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Anonymous 10/24/2020 (Sat) 15:34:06 No. 2568 [Reply] [Last]
Darth Vader was in fact a brilliant Marxist-Leninist leading the dialectical practice of Marxism-Leninism-Vaderism which would eventually be adapted into Marxism-Leninism-Vaderism-Skywalkerism Seriously, if you watch the film from Vader's perspective rather than the theocratic religious Jedi Order's or the bourgeois liberal Republic's you realize that Darth Vader basically found the dialectical synthesis for creating proletarian revolution in the Star Wars Galaxy See, it makes sense if you approach it dialectically as a Marxist, basically everything Darth Vader does in that film is furthering the cause of communism up until the point that Obi-Wan cripples him and ruins his long-term plan. Consider this, in destroying the Jedi, Anakin destroys the main defenders of the Republic. In centralizing and destroying the Republic, bringing the Senate to heel, yet still keeping some bourgeois democratic apparatus opens up a window for working class organization and demonstration as demonstrated by the Rebellion. Anakin had realized that Palpatine's plan, though risky, was the best shot at wiping out the majority of the proletariat's enemies so he went along with. He also slaughtered the capitalist leaders of the Separatists, allowing for the bourgeois rebellion of planetary systems to take on a revolutionary communist character. Vader's own plan was not to be the Emperor's puppet, originally in Episode III he recognizes the threat of the fascist Emperor and conspires to immediately kill him once all the business is cleared up. The problem started when his civilian wife entered the fray with the counterrevolutionary "Kenobi", in the Kenobist White Terror Kenobi brutally crippled Vader, leaving him a paraplegic, Kenobi also forced him to endure severe 3rd degree burns all over the body, permanently damaging his lungs, his eye sight, his sexual organs, his hearing, permanently scarring his skin, etc. Vader would never be able to destroy the Emperor and the 20 BBY Marxist-Vaderist Revolution was defeated. Why would Vader even want this? Why would I assume his goals? Simple, the film told me. Vader never fit in with the Jedi because he was born a prole, he experienced a prole's hardships and a prole's emotional bonds, he was devoted to the people rather than to the Jedi or even the Republic; even in the Clone War Vader sympathized most with the slaves, the besieged worlds, and the proletarian troops forced to die. Even his mother died as a peasant. You can argue that even in the original trilogy had Vader destroyed the bourgeois Rebellion leadership at Yavin the Liberal New Republic would never have been created and instead the proletarian revolutionary leadership would have created the Union of Socialist Systems. Long live the immortal science of Marxism-Vaderism, the Red Star of the proletarian peoples of the Galaxy!!!
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I wanna re-write Eleanor Rigby but make it about Anakin
>>3051 Came here to post this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJO03xNlPto General Grieveous: Has the size of the entire galaxy. Anakin: General Grieveous! yOu ArE sHoRtEr ThAn I eXpEcTeD. (He was expecting him to be as massive as the universe.) Grievous: PROCEEDS TO DOUBLE HIS SIZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynjhEzahwVE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk3FLkxNcWU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJh6KBuKW3c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RfSR6PiSYo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M4bw6-modo
>>6546 how... why?

(115.86 KB 800x1246 1604586849854.jpg)
Comrade 11/17/2020 (Tue) 20:00:37 No. 12227 [Reply] [Last]
>What would a post-post-ironic meme look like?
>>12227 You have the nonqojak version of these bit tiggies?

Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 11:29:37 No. 11280 [Reply] [Last]
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it do be like that
>>11288 Eh, it's more like >we didn't do it but we should have kind of sentiment, you get a similar response out of Turkish nationalists if you bring up Armenian, Assyrian, or Greek genocide in Anatolia
>>11280 Because they can't wrap their heads around >if the holocaust happened then why is the world still shit? They will gloat about dead commies, argue the rest of Europe deserved it etc. But they can't admit the holocaust happened because it invalidates their picrel worldview
>>11873 this (according to the Red Cross)
>>12230 red cross counted death notes at auschwitz, not total deaths of the holocaust. https://fullfact.org/online/holocaust-death-toll/ you're legit just a retarded fashfag who has no basis for his ideology beyond primitive emotions. Read a fucking book

Comrade 11/17/2020 (Tue) 11:41:01 No. 11980 [Reply] [Last]
>be me >super straight male >get horny one night and decide to go use the local glory hole >actually kinda enjoy it >halfway through person on other side moans >it's a guy's moan >realize ive been sucking a man's cock thus whole time mfw
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Well, nobody's perfect
Ive seen this on the ifunny 0/10 not original
(61.76 KB 940x1024 1572079747630.jpg)
well so long as he thought you were a woman, it wasn't really gay
>>11980 why are you resposting other people greentexts?

>>12193 >baizuo Stopped reading
>>12193 >i can't wait my rent free scenario to happen! anytime now.
>>12028 when will someone leak contras cock tho???????????????????????
>>12047 uuhhhh based
>>12112 based

(2.69 MB 1080x1080 file.png)
Comrade 11/08/2020 (Sun) 12:28:04 No. 8570 [Reply] [Last]
The Instrumentality Project must proceed.
Soy hydra is go i repeat soy hydra is go We are go for project sierra-oscar-yankee
>>8570 Isn't being an exta-dimensional being a good thing?
>>8585 damn nigga that was cringe

(46.48 KB 750x1000 sad.jpg)
I make over 100k a year Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 16:38:51 No. 12176 [Reply] [Last]
Why do you guys hate me? I just wanted to make my life better.
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>>12184 If OP is a manager or something, then he is a worker as well, jus an overpaid one.
>>12176 unless you own Means of production and employ workers I don't hate you.
(5.81 KB 200x200 chad.jpg)
>>12183 >Why yes, this printer IS a means by which various articles necessary for the function of industry are produced, how could you tell?
I hate my Ukrainian expat colleagues openly supporting fascism and demanding the removal of cats with communist hat smileys from the company slack as hate symbols, not every overpaid worker in the modern economy.
>>12213 >cats with communist hats ??????

(62.04 KB 428x243 hmmmm.png)
(56.88 KB 336x597 subcomandate marcos.jpg)
The third position and Subcomandante Marcos Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 14:27:08 No. 12679 [Reply] [Last]
bump locked: turd position shit. Also subcomandante Marcos is dead. Show some respect. https://youtu.be/O3pHmHbqqTk?t=417 6:58 to 9:22 everything he said I mostly agree with, I realize he understands the plight of the world, the plight of his people, the destruction of borders and dehumanization that neoliberalism and capitalism brings, as someone on the right wing (third position) we might disagree on multiple things, some important large things at that but he understands and that is the first step in breaking down the machine created by the bankers, once the establishment is destroyed we can figure out what the best way forward is, anything is better than what is happening right now. I fear we differ on social values and for some of you, I don't know the main ideology of this board but I would assume economically as well, I do believe in healthcare, I believe in unions, I believe in gun rights, I believe in state controlled markets, I believe we should limit corporations/monopolies, I think Marx is essential reading and influenced modern and contemporary politics, even right wing movements, I believe in these things for my people, not a globalized heterogenous melting pot so I ask you /leftypol/ why do we hate each other so much when we are so similar?
Edited last time by antious666 on 11/17/2020 (Tue) 19:30:14.
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>>12699 Most of us are just marxist, not ml.
Because "for me but not for thee" is not leftist. Ethnonationalists don't care about the outgroup, so they inevitably end up as insane perpetual warmongers as soon as they gain a modicum of power. More often than not, they end up being huge fans of capitalism after realizing that they like the idea of using others' labor and resources to their own national benefit.
(233.28 KB 512x512 menhera-chan_5f5a8d455254d.png)
>>12702 >>12700 What if you just like working for a living? I'm not a capitalist but working for them ain't so bad as long as I can live somewhat comfortably.
>>12703 >What if you just like working for a living? Sure well wouldn't you want more money? >I'm not a capitalist but working for them ain't so bad as long as I can live somewhat comfortably You could live even more comfortably if you cut out the middle man and work for yourself and the state that provides you free services
>>12690 >I don't want them in my country and changing the demographics of my country, I used hate to mean readiness to do harm to, which yes, forcing racial minorities to leave your country would do harm to them, and therefore was what I meant with "hating minorities". Why wouldn't you want people with different ethnic traits in one cuntry anyways? Like what is the actual reasoning besides other races are icky when they're near me? Also Insular populations breed higher birth defects, your alright with that?

(6.41 KB 295x272 SP1.jpg)
Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 19:06:18 No. 11620 [Reply] [Last]
The cancer
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(4.95 MB 480x270 AngryTwirl.gif)
good thread
(144.22 KB 870x961 slowbro.jpg)
*blocks your path
>>11854 lurkmoar

Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 17:16:12 No. 12197 [Reply] [Last]
what do you guys think about gangstalking? how should the proletariat react to it? seems like they mostly just do crowd control like influencing social circles or hacking
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It definitly happens, online schizo gang stalking is a meme created to cover up real gang stalking
to go off the deep-end a bit and give credit to alleged schizos... i've heard people say they were being attacked by satanic cults. i met a professor in rural america from UCLA in los angeles who told me this who said he ran away from california. it seems strangely enough that there is a spiritual element to it which would surely induce schizo symptoms in people. i experience it all the time. it is like spiritual activity occurs to cover up gangstalking or to assist in gangstalking to neutralize individuals. this is what makes the 'satanic cult' thing sound plausible, as well as famous satanists serving as officers of US military intelligence
>>12200 >>paranoia >>spiritual influences Definitely schizo, couldn’t be
>>12208 of course when i say 'satanist' this could likely be any religion or spirituality including Christianity pulling some sort of spiritual activity to engage in negative intelligence operations
I mean if you want to be taken serious (half of this is legit, Ill give you snowden leaks etc) but you give us a jpg of a book nobody's read and then outrageous, vague, short sentences. Even if this isn't schizoposting it's a bad intro to the topic.


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