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(1.83 MB 2100x2100 GETvBear.png)
GET vs Bear bear 06/26/2020 (Fri) 07:07:28 No. 96585
I was cleaning my room when I found an old chess set that I got from a secret santa at school. And I thought it would be fun to play someone at chess. Then I remembered an old idea I never did where I would move a essentially play myself by making a move in the morning and at night, to see how if I remember what morning me/night me would be trying to do. Anyways, I have a different idea. Imma challenge GET to a friendly game of chess. The rules are simple. - Basic rules of chess. - I make the first move. - Then someone responds with their move. - If their is more than one response, whoever has the more support will be the one played. - It has to be 24 hours before I make the next move. It'll all end when either someone gets a checkmate or no one responds and the thread dies. Good Luck GET, I believe in you
(3.60 MB 4608x3456 IMG_9228.JPG)
(106.53 KB 535x386 movement of pieces.jpg)
Heres my first move and reminder on how the chess pieces move
(3.17 MB 4608x3456 ebin ebin.jpg)
I kill king. I win.
>>96586 >>96590 You're almost guaranteed to lose this game bear But if you pay attention to what patata does you'll learn a lot unless you're playing dumb in an attempt to sucker punch /GET/
I think OP's given up
>>96609 Nah, he's probably gone to bed.
>>96586 how does Yoshi move?
(23.42 KB 600x600 kuma_fluffsocks.jpg)
>>96590 first move made. I'll wait a bit incase someone wants to jump in but I doubt it in the beginning stages >>96592 shut up robspierre >>96593 I might, I mean I'm going up against presumably a lot of people with different strategies in their mind. Though you underestimate my power >>96609 >>96610 Nah, just sleeping. It's not like I can make a move. I have to wait until 24 hours have passed from the move I just made. >>96618 lmao, I lost the white king piece, and got bummed out I might not be able to do it. Looked for the first replacement and found the yoshi. Works like a normal king, should've probably mentioned that
Reposting in here Bear. after your next move regardless of what it is im voting pawn opposite your's forward two spaces
>>96626 > I have to wait until 24 hours have fun playing a month long chess game
>>96626 >>96628 Yeah honestly bear just check it and move whenever you wake up or post on /GET/ or whatever
>>96626 if your next move can justify ceding tempo to black on the first move as white I'll believe you comrade
>>96628 >>96629 Yeah no, thinking about it now in the morning, rather than in the middle of the night when I made this post, this rule is really dumb and I've come to resent it. Fuck it I'm changing it. Imma do it whenever, I'll ask the people’s champions to get rid of that line. >>96630 Yeah I realized I did that and no move will probably justify it but I can't get hanged up by these things. I gotta roll with the punches
(3.91 MB 4608x3456 GET_2.JPG)
(3.60 MB 4608x3456 Bear_2.JPG)
>>96590 GET's first move. My second move.
>>96593 Lisen to this guy bear ^ he knows what he is talking about
>>96634 Might not be the best move, but meh... (also, please get all the pieces in frame next time)
(444.07 KB 4608x3456 nani.jpg)
>>96670 EEEEEHHHHH?!?!?!?!?
(261.41 KB 355x200 200.gif)
NO MORE CHESS Play Monopoly instead.
>>96678 lol, if you figure out how to start a monopoly thread i will play. i can't play chess
(3.78 MB 4608x3456 GET_2(actual).JPG)
(3.82 MB 4608x3456 GET_Bear_3.JPG)
>>96670 Here is GET's second move. My third move Also I tried to include them all in frame but idk how successful I was in your eyes
>>96669 Alright, I will >>96678 Shut up and go to jail
>>96678 but I don't know the rules of monopoly
>>96706 Nice.
(4.01 MB 4608x3456 GET_3.JPG)
(3.77 MB 4608x3456 Bear_4.JPG)
>>96725 GET's third move. My fourth move.
>>96775 Black pawn Third to the right forward 2 spaces
(3.35 MB 4608x3456 Bear_4 copy.JPG)
>>96784 Something like this?
>>96790 Ah no YOUR right
(3.35 MB 4608x3456 Bear_4 copy 2.JPG)
>>96805 This?
>>96822 Yes bear sorry for late reply
(4.12 MB 4608x3456 GET_4.JPG)
(3.99 MB 4608x3456 Bear_5.JPG)
>>96822 GET's fourth move. My fifth move >>96823 Sorry, you're deducted 5 points and you have to bathe the yoshi. Sorry, those are the rules in all honesty, its fine
>>96824 Left-Most (Your left) Pawn forward two spaces
>>96590 This position is incorrect, black k and q are switched
(3.97 MB 4608x3456 GET_5.JPG)
(4.06 MB 4608x3456 Bear_6.JPG)
>>96827 GET's fifth move. My sixth move
>>96889 Queen South-East by 2 spaces
(3.81 MB 4608x3456 GET_6.JPG)
(3.85 MB 4608x3456 Bear_7.JPG)
>>96898 GET's sixth move. My seventh move
(19.01 MB 4608x3456 get_7.png)
get dabbed on
(3.77 MB 4608x3456 GET_7.JPG)
(3.75 MB 4608x3456 Bear_8.JPG)
>>96932 GET's seventh move. My eighth move
>>96938 Your Left Black Horse L shape
>>96940 >>96938 STOP STOP STOP I CHANGE MY MOVE Pawn second to your right forward one space
(3.55 MB 4608x3456 GET_8.JPG)
(3.41 MB 4608x3456 Bear_9.JPG)
>>96940 >>96941 GET's eighth move. My ninth move Also, I was thinking about being petty, but I didn't lmao
>>96944 Left Rook to the right one space
>>96961 >>96944 Wait no thats impossible. Pawn third to the left forward one space
(3.03 MB 4608x3456 Bear_9 copy.JPG)
>>96961 Im p sure you can do this
>>97058 No it’s just that I got the piece I was thinking of mixed up Either way I stand with my last post
>>97085 >>97058 Actually No. Queen all the way back North-West Sorry for being so confused bear :)
Bumping to hope Bear see's this when he wakes up
(3.40 MB 4608x3456 GET_9.JPG)
(3.93 MB 4608x3456 Bear_10.JPG)
>>97088 GET's ninth move. My tenth move
>>97269 *bear >>97088 its alright
>>97269 Queen g5
>>97273 You can't
>>97278 Sure I can
(3.49 MB 4608x3456 Bear_10 copy.JPG)
>>97295 Queen can't move to g5. Did you mean b5?
>>97269 Queen South-East to take the knight
(3.58 MB 4608x3456 GET_10.JPG)
(3.68 MB 4608x3456 Bear_11.JPG)
>>97273 >>97363 GET's tenth move. My eleventh move
(27.34 KB 269x266 dffwfwerfwef.jpeg)
>>97488 King to d8
(3.67 MB 4608x3456 GET_11.JPG)
(4.00 MB 4608x3456 Bear_12.JPG)
>>97489 GET's eleventh move. My twelfth move
>>97491 Jesus, it looks so bad. I'm sorry for my shit photography
(12.47 KB 474x355 fdfbfdgd.jpeg)
>>97491 Qxg2+
We should just start a new game. The other anons fucked it all up.
(55.79 KB 329x377 kuma_strawberry.png)
>>97609 Just post it regularly. And also post an image of what kind of board you're using >>97641 what do you mean?
>>97654 I mean the other GETchan users suck at chess,
(1.86 MB 2100x2121 tania_smug_png.png)
>>97667 And you think thats a bad thing for me lol
>>97744 What? Afraid of a little competition?
(2.29 MB 2100x2100 Tania_Gun.png)
>>97930 What did you say to me you little shit. Also, you have to remember this is GET vs Bear. Meaning that even if we decide to have a super duper serious match, and you're in the middle of enacting your light yagami style plan, their will always be someone who will mess it up. Whether by accident or on purpose. Now I ain't afraid of a little competition. You want to be serious, you gotta round up your fellow fag/GET/s and get them on the same page
(3.52 MB 4608x3456 GET_12.JPG)
(3.83 MB 4608x3456 GET_13.JPG)
>>97609 GET's twelfth move. My thirteenth move
>>97970 Pawn to f4, your king is in check
>>97970 I'm no expert but to me it looks like black has allready won with >>97971
(3.76 MB 4608x3456 GET_13.JPG)
(4.06 MB 4608x3456 Bear_14.JPG)
>>97970 GET's thirteenth move. My fourteenth move >>98088 I can still move my King
>>98104 Q to f3, taking the pawn
>>98107 I believe thats checkmate. Well done GET, proud of y'all
>>98108 you can still sacrifice the queen and continue the game
>>98110 That would simply delay the game on to one more round until we are back to the same position also I don't want my queen to die
>>98112 simp
(3.76 MB 4608x3456 GET_14.JPG)
(3.88 MB 4608x3456 Bear_15.JPG)
>>98107 GET's fourteenth move. My fifteenth move >>98226 fuck you
>>98359 Queen South-East to Rook
(3.90 MB 4608x3456 GET_15.JPG)
(3.81 MB 4608x3456 Bear_16.JPG)
>>98404 GET's fifteenth move. My sixteenth move
bear is dead Amen.
>>98404 you should have taken the queen >>98410 really?... take the queen with the pawn
>>98410 Take the queen using the pawn


no cookies?