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Hunter X Hunter おたく 10/15/2020 (Thu) 10:36:55 No. 4176
Is it the best Shonen? I like to think so. What are your opinions about HxH and Shone in General
Over-rated show. It's interesting, but to some extent I just can't get into it.
>>4182 I was the same tbh, but the second time I gave it a try, I came to learn why it was so hyped up. Ofc, it's not so deep as most weebs like to think. I mean which Anime is really, but it is definitely the best among the shonen animes
I am a manga chad, and yes, this is the best manga of this generation shonen
i think its the best shounen too, maybe jojos steel ball run will be on par if they animate it in a few years
What's so great about it?
>>4192 it starts good and gets better and better and better lol, basically never stops at getting better which is pretty hard to achieve -best fighting system, its pretty complex but awesome -main characters are underpowered and have to use their intellect often, especially in the beginning -arcs are rich in diversity
>>4194 I also like the Fact that the main 4 are seperated a lot of the Time, because everybody has his own goals. Also that Togashi kills off likeable characters whenever it is needed, is good writing. Makes this Shonen a bit more realistic
Read the plot synopsis one time and burst out laughing at the random bug people in one of the arcs. Its world seems to have no consistency. Is it supposed to be a comedy like Bobobo or Gintama? Because if not, then it's an embarrassing joke of bad writing and you should feel bad.
>>4205 >read the synopsis There is your first mistake, but apparently you didn't even do that right
>>4213 LOL ok stay mad.
>>4214 If you don't like the Anime that's fine. If you don't like shonen, it's fine too. I just don't get why you make shit up and claim there is a Logical inconsistency with the Chimera Ants, because there isn't.
>>4176 It is basically deconstruction of other major shounens. Hunter exam is naruto's chuunin exam arc, greed island is yugioh, chimera ant is cell arc from dbz. It deconstructs those things and remakes them to be less nonsensical. It is quite good but it is doubly good if you know your shounen anime.
>>4222 So it is supposed to be a parody then? A parody is acceptable. Sure seemed to take itself pretty seriously though from the anime clips I've witnessed.
>>4223 Deconstruction, not a parody.
It's really good but who cares if it's the best? Hxh fags are insufferable


no cookies?