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(157.38 KB 498x364 zoomerflossing.gif)
Zoom Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 18:07:41 No. 11586 [Reply] [Last]
Is picrel doomed? Millenials had their chances permanently downgraded by the '08 recession, and the covid-recession is probably 2-3x as bad, minimum which means that genZ is headed for economic doom as well as climate doom?
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Disaffected zoomers could be the great hope of the West. It's up to the currently existing left to make sure they actually go left instead of becoming the fascists that will wipe away most of humanity for the ruling class.
>>11588 they had more sex
>>11629 but they only had access to awful dirty brick weed, so it evens out I think
Reminder that they'll blame communism when capitalism fails them.
(189.85 KB 540x540 3Stages.jpg)
>>11586 Forwent college this year because it's all-online shit at full price. Can't score a fucking job no matter how many applications I toss out. Why does this NEETdom impose itself unto me

With which reactionary regimes do you secretly sympathize with Comrade 11/17/2020 (Tue) 15:44:40 No. 12147 [Reply] [Last]
For it's the k.u.k. Monarchie of Austria-Hungary. It was a very diverse melting pot of nations without the pitfalls of racism, and a surprisingly peaceful and harmonious time for the southeast part of Europe. It also seems pretty comfy, culturally thriving without many restrictions, and avoided the pitfalls of capitalism with their monopoly bourgeoisie, the hyper-militarism and the hyper-chauvinism of the German empire.
North Korea
(967.76 KB 800x520 death_of_caesar.png)
(391.09 KB 1200x1800 1200px-Statue-Augustus.jpg)
>>12147 picrel
(80.87 KB 543x754 Bánffy_Dezső_Ellinger.jpg)
>>12147 >without the pitfalls of racism Oooh you wish
(1.21 MB 1578x1997 GenghisPortrait.jpg)
The Mongol Empire. There was just so much high drama throughout its history, and Temujin himself was a genuine badass unlike so many other emperors who had other people do his fighting for him. The story of how he personally rescued his wife Börte after she was kidnapped was movie material.

all me

(69.46 KB 608x1080 DgsRMSSX0AE-UHR.jpg)
How would a Jason Unruhe vs Vaush debate go? Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 22:30:17 No. 11747 [Reply] [Last]
please tell me
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>>11767 Obviously, but the idea is hopefully Jason won’t sperg out as bad as Caleb At least Jason’s debate spergouts are way more subdued like talking with a faster and more assertive tone or just leaving the debate, Caleb was damn near crying
>>11763 lmao
Vaush is dishonest, and manipulative, but he knows how to work an audience and put the pressure on(he was even semi charming when he debated Tim pool, and did fairly well). Jason easily has him out theoried and out read, and he's generally alright at holding his position, although 3rd worldism has its issues which has disadvantaged him from time to time. I see Jason getting dunked on but mostly coming out on top. Vaush will use the same straw men as he used on Caleb, and his rhetoric can be nicely structured with various traps, but I'd still put my money on Jason, hes played this game enough to know how to handle people like vaush. 60% Jason, to 40% vaush margin.
Can't wait for Vaush's 15 minutes to be up. Hope he's investing well because his brand of "socialism" won't survive a Biden presidency.
>muh 100 gorillion <muh imperialism >muh class reductionism <muh liberalism

(107.36 KB 499x499 1579997964996.jpg)
POL VISTOR. BE NICE. Comrade 11/17/2020 (Tue) 00:05:25 No. 11782 [Reply] [Last]
Alright folks, Just passing by and thought I would pick your brains a little and see what you're all about. Maybe get to know you all a little bit more. I've been seeing screenshots of larpers from pol pretending to be commies on this site; talking about offing themselves, how shitty life is following their experience on 4chan, and how much they hate themselves. I just wanna ask a few questions: 1. Do you also visit 4chan, or is this your own exclusive left leaning forum? 2. Is this forum anti-gore? 3. Are there many anons here who are anti-antifa? 4. What do you really think of Biden and Harris? 5. Percent of trans here? I am genuinely interested in how this forum appears to be the left wing mirror of pol. I have a feeling your board is equally as depraved as pol is. Like the way we enjoy seeing antifa gettings btfo'ed, you guys similarly enjoy seeing rightoids being btfo'ed and bloodied up. Yet seeing our own being hurt may make us recoil. Rather tribal when you think of it.

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>>11988 Eh, possibly. My ancestors probably had it worse, for example i'm the great great great grandkid of a horse thief. In recent years, though, my immediate family was the ostracized group from my upper middle class maternal side and my hillbilly paternal side, they feuded so when my parents got married we kinda got disowned and forgotten alot
>>11782 >Yet seeing our own being hurt may make us recoil. Rather tribal when you think of it. Yeah no. Not everyone's a tribalistic spookbrain 1. Left years ago, only lurked to see /pol/ cope. Do visit other altchans 2. Dunno 3. There are some (Most are anti-US antifa) 4. Idealist libs. Not a burger/firstoid though so we get fucked anyway 5. Prob same as everywhere
>>11802 even in 2009 it was normal to see the n word thrown casually in 4chan it was always kinda racist
>>11799 >my father was a stormfront user since the 90s lmao can you tell us more about your dad he must hate you now right? or is he left wing now?
>>12136 We're on okay terms, especially since i moved away. He still thinks i'm far right, which he kinda regrets since he thinks niggers can be any race these days and he thinks i'm one Anyway, he threatened to kill me one time when i was 16 if i ever had a bf, so i havent ever told him about how much i like dicks lol

Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 15:05:10 No. 12138 [Reply] [Last]
Is Japanese Communist Party based or not based?
Cucked revisionists, but what could you expect from a country dominated by right wing this much.
>>12138 They are doing the best they can so I can’t complain too much.

Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 09:37:12 No. 11965 [Reply] [Last]
In the techno-feudal future, which billionaire would you prefer to be a slave to? >Elon Musk will rule like an Egyptian pharoh or Chinese Emporer, will be buried with all his cultish folowers in a massive tomb on Marx >Bill Gates connected to Epstein, probably want to stay as far away from Epstein guys as possible >Jeff Bezos Self-conciously evil, aware of his evil and wants to go futher >Zuckerberg On the surface seems the most humane, but likely some real sick flesh labs behind the scenes etc
Probably one of the billionaires where you might at least have an opportunity to work on something "cool" and innovative so out of the billionaires mentioned above, Elon.
Whichever porky privatizes nuclear energetics and / or ITER/JET. I at least want to work a materially useful job to society.

(723.86 KB 903x486 sad.PNG)
BunkerChan discord when? Comrade 11/11/2020 (Wed) 17:58:29 No. 9465 [Reply] [Last]
Is there a discord server? If not then why wait , go make one.
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I wanna make Bunker discord so I can hang out with all my frens
>>11963 >led by a Serb nationalist who denies Serbia did anything wrong >surrounded by acolyte dweebs who seem to just be waiting for a chance to be the top dog >populated by fashoids and nazbols LARPing as some Marxist-Leninist state It's all very bizarre and a huge waste of time. Imagine all the theory people who spend time in/on ULP could have read. Imagine all the stuff they could have done if not stuck in a discord meme circlejerk. Discord is like a drug, isn't it? It gives that quick fix of social interaction. I've been to a few discord servers, and it seems that they all value two things: 1) the speed of channels, things have to be moving very fast and there has to be lots of activity to keep users there; 2) variety of discussion topics, there is never a single focus, which results in a potential for more discussion and chance that people will stick around. Discord servers aren't communities. I mean, you can obviously have a topic-focused, slow discord server, just like you can on many other chat platforms, but that's not what discord is about and that's not what most people think discord is for. So, discord servers aren't communities because they do not have a purpose beyond "a place where people meet", every leftist discord server I've visited had "non-leftist" users. Discord is not a platform for learning, the right-wing members are always allowed to stay because of points 1 and 2 above. And because of points 1 and 2, discord is not conducive to proper discussion or any kind of development. Conversations move too fast and nobody wants to talk about something that is a long time in the past. There are discord alternatives which have threaded messages and are made fo discussion, but you have to self-host those and it's not as easy to set up as is clicking a plus button in the discord client. Not to fucking mention that anything and everything you type on discord is sent to the FBI/NSA. This isn't even a joke, but it has been confirmed by Discord. That's why setting up a server is so easy, they want to make it easy for you to provide them information. Don't be stupid, don't use discord.
(81.19 KB 333x599 towether.jpg)
>>11982 yeah honestly the only thing discord is good is to get groomed epic style and to get nudes of iranian trannies in the autist spectrum
>>11982 >led by a Serb nationalist who denies Serbia did anything wrong You're not talking about the YouTuber TheAthelasProject, right?
>>11982 >>populated by fashoids and nazbols LARPing as some Marxist-Leninist state I sense butthurt radlib....

(173.87 KB 458x1018 soyverse.jpg)
Comrade 11/17/2020 (Tue) 05:45:54 No. 11913 [Reply] [Last]
>Hitler did good work in Germany by turning the economy around and providing for citizens. We should adopt national socialism instead of c*mmunism since it has a better track record of helping people. Deaths are irrelevant according to you.
>>11913 The left cant meme
(133.24 KB 523x731 533.png)
>>11933 >The left cant meme
(6.62 KB 207x300 cornman.jpg)
>>11943 nazbols get the bullet first
>>11960 >Implying you can take on the nazbols.
>>11974 Yes nazbols have zero power

(258.29 KB 1024x768 4429099948_c974d61828_b.jpg)
educate me... Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 08:04:57 No. 12715 [Reply] [Last]
hello, I am a newly converted marxist who is convinced with marxist thoughts and have faith in the capability of man I know absolutely nothing about China and would like to learn and study from samples. I want to know like what did Mao do? and what did Deng do? I notice some lefties don't see Deng in a good spotlight. tell me about it. or you can find me some good resource to read up instead
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>>12717 most people on this board hold the position of cybersocalism ie using computers and cybernetics in a planned economy. If you want to know more about how exactly this would work you should check out "towards a new socialism" by cockshott. Also Deng is a capitalist revisionist and isn't worth the time to look into.
>what did Mao do? act like a retard but with good intent >what did Deng do? not act like a retard but with bad intent I am curious what convinced you of Marxism, was it a broader economic argument or was it moralism?
>>12715 Read! Check out Hakim's videos on youtube. Check out Richard Wolff's too. Check out our FAQ/Reading thread.
(61.48 KB 720x540 realquote.jpg)
>>12720 >but with bad intent I'm pretty sure he had a good intent but was also retarded
Low effort, OP is probably not here to learn. Besides, there's already a China thread: >>8925 , a FAQ: >>668788 , and a thread for misc. questions: >>1142043


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