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Comrade 11/28/2020 (Sat) 11:04:38 No. 16602 [Reply] [Last]
How do you fund a fucking revolution? finding a class traitor who will help is like finding needle in a haystack

(145.39 KB 618x928 1606468173967.jpg)
It's over. Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 03:54:46 No. 16502 [Reply] [Last]
It's over.
>>16502 Cope levels at peak retardation
>>16502 High on copium Dont worry I know the feeling I wish blumpf won but just get over it.
Trump should become the Juan Guaido of the USA

(120.21 KB 800x1086 George Orwell.jpg)
Comrade 11/26/2020 (Thu) 02:58:31 No. 15433 [Reply] [Last]
Post images that make tankies seethe
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>Post images that make tankies ROFL FTFY and thanks for the cheer m8.
>>15433 Mate, I'm an anarchist and even I hate this piece of shit.
>>16018 What's wrong with him?
>>15433 Reminder that he was a socdem who snitched on anarchists in addition to MLs

You will be a woman. Shaytan 11/28/2020 (Sat) 04:09:37 No. 16507 [Reply] [Last]
You are valid. You have no womb, you have no ovaries, you have no eggs, and that's okay! You are as female as an infertile 40 year old woman. You are the visage of nature's perfection, and nature created you this way. All the validation you get is good for you, even if you don't trust the meaning behind them. Behind your back people love you. Your parents love you, your friends support you behind closed doors. Men are utterly aroused by you. Thousands of years of evolution have allowed men to sniff out estrogen with incredible efficiency. Even transwomen who don't pass look hot and arousing to a thirsty man, and let's face it - most men are thirsty and lonely these days. Your bone structure is easily hidden by bangs, a choker, and loose clothes. If you manage to get a drunk guy home with you, he'll fuck you the second he gets a whiff of your feminized sweat and phermones. You know you can be happy! You wrench out a fake smile every single morning and tell yourself it's going to be ok, but deep inside you feel the depression creeping up like a weed, ready to crush you under the unbearable weight. You can change that! Eventually it'll be too much to bear - you'll buy hormones, buy girl clothes, put them around your body, and plunge into the warm embrace of femininity. Your parents will find you, heartbroken but relieved that they no longer have to live with the knowledge that you're still hiding in the closet ^-^. They'll love you with a passion, because you still share a last name with them, and every passerby for the rest of eternity will know you're just the cutest girl they ever met. Your body will change, your butt will grow, your body and facial hair will become thinner and grow shorter, and all that will remain of your masculinity is a cute girlpenis that is unmistakably male owo This is your fate. This is what you chose.
This is a wholesome copypasta that I will copy and save. Thank you, leftypol’s favorite femboy.
(187.87 KB 767x1023 1606216668195.jpg)
(144.21 KB 1193x796 1605460577788.jpg)
(262.21 KB 868x1228 1600307786227.jpg)
>>16511 <he hasn't heard the ballad of the great shaytan
>>16521 I didn't. I've noticed things like a weird namefag making somewhat scizo posts.

(67.38 KB 482x427 o40s2uuudd441.jpg)
I CAN'T STOP MASTURBATING Comrade 11/27/2020 (Fri) 20:10:51 No. 16248 [Reply] [Last]
>>16248 Sounds great.
>>16248 >therapist any other questions? Like seriously, just stop visiting the pages were you get your material and if you can't withstand that, its therapy time
(558.39 KB 1037x1597 no fap progression.jpg)
(348.45 KB 1332x1949 social cues and impulse control.png)
See pic 1 and then 2
>>16248 It's the opposite for me I lack the inspiration to come up with scenarios and stories daily to jack off I DON'T WANT PRO=STATE CANCER BROS I'M ANARCHIST REEEEEEE

(1.16 MB 1000x1401 1604022488084.png)
(60.98 KB 530x618 ren-nuest3.jpg)
(114.42 KB 750x937 IMG_1058.JPG)
Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 17:55:29 No. 11519 [Reply] [Last]
How will femboys be treated in a new communist society? Will there be a place for us?
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>>16397 ... They physically cannot. You cannot cancel Sexual Dimorphism without systematic abuse of the body. >>16304 >be a lot more socially liberal Nope. >being a feminine man is radlib idpol and it never happened before radlibs became popular Your strawman is very thin. 1) crossdressing was never open or systemic in MOST societies, it was something very rare (often linked to sex slavery and prostitution) that you'd find in dark allies of most societies for centuries. >inb4 muh Pacific Island Some tiny hierarchical tribalist society that makes up less than 1% of the human population and whose culture is not the mainstream is an outlier. There are some societies that encourage women having clitorises cut out, is that also something to imitate? Or is it not progressive enough for you? >he robbed banks so he "leached" off of the proletariat 1) leeched comes from LEECH, the annelid that SUCKS blood. 2) Banks in the Russian Empire belonged to the upper class and only the upper class even had bank accounts to begin with. >than any man that likes being 'uwu soft fem' is Cringe >the only real exploitation going on is inherent to our current mode of production

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>16397 No, they should not steal men's aesthetics. It is only by making a commodity of men's roles and responsibilities that women have sometimes decided to reject femininity and the roles and responsibilities of their own sex.
Premise 1: As a man, you have great capabilities. Premise 2: As a communist, you have responsibilities to contribute to society's advancement. Thesis: Any male communist will use his body to its full potential to advance society. Premise 3: Failure of men to conform to gender roles and gender standards leads to a weakened body compared to men who do conform. Thesis: Gender nonconformity lessens the contributions a male communist may make to society. Conclusion: Gender nonconformity in men directly hurts the goals of communists and of communism, and therefore any male communist must conform to masculinity or else selfishly betray his own cause.
>>16402 >They physically cannot >Women can't into stronk >retard essentialism >Nope. Yes. >crossdressing only ever happened under coercion stop coercing yourself noooooo >>inb4 muh Pacific Island anon cannot inb4. Also you can't just ignore outliers that contradict your' claims >female genital mutilation is just as harmless as presenting more outwardly feminine. >blah blah Stalin wasn't a leach Yes that's why I drew that comparison. >Cringe Cope or I'm gonna bully you and suck your dick uwu desu >If someone takes from the proletariat and does not give back equally This concept is illusory under capitalism, but anyways you are taking right now, not even for yourself, but you are stealing the peace from innocent gender non conforming men and giving nothing back in return >I don't know if you are and don't care

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>16497 counter thesis: high t does not equal high contribution also if you are feeling uncomfortable with your' body, then you will not be performing very efficiently obviously

(67.09 KB 602x709 banter stops.jpg)
Habits and Stories Comrade 11/27/2020 (Fri) 22:56:17 No. 16292 [Reply] [Last]
This is a thread for weird habits or stories you have, in classic /b/ style. I'll start, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with the powerful urge to do squats and pullups (and do them).
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>>16350 >tried not to talk about why i was jerking off infront of my door to my firend This just makes me imagine a scenario where you drink viagra, go up to a neighbors door, knock, and start fapping, busting a load on them as they open the door, before running away shrieking
>>16407 idk, guess i was in the vibe lol. and yeah, we still mates to this day . >>16408 was at my house tho
>>16406 So for background I went camping with my friend and brought a half ounce of weed, we'd been smoking and cooking edibles all day and must of absolutely reeked of cannabis, I was so high that I could feel every pebble I stepped on pushing into my foot and reverberating in my skull in an almost orgasmic sensation, but I managed to retard confidence the cops on the way in. We get to campsite, everyone is a drunk psycho petit bouj and there's all these rough middle aged men gathered around a fire and doing this weird white person ritual up on the cliff. A few come down and harrass us because we put our tents up infront of their's and my gay Argentinian friend is wigging out like he's having flashbacks to nam or something. The whole thing was like that scene in apocalypse now where they get to camp charlie and all the soldiers have gone mad lighting off flares and tripping out. Anyways we go to smoke more weed to chill out and we witness this grown ass man steal this little kid's skateboard and ride off, so my friend being the decent guy he is goes off to call over the security guard while I'm rolling up a joint. I look over my shoulder and the security guard's right there 10 metres away talking to my friend, because no shit. So I tuck that shit under my hoodie and turn around. We start talking to him and he calls the cops. Argentinian friend is noided but he doesn't know I still have the weed. I'm shitting my pants a bit because I'm holding onto illicit drugs and I STANK. Cop shows up and walks over to stand by the security guard about 3 metres away from us and starts asking questions, asks us if we've been drinking, with a smirk, and finishes taking statements. As he's wrapping up I lift my arm up and the bag of weed shoots out at this cop, I watch in cinematic horror as the bag lands directly on the cops right boot, a fat half ounce of bud delicately nestled on a shiny leather boot, large size. In a split second the cop's gaze subconsciously shifts, I force my eyes into him and lock contact in a sustained eyeball-handshake. He meets my stare at first, out of habit, then confusion falls, there grows a slight discomfort, I change the topic and praise him, I walk closer towards him with a confident even pace, he cannot recognize a reason behind my behavior. He thinks I am gay. Then he thinks I am retarded. He looks back uneasily to the security guard for reassurance. I lock eyes with Argentinian friend and guide his eyes downwards,he looks on with an expression of pure terror at the fruits of my hubris. I turn back to the security guard and walk closer still, I am a foot away from him now, even the mightiest of autistic chads cannot match my daring. He gives a polite or slightly submissive smile and wraps up the conversation. I immediately drop to my knees to tie my shoes as the ganja reflex time slows down my movements to look more natural. I scoop up the weed and live another day.
>>16496 holy fuck, taht was close anon
>>16499 Yeah it was such a surreal experience fucc

(1.09 MB 2560x4096 anatomy & trauma.png)
(1.04 MB 2560x4096 anorectal risks 1.png)
Address rampant anorectal violence & misinformation! Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 13:45:37 No. 14074 [Reply] [Last]
Several English-language Wikipedia articles have had major flaws for too many years. Among other issues: • The article about the human anus has an image of a human female's anus and perineum that probably were damaged by some kind of major trauma. Human females beyond developmental stages in the womb should lack an externally-visible perineal raphe, or seamlike union/ridge, in the anogenital region between the anus and the vagina; the bulbospongiosus muscle is separated in them and does not form a persistent, visible midline raphe as it may in males [References: Anatomy & Trauma]. • The article about the perineal raphe asserts that both males and females have a visible perineal raphe arising from fusion of the urogenital folds. No cited source supports that claim. The article about anal sex ... • lacks a neutral point of view — an essential component of Wikipedia's presentational philosophy. It fails to present even one _scientific_ opposing perspective, giving readers who are not exposed to more balanced sources the impression that opposition is limited to irrational religious positions. One such scientific perspective: The human anorectum is very unsuited for many all-too-common receptive activities due to the region's anatomy and physiology. The single short-term benefit, _potential_ pleasure, is greatly outweighed by the many short-term and long-term health risks for the receptive person. [Rationale: Anorectal Risks 1-3] • fails to mention the normalization of blatantly injurious anoreceptive violence in pornography featuring real people. • does not point out that "hemorrhoid" is an ambiguous term, sometimes referring to pathology and other times to normal anatomy. • contains a logically-fallacious appeal to nature: "natural" is not necessarily good or desirable, nor is "unnatural" necessarily bad or undesirable. Those flaws are contributing to rampant anorectal abuse and misinformation facilitating such abuse.
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... this is amazing every time I read it TBH
>>15431 don't sell your anus short comrade anon
>>15369 > I posted about logically-fallacious diversionary tactics in >>15316. I (OP) have been posting about these matters on various places for over ten years. As I keep on pointing out, though, ultimately this is not about me. I think for the new year I will resolve to ignore diversionary distractions beyond ensuring that "logically-fallacious diversionary tactics" is posted (and maybe even spammed if necessary). I also may resolve to stop restraining myself for those who deserve no such reprieve. There are political matters to be discussed, and someone punting my thread from /leftypol/ to a comparatively low-traffic and (seemingly) low-intelligence board seems like a big ol' "fuck you," especially after deletion of several other threads of mine which made the political aspects more obvious (that is, my "justice" paste was in the first post, and it was not toned down like what I posted in >>15331: I omitted my own judgments — such as use of the word "must" and promotion of justice by any means necessary). Instead I can just figuratively start saying "fuck you" right back without relenting unless and until reinstatement of my self-restraint is earned by anyone who would prefer me to be reasonable. 2021 begins in just over a month. I expect that these matters I've been going on about for nearly fifteen years (demonstrably since 2007* & 2008**; I haven't found any public archive of earlier material) won't change drastically for the better in that short span of time. One month, after nearly a decade and a half? That's not even the Blink* of an eye in comparison. * http://web.archive.org/web/20161209024142/http://board.freeones.com/showthread.php?156004-is-anyone-else-getting-turned-off-by-anal/page3#post1713675 ** https://web.archive.org/web/20080609040506/http://damon4.bravehost.com/ (earliest version archived: 20080227)
>>16145 He shouldn't be selling his anus period

(87.74 KB 832x1024 IMG_4079.JPG)
Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 00:46:15 No. 16370 [Reply] [Last]
is this /lefty/ approved?
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FWIW, I think Black People would’ve been happier not to be a captive underclass. Or colonized by filthy angloids and the french.
>>16382 As a darky can confirm. It's retarded when rightoids say slavery was good otherwise youd still be in Africa. How's that a bad thing? What if I was a nigerian doctor or heir to a diamond mine or something.
>>16370 I mean he's not totally wrong, even if he does hate black people, at least he hates them but wants them to stay in their homeland and be free to do what they want there.
>>16395 >What if I was a nigerian doctor or heir to a diamond mine or something A Nigerian prince you could say
>>16405 Kangz unironically.

is bitcoin communist? Anonymous 11/28/2020 (Sat) 02:29:04 No. 16398 [Reply] [Last]
is bitcoin communist?
No, it's capitalist AF


no cookies?