why would Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit be eager to kick off users?


If the 1% cared so much money now then why would banks refuse to allow gun owners have bank accounts?


If globalists cared about money so much then why would they stop selling guns?


Americans seem to think that the elites won't open up concentration camps or shut down the Internet because the 1% will lose money, but what if the ruling class wants you dead so that they can steal your money?

The elites obviously wants the 99% dead. The ruling powers promote wars, debt, tyranny, abortion, immorality, regulations, trade wars, welfare, suicide, offshoring, illegal immigration, and want Americans to be herded into the cities so the elites can then cut off the food supply.

Americans who are mobile, go Galt, drop-out, go underground, work for cash, and become nameless and stateless nomads risk wasting their lives if the US doesn't collapse in the next 30 years. Americans who do leave, however, might be safer when the US Ponzi
economy implodes living on a beach in a 3rd world country. An economic downturn might not be as shocking if the population is used to being poor and you can fish for food. An anonymous American living in a foreign country might not be in as much danger as a American living in the USA. Americans who drop out now can also say that they are not funding US wars, tyranny, or debt.

Americans should adjust their plans today. If you wanted to be a doctor or start a construction company and buy a McMansion, you should consider that the USA is collapsing and make other plans.

What would you do if you lived in Cambodia in 1975 and wanted to start a repair shop instead of being sent to the killing fields?

What would you do if you lived in Nazi Germany in 1940 and was drafted into the army?

What would you do if you lived in China in 1958?

When you live in a police state, you don't have choices.

Do you think that there might be a correlation between record debt and a record stock market?

The collapse of the US is not just a fight between freedom and tyranny, the fight in the USA today is a fight between good and evil.

Police buys lie detector tool that measures pupils Comrade 02/21/2019 (Thu) 11:32:17 No. 669 [Reply] [Last]
When was the last time the US government won a war?

Is Trump going Neocon in Syria? Comrade 09/26/2018 (Wed) 08:18:10 No. 638 [Reply] [Last]
Americans scream that that the US debt will be paid off by mining gold on asteroids, but what if the cost to mine the gold costs more than the gold?

If you spend $1 billion to get to the asteroid, but only can mine $1 billion worth of gold then what did you gain?

Would the gold be radioactive?

What if the asteroid has no gold?

Would a huge supply of space gold lower gold prices?

Could synthetic gold be made on Earth?

What if the spaceship blows up?

Are Americans really this stupid?



Shutdown not a 'crisis' . 01/22/2019 (Tue) 09:18:23 No. 666 [Reply] [Last]
There comes a time when you need to walk the talk.

The USA needs a collective awakening.

Should Americans start the revolution now because of NSA wiretapping or because straws are illegal?

Where's the line?

Will Americans regret sitting in the concentration camps and wish that they had said something?

The US is falling apart because of debt, wars, and tyranny and Americans only care about bread and circuses.

People just give up when they live in police states.

Why do anything if you're just going to get arrested?

You can't even go outside today without being stopped and frisked by the Gestapo.

Americans are just animals now.

Freedom has been whittled away.

The government can do anything they want, but Americans can't change anything because the US is no longer a democracy, the voting machines can be hacked, and the only candidates are Nazis and Communists now.

Blacks, teens, homeless, sex offenders, drunks, potheads, illegal immigrants, Muslims, prostitutes, lawyers, reporters, gamblers, business people, protesters, dissidents, gun owners, and right-wingers are gradually being targeted.

Bump stocks were banned yesterday, silencers will be banned today, and pistols will be outlawed tomorrow.

How can you obey the law when depositing less than $10,000 into your own bank account is illegal? Do you respect the law when you're forced to buy expensive insurance that you don't want? Do you respect the law when guns are illegal?

How do you feel when plastic bags are banned because science says that
plastic bags are dangerous, but another study says that plastic bags are safe? How does anyone know what is best for you?

Why obey the law if the government and illegal aliens don't?

Do you think
tomorrow will be better?



On January 1, I become a criminal, for doing nothing Comrade 01/05/2019 (Sat) 22:48:58 No. 662 [Reply] [Last]
Guns aren't protecting freedom if the US is no longer a democracy and is a police state.

If there is another Columbine or Las
Vegas shooting, guns will be banned.

Once the stock market crashes, the elites will use a real crisis or a false flag like Russia or Ebola to get Americans to go to the concentration camps willingly.

Leaked Handbook Reveals How ICE Uses Civil Forfeiture To Seize Millions Comrade 06/05/2019 (Wed) 10:35:27 No. 803 [Reply] [Last]

Americans are so retarded today that they say the US government only spends money on welfare.

Americans say that the US never had black people before today.

Americans swear that the US doesn't have any churches.

Americans insist that the US always had food stamps.

Americans say that the USA always had TSA groping.

Americans scream that the government should force companies to give food to the homeless.

Americans swear that the US does not have a Ponzi economy because you can buy products online with a smartphone.

Americans insist the US is not at war with any country now.

Americans swear that the US debt doesn't need to be paid back.

Americans scream tyranny that happened 2 weeks ago is no longer relevant.

Americans say certain tyranny today under Socialism is better than Capitalism that leads to possible tyranny tomorrow.

Americans scream that the elites want to crash the economy so the USA will be a free country again.

Americans have become so batshit insane now that they would rather insult the messenger who warns of the dangers of tyranny instead of criticizing the government that is enslaving them.

Americans swear tyranny is wonderful if you live in a society.

Americans say anyone who loves freedom is a Commie.

Americans swear anyone who hates tyranny is a reactionary.

Americans insist that living in North Korea would be better then living in South Korea.

Rep. wants to outlaw masks during protests Comrade 04/27/2019 (Sat) 15:51:10 No. 773 [Reply] [Last]
Rep. wants to outlaw masks during protests

Has anyone noticed that the same white people who become batshit insane when black people say that they're poor because of whites will then turn around and blame Jews for keeping the white man down?

Marsy's Law Undermines State Constitution Comrade 03/16/2019 (Sat) 13:25:16 No. 713 [Reply] [Last]
Americans say that the US debt doesn't matter because the debt doesn't need to be paid back, but would writing off a $22 trillion debt really have no consequences?

If debt doesn't matter, why not send every American a monthly check for $1 million?

Wouldn't Americans go hungry if they aren't repaid the money they lent the government?

Wouldn't China and Japan be angry if they didn't get their money back?

Wouldn't companies who loaned money to the government go bankrupt if US bonds became worthless?

Wouldn't laid-off workers stop paying their credit cards, mortgages, student loans, and car loans?

Wouldn't banks go bankrupt?

Do you think there would be bailouts, food stamps, and Social Security if the US government was bankrupt?

Would the US military be of much use if soldiers aren't getting paid?

What will you do when the US economy falls by half?

What will you do when your ATM doesn't work?

Do you think your bank account cannot be zeroed out?

What will you do when you see a starving man stab someone with a butter knife to steal a can of corn?

What will you think when the Gestapo shoots someone in the street?

Americans need to either stock up or go mobile and spread the word now.

The US Ponzi economy may last another 5, 10, or 30 years, but what you see outside and hear on the news might seem like two different things.

Do you think that the police state, wars, and debt are a coincidence?

Policing for profit — this cannot be allowed to go unpoliced Comrade 09/29/2018 (Sat) 03:11:04 No. 643 [Reply] [Last]
In theory, the $22 trillion US debt could be paid off in 6 years if 100% of US tax revenues from the $4 trillion annual budget went toward the debt and Social Security was ended.

This will not happen because the elites have paid off the politicians and too many people make money from welfare and the wars.

The only end to the debt will be a a total collapse of the economy like the USSR.

No one knows, but a stock market crash could happen in the next 10 years. Social Security will be bankrupt in 2034.

Leaving now would be the best bet.

Consider moving to Chile or New Zealand.


New York bill would require gun buyers to surrender social media profile Comrade 11/24/2018 (Sat) 08:47:09 No. 659 [Reply] [Last]
New York bill would require gun buyers to surrender social media profile

The government doesn't allow you to make money.

The government steals your money.

The government outlaws everything.

The government wiretaps you 24/7.

You are not allowed to criticize the government.

The government doesn't obey the law.


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