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What if Government Steals Liberty and Fails to Deliver Safety? Comrade 03/15/2019 (Fri) 23:58:21 No. 710 [Reply] [Last]
Some Americans say a revolution needs to start right now, but most Americans seem to think that they should just enjoy the fake booming economy and tolerate living in a police state, the risk of being arrested by the Gestapo at random, and being used as an example instead of attacking the government today and being arrested or killed for certain.

Americans seem to be saying that they will wait to rebel against tyranny, debt, and wars when the economy implodes and Americans are starving in the streets.

The guy who mows your lawn might be smart and notice the US decay, but he's probably too busy and would rather not think about it.

Your wife might be angry at you for spending so much time trying to wake people up and ridicule you by asking how many people you saved today, but someone has to speak up.

Are we just supposed to wait to go to the concentration camps?

How much evidence do you need?

You can feel the collapse in the air and you can be damn sure tomorrow won't be better.

Wearing a mask in Louisville is illegal. But what if it's too cold? Comrade 03/19/2019 (Tue) 00:41:29 No. 736 [Reply] [Last]
Americans are so retarded that they think Libertarians support giving money to Israel.

Americans hate freedom so much now that they don't care if vaping is banned, will become batshit insane if baggy pants are legal, want those who start a business to be arrested, insist begging be outlawed, and scream burning the flag should be a crime.


Age of Tyrannical Surveillance Comrade 03/06/2019 (Wed) 00:09:29 No. 681 [Reply] [Last]
The USA is an immoral bankrupt warmongering police state now.

The elites control Hollywood, the media, Wall Street, and the government.

What if actors, reporters, politicians, and bankers risked their jobs for the 99% by smearing the elites every chance they could?

What if the Gestapo refused to arrest people for victimless crimes, Americans refused to obey the law, the TSA refused to grope people, soldiers refused to go to war, taxpayers refused to pay taxes, NSA agents quit, CIA agents refused to torture, IRS agents refused to collect taxes, and juries refused to convict people?

Are Americans crippled retards? Are Americans just victims? Isn't anyone responsible for anything?

Spread the word.
(104.22 KB 500x497 DESPITE.png)
You mean (((elites))), amirite?
When Americans stay silent about debt, wars, and tyranny, do Americans agree with the elites or do Americans fear losing their careers, being arrested, or ending up dead in a ditch?


What will you wear to the boogaloo? Comrade 06/21/2019 (Fri) 01:08:15 No. 823 [Reply] [Last]
I'll be rocking Serbian M93 camo when the day comes to remove kebab.

How about you, my fellow glow-in-the-dark CIA niggers?


Bill would allow police to check your phone after a car crash Comrade 03/01/2019 (Fri) 13:37:17 No. 675 [Reply] [Last]
One thing worse than living in a police state is finding out that no one cares.

(104.54 KB 441x457 mao armchair.jpg)
Comrade 06/17/2019 (Mon) 20:18:09 No. 818 [Reply] [Last]
present a valid counter-argument to this image
i'll wait

Officer shown kicking a cuffed suspect in video also works for Ohio Lottery Comrade 05/08/2018 (Tue) 23:19:28 No. 580 [Reply] [Last]
Officer shown kicking a cuffed suspect in video also works for Ohio Lottery

Americans think that the US must be a police state now because the USA was always a police state, but Americans don't realize that the US used to have freedom and lost it.

(53.38 KB 500x514 feminist_porky.png)
Comrade 06/02/2019 (Sun) 00:18:43 No. 795 [Reply] [Last]
Please post here if you have been unjustly banned by the tumblr liberal mod on /leftypol/
fuck off reactionary
Go back to listening to Sargon of Akkad reactionist paper tiger
>Everyone who opposes Tumblr bullshit is Sargon!
t. radlib
(499.03 KB 480x228 HAHAHA.gif)
>thinking anyone is left on the right who hasn't already figured out that Soygon of Cuckad is just another virtue-signaling civcuck shitlib

Michigan says selling Tesla electric cars in state is illegal, again Comrade 05/17/2018 (Thu) 11:56:38 No. 612 [Reply] [Last]
Michigan says selling Tesla electric cars in state is illegal, again

Banning vaping might be acceptable if everything wasn't already illegal.

Bombing Iran might be okay if the US wasn't at war with the entire world.

Increasing the debt might be understandable if the USA wasn't bankrupt.

Fired and rehired: Hundreds of officers fired for misconduct returned to policing Comrade 04/25/2018 (Wed) 00:37:37 No. 566 [Reply] [Last]
Fired and rehired: Hundreds of officers fired for misconduct returned to policing

The whole world is a police state now, but some countries are more free than other nations.

You could find countries with the least tyranny by looking at the Index of Economic Freedom.


Another way to find free countries is to look at the number of prisoners in a country. While every
country is a police state today, some countries are too poor to jail criminals. You would have more freedom
in a place where the government doesn't enforce the law often or imprison people.



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