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Communist/Leftist anime Anonymous 10/17/2019 (Thu) 02:42:22 No. 1432
What are some good communist anime? I liked kemono friends a lot.
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>>3243 nice facebook image, faggot
(715.02 KB 773x1000 Maofuta.jpg)
So I was browsing the internet and came across a hilarious attempt at a an-com take of Futa-bu! which is a /d/-tier hentai. I'm gonna post it here just for fun I don't actually think its accurate myself or agree with it. >"Futa-bu!, or Futa Club, is a Japanese pornographic animation known for featuring female characters with both male and female genitals. While it is usually dismissed as only serving erotic purposes, it has profound political undertones. It centers around the Futa club, an organization of feminine hermaphrodites, known as futanari, who freely indulge in their sexual desires. Through my own research, I believe that this is an allegory of an authoritarian socialist state from the criticial perspective of an anarchist. >Asakura Mao is the president of the club. She has the largest penis by far, which she uses to enforce her rule and defend her position as the leader. The president is a symbol of the state. Anarchists believe that the state can only exist through coersion and violence. Instead of coercing her inferiors with an armed force such as the police, she enforces her rule using her genitals. If she chose to, she could dominate them to suppress a revolution. >The president's name is a direct reference to Mao Zedong, further supporting the assertion that she represents the leader of an authoritarian socialist state such as communist China. >We must ask ourselves this: Why are they hermaphrodites? Traditionally, males are seen as dominant and females are seen as submissive. Penis size becomes a symbol of the ability to dominate, while female genitals symbolize the ability to be dominated. Throughout the hierarchy of the Futa club, the most well-endowed are higher in rank. >The other futanari are slightly lesser ranking, but hold some authority. Their positions are comparable to members of the Chinese Communsit Party, soldiers, or police officers. >Niimura Akane is the only character who isn't a hermaphrodite. She is completely female. She represents the civilian working class, a class with no authority in the hierarchy of an authoritarian leftist state. Despite her lack of power, she is shown to be quite powerful. She excels in fallatio and she could easily have intercourse with the president. Because of Mao's long and girthy phallus, Akane wasn't expected to take it without great pain. However, she seems to feel very little pain. Mao commented that if she could take her "monster cock", she must have a "monster pussy". This represents the great power of that the proletariat hold over the state. Every far leftist is aware that the workers, or the 99%, significantly outnumber their oppressors, therefore hold extreme revolutionary potential. Akane never overthrows Mao because she lacks the will to do so. Only a class conscious proletariat can revolt. >Futa-bu! also criticizes liberal reform. Marxists often critcize liberal reform in regards to center-left ideologies such as social democrats. Futa-bu! directs these same criticisms towards the authoritarian far left. The characters attempt to suppress Mao's power by physically restraining her and preventing her penis from being erect. However, she always manages to overcome them and enters a violent state of sexual arousal. >In this review, I do not intend to make any political statement. I am simply analyzing the political intent behind this specific work. If you disagree with anarchism as an ideology, don't direct that towards me. If you wish to discuss this, discuss the artistic intent behind Futa-bu! and nothing else. I'm just explaining how it was used as an artistic device in this particular work." A response to this was also amusing. >"I think you could see a bit of a different message in Futa-bu!! ep. 2 (from the second "season"). In that episode, there is a foreign futanari who comes to challenge the club. I believe it is implied that she is American, so we could interpret her as an imperialistic invader. >She defeats and detains all of the other girls, including Akane (even with the help of technology, the working class is helpless). It is only by the strength of president Mao that the foreigner is defeated. This seems more apologetic of the authoritarian socialist state as a means of protecting the working people against imperialism. It is notable that this is sometimes used as a historical explanation as to why socialist experiments like the USSR and PRC became so authoritarian."
>>3630 >facebook How would you know that? You do on facebook a lot? I certainly don't. >faggot Ok whiner.
>>1432 someone on a now dead board once said that cells at work shows how a communist society would look like
>>3914 Yes, Cells at Work was 'le big communist manga' on leftypol and leftyweebpol and even reddit a fe years before 8chan went down.
>>1442 They can't handle such facts
>>1536 >Fang of the sun Dougram >Kill la Kill >Little Witch Academia >Jin-roh >Any Miyazaki movie >Revolutionary Girl Utena >the chinese Marx anime >Most of Gundam especially the original >Patlabor 2 and related media >Youjou Senki >>1627 >Shin Sekai Yori >Aachi & Ssipak >Cells at Work >First Squad (russian) >Kaiji There's some obscure anime about Japanese college students who take part in the 80s student revolts but I forget its name
(158.91 KB 2204x284 i love wojak!!!!.jpg)
>>3907 Social media niggers like you can be smelled from a mile away.
>>4035 I think you just need to take a shower, pseud.
Apparently Blood TLV and Astro Boy have some themes that are suitable possibly. There are also probably several Chinese anime that are about the guerilla war efforts in the civil war. Translated subs might not be there for those, though. This baka has also forgotten where those anime series were.
(319.98 KB 766x542 comintern.png)
Here is a screencapture of that, actually. There's also the British labour cartoon that is called Beaks to the Grindstone, which is somewhere there too.
>The Tale of K.I.S. Juche history quite heavy novelisation http://www.marxist7mbr3mbaj.onion/nihon/tokubetsukamoku/kitachosen/index.htm
>>3243 You need to go back, /v/ermin.
>>4045 It's cool and occasionally fun, but the Soviet anti-Japanese arc and the Arduous-march arc sometimes come off somewhat lacking originality. Also, the MC is totally overpowered, not only being born near Mount Paektu but also able to expound the basics of the Juche theory and do gorilla warfare. The part where the group fights off the biological bombardment was very based though. It's not a bad start, though. The next MCs in the sequels develop big Taepedongs and attract respect from over worldwide, so the Gary-Stu-ness doesn't at all end, by the way.
>>4048 COPE samefag. Imagine being so mad over a question post about a silly show. Redditors like you need to >>>/GET/ >>>/out/
(61.28 KB 693x576 Kai.jpg)
In Beyblade one of the main characters, Kay, is a russian and the final arc of the first series is set in Russia. There are stereotypes here (the russians never smile, although they have an in-universe explanation, they are the antagonists or to be more precise antagonists later turned heroes) but there is something that Russian audience would definitely like: the Russian characters are portrayed as much stronger and better than the American characters! Plus Kay is by far the most popular and beloved character of the series for his bad boy attitude. And while the russians are portrayed as antagonists, they're presented as victims of the oppression of a warlord who is japanese. Once they are freed from him, they became good guys and friendly people.
(307.08 KB 512x453 sovani.png)
>>4097 OP said good, not 30-minute toy commercials.
There's a manga based on the book "the unwomanly face of war".
The one where you kill yourself on liveleak
>>4100 Ok, stay mad
(425.28 KB 690x920 Sukhoi dekai.png)
>>3105 An Uzaki meme for you
- welcome to the NHK is some kind of quirky parody on alienation in society - there is literally an anime about karl marx called "the leader", havent watched it though - gurren lagann is about... revolution and no nazi shit so thats kinda left i guess - same for code geass - accel world maybe, havent watched it yet
>>4193 accel world is about a simp who gets a good fighting game character that he can't control because he is a naive fat piece of shit.
>>4193 >>4217 I don't know why but I detested accel world for some reason, the character just annoyed the shit out of me. >inb4 you hate fat people/you hate yourself for being fat I've never been fat in my life and I don't detest fat characters given that I grew up on and enjoyed media like Carlson and Fat Albert
Anime is a product of capitalism
>>4219 Anime is a hybrid of art and business but to think anime wouldn't exist without capitalism is just plain dumb.
>>4220 There would be a whole lot less of it that's for sure
>>4219 Substitute anime with anything that has ever been produced in the last 200 years and it is still true. Are you new here?
The Ancient Dogoo Girl TV-series: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ancient_Dogoo_Girl 'Tokusatsu' is a genre, basically meaning "heavy use of special effects": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokusatsu And yes the subs are real https://twitter.com/BAKKOOONN/status/1104969368381775873
Future boy Conan is the best and easiest to access. Complete in youtube, and directed by Miyazaki. Spectacular animation for its age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87SuxfRoaFY&list=PLWjd_jlPWdmmkqyFyFGQno09E8axt8m5M https://www.imdb.com/list/ls094512369/ >lists a bunkerchan image MFW Deca-Dence is a recent one that has a strong anti capitalist message.
>>1432 i think its impossible to like genunley discuss anime here everyone is trying to vampire castle eachother in some purity test so no one rerally wants to discuss it sucks i blame the maoists and hoxhists
>>1441 no;the section american pop-culture who obsseses over luxury is >>1432 C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control have anti-capitalist messages
>>1432 https://myanimelist.net/anime/7273/Nido_to_Mezamenu_Komori_Uta I've heard this^ was about the Sanrizuka struggle.
>>4261 holy shit that webm is epic, im dead laughing
(177.72 KB 428x427 1442716599944.gif)
>>4261 Holy shit
>Ctrl+F <No Outbreak Company Ok https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outbreak_Company Basically like GATE except without fashoid ideology
>>4671 >Shinichi Kanou is a young secluded otaku who is offered a job thanks to his vast knowledge of anime, manga, and video games. However, just after meeting his new employer, he is kidnapped, awakening in an alternate world with a fantasy setup. Shinichi is then informed that he was in fact selected by the Japanese government to help improve his country's relations with this new world by establishing a company to spread the unique products of the Japanese culture to this new, unexplored market. How does that play out?
>>4673 Nigga, that's spoiling the anime, just watch it.
(61.02 KB 214x355 a-world-that-i-rule.jpg)
Reposting my old post from /leftyweebpol/ An interesting hentai doujin with leftist ideas is called A World That I Rule by an author called rozer. (Spoilers for the basic plot) Its about a bully who gets transported into an alternate reality where there are indigenous elves living harmoniously in a primitive communist tribal society. He eventually develops feelings for a girl, and later envy when he sees the girl fucking another elf (all they do is fuck each other). So he manipulates them through using food and introducing the concept of private ownership. He develops a class based society, appointing himself as king, then creating nobles who have special privileges, and slaves who break his laws for taking food for trees that isn't theirs. And he sometimes justifies what he does by telling the elves that without him, "society" would crumble despite the fact that he essentially crumbled their world and it turned to chaos. Eventually he left the island and got to another where he chose to simple integrate and not rule and in doing so didn't cause any destruction. It is quite similar in some aspects to Lord of the Flies. The most ironic thing is that literally many of the comments to the doujin were like 'that world is so nice, but fuck the MC for fucking it up!'. Which is yet another display that most people support communist ideology as long as it isn't outright called communism/socialism. In a way this 40 chapter webcomic is a demonstration that anarchism/stateless communism can't work when not in a bubble. Something to note in the original Communist theory is that the steps are usually a transition of capitalism to socialism and then to communism (which is stateless). However something many people seem to forget is the concept of global socialism. In other words, for communism to be achieved and not be disrupted as with these elves, the entire world needs to be FIRST SOCIALIST and then be edged into communism. In the webcomic the MC leaves to a new island and learns from his mistake… but we don't have another planet comparable to Earth to flee too, so humanity can't afford to burn it down, we need to know better. Here is the link to the full 40 chapters: https://mangahub.io/manga/a-world-that-i-rule_101 The nhentai link with commentary at the bottom: https://nhentai.net/g/177653/
Boku no Pico is down with gay pedophilia so does that count?
>>5047 If you haven't noticed the tendency towards loli and Epstein on this site; pedos get the rope.
>>4720 The story was decent but I couldn't fap to it.
>>5053 Coomer kek
Commie anime cuties unite!
WSWS has a pretty comfy review for Grave of the Fireflies https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/09/22/grav-s22.html
The Boondocks
>>5276 Based also Boondocks thread >>>/hobby/15502
(2.08 MB 1440x1080 Uzaki bluethebone retro.jpeg)
(519.19 KB 648x1306 Sugoi Dickai.png)
>>3105 >>3116 Especially the Senpai worship >>4112 >SUKHOI dekai Top kek, sadly not enough to play around with as a meme, even if pic 2 related was funny


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