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(174.59 KB 342x519 HayaoMiyazakiCCJuly09.jpg)
Hayao Miyazaki おたく 05/28/2020 (Thu) 20:25:31 No. 478
Do you have anything to say about this man?
(1.96 KB 62x58 bbtcat.png)
>>508 It's uncanny.
>>509 It's excellent you bloody loth cat
>>508 Even if it ends up being a good movie, i feel like i'll just go "man i wish they made this in traditional animation" At the very least it does look better than crap like beastars
I never watched any of his animes I think but from this thread he seems pretty based
(75.52 KB 675x1200 029.jpg)
Just found out there's people who think Howl's Moving Castle isn't Miyazaki's best movie... damn that shit sucks man.
>>513 >not Porco Rosso
>>514 Lol why? Because of the fascist pig line?
>>515 Not only that.
>>486 which soviet cartoon?
>>517 The snow queen (1967)
>>511 >man i wish they made this in traditional animation It wouldn't look as good as 30 years ago anyway. >look better than crap like beastars Beastars is a TV anime. It's obviously not gonna look gorgeous like a theatrical film. >>508 This looks unlike any CGI movie or anime I've seen. It's like a very good mix between 3D and 2D and the end result looks like a painting. pretty good
>>1264 > It's obviously not gonna look gorgeous like a theatrical film. There has been much better 3D animation. Beastars animation is fucking RWBY-tier, and unlike Roosterteeth its made by a fairly large company.
>>1264 >unlike any CGI movie or anime I've seen Its fairly typical for Pixar works TBH >mix between 3D and 2D They use texturing actually, no real 2D involved
Overrated, one good story and way too many generic folktale adaptations.
>>1285 2Deep4U faggot!!!!
(8.77 KB 225x225 ercftghvbjkn.jpg)
>>1285 What is that one good story for you?
>>1324 It has to be Nauusica
>>1327 That anon's correct. I did like Mononoke-hime but the Nausicaa parallels were too big to ignore.
>>513 It's a 0/10 movie
>>1328 Imo what makes Nausicaa work a bit better than Mononoke in terms of themes (they both deal with the capitalist destruction of Nature) is that Nausicaa’s conflict is primarily between humans as in the real world (humans aren't destroying nature because they are evil, but because of competition with other humans), the bugs aren’t gorgeous or beautiful (i.e. in animation something meant to be cute to humans) but still worthy of protection and life anyway, the story already takes place after humanity’s destruction of Nature via war, and the driving force isn’t to stop humans from destroying Nature per se but rather to stop humans from trying to destroy each other which comes with the natural result of destroying Nature as well.
The way Howls Moving Castle handles war is great. The airships are spectacular, and there's a sense of awe at times, but we're never called to glorify any part of it, and it effectively no-platforms the leaders - nobody gets a chance to try and justify the senseless slaughter. Perfect stuff.
Anyone know where I can watch "Romance, Survivor's Guilt and Antifascist Fisticuffs - Nausicaäst #07 Porco Rosso (Kurenai no Buta)" It's a video essay on Porco Rosso that got deleted by Studio Ghibli fuckery.
>>1870 NVM I found the podcast: https://videomin.ru/?q=ghiblicast+porco+rosso+1992 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJCaZrJSSMQ Also how Eizouken emulates Miyazaki's ideas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQaldl1GoJE “I believe a company is the common propert of the people who work there” - Hayao Miyazaki Miyazaki's Marxism: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMXN6B-tqZM
>>1425 I just watched this and it is so far been the hardest Miyuzaki movie for me to parse in terms of its message? I feel like there is a lot there, but I just can't quite put my finger on all of it. Whats the /leftypol/ take?
>>1964 It's got plenty of messages in it, anti-war, anti-bureaucracy, etc. Its not focused on any one theme but more a collective of various leftist themes within the story.
>>1965 The thing that really stood out to me during my viewing was something about accepting yourself(??) and growing up. Sophie keeps thinking that she isn't beautiful but by the end she has come to love herself. Her whole experience as an old woman with the curse maybe made her not even have to have the young person anxiety of what do others think I look like because she just looks old and there is nothing for her to do about it. But she has flashes of youth when she is happy or asleep, maybe in moments where she feels at ease with herself. Idk I really liked that aspect of the movie even if I can't nail down exactly what makes it work so well.
>>1389 retard alert >>1964 pure definition of KINO
>>1977 what is your take on howl's? what do you like about it?
>>2021 everything
>>2022 understandable even if boring response
Apparently Miyazaki said that marxism was a mistake, not anime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMXN6B-tqZM&t=1s
>>2027 >>1871 Video was already posted and you should watch the video because there def more to that quote than those four words. And of course there is a ton more in the movies themselves.
(1.83 MB howlanalysis.pdf)
>>2048 Man imaging making such a great work of art that people make big ass essays analyzing it. Wish I had the talent to pull something like this
>>2128 His son recently made an animated film where he essentially expressed his desire to kill his father sometimes. It was rather amusing given that his response was that authors SHOULDN'T involve their close personal issues in it... which is really fucking ironic coming from Miyazaki
(2.45 MB 2699x1518 howls.jpg)
>>513 >>2048 Even more proof that Howl's Moving Castle is the pinnacle of Miyazaki's career: https://youtu.be/PttdYdeH20k
>>478 I don't always agree with him but he makes otaku, at least western ones, seethe, so he's pretty cool in my book. >In Japan today, animated TV shows filled with all kinds of fancy, robotlike ,mechanical creations are all the rage. I have certainly drawn lots of mecha, or mechanical things, myself. but the general theme in currently popular shows seems to be that the protagonist jumps on a giant machine he couldn’t possible have created on his own, battles the enemy in it, and then boasts about winning. I frankly hate these kind of shows. I don’t care what types of robots are featured. For me, in a truly successful mecha show the protagonist should struggle to build his own machine, he should fix it when it breaks down, and he should have to operate it himself.
Miyazaki is a skilled artist and story teller but his concrete principles that absolutely denigrate Otaku and Weeb lifestyles make him based, because while he understands why they exist, he does not excuse their behaviour.
he is a master artist, the top of his field. i am a lowely grub compared to such greatness.
>>3469 >69th post in thread neat
the most based man alive along with anno
some favorite, more nice Ghibli stuff: Whisper of the Heart, The Cat Returns, My Neighbors the Yamadas, Panda Go Panda, Castle of Cagliostro
Weebs hate him because he speaks the truth
(143.83 KB 447x447 Jesus Told the Truth.jpg)
>>4206 We need to do that Jesus "he spoke the truth" meme with Miyazaki and one of his anti-otaku quotes
>>4215 I could have sworn there already was one for Miyazaki
>>478 He's a lolicon lmaooo
(332.22 KB 1374x725 miyazaki lolicon.jpg)
>>4238 Dude loves to put young girls as heroines for a reason, anon.
>>4241 And they aren't sexualized. Having young girls or boys be the main characters of X or Y story is not 'lolicon'. Moreover 1) A drunk rant being told second-hand is far from reliable. Drunk people say all sorts of shit sometimes, and a second hand account of something from years ago is an unconfirmed anecdote 2) Bai-Niang was essentially a 'waifu' back when he was in highschool, which means he was around the same age, 2-4 years older than the main character. That's like saying a 60 year old man attracted/associating to a 56 year old woman is a gerontophile.
>>4237 >>4241 Lolicon is shit but this is tumblrina-tier reaching.


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