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(352.23 KB 1024x710 1605757998972.png)
/leftypol/,Can you to deboonk this? Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 06:08:13 No. 13023 [Reply] [Last]
I need help from those who is wiser than me is in the craft of statistic.
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(47.00 KB 637x447 1.png)
(121.98 KB 631x718 2.png)
(126.18 KB 590x822 3.png)
>>13026 How the fuck did I not find that I was skimming through catalog with light speed, and was wondering how did you find it. and then 5 seconds later I found it. sorry to janny
>>13023 Deboonk what? Garl Margs himself? :DDDDDD >"Gapitalism is but one stage in human society. It has created immense wealth and have created lots of peepeel from glay that would other wise have ded if they didn't was not eve borned. :DDDDDDD" t. Garl Margs
>>13023 i debunked it on the debunk thread already check there

(353.60 KB 1920x1391 merkel_cuck.jpg)
Shit heap Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 10:07:18 No. 13051 [Reply] [Last]
I used to hang out here. You guys convinced me to actually finally read Marx. Thank you for that, it made me see how easily lead i'd been for so long. It made me realise that leftism relies on being the underdog, the looser, the victim, and that it'll make itself the victim whenever it wins to keep up the Leninist narative of oppressed vs oppressor. Ted was right.
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(978.30 KB 1440x2392 VmuutMI.jpg)
>>13055 okay
Cool blog
The power of big refugee cock is so strong, when women are in charge of a country they make decisions based on their wet pussies, inevitably betraying white males and causing the destruction of their Volk. Dare I say it? Based.
>>13062 cursed
>>13051 >leftists are cucks >the sky is blue >stirnerites yawning >"what else is new?"

(77.22 KB 261x400 moc.jpg)
Comrade 11/18/2020 (Wed) 23:18:48 No. 12909 [Reply] [Last]
I like coming to bunkerchan because I know we're all just a bunch of chads. personally, I had hot, steamy sex 5 hours ago.
>>12909 I just masturbated to hentai It was nice
I just daydream about kissing cute boys tbh famsquad
(214.51 KB 1200x1200 sweatyjewswim.jpg)
>>12909 Nice bro! Can I borrow your dad now that your done with him?

Question to STEM cucks doesn't count Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 05:00:13 No. 13032 [Reply] [Last]
If the superstructure then why fight against anti communist propaganda? Then why educate the masses? Then why even organize? Then why do something in the first place?
a thread died for this
>>13032 >If the superstructure then why fight against anti communist propaganda? Because base. >Then why educate the masses? So the working class can gain a consciousness. >Then why even organize? So that the working class has the power to do what it decides to do once it becomes aware that it can. >Then why do something in the first place? Because doing nothing is death.
Are you the same small business porky that just wrote that other dogshit thread?
Anchoring because this makes no sense.

(770.31 KB 900x1041 Gucci communism.jpeg)
ideology thread Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 03:18:58 No. 12982 [Reply] [Last]
This is my ideology. https://www.gucci.cn/zh/
>capital placed under the supremacy of the hammer and sickle pretty epic
>>12982 Damn, they even have the cool traffic lights with numbers on them.
THIS is my ideology. https://youtu.be/OPaieGyMUfY
(2.29 MB 390x277 lol.gif)
>>13016 >people in the comments talking about how satirizing China "takes balls"
>>13018 Feeling brave for satirizing china or calling xi "winnie the pooh" is peak reddit.

(733.51 KB 803x1200 bogatyrs.jpg)
Anonymous 11/18/2020 (Wed) 22:51:23 No. 12911 [Reply] [Last]
>Socialist and facists recruit from the same target demographics >every time socialists take over a country it becomes facistic Not meming here, genuinely intrested, why is socialism and facism nearly identical in practice? >inb4 "they're totaly because diffrent optics and theory"
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>>12937 Yes, bigger fish eats the smaller fish. It's your beloved law of nature, as you must agree.
>>12936 потому что я не смотрю вики за правильную латинизацию
>>12939 The big fish always dies off eventually, dinos are gone, insects stay
>>12911 >Socialist and facists recruit from the same target demographics <young people are active in politics, so communism and fascism are the same i am very smart >every time socialists take over a country it becomes facistic oxymoronic bullshit phrase signifying nothing, grounded in nothing. постарайся лучше, залетной долбоёб.
(58.88 KB 452x371 soyjakgif.gif)
>>12915 >Lmao, COPE.

(219.36 KB 706x1000 s-l1000.jpg)
The Spiritual Evil of Communism Anonymous 11/17/2020 (Tue) 03:51:38 No. 11889 [Reply] [Last]
you've been visited by the spectre of communism
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>>11944 WTF are you talking about? Take your meds
>>11934 "I'm not a fascist, I'm a super fascist"
(154.09 KB 526x526 pope.png)
I'm taking the bait, but I'll sage Capitalists steal surplus from the workers, if stealing is evil, than capitalism is evil. ProtoSocialist were Christians, even the pope can find some parallels. Socialist just don't give a rats ass about transcendental gods or the afterlife. We want -- this life -- to be nice.
>>11902 I can never tell whether the point of this picture is "everything sucks" or if it's satirizing pro-west propaganda

(190.23 KB 960x1298 PicsArt_11-19-03.55.26.jpg)
Comrade 11/18/2020 (Wed) 20:09:22 No. 12872 [Reply] [Last]
Dios mio
Could it be that they have the name "gypsie_crusader88" because they are Roma?
>>12875 Idk lol this mutt is just another catboykami type of alt right e celeb
Isn't that the guy who'd do livestreams in full joker cosplay?
>>12898 Yep lol just another unfunny right wing e celeb mutt

(23.24 KB 256x256 communityIcon_w18zlprggby51.png)
Why ideally only gay or asexual people should be allowed in high status positions Anonymous 11/16/2020 (Mon) 07:27:12 No. 11129 [Reply] [Last]
The best solution to this problem where men keep hoarding resources to 'appease mates' is to ensure if possible that anybody in important decision making positions is either asexual, gay or a lesbian. If they are straight they should be made a eunuch so they commit themselves and the resources to the common good instead of a partner solely. Baxist here, our premise is that Capitalism was created by status seekers among women to essentially exploit the working class/males. Capitalism is tied mainly to heterosexuals in most cases, so in a society where only gays, asexuals or lesbians are allowed into high status positions this wouldn't be an issue. Its even possible we may reach Communism fairly quick. A gay male, lesbian, asexual or eunuch is not going to be as violent, exploitative as a thirsty dude pandering to status seekers by hoarding resources and creating private property to protect them for the 'mate' he wants to impress. No more wars, genocides and exploitation under gays, straights or eunuchs. Imagine if all CEOs were eunuchs and not thirsty panderers causing violence against other men or hoarding resources.
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>>11744 i havent responded, but like, im super tempted to. I know its a bait post, but I feel compelled. why does leftypol always take the bait?
>>11744 >>11869 Its not, the OP image is from 'pro-male collective'. The entire subreddit believes capitalism and all hierarchy stems from desperate males who want to 'impress mates'. Capitalism is created to oppress men and ruled by 'the gynocracy' who make men go to war etc, or become 'masculine' so they can extract male surplus value.
>>11744 >>11869 Basically the 'male sex' is the proletariat and working class. Spotted Hyenas as a species or any human societies where males are exempt from provider/protector/status seeking are ones which are actual ones ruled by male privilege. Whereas anywhere that's the opposite is one that's ruled by female privilege and vice versa. That's the belief system.
>>12566 >>12567 That is profoundly retarded, but it is the same kind of retardation that feminism is founded upon.

Everybody needs a little time away/I heard her say/From each other Comrade 11/18/2020 (Wed) 18:27:11 No. 12837 [Reply] [Last]
> Even lovers need a holiday >Far away from each other >Hold me now >It's hard for me to say I'm sorry <I just want you to stay >After all that we've been through >I will make it up to you <I promise to >And after all that's been said and done <You're just a part of me I can't let go >Couldn't stand to be kept away >Just for the day <From your body

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>muh lovers kys sexhaver


no cookies?