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(23.50 KB 565x432 1555448123062.jpg)
おたく 09/25/2020 (Fri) 21:57:29 No. 3289
>mfw I keep convincing friends that anime and coomer art are inherently capitalistic >tell them how coomerism fuels patreon bucks which impose an unrealistic and unobtainable image for women and males because of the rate of porn consumed created by comissions >tfw only leftypol will be the only anime friendly lefty place, eventually
>>3529 Fate is cancerous trash. Want a real hobby communist? The author of Tanya the Evil made the entire series as a satire about capitalist denialism and brutality.
>>3531 But that guy is a literal larper, as in, he calls himself whatever the Japanese term for "communist larper" is (I forgot what it was).
>>3532 Hobby Communist is what it's called (translated). and unlike FATE-faggot, he actually presents something left leaning in his work and his life.
read Culture Industry
>>3529 Opponent of the Iraq War probably. very cultured too
Anime was raised to its nowadays state by the major exploitation of animation labour. It doesn't have to be like that though.
>>3428 If everyone became traps, communism would then be achieved.
>>3563 Thanks for the insight, I'm going to stop consuming anime and manga now.
>>3564 If all your trap/feminization fags took meds and therapy for your fujo-tier bullshit, then communism would be a step closer and radlibs weaker.
>>3579 > took meds and therapy Do you mean HRT?
The fading of the intensity of the Japanese student movement meant that consumerism became the means by which the youth could make space for themselves in many cases. Though actually members of the student movements also could be known to read manga sometimes.
>>3559 Based
>>3580 >HRT <let's take this quack trandistion bullshit to fuck up our heads even more! No. I mean some basic medication for any mental afflictions or problems such as but not limited to depression. And therapy in which you go to people who help you talk things through and don't pander to you and enable your fetish to become a twisted reality.
>>3289 >>tell them how coomerism fuels patreon bucks which impose an unrealistic and unobtainable image for women and males because of the rate of porn consumed created by comissions These are radlib criticisms. Criticising something for consumer is fucking shallow. Like I give the fuck you buy whole grain bread.
>>3589 You forgot to post a picture with "no ethical consumerism" in rainbow-colored Comic Sans over some random anime girl filled with JPEG artifacts.
>>3590 You do it.
Go organize people instead of consuming HikkiNEET products. jk, everything is corporations' products anyways do organize people
Okay, real theory hours. Do traps represent an affirmation or negation of the state of Japanese capitalism?
Of course a thread that is nothing but greentext and a funny reaction image is garbage.
>>3526 Yes. Uphold firmly the power of glorious trap anime's counter hegemonic potential.
>>3600 Affirms it. It is almost a necessity for some anime genre to have at least 1 trap or gender-bender per anime, milking to death the original idea. >>3626 Stay mad
>>3600 There's nothing Hegelian about traps.
>>3869 Other than the sublation of girl in boy? Traps are peak dialectics
>>3600 It could be a way to revolt against the standard expectation to become a salaried worker, trap culture, that doesn't get the same connotations as the typical shut in otaku.
>>3888 Obviously, similarly to general otaku culture and the sort, it relies on hyperconsumerism, but that is just to be expected. Also, that the left has not organized to the level where it is important to the political scene, and that the New Left of Japan also isn't anymore a major force in politics in Japan means that the retreat to lifestyle diversions becomes prevalent.
(7.75 KB 293x172 4398573498.jfif)
OP here I am currently mailing ISP's about leftist anime friendly sites and telling them about muh lolis and shotas (except for this place) and all that bullshit and requesting ban or trottles wish me luck
>>3890 We should have solidarity with other leftists. Say no to opportunistically stealing their members
retard thread
(37.97 KB 128x128 1595368134797.gif)
Good news boys I am in contact with some of localization-translation publishers of manga staff members and they seem to react well to the proposition of DMCA ilegal anime sites with rightwing leanings (eg 4chan /a/ storytime threads) I'll see how this goes
(1.38 MB 540x810 1523558912323.gif)
>>3962 lmao look at him dance ahahaha ohohohoh also based news
(346.90 KB 652x539 animu girl ranting of nerds.png)
Can i get a fucking sauce for this pic? I need it for my daily nut tonight.
>>3600 Traps represent an affirmation of the Japanese prole cock's right to be erect.
There are several GETs in this thread.
>>3428 They are the ultimate form, HOMO sovieticus, of the communist subject. >"They say that the English Parliament can do everything except change a man into a woman. Our Central Committee is far more powerful than that. It has already changed more than one not very revolutionary man into an old woman, and the number of these old women is increasing daily."
(164.85 KB 476x845 let a fat nibba.jpg)
>>3999 Didn't even realize I posted trips last night. Check'd and based
>>3465 Not one, and this running gag of cartoon pedophilia being a real thing needs to end. The people jerk it to loli since the image is just a optimization of beautiful, it leaves the realm of ties to humanity behind. If the ties were there it would've been noted that cartoon pedophilia leads to real pedophilia, which has failed to show. The continuation of this joke is nothing but to push baseless moralism, which does nothing but rape the mind further than any religion, cult, nationalist, etc. level group can ever dream. Also >>3472, yes, you don't need to be a bible thumper to hate loli, there are many groups that sought for the same thing of raping the public with the concept of morality and what other plague of the week.
>>4103 >this nigga finally answers, and it's the same cope and deflection. Literally all of this garbage "argumentation" has been debunked already, fuck off pedophile.
Perhaps this should be a hidden board.
(153.54 KB 1200x825 1580933774885.jpg)
>>4103 You're not terribly great at arguing. You keep deluding the point when you should just go for insults and the direct response would be well this image. It gets anti-lolifags pissed off everytime. I love it.
>>4105 >hide the board because a few threads are trash Why are newfags such babies?
(971.07 KB 860x746 animu gun control.png)
Can I get the fucking Sauce for this image please?!?! My Benis demands it.
>>4104 >Literally all of this garbage "argumentation" has been debunked already, fuck off pedophile. Stating something "has been debunked" does not debunk it
>>4129 True, but 1) there was an entire thread of lolicon cope that had numerous responses that at the end were largely uncontested, or were replied with snarky replies 2) This is not the thread for this debate and so I won't waste time on it further.
>>4124 Yamato Aki from [email protected] cinderella girls.
>>4124 >animu gun control cringe Sauce is Aki Yamato from Cinderella Girls
>>4262 >MADE MOSTLY WITH CAPITAL IN MIND doesn't mean people wouldn't make anime after capital is abolished, for fun/expression >THE ENJOYMENT OF IT IS INTRINSICALLY CAPITALIST no
(45.24 KB 749x549 1601566683681.jpg)
I liked it better when it was called cumbrain, but 5 minutes later someone "came up" with a wojak that fit the *oomer naming scheme and because that's what's all the rage among /v/ermin these days it ended up exploding in popularity.


no cookies?