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(1017.67 KB 815x483 ClipboardImage-1605404568.png)
I give you antifa/blackblock degenarates one advice Anonymous 11/15/2020 (Sun) 01:55:24 No. 10587 [Reply] [Last]
Hit the fucking gym you subhumans. You are a disgrace, you need to be gulaged for looking like an overweight capitalist pig. No wonder facists plow through you with ease, you have never lifted any heavy weights before. regards, Comrade Tankie
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>>10599 I've worked in a metal factory, where did you lift those boxes? Amazon?
>>10587 good advice comrade, but do be a little less condescending next time, people may end up the exact opposite thinking you are a MAGA tard or something.
he may be condescending comrades, but he is right. take care of yourselves comrades.
>>10593 >here's a bicep shot for you degenerates >awkward flex and posture to contort bicep and forearm to appear larger >maximum instagram angling with elbow as focal point but you fucked that up so it's just the top half of that and the res of your squished body >visiby overweight, even the only visible part of your body that you worked out (muh biceps curls) your arms, looks doughy >clear signs of aging with gross kneck sag, mottled skin, and patchy body hair that like someone used a glue stick and taxidermy clippings on an infant But most of all, insecure enough to lash out at muhajatifa, overcompensating enough to spend 5 minutes posing for a camera shot of the one part of your body that you cherish, too stupid to think no one would notice, take a more natural pose, or pick better lighting. All this is coming from an ML btw.

Do some people here seriously support pol pot? Anonymous 11/20/2020 (Fri) 18:02:05 No. 13742 [Reply] [Last]
Are there people here who unironically support pol pot? I've seen some memes which seem to indicate as such.
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>>13746 glasses go crack
>>13794 tbhm this type of shitpost is pointless and should get you banned
(227.54 KB 992x1019 muh polpot cia.jpg)
(99.62 KB 680x554 transhumanism.gif)
>>13800 every single time
(154.63 KB 756x826 expelling leftyfag.png)

(226.71 KB 326x307 1601675116365.png)
Ethics of hentai vs real pornography Anonymous 11/19/2020 (Thu) 19:13:02 No. 13193 [Reply] [Last]
Is animated/drawn porn (e.g. hentai) more ethical than porn with real people? It seem like there is a lot more potential for abuse in the latter. The potential of the performers basically getting raped is there. Things like the "girls do porn" company come to mind. It seems a lot harder to make hentai in an unethical way.
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(8.37 MB 1000x563 lewd-come to beach.gif)
(1.13 MB 704x396 lewd-spread.gif)
(3.04 MB 800x450 lewd-stuck.gif)
(7.24 MB 854x480 lewd-swingitgif.gif)
>>13474 Tbh, the debate will degenerate to that eventually. Also, what's the point of discussing IRL porn vs. Hentai ethics? I think that's something too irrelevant to the leftist discourse that one could say "who cares" The day after day worker struggling to pay for the diapers for his third son, while his wife is sick surely will take time to debate the topic. kek. Here, have some more hentai.
(8.87 KB 225x225 1546658380132.jpg)
(243.37 KB 1280x1707 1844731792.jpg)
(74.94 KB 840x1120 760361257.jpg)
>>13193 >ethics top kek. I don't shy away from problematic porn, but look upon it only as my property, in which I only respect my desire for big mommy milkers!
>>13193 Hentai falls under the adult industry in Japan which is heavily implicated with the Yakuza, so by proxy it is most likely an exploitative industry. >>13211 all of this is untrue apart from corporate not wanting to do business with it
>>13212 source?
>>13261 >shotacon >wholsesome i don't know about that one chief

(19.90 KB 350x375 3615160916044537g.jpg)
(26.12 KB 696x627 1063612-3x2-940x627-696x627.jpg)
(47.22 KB 250x370 16238858_124645142221.jpg)
The mods apparently deleted this on /leftypol/. What am I? Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 00:53:25 No. 13531 [Reply] [Last]
1.I believe capitalism is bad for the preservation of traditional families 2. I want big industries to be either nationalized or broken up, medium sized industries and farms to be turned to co-ops, and small businesses and farms to be family or co-op owned. 3. I want to reduce the class gap and abolish stock markets. 4. I want gambling, pornography, premarital sex, tattoos, revealing/tight clothes, prostitution, ear piercings, smoking, abortions, transhumanist surgeries, euthanasia, suicide, and hard liquor to be banned. 5. I want prison work camps, castration of sex offenders, and murderers, traitors, and scam artists shot. 6. I want socialized healthcare and education and also I want free food, water, shelter to be allowed for people who can't afford it. 7. I would say that if the country can fulfill it's people's needs, I don't care how big the economy is. I'd say isolationism is best. I don't like how globalist and imperialist capitalism is. I hate the ideas of imperialism because it threatens other nations' sovereignty. 8. As previously mentioned, I'm a nationalist. I want the country to be united but I'm anti classism and racism. Racism divides the country but, continual genetic mixing is not good either. I think how the USSR brought the country and all the different ethnicities together yet mainly preserving them is good. 9. I believe women should be encouraged to stay home while the man works yet I'm not forcing that.
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>>13531 an idealist
>>13531 >suicide banned You're a retard, that's what you are.
You're just another chud teen who thinks his midwit political opinions are very enlightened when really you just want to feel accepted by the group and have a gf Anyway kid get a fucking social life. Find a sport (personal recommendation: contact sport like martial arts). Organize a D&D night with some IRL friends. Pick up an instrument. Get a dirt bike. Or maybe start some modding/programming project with friends if you really don't want to leave your room. Stop deriving your politics from memes. Read a fucking book. Meet people. And please (for your own sake) learn how the real world works. Or don't. But if you don't ask yourself if you want to be some bitter poljak incel in your late 20s looking back at your late teens/early 20s when you could've fixed things
An ultra-conservative idealist who listened to Jesus instead of the Church, I'd guess. Also, what everyone else said. >>13679 Suicide deserves a life sentence.

Comrade 11/16/2020 (Mon) 14:26:16 No. 11313 [Reply] [Last]
Post anything interesting, funny, smart, dumb, made you say hmmm. Doesn't matter if it has or doesn't have leftist content. Post anything you like.
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>>11443 I can hear his accent in my head.
Some random memes.
Another batch of silly memes.

(39.98 KB 267x232 IMG_20201121_102401.jpg)
(1.02 MB 2896x2896 PicsArt_11-21-02.05.03.jpg)
(205.28 KB 711x695 IMG_20201121_141112.jpg)
(370.12 KB 712x929 FB_IMG_15758762595917544.jpg)
Repentance Threads Comrade 11/21/2020 (Sat) 07:13:35 No. 13652 [Reply] [Last]
>be me >boring at midnight >open hanime.tv & read the comments >curious with nhentai link >read the manga >wow this is both terrified & sexy >continue read until page 142-168 >day ruined >everyday we stray further from god >beastiality is trash along with ntr also furries >Starship Troopers is dope Share your thoughts & stories, anons.
(146.32 KB 932x719 IMG_20200501_031727.jpg)
>>13652 Eww that nhentai link
>>13652 >>beastiality is trash along with ntr also furries Don't lump us in with the gurofags, fuck you
>>13663 seethe & cope may break my boner
>>13652 Okay, that's awful. Now go to gulag, fag.

(3.26 MB 498x498 1557362004_psych.gif)
/dr/ugs discussion Comrade 11/19/2020 (Thu) 00:00:38 No. 12944 [Reply] [Last]
Let's talk about substance use in here. Advice, experiences, help with addictions. This is what we talk about in here. For the longest time I had my last trip on magic truffles on my mind. Last night I wrote this on notepad to summerize my thoughts on what I found very impactful on my life: I'm not a spiritual person at all. I am an atheist. But when I tripped on 17g magic truffles, the strong type, I experienced something I would refer to as "God". It felt like the sun was right in front of me. And that sun was God. I felt a gently penetrating warmth. A warm embrace that felt like unconditional love and acceptance. I felt an assurance that regardless of whatever bad things you could do, there would always be a path back to God, even for the worst of people. It just couldn't be false, otherwise true goodness wouldn't exist if even God could never forgive you. While feeling this way I tried to imagine mistreatment, anything "evil", and what I noticed was that it didn't make sense at all. Things like rejecting another human being felt nonsensical. It felt like something only a lesser being would do. I tried to imagine the horrible things that happen on Earth, like murder or people who conceive of plans to enrich themselves and harm others. I had this feeling that this was only possible in an inferior world. That a world whose structure even allowed such things to arise to begin with could only be described as inferior. I didn't feel any hate or resentment for anyone engaging in such behaviour though. The only thing I felt for them was pity and that they doomed themselves to an inferior existence. I already had little fear of death before my trip. I see dying as alleviating me of all responsibilities and pain - as salvation. My views on death have only become more positive now.
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(111.35 KB 509x378 fugg.jpg)
i did about two handful of shrooms once and thought I was an egg but came back to reality right before i finished hatching into the Real world part of me wanted to chase that dream but i'm too fearful i'll go insane or some shit
Man I’m just sick of my mom bitching about weed smell in the house even though I don’t smoke in the house and wash up whenever I smoke
I was dealing with a bunch of bad feelings about a relationship falling apart and took LSD for the first time and immediately stopped giving a fuck about it since.
>>13042 Mom kicked me out and made me homeless over weed luckily I moved in with a friend a few weeks later. This was a few years ago it was my friends parents house me and him now with other friends have a rental.
>>13609 lmao that acid for you :)

lololololollolololollloll Anonymous 11/21/2020 (Sat) 02:52:50 No. 13623 [Reply] [Last]
What happened to that poor guy :(
He's got that "just fuck my shit up" face
>>13624 Caught the cougherino.
(112.03 KB 1241x1127 trump-just-a-flu.jpg)
>>13633 does anyone have this one without text? I need it for a school project.

(44.47 KB 544x160 IMG_20201121_023423.JPG)
(38.92 KB 417x317 c83.gif)
HE'S TALKING ABOUT ME Comrade 11/20/2020 (Fri) 18:45:08 No. 13479 [Reply] [Last]
(35.36 KB 500x500 soy.jpg)
>>13485 How dare you portray a fellow khmer bro a soyjak... Shame on you theglassesnoticer you traitor
>>13489 Im sorry bro bad habbit. Fellow khmer bros look out for each other that was a bad call
>>13490 Based

Comrade 11/18/2020 (Wed) 14:58:12 No. 12815 [Reply] [Last]
Elder God Tier: >Thomas "You're carrying my BBC sperm to term" Clarence The Only Liberal on the Court with a Brain >Stephen Breyer Trump v Hawaii is Very Kawaii >John Roberts El Goblina: >Sonia Sotomayor Wrote a Dissertation on "Socialism": >Elena (((Kagan))) Actual Partisan Hack: >Samuel Alito

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>12815 t.THOMAS THE NIGGER CLARENCE All of the SCOTUS tards need to be thrown in the fucking gluag for being conservative simps kys OP
(147.86 KB 1024x1280 cry_more_lib.jpg)
(51.05 KB 680x582 1602632268790.jpg)
>>13417 amy dissent this dick
>>13465 Do you think Thomas has impregnated Amy yet?
(1.53 MB 3000x2000 1811050689.jpg)
>>13465 >>13525 God if only we could imagine.


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