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Comrade 10/30/2020 (Fri) 20:08:58 No. 6543
gentle femdom is true communism imo it subverts roles, it dosent postion the female as "weak" and i am sad when i realize its never gonna happen
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(80.70 KB 771x1024 1593993119599.jpg)
>femdom thread <no femdom
Excelent taste
>>8562 every day I stray further from being a pure gay. Every day I grow closer to being a disgusting hetero. Why is this so fucking hot. I'm a TOP for fucks sake.
>>8562 amazing taste
>>8562 >Femdom is when you let your gf turn you into a faggot Wut
>>8571 shut up fag
Femdom is a defensive mechanism for men who are not validated as a sexual being by women.
>>8576 It's part and parcel for leftists https://archive.is/XUayb
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>>8576 lmao its called being a sub retard
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I think I just like seeing men being dominated. This is a great thread. please more.
>>8707 thank god for the russians archiving all the tumblr femdom
95% of "men" with this fetish are balding chapocels that can't bench the barbell
>>8707 >>8707 holy shiiiiiiit. im dying T_T
You don't need to spoil porn other than the OP.
(145.44 KB 702x1000 1525083101193.jpg)
bonus girl-on-girl femdom
>>8715 real shit?
>>6652 love that artist
(29.24 KB 376x487 yes.jpg)
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(824.02 KB 1846x1836 image0_18.png)
>>7480 Why MLMpM gf has such beliefs about sex?
Based thread
(2.32 MB 1488x2105 jk.png)
POV: you are a good obediant boy and your contributions to our partnership make you feel love and accepted
>>>/anime/ waifuism
hate to burst yalls bubbles, but women can love, and i have the anecdotal evidence to prove it!
>>12025 of course, women are just as human as men, for good and for ill
>>12214 whoops i meant cant*
>>6543 It arouses me as an exotic fantasy, but I doubt it makes much sense otherwise.
>>12219 You're wrong friend, women are fucked up and wonderful and contradictory as everyone else is >>12221 that's true with most sexual fantasies tbh
Under socialism can I sign up my mistress to receive my labor vouchers instead of me?
>>12225 No but your mistress earns labor vouchers as she doms you so there's no need for her to take them from you
>>12221 >the new tankie symbol is a poorly visible peaked cap Why remove the 8bit tank tho dudes?
smh the last one lol
>>8551 Of course, most girls don't want to be a fucking mom or sugarmommy. Very, very few girls are into actual domination, most of the mistresses you see online doing it for pay. The funny thing is that men who want to be subs draw the line when it comes to cuckoldry which is what that girl is inevitably gotta ask for because she's not getting anything sexual out of this relationship for herself.
Sounds hot in theory but I bet it doesn't feel good in practice.
>>13993 yeah i think thats likely true tbh i wouldn't "impose" this role on my partner but like it depends yknow on everything else in the realtionship its a fetish first and thing to act out secondarily if that makes any sense
>>13876 you don't really think couples with fetishes only have sex using their fetishes right? right???
>>14006 Uhm, in general you can really draw the line between sex/fetishes and "normal couple life". Sex doesn't exist in a vacuum. And even if only a part of your sex life involved fetishes it still has an impact.
>>14006 bro i'm sad to tell you but it's 2020 and the yankees dominance of the internet have made people retarded about sex. Where once it was fluid it is now rigidity which rules the day with younger people finding a 'sexual niche' and filling only that. an example would be of people who describe themselves as 'subs' or 'doms' or look for 'slave relationships', etc.


no cookies?