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(139.02 KB 725x770 ARMSLAVE_Rk-92.png)
/m/ おたく 05/08/2020 (Fri) 16:46:19 No. 855
This is a red-blooded Soviet mech. Say something nice about it!
(160.39 KB 480x480 cops.png)
>>2132 >I fucking despise cops For personal reasons? Or for objective ones? As a class or as individuals? You can empathize with law enforcement and fictional cops without outright being pro-police IRL ya know.
>>2136 >being pro-police The entire idea of moralizing over the pigs is even more inane than pacifism. A future without war and the military is imaginable, a future without some form of policing is not.
>>2041 Left wing in what sense? Iron Blooded Orphans features a gang of lower class colonized hoodrats trying to survive while hounded by space police and importantly there's no super special powers wankery around. I think it might fit the bill even though a lot of gundamtards think it's really bad I liked it Also as >>2040 said, making an anti-war series that also features SUPER COOL MURDER ROBOT BATTLES for 75% of its running time is not possible.
>>2139 >making an anti-war series that also features SUPER COOL MURDER ROBOT BATTLES for 75% of its running time is not possible What about LotGH? By repeatedly pounding in war as a historical waste of precious human potential that could better be spent on anything else, I think it gets across the frivolity of militarism.
>>2041 Fang of the Sun Dougram, Armored Trooper VOTOMs, Blue Comet SPT Layzner, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, etc. None of these are explicitly "left wing" but you'll easily notice more pronounced elements throughout their runs. >>2139 Iron Blooded Orphans is bad, actually. S01E14-17 where Tekkadan unknowingly arm a workers uprising on a space colony and Kudelia has a little Macross moment were great, but as far as I'm concerned that's not why most people like the show. No, they like the show because it's got a dull edge, and it's probably the first Gundam they've ever watched. Much like Gundam Wing, it's gonna age poorly, I tell you. Also, Japan's "left wing" has been associated with a loosely defined opposition to militarism and imperialism since the 1960s and 1970s. What little scholarship I've read on otaku subculture tends to point this out, often comparing and contrasting it with the Liberal-Democratic Party's longstanding desire to expand the power and capabilities of the JSDF. Indeed, Japan's "left wing" has grown even more passive with time; the fact that Hayao Miyazaki has remained the face of it in the anime industry is depressing.
>>2141 Is LotGH really even anti-war? It seems to be making a case for Polybius's retarded anacyclosis theory in the end, providing justification massive war and despots.
>>2147 >Iron Blooded Orphans is bad, actually How so, other than "babby's first gendum"?
>>2175 I've watched most of the gundams and I did not find IBO better or worse than the others. It was a bit edgier for sure but that could be good or bad depending on ones tastes. IMO none of the gundams are that good.
>>2201 Yeah that's my exact opinion (although I dig the edge ngl). However when I step on /m/ it's suddenly the worst gundam ever and I don't understand why.
>>2139 Yeah, there's certainly a lot of that cyclical theme in it, but I think this was undercut both by the Alliance having been corrupted primarily by its war with the Empire, and with the story ending on the high note of Reinhardt conceding on the Empire as a transitional instrument toward something more democratic after wiping away all traces of the rot from the Goldenbaum Dynasty's reign. This was on top of the overwhelmingly negative portrayal of war, both in the implied "author's voice" of horrific carnage onscreen and the death or diversion of brilliant people into something unproductive, as well as directly in the words of the heroes (especially both Yang and Reinhardt) describing war as humanity's folly. Not to mention that even the Greeks and their successors who held the theory typically viewed it not as inevitable, let alone good, but as a historical trend, something they hoped could be stopped with usually some dumb hybrid regime like "muh philosopher kangz", but still a truly new political system. Outright belief in misery and discord for its own sake as inherent virtue in human affairs is a very unusual stance, peculiar to retarded ideologies such as certain strains of fascism or Catholicism.
(299.50 KB 2048x1227 Ee3DPe9UEAEIegy.jpg)
>>2223 A lot of people on /m/ who think IBO is bad (including myself to some extent) wished it were edgier. Mikazuki fits the ideal protagonist they've conjured up in their heads, where he just fucks shit up with no fear or remorse, but the show rarely depicts that in satisfying ways. I personally wouldn't have minded that if the martian independence stuff dealt more with interplanetary class struggle opposing the reconstitution of chattel slavery or some shit but the show doesn't really do that either. The writing is wishy-washy. I love the premise of no beam spam, as well as the mechanical designs (which is also a controversial take on /m/, apparently), but for me it was just a slog to get through. Given the aftermath of the Calamity War and there supposedly being a total of 72 Gundam Frames in the canon, Sunrise probably would've been better off making it an OVA series like Thunderbolt.
Oops, >>2228 was meant for >>2162
Critical support for Zeon for their fight against space imperialism.
>>2360 >Zeon is a bunch of literal space nazis >AEUG is financed by a bunch of opportunist porkies >Anaheim is stupidly corrupt and >the nationalized SNRI produces the best mass produced gundam in the entire UC (formula and silhouette series), Anaheim cannot compete with them ever again Nah the feds are based, fuck off zeke scum.
(84.78 KB 4140x2761 zeonns.png)
>>2365 >tfw no alternate universe show where Zeon Zum Deikun lives, ensures Side 3's commitment to Newtype Socialism, and has the Zabi family executed Romanov style
>>2053 >His characters act like brainless retards (even the adults) I used to think this till I realised he's just allergic to having characters with clear stated intentions or thoughts and instead has them contradicting themselves and having internal logic that you have to really pay attention to to catch but IS fairly consistent. Is that good writing? Maybe not but it's certainly a unique style that makes his characters feel more interesting than most anime. >and he feels the need to shove some insipid love triangle into fucking every Gundam Never seen this complaint before so maybe that's a personal hangup of yours. >>2063 Oh shit it's 'hates patlabor movie 2' anon. FYI to those who haven't seen it it's a generally beloved film, basically apocalypse now but good. Only the third movie is actually shit.
Is Darling in the Franxx any good?
>>2580 No.
>>2590 explicate
>>2591 It's a shitty rip-off of Evangelion with bits of Gundam thrown in, If you check the old leftyweebpol thread on evangelion you'll see a whole rant explaining this.
>>2591 Asides from this >>2592, the MC is just plainly generic. Shinji works because he's obviously designed for his role and looks the part for a fish out of water. Whatever-the-fuck-was-his-name-is looks like an isekai protagonist. So, when I hear his bitching, it's just ear-grating. His sadness is not at all subtle or nuanced, it is melodramatic. The same melodramatic, overacted bullshit that's typical of modern anime. Save for Zero Two, the rest of the cast is one-note. You may have seen them somewhere before in a different anime, because they're cut and dry archetypes. In general, the show is just painfully generic despite being helmed in part by TRIGGER. Not that TRIGGER is hot shit. Darling in The FranXX is another entry in their catalogue of Eva/mecha "homages", but their in-your-face energy takes a backseat to the least interesting parts of the anime. I would blame Clover for this if not for the fact that TRIGGER allowed this to happen. They smelled money, and whatever was conjured up in the production committee succeeded in spades. Darling in the Franxx was really fucking popular. Zero Two carries the entirety of the show, hands down. No other character is interesting as her. And, no other character clearly upsets the dynamic of the copy-paste cast of characters other than her. She is the catalyst which drives the plot. Which is a tad sad, because the rest of the cast could have been more. There is this one episode "BoysXGirls" that really has fun with the group dynamic by driving a juvenile wedge between the boys and girls. The premise is simple: the girls have one side of the house and the boys have the other side of the house. What ensues is chaos that draws out every characters reaction to the absurd & childish feud. It's probably the best episode I could ask for in a show that I genuinely just didn't enjoy at all.
>>2595 >muh characters Don't listen to these autists >>2580 Darling in the Franxx is worth watching.
>>2601 >worth watching If you're a brainlet who only wants to mindlessly consume cutesy colorful content with muddled ideological rubbish ripped-off of much better predecessors.
>>2592 >rip-off of Evangelion Man, remember when those were all the rage? Probably the most blatant specimen was RahXephon, filled with storyboard-level plagiarism onscreen, and a story that comes off as an amateurish fix-fic at best.
>>2601 >>muh characters The show is a character drama. If it fails at that, what's the point? I definitely didn't find the plot interesting. The fighting scenes were pretty cool, I guess.
(679.44 KB 1920x1080 tuathe de danaan.jpeg)
(142.38 KB 1036x1560 infantry submarines.png)
>>2607 Also Full Metal Panic! though perhaps not exactly /m/. The heroes' sub was built using a partly constructed USSR prototype, a hypothetical continuation of real-world amphibious assault submarines designed by the USSR from WWII to the '70s, except in FMP's world continued clear into the '80s: >TDD-1 finds its origins in the failed USSR ballistic missile submarine development project designated Project 985. >Project 985 was begun in the late 1980s as a refined form of a transport submarine project of the 1970s. If completed, its size of 180 meters would have made it the largest submarine ever, larger than the Typhoon Class ballistic missile submarine. In the political turmoil of the early 1990s, the project was met with budget shortfalls and difficulty obtaining construction materials. The incomplete vessel was left untouched for 14 months, as workers and engineers failed to receive pay. >The military decided Project 985 would never reach completion under the prevailing economic and political circumstances, and canceled construction. The incomplete vessel was towed to the Arctic seas where it was scuttled and sunk to a depth of several thousand metres. >The naval intelligence community of the western democratic nations used this as an example of the flawed Soviet naval doctrine. Plan 985 was derisively called a "toy box", an obviously unrealistic and childishly optimistic design proving its lack of worth by its cancellation. >In the following years, several rumors surfaced postulating the possibility of the vessel being purchased by and covertly handed to the Chinese government. The CIA and the United States Navy have discounted these theories as fanciful conjecture and fiction. >Mithril somehow obtained the incomplete vessel to redesign and complete construction at Merida Island, beginning in late 1993. In efforts to incorporate exceedingly advanced technologies and maintaining secrecy proved to be extremely expensive. Its construction costs is estimated to be 5 to 6 times the projected cost for completing Project 985. Incorporating several advanced Black Technology systems, the ship was designed and constructed largely between Teletha Testarossa and Retired Royal Navy Captain Richard Mardukas. On an amusing sidenote, in FMP's backstory the course of the Cold War ended up inverted, with the USSR winning the Afghan War and continuing unperturbed after Gorbechov was assassinated, meanwhile China fell back into civil war in the '90s.
Oops, didn't mean to reply to that last post, meant that for OP.
Voltron is mecha right? Can anyone give me a quick rundown on what's worth watching? I've heard Voltron: Legendary Defender was decent but a lot of 'filler' was dedicated to teasing various ships and other stuff.
I'm currently watching ZZ Gundam and I feel like there's always one element of the show that holds it back for me. The first arc of the show I enjoyed, comedy and all. However, the treatment of Fa was hilariously abysmal. It's like someone on the writing team actually hated her or something. Then once Fa was written off it was cool, but puru puru newtype girl shows up taking baths and shit
>>2611 Didn't the creator of Full Metal Panic die in the KyoAni fire?
>>2938 He's still alive it appears. According to wikipedia he hates Greta Thunberg and fantasizes about making her eat steak lol.
>>2918 I started watching it yesterday, it has a totally different tone but it's interesting, it builds something different in the gundam universe I think
>>2918 >puru puru newtype girl puru is best little sister dont @ me
>>2918 yeah, Fa in Zeta was a better pilot, is looks like they held her back to show off Judeau, how they "writted her off" makes sense but it feels they wanted to remove any continuity to Zeta other than the children and a bunch of not-so important crew members of the Argama and out-of-character Bright, it's a good show and changing mood from the gritty-nes of Zeta is not a bad idea but it feels like a bad sequel.
>it's a good show Zeta and ZZ are both fucking trash.
>>3132 Wrong.
>>3134 Wrong.
>>3136 This
>>3132 why is Zeta trash? I didn't like how it went after the first half but I woudln't call it trash, but 0079 is still miles better than everything else (except 0080)
>>3132 go watch your SAO and leave Tomino chads be
>>3140 Repeats all the terrible character writing of the first show which ZZ then happily regurgitates.
>>3142 >I don't like the writing in the second show because it has the same writing as the first show which has the same writing as the third show wow gee, mr.psued, its almost like they're all made by the same guy
>>2987 /based/
>>3159 Indeed, that's how we know he's a giant hack.
(43.34 KB 320x464 5854-1469498235.jpg)
what is it about this man that inspires such animosity in zoomers
>>3163 >make decent setting >make decent anti-war story >characters persist against overwhelming odds and despair PSYCHIC TEENAGERS
(111.02 KB 850x1200 kkhaqfqcib931.jpg)
>>3165 >PSYCHIC TEENAGERS This is the best part of the show, yes.
>>3167 Wasted opportunity. He could have made Lala based on Lakshmi Sahgal, she served in the Japaneses backed Indian National Army, fighting against the allied forces in WWII, after the war she joined the CPI. The story could explore the tension between collaborating with a fascist invader and fighting against colonialism for national liberation. Assuming, of course, that global south countries UC0079 were still subjects of the EF government, later UC Gundam works seem to imply that this was the case. No need to make Lala some psychic child prostitute exploited for her power. Instead, for example, Zeon could be exploiting oppressed locals as troops to boost their numbers and offering national self determination after the war in exchange.
(1.16 MB 292x323 confused.gif)
>>3183 >he should have made an entirely different show with a way more serious and explicit political/historical focus than would have ever been allowed on a telivision anime in the 70s with a shortened runtime and 20 minute episodes Are you a retard as well as a psued? Are you even aware of the historical precedent that 0079 set for anime? Are you aware Tomino literally invented the genre of mecha being weapons for actual war rather than just toy commercials for kids with plots attached? That he was 10 years ahead of his time? Do you realise this is an anime board and you are talking about a robot anime from the 70s? The absolute fuck is wrong with zoomers.
>>3184 >The absolute fuck is wrong with zoomers. capitalism


no cookies?