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Boku no hero おたく 06/24/2020 (Wed) 14:17:30 No. 438
The finally of season 4 was actually pretty tight even if gentle arc was fucking dumb. I normally dont like shounentrash but the animation and art is pretty fuckin good. Also Eri is adorable.
I'm not liking the glacial pacing of character development recently.
>>438 I was watching pretty intently, but never did watch the last 8-10? episodes of le school festival arc. Stuff was already feeling kind of slow, but that gave me the impression of an outright roadblock. Maybe I'll pick it up again later.
Only thing I know about this animu is that it has this cute girl.
>>441 She is so hot yet so hard to jerk off to >>440 The school festival arc is beyond retarded compared t what came before but the last 1 or two EPs of the season are good (because it's the stattt of a new arc) >>439 It has chara Ter development? Everyone is al.ost exactly the same as before personality wise.
Is the school festival shit even in the manga? Like for more than one or two chapters? Because I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to read about that shit.
>>438 don't diss gentle he is a comrade he only attacked the store because the owner was selling expire yogurt and shit >>442 you have so much bad taste
>>444 >>445 No fug u
>>439 The only character that actually developed significantly was Endeavor.
>>438 Gentle was my favorite villain in the series and the whole school festival thing wasn't as cringey as it could have been. That said, I'm worried as hell about the many potential downhill slopes the show could go on right now. Midoriya feels like he's peaked as a character, power creep seems to be setting in, etc Shit, this is why I don't watch shonen. I just know I'll be disappointed again.
(64.02 KB 887x901 wp3141226.jpg)
>>445 Jirou is cute but the attempt to extract drama out of "I want to be a musician AND a hero" is so dumb. For some reason characters like this are always better before the author actually gives them attention, the frog girl was the same way. The whole arc just felt weird and awkward because it took something completely frivolous and tried to give it the same weight as the more serious parts of the series instead of just having a few relaxed episodes that could have been used for a little character development and worldbuilding in addition to winding down from the previous arc.
>>449 It's like The Gems except without the razzy 80s themes
>>438 >Boku no hero academia ftfy
Ya know I find it really strange that Boku no Hero Academia started lmost half a decade ago and so much has changed since then. There are parts of it I love and parts I hate and parts that bore me. As a side note why isn't the japanese name Boku no Hero Gakuen? Did the author just want to use Academia in the title?
Stain was great. Gentle was a dumb but wholesome arc. Redestro is ironic as fuck given capitalism's pressure
>>438 not really a good anime tbh
>>2426 I mean it's a fucking fighting shonen so it's inherently trashy, I just watch it because it's feelgood and usually doesn't take a hundred episodes to get to the point. Plus the animation is pretty cash.
>>2430 Fair enough, theres nothing wrong with watching trash as long as you enjoy it and don't delude yourself about its nature.
>>>/hobby/16549 Stain related
Someone catch me up to whats going on right now in the manga, I've stopped watching and am curious of anyone's takes.
>>3460 cringey hand guy arc hero vs villain civil war
>>3463 Ok, so I missed little then.
>>3480 The current arc is actually pretty eventful for once (although it might end with everything being magically fixed or ignored, who knows) and it feels like Horikoshi is trying to make up for his recent mistakes even if I don't think he's managed to recapture the old charm, it's worth checking out
>>3555 I'll give it a try later, for the trips. The BnHA movie was fun power wank so you might be right.
(167.56 KB 477x677 mommy miruko3.png)
(115.67 KB 500x399 mOMMY MIRKHNO.png)
(317.10 KB 725x677 ANTI GROYPER AKTION.png)
>>449 i love the kawaii backstory they gave her about struggling to fulfill her parents dreams and being like them but also wanting to be herself
>>3767 Based. Make some of mommy shimura too
You sick fucks. I found a review on youtube: Boku no Hero is literal child pornography.
>>3846 Ok fag, keep whining about "muh ecelebs"


no cookies?