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death note おたく 09/27/2020 (Sun) 20:39:44 No. 3466
I love death note. And I love light yagami as a character. However it was very obvious that his entire worldview is extremely... reactionary I guess? Or like darwinist? Killing criminals and not trying to fix underlying problems is obvioiusly retarded. I wonder if any normalfags were able to make this obsevation
Edgy and over-rated but an interesting concept.
Psycho Pass Season 1 was better
(374.04 KB 636x616 Z child abuse.png)
>>3466 go back to the kindergarten
>>4147 What's your problem? The person wrote a nice, solid OP about an anime and pointed out his thoughts. Do you have anything constructive?
He was trying to prevent future crimes by making people afraid to commit crimes so it wasn't as simple as just getting rid of specific people. Light was a brainlette in the end though. The Death Note's most powerful ability wasn't killing people it was controlling their actions before death but there is no rule that says you couldn't repeatedly control someone's actions and set the death to exceed the time limit. This would allow for controlling government leaders and capitalists until they die of old age or exceed usefulness thus obtaining the ultimate power for change. Instead he used it to stroke his sense of his ego filled sense of morality and kill whoever he saw as undesirable.
>>4186 >Instead he used it to stroke his sense of his ego filled sense of morality and kill whoever he saw as undesirable. I'm fairly sure that hi egoism is part of the point of the show.
>>4187 I know. I'm basically saying there was a plot hole even in the manga version. The author easily could have fixed that by making the rules more specific or suggest there is another page of rules but not specify what they are.
>>4190 That's true, I guess. It's probably something that doesn't come up as often because of the sheer ego of Light, he never thinks about these things and in turn it never comes up.
Yep, Light is just like me!
>>4202 Judging by your half-dozen, smug, sage-posts across various threads... you're not wrong, in how similar you are to the little god-complex psychopath.
>>4256 ???
Death Note's success relied on a specific relationship more than they thought and quality plummets once that dynamic was gone.
>>3466 >And I love light yagami as a character. you missed the point of the show entirely. >>4556 also this
>>3466 dude this shit was deep to middle schoolers
>>4559 TBF You can like a characterization without actually saying you think the same of real life people like him.
>>4121 Can I watch these if I haven't read/watched Death Note? >>4559 >you missed the point of the show entirely. He literally said Light is retarded
>>4573 >read/watched Death note Assuming you mean the anime/manga, yes. The Netflix version of Death Note has about as much to do with Death Note as the M.Nights Avatar: The Last Airbender movie. However I do suggest reading the first 10 chapters of the manga (or episodes of the anime) before starting the reviews, if only to get some of the references E;R makes. The only good part of the Netflix series IMO is that Willem Dafoe voices Ryuuk
>>4560 true usually people's entry to 'Adult' or 'Dark' anime goes from Death Note to Evangellion and so on
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no cookies?