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(225.10 KB 636x900 pPwTniI.jpg)
Lolipol Anonymous 09/14/2020 (Mon) 08:44:35 No. 2865
Why a lot of leftists hate lolis? Are they retarded or just thinking loli mean Pedophile?
>>3013 >they are not ready to do so or endure mentally WTF, This is not materialist this return to hegel or is even more idealistic than that. What are you? anarchist?
(67.76 KB 641x680 20200916_121053.jpg)
(542.31 KB 643x509 literally murder.PNG)
people who watch shows about swords where something like this is shown literally are people who want to go outside and stab people dead this here is a very graphic screencap of a fictional person that is modelled after a real one being murdered this is literally the same thing and i cannot differenciate
(7.30 KB 600x464 rape.png)
i have drawn this, it means that i, and anyone looking at it, wants to go out and rape people looking at this image will compell you to rape all characters depicted are 18+
(73.73 KB 720x720 cultural marxism.jpg)
>>3044 >This strawman argument again You got BTFO before with this exact same copy-pasta and exact same image. Violence is not the problem but how it is depicted. What you posted is a demonstration on a dummy, not an actual brutal murder. This is self evident in the differences of depiction and culture in Europe and America. American films are essentially "Fuck yeah violence!!!" and the culture itself reflects this, while in Europe violence is treated with respect. Depicted, but not glorified and this reflects the culture. >inb4 muh videogames strawman There are plenty of studies indicating that VIOLENCE based video-games can provoke aggressive and erratic behaviour. Nobody claims Mario killing Bowser make people violent, they talk about Call of Duty 3 and other desensitizing rubbish like that. I still remember that one kid who decided to try out GTA in real life. Lucky he was a kid and the cops didn't shoootonsight him. Every article speaking about video games and violence (whether defending video-gmaes or not) refer to First person shooters like CoD where you have human enemies that you have to murder the fuck out of to win. It helps create the same deluded mindset as /pol/'s "humans vs Orcs" view on the world. If violent depictions weren't effective why would the CIA spend so much time and money producing garbage movies like Rambo II & III, Red Dawn and other such bullshit? If media didn't affect people, they wouldn't fucking bother it. Hell that was the entire point of They Live's glasses allegory. - Craig A. Anderson and Wayne A. Warburton, “The Impact of Violent Video Games: An Overview,” Growing Up Fast and Furious, 2012 - Craig A. Anderson and Brad J. Bushman, “Effects of Violent Video Games on Aggressive Behavior, Aggressive Cognition, Aggressive Affect, Physiological Arousal, and Prosocial Behavior: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Scientific Literature,” Psychological Science, Sep. 2001 - American Academy of Pediatrics, “Joint Statement on the Impact of Entertainment Violence on Children Congressional Public Health Summit,” AAP website, July 26, 2000 - Mike Jaccarino, “‘Training Simulation:’ Mass Killers Often Share Obsession with Violent Video Games,” foxnews.com, Sep. 12, 2013 - Tracy Dietz, “An Examination of Violence and Gender Role Portrayals in Video Games: Implications for Gender Socialization and Aggressive Behavior,” Sex Roles, 1998 - https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/our-changing-culture/201212/yes-violent-video-games-do-cause-aggression - Also link to the kid I was talking about: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2016/11/30/an-11-year-old-played-grand-theft-auto-then-led-cops-on-a-high-speed-chase-in-the-family-car/ - https://www.geek.com/games/new-study-links-video-games-to-brain-damage-1711681/ - https://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2017/08/07/playing-shooter-video-games-damages-brain-study-suggests/ - https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/get-psyched/201201/do-violent-video-games-increase-aggression >>3038 >He's not gay <I'm not gay I just read men fucking each other, that's totally not gay!!! <I just like fucking men but no homo! This is like those people who say traps aren't gay >>3043 Start from the root of the problem - normalizing sexualized children. The point was never about "hurting" fictional characters but about how the people who view and "enjoy" such content are essentially escaping into a paedo fantasy... and that is fairly disgusting. >>3039 I can't tell if this is supposed to be ironic or not. Given that it's the same grammatical mash as posted prior, I'm going to reckon that this post is an unironic lack of understanding of psychology and how materialism is not the end-all-be-all of everything. >>3045 Ok strawman, keep ignoring the fact that MEDIA influences people.
>>2909 Do you even know what a repository is?
>>3051 Interesting. This is like max simp mode and 3d lolicon. I approve, as the guy said, very gentlemanly, no harassment. It's not like the girl doesn't know about sex or whatever. The 18 age of consent is very arbitrary and mostly makes sense in badly educated societies in regards to sex. Not to say I approve or disapprove of old men fucking underage women, just that people pretend teenagers discover sex on their 18th birthday. I've seen much more terrible demonstrations of the same in other cultures. I prefer this sterilized and out in the open, as it is here.
>>3055 That is not a teenager though, one thing is also what they shown in the event itself and what actually happens in the backstage, I do agree 18 as the age of consent is overall retard(here it's 14), but to say those shit that happen in Japan is a healthy way of doing and expressing their desire is wrong
>>3055 >I prefer this sterilized and out in the open, as it is here. I thought we hate culture industry here on bunkerchans. To provide closeted pedos actuall 11 year old girl "idols" with still no self-responsibility is cultur-capital at its weirdest if you ask me.
(12.94 MB 4961x7016 megumin_tea.jpg)
>>2865 In short - thought crime. Le Unbelievable Sin. Yeah, that's it. There is no point arguing with such people, they just believe that certain sexual fantasies are just bad and will endlessly develop theories about "Chinese porn cartoons making you a pedo". You can't really be judged for what's inside your head, and you can't be judged for fapping to cartoon characters, be it kids or whatever. Anyone who says otherwise and tries to justify the concept of "thought offence" through obnoxious puritan "cultivation theories", are just wannabe white knights, who want to look better in the eyes of society for basically no effort. This shit is just a cargo cult of late 2000's pedohysteria, reproduced by virtue signalling radlibs and/or conservatives online. Of course they can't catch an actual child molester, so they start attacking harmless artists and their audience, because they unironically think that such sexual fantasy should be prohibited, because it's "indecent" or even "degenerate". Boomer logic and pure moralfaggotry.
(121.67 KB 592x490 normal people vs lolicon.png)
>>3058 Any person of intelligence should never give people like you any quarter, because you give lolicon defenders an inch and they take a mile and soon it's "what's so wrong with CP anyway" bullshit, every fucking time. >Muh thought crimes Typical western idiocy. Lolicon is not just 'thoughts, it is thoughts that are put onto paper/screens and spread to other people. It is not isolated to yourself and does influence other people and not in a good way. >You can't really be judged for what's inside your head <You're the next Chikotlo who just has been repressing themselves because social norms? Don't worry no judging! Don't get help, just 'be yourself' even when it's retarded because that't what 50 years of capitalist propaganda told you. >Anyone who says otherwise <People who say lolicon is bad are dogmatists <I'm totally not dogmatizing 'muh freedoms' when I refuse to accept legitimate criticism LOL >cultivation theories <Imma just ignore the fact that social, economic and political environment influences people and their behaviors. Nobody says that "if you look at a loli you turn into a pedo". The point is that relatively frequent exposure to such things and what they represent influence people. The very concept of Memes proves cultivation theory, since without it, memes would just be captioned images and wouldn't become hot-topics or spread across the internet. >want to look better in the eyes of society <ur a white knight if you think about ethics You sound like an Ancap incel. It's hilarious to claim this when American society and even European society is so obsessed with "liburty!!!!" >anti-degeneracy is 'muh boomers' and 'moralfags' <Hurr anyone who thinks being a hedonist is retarded is 'my parental issues' Ok lib >a cargo cult of late 2000's pedohysteria LOL ok Epstein, all the CP rings and child abuse that keeps getting found 'totally' isn't real. >they can't catch an actual child molester Because they're online, and to catch them you'd have to engage with them and risk being accused of being one instead >they start attacking harmless artists/audiences <social influence is totally harmless, REALLY!!! The point was never about "hurting" fictional characters but about how the people who view and "enjoy" such content are essentially escaping into a paedo fantasy and normalizing child sexualization. Many of these 'artists' often model off REAL children when drawing these hentai doujins. >virtue signalling radlibs <radlibs are literally promoting child sexuality and MAPS pride LOL you're just using leftypol buzzwords to sound smarter >sexual fantasy should be prohibited <fantasizing about a bigheaded kid fucking someone is totally legit because it's not real!!! It's one thing to have some minor fetishes. Foodplay or or foot-fagging or spanking etc. But enjoying shit, literal and figurative is just mentally ill. It's fairly well recognized on leftypol that sexual obsession is a caused by capitalist consumerism, dehumanization and objectification (and more). Sex is so oversaturated and commodified in society that people crave shit that they wouldn't even think of. Horny people will jerk off to anything and only after will they realize that "oh, I just fapped to a picture of a dog fucking an anime girl" or some other shit. >>3051 >>3055 >An edited and clearly glamorized depiction is the same as the actual thing. <It totally isn't a prettified bersion of what is essentially abuse https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enjo_k%C5%8Dsai I agree that the age of consent being 18 is excessive, however it exists because until the ages of 16-18 your mind isn't yet fully developed and cannot reliably make smart adult decisions (like consent), partly due to late-stage pubertal hormones. It's why you see teen girls going insane for generic pop singers like Justin Bieber and later look back on it with embarrassment.
>>3058 Exactly. A lot of this stuff is simply art. I don't care if people find it disturbing, but it is art, and if some people get off to it, then good for them. This idea that "well it's still pedophilia" is a red herring. If simply finding this attractive is pedophilia, then it isn't wrong to be a pedophile. It's wrong to be a child molester. And if no children are involved, then I fail to see the harm in it. Enjoy yourselves and remember that socialism is about bettering your life, not turning it into a regimented structure dictated by moral busybodies.
(92.52 KB 599x666 Duck dick bite.jpg)
>>3070 >Create lolipol thread for the sole purpose of provoking argument on the topic and thus get anti-lolicon replies <hey man why you trying to be a busy body maaan? Amazing logic. >spoilering an SFW pic WHY!? You do realize all the anti-lolicon posters have been arguing against SEXUALIZING loli's not actually posting them in general right? >socialism is about bettering your life Socialism is about seizing the means of production and installing a dictatorship of the proletariat which oversees everything within a socialist state, this includes media. It's main purpose is to disarm and remove the capitalist class and its worst products (such as un-necessary commodities and for-profit labour organization/production). This inherently requires a 'regimented structure' regardless of whether you centralize or decentralize the planned economy. You cannot have socialism without moderating the media consumed. >simply art pic related is ART of a nude child. Loli doujins and obviously erotic/pornographic anime grills are not art. They are media, but not art. To call it art would make anything 'art' and would make the word meaningless. >If simply finding this attractive is pedophilia Most people are not attracted to prepubescent children, cartoon or otherwise. This paraphilia is most prevalent in First World where hyperconsumerism drives people to do things that 90% of the rest of the global population would be either confused or disgusted by. >Red Herring If you're not attracted to it being a child-like body, then what is the attraction? It isn't 'just' an anime grill, since there are definitive reasons that make it a LOLI >if no children are involved, then I fail to see the harm in it If we existed in a vacuum maybe.
>>2964 >wherein Japan is hyper-repressed in real life to the point where large portions of men have their first sexual experiences with their own mothers Um..what?? Source? This can't be real
>>3080 I lost the link (I posted it somewhere on 8ch leftyweebpol) but essentially it was an article discussion the fact that Japanese men have so many problems trying to interact and have relationships with women that often their first interactions sexually are realted to their mothers (be it imitating a relationship with them, jerking off to them, being given a handjob/blowjob or outright fucking them). If you search through the waybackarchive of the board you might find the link, I'm too lazy to do it now, since I'm going to sleep and am on my phone.
>>2964 On a more germane note, how does one square the belief that propaganda affects behaviour and that video games and similar things don't affect behaviour? The recent shooter themed games have been demonstrated to promote revisionist mongering about the Soviets after all.
>>3082 Sex crimes might be underreported in Japan, too.
Someone has to drag Rafiq here so that he could settle this with his sheer ML autism once and for all, once again. Also, stop the bigotry towards the Japs and the trannies, the topic doesn't require it to be productive.
>>3085 >this based >>3086 >also this Society in Japan is very rigid at times, so any domestic abuse is hidden from outside view because it is seen as dishonorable to have others know. t.knowjapanesepeople https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/11/16/national/crime-legal/sex-crimes-japan-still-significantly-underreported-justice-ministry-survey-finds/ >>3088 >bigotry <saying honest truths is bigotry Japanese are very self-repressed. It's well known on this board that the culture itself is highly reactionary despite its advanced HDI. >trannies Literally 2 posts outside of this one and yours talk about "muh trannies" and only refer to them in passing. There is no bigotry in saying that they aren't the norm when they aren't... it's why they're labeled a minority, yeah?
(1.49 MB 1838x1336 1544176731825.jpg)
What about shotas?
So when are we removing this board?
>>3085 It is not that they might not affect behavior, but there is no evidence of this being negative or more pronounced than any other sort of media. Of course, propaganda aims to spread disinformation, depictions of sex or violence in games do not aim to spread disinformation. Violence is portrayed as violence, and sex as sex, whether exaggerated or not. The alternative would be censorship. I, for one, like free expression of the arts. If someone wants to make a lolicon manga, or a violent game, then this is good. It is an outlet for creativity.
>>3074 >hurr I get to decide what art is and isn't BTW, media is just a form of conveying information. Art can be anything. Loli is art. https://exhentai.org/g/662154/d5c164c9b6/ This one is definitely a work of art.
>>3100 >posting sadpanda <being this retarded the sheer irony >Art can be anything <Muh art is subjective PoMoism Go back to reddit >media is just a form of conveying information Information in media is almost never neutral you idiot, it does not exist in a vacuum and has an effect on viewers you dumbass
>>2961 What is happening in GETchan? The url is acting weird.
Did Stalin approve of taking more than one partner? Was inc*st legal in the USSR?
(22.05 KB 640x480 gang shit.jpg)
>>2961 Pic approved by anti-nonce gang
>>2865 I keep seeing this thumbnail from the catalog and think the couch is her spread legs and her actual legs are her panties. I need to lay off the porn
>couch is her spread legs and her actual legs are her panties lolwut
>>2980 >if you actually read the poster I have, retard. If you're taking it seriously, kill yourself. It's tongue and cheek. No serious poster is going to suggest anti-male hormone therapy.
>>3156 they use it for sex offenders
(1.60 MB 1000x1250 moe-rick.png)
Both but it's also about gatekeeping to maintain an image which is just unrealistic when desiring mass numbers because every group, ideology and movement will have variety of interests among people within.
>>3156 Ok retard, stay mad and keep up the dissonance.
>>2962 pathetic Jap worshiper go back to pol retard.
>>3070 >Then it isn't wrong to a podophile You can't make this shit up Lmao
(1.11 MB 305x239 1444459068055.gif)
>>3070 >socialism is about bettering your life >not turning it into a regimented structure dictated by moral busybodies
>retards still arguing all weebs get sent to the gulag japan is a shit country with rightoid culture and anybody who likes anything from there deserves a rope
>nooo stop liking what i don't like cope, gonna keep mentally fucking lolis and there's nothing you can do to stop me short of installing communism, maybe in that kind of society i'd feel bad for liking taboos instead of loving them just look at this very american clown hot bod
>>3172 >>3171 >reddit spacing >edgy contrarianism Ok samefag bait-poster, stay salty.
>>3174 don't lump me together with that "day of the rope" faggot
(25.91 KB 596x582 1551447830337.jpg)
>>3172 >>3175 you won't escape the gulag
>>3175 You're the same coin, just different sides, fagorino
>>3178 >both sides no just you and this larping impotent faggot here >>3177
>>3180 Sure bud, sure, keep projecting.


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