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(379.70 KB 1080x536 soyquintet.png)
Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 06:09:23 No. 10619 [Reply] [Last]

(71.00 KB 630x800 Erich Honecker.jpg)
Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 08:24:36 No. 11141 [Reply] [Last]
>lol if you wear glasses you are a revisioni-
honestly getting sick of this anti glasses meme
>>11344 Call it out for what it is. Pol Pot was a CIA lapdog. Either the Pol Pot poster is extremely uninformed and in his edgy teenage phase or the daily forcing of the meme is an Op by entities interested in dividing and destabilizing far-left spaces (I think it's the latter because the user always responds as if brain damaged when confronted, with very manufactured, low-input replies).

WOAh BURZUM!!! Comrade 11/14/2020 (Sat) 17:57:55 No. 10543 [Reply] [Last]
*chainsaw noises and neonazism intensify*
based, is good music
(35.22 KB 600x800 1605280537729.gif)
>based, is good music

(28.88 KB 600x655 smug.jpg)
Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 20:41:22 No. 11031 [Reply] [Last]
>I know what this board needs, yet another soyjack thread
>>11031 as in?

Comrade 11/14/2020 (Sat) 10:51:47 No. 10483 [Reply] [Last]
Let me explain to you Dialectics kid. -Thesis -Antigresis -Australopithecus -Multiple sclerosis
why are you communist retards more obsessed with words themselves than doing anything
>>11149 Better than being illiterate and not doing anything
>>11149 try doing something compley without using words its pretty difficult

(46.31 KB 640x486 tito.jpeg)
Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 23:44:09 No. 11062 [Reply] [Last]
I am very drunk. Kill royalty.
(100.76 KB 1180x663 IMG_20200707_102608.jpg)
>>11062 My man
(71.25 KB 500x333 Decapitation-Louis-XVI-2.jpg)
Oui camarade.

Big if true Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 15:31:49 No. 11345 [Reply] [Last]
What did they mean by this?

(19.81 KB 363x504 jiang.jpg)
How can a single girl be this based? Anonymous 10/31/2020 (Sat) 01:00:47 No. 6697 [Reply] [Last]
Two thoughts 1. People's (not just trolls) internet personalities have personality disorders that their rl selves don't have 2. covid 23: The lockdowns are partly to rearrange and corral people physically to create separation for actual deployment of bioweapon plague Remember NOLA they told everyone with money to leave before they drowned the city invaded it and wiped out the poor. Ruling class perhaps acting to separate the victims to be sterilized and culled by bioweapon from themselves; moving their courtiers and clerks to safety also. Maybe that's what Bill and Melinda were cackling so comic-macabrely about The mask normalizing also gives them cover to have their own real functioning hazmat outfits when the plague hits Chess chess chess. The chess computer thinks thru every move . So does the social engineering program. The logic of double tap sniper tactics is fundamental. Hamptons estates selling like hotcakes. The ruling class will be safe in their compounds . They are prepared now they have the consent to seal off the cities as they did NOLA controversially. The infrastructure of quarantine and its acceptance is established now in advance. The targets are the traditional centers or dissent, liberal cosmopolitanism, arts, professionals, bourgeois ndependence. Move the rich out of NY and then wipe out the remaining poor, the remaining entitled professional elites, entrepreneurs, old progressives: Lib Establishment Those curators and art lovers who don't want the museums looted. Their obits of Covid 23 are already written I bet. See Greenwald's little story in light of this coming plague that happens to kill off all the journalists and editors and ad sales folk. If they don't want to create a chaos too risky to control, the plague could just sterilize everyone and not kill that many. Bill Gates has been working on this; maybe this is the research that he passed the funding for thru Epstein. Just spitballing here.

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(19.81 KB 363x504 jiang.jpg)
This TRIUMPHAL boast that they shut down all oil production&all food to all humanity, is not something that should be considered a joke. They mean it. They've done it before : to Iraq, to Gaza , to DPRK, they're strangling Venezuela, Syria, Iran, they will strangle everyone They plan a worldwide lockout and global starvation. They have started already. Americans have seen meet double in price and think it's a blip. No , soon there will be no meat. They are going to _besiege_ and starve the entire global working class. They already restrict oxygen They think if they predict it as completely predictable and yet spontaneous & unimaginable until it happened at the same time people will be too ashamed to say they see them
Anchoring these schizo ramblings.
>>6704 typical fascist goon with no argument against the working class
are these all just Red Kahina tweets?

(119.95 KB 960x640 download.jpg)
Comrade 11/15/2020 (Sun) 21:29:09 No. 11049 [Reply] [Last]
In light of COVID-19, what's your take on compulsory vaccination? Is there anything wrong with state legislature issuing laws that demand citizens to get vaccinated, and in cases where they don't either deny them public services, limit movement freedom or participation in the work force? Are there limits to this?
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Compulsory vaccines have been used to sneak in forced sterilization and other shit, so it should be regarded with skepticism. Any health products should be completely transparent and open in the interest of public health, but capitalism means pharmaceutical companies get to keep all of that secret and proprietary, which is really the root of the problem. Even the dumb schizo antivaxxers do kind of have a point that it's bizarre and stupid for big pharma to have so much control over public health and to be able to operate in even the slightest amount of secrecy. It's insane.
>>11092 >Compulsory vaccines have been used to sneak in forced sterilization Porky has been trying desperately to get us all to reproduce for decades. I am disinclined to believe that he would want to sterilize the poor.
>>11049 depends on the country and its culture I guess. considering what amerifats did during the covid epidemic I think its a good thing if the government introduced mandatory vaccination.
>>11306 I'd also like to add that we should make changes proposed by >>11092 before introducing mandatory vaccination.
If you actually were working class and/or spoke to workers you'd know of the discontent over lockdowns, forced vaccines and compulsory face muzzles. If you can't see the realpolitik behind this, you're brainlets who don't bother to question the "research" (and who funds it) about this 'pandemic'.

(34.07 KB 600x600 shiggy.jpg)
Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 13:27:06 No. 11291 [Reply] [Last]
>/b/ board >no /lit/ board I shiggy diggy doggy woggy


no cookies?