Rules of /GET/

1 : The posting of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material is okay as long as it is tagged with a spoiler tag. NSFW falls within the boundaries of - Display of sexual organs, excessive blood and gore, and anything that might be considered overly saucy, such as panty shots that put emphasis on the genital area. Use your common sense, if you have any. This also applies to URLs that may be considered NSFW. Label the link 'NSFW' within the same post. Posting female breasts without tags is fine if not overly sexualized.
2 : Loli/shota material is fine, just spoiler it and make sure to put a warning in your post for unsuspecting viewers. Keep in mind that such material may not be legal in all countries and we don't want anyone getting v& for stupid shit.
3 : Together with /ref/, /GET/ makes up part of GETchan. And posting on GETchan is a right, not a privilege. However, like all rights, this right can be taken away from those who violate the rights of others. As such, don't do anything that violates the French law. Unless it's some stupid shit like wearing a fake moustache that causes laughter in church. Then fuck the police. This includes CP (Child Pornography) as defined by French law. Don't post it. Seriously. I'll fucking cut you.
4 : Fascist propaganda will be met with an instant one-year-long ban to give the poster more than enough time to read a fucking book that isn't Mein Kampf. This includes unironic NazBols. This isn't /pol/ and this certainly isn't /ef/. You might be allowed to argue in good faith on /leftypol/, but /GET/ isn't the place for that. We don't care about your cries for 'free speech'. Grow the hell up.
5 : Remember to check every 5 GET you see here. This rule will be strictly enforced.
6 : /leftytrash/ rule: Not only will attempting to incite shitflinging be met with a ban, but so will contributing so said shitflinging. The inciting user will be given a ban based on how far the conflict has escalated, whereas those who respond to the inciting user will be met with a 2 hour ban, which will double in time with each repeated offense. Please consider this before responding passive aggressively to obvious trolls. Don't quote. Don't reply. Let them rot.
7 : Do not dox or encourage others to dox posters. Doing this will get your posts deleted and net you a ban.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply