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ALUNYA AND THE POLITICAL IDEOLOGY CATGIRLS Anonymous Comrade 08/15/2019 (Thu) 13:00:37 No. 929
Thread for Alunya and the catgirls, mostly so we don't flood /leftypol/'s OC thread at >>>/leftypol/8622

>Why a separate thread? It's OC it's ok to post there
Mostly because I feel pressured, when posting there, to post useful OC- OC that'll be useful for shitposting, or so on. And mostly I just want instead a space to be autistic and have fun. I don't want to always have to draw stuff about mocking the porkies, sometimes I might just want to draw Posadist Cat porn or a comic about Alunya being scared of horror movies. My "headcanons", if you will.

>So is this your thread for your own stuff?
No, feel free to use it too, I'll just probably mostly flood it with my own things since it seems I'm basically the only drawfag around here right now.

I'll start the thread with an image dump of various images I like, including lewds.

t. Paps
(95.40 KB 761x792 DCC037eU0AAiUuN.jpg large.jpg)
(582.39 KB 1600x1200 gaming.png)
(371.37 KB 848x935 1471335016781-1.png)
(68.25 KB 614x593 Screenshot_62.png)
(320.20 KB 920x1442 stephanie.png)
(80.49 KB 682x1200 C56hxFHVMAE5v4v.jpg)
(78.77 KB 676x1200 C56hydFUwAAr03-.jpg)
(1004.53 KB 803x1074 Screenshot_482.png)
(26.06 KB 652x777 Screenshot_388.png)
(3.13 MB 1600x1200 blub.png)
(34.72 KB 506x506 rodina.png)
(356.49 KB 746x802 Screenshot_97.png)
(653.74 KB 981x800 Screenshot_98.png)
(249.79 KB 643x744 Screenshot_96.png)
(395.72 KB 750x486 Screenshot_94.png)
(356.39 KB 527x922 Screenshot_95.png)
(5.22 MB 3541x5016 cargrill2.png)
(471.78 KB 555x987 Alunya1 (2).png)
(562.45 KB 555x987 Alunya2.png)
(47.25 KB 537x960 Alunya3.jpg)
This is the old chart with all the catgirls we'd made. Current project here is to make a new one, I'm mostly polishing the art of the old one but in some cases redrawing some stuff.
(1.78 MB 948x1342 1.jpg)
(1.48 MB 948x1342 2.jpg)
I have in the past done a couple comics with these characters, but I'm not CatgirlDrawgirl, I don't have her style or proficiency. The gist I'd like to make clear though is to me, these characters beyond anything are public domain. You're free to use them however you want, whether it be online propaganda or making a Disney movie. And I make higher priority of making them CHARACTERS, with names and so on, even if it might come across as "cringe", than just representations of ideologies, for I feel that ensures their best chances of survival as memes instead of being designs forgotten with time

That said, that also means you're free to ignore everything I've done here. Do you want to do a comic with Anarchist Cat and don't like that I called her "Nicola"? Just do what you want! She's your character too.
(3.54 KB 263x175 Screenshot_134.png)
(4.00 KB 172x233 Screenshot_135.png)
(18.46 KB 657x255 Screenshot_136.png)
So my plan for now is to do more art, maybe some basic bios if it'll help others do stuff, maybe explaining my "headcanon" of these characters (that they share with other public domain characters like Vivian James or so), and maybe collaborate with anons here on other projects, too. Won't promise much there though- most of my creative energies will be focused on another project of mine to hopefully have a decently stable income, which forces anything with these characters to be a side project (because I don't want to monetise them, because that feels to me would impart the notion of my ownership of them and ruin the whole point).

Mostly though I'm making this thread here so I don't constantly flood the OC thread with updates on the new chart as seen on >>941. I'll still post some of the new stuff I make both here and there, and if you guys want, you can make requests either here or there, or if you're drawfags (either established or hoping to be), you're free to post your catgirls stuff here too, obviously- the thread is "Alunya and catgirls thread", not "Paps' Alunya and catgirls thread".

Also here, have a couple random pixel stuff related to the thread
Oh hell yeah, Paps on /GET/. A match made in heaven.
>Someone cosplayed Alunya

BTW, anyone got any Dugina lewds?
Beyond the one I already posted ( >>937) this is the closest I got, sorry
(361.31 KB 750x750 1485107086970.png)
Are those Pokémon Gold and Silver style sprites? Because that's neat as hell.
(1.14 MB 220x167 terrific.gif)
>those pubes
No worries comrade
(101.26 KB 626x348 suck my cock dude.png)
>You're free to use them however you want, whether it be online propaganda or making a Disney movie
>making a Disney movie
that's no good put them all under copyleft
I can only put a few of them under copyleft, you'll need to talk to Drawgirl about the rest
And overall I find it more important to push the notion there's no ownership at all than there being no-ownership-except-caveats
>Disney gets to smear the works and make it copyrighted
1. They'd make their own works copyrighted, not retroactively everyone else's
2. Again, I didn't create Alunya or most of the catgirls so I can't really do anything about it, I just have Drawgirl's word her catgirls are public domain- in theory we could have a random anon pop up right now and prove "I created Alunya, she's mine"
3. I'm using Disney as an exaggerated example. Disney's not going to want to make a movie out of this. I'm using it as an example of how you can be sure that if you, small-time author, make a comic with them and want to try and sell it at a convention or something like that, you're free to do so without worry of a Portuguese lawyer messaging you
Alunya reminds me of Anne Frank who I dearly love.
Would you fuck anne frank?
Imagine fantasizing about two headed Spanish boys
I just want to hug her, kiss her and become her friend.
(663.99 KB 2448x2434 calunyap0.png)
Bumping with some OC
>Not wanting to become her husband and raising a family together

Fucking wew...
>not wanting to be the little girl
cute, are you gonna finish this up with color and shit?
Eventually. Still getting used to my tablet.
Do the same I do, just use the tablet for everything you'd use a mouse for, except maybe vidya, it's good to get used to using a tablet

Anyway sorry for how long I went without posting, trying to finish other work I have so I can fully shift to focusing on my own stuff the rest of the year. Have a few more catgirls for the new chart. As before if you want you can ask for any others to be polished up first, otherwise I'll keep choosing kinda at random
Just keep doing whichever ones you want, comrade. They're looking good!
looks great! thanks comrade
I want Alice, but cute
She's done already, check >>941
I want to hold hands with Alunya!
(46.26 KB 286x212 serveimage.gif)
(21.76 KB 329x289 image.jpg)
Could you make a Cockshott/Cyber-Socialism catgirl as this is, I think, one of the dominant ideology in /leftypol/ ?
Cyber socialism a la Paul Cockshott is basically a planned economy calculated using algorithms and modern computers, each plan is decided upon using Direct Democracy and Sortition and money is replaced by labour vouchers.
A few goods videos by him on that :

A few ideas for a cyber-socialist/Cockshott catgirl :
Maybe a Scottish name/dress in honour of Cockshott (he is Scottish)?
She would dislike : Markets and production for exchange, bourgeois economics, money, bourgeois democracy, anarcho-capitalist ( Von Mises, Ruthbard etc...), the British Crown, pseudo science, Luddites, UBI, Market "Socialism".
Likes : Cockshott's Toward A New Socialism, Planned Economies and production for use, Physics and Science in general, epistemology, Scottish bed time stories, computers, GNU + Linux (Gentoo?), Labour Theory of Value, Direct/Athenian Democracy, obscure Russian scientists/ Philosophers, Flowchart.

I would be really thankful for that.
Don't mind me, just saving the Alunya thread from being purged off of page 5.
doing god's work
bumpin' (makes me feel good)
(1.03 MB 753x1081 runyaweb.png)
(374.05 KB 1560x2080 EErF4hOXYAAX_7H.jpg)
Sorry for not much content, juggling various plates

Here's something I was commissioned to draw a bit back, and a quick kinda awkward ballpen doodle from today
>Sorry for not much content, juggling various plates
Don't worry, Paps, take your time.

>Here's something I was commissioned to draw a bit back, and a quick kinda awkward ballpen doodle from today
Neato, cool stuff.
Please don't make Alunya smoke. It's disgusting.
I was gonna say she always smoked but to be honest, I might've been the one starting that in the first place, don't even remember
Want a custom flag, Paps? I can add an Alunya one or something for you.
I'm pretty sure you are the only one who has ever drawn her smoking.
Lol, calm down
When you have the time can you do a drawing where she's an android similar to Motoko Kusanagi from GiTS? I'm writing a greentext story on /leftytrash/ where she's some Anon's robowaifu gf in a future socialist society and it would feel nice to have some way to illustrate how she might look in it. This is just a selfish request on my part so feel free to ignore it if you don't feel like you're up to it.
Eyy paps, you got any good pointers for me on how to draw characters with proportions of rodina?
I can get adults down okish but kids throw me off.
Take your time comrade but please make a cyber socialist/Cockshot catgirl >>8404, when you have the opportunity, i would be really grateful.
(851.33 KB 2448x2434 calunyapc0.png)
Ok it took me a while but here it is.
/GET/ only has 5 pages?
Have you thought about about asking space_ for more
I could add more pages, but threads typically get pushed off the board after not getting replies for 5-7 days, so I don't really think it's that necessary at this point.
qt snaggletooth
Yeah sure, a catgirl or something. Or maybe something like a pencil, so it can be used for overall drawfags

Replying to acknowledge I've seen these requests and will get to it eventually, but "eventually" means, you know, eventually, so sorry in advance if it's literal months

I mean, depends on what style you're going for- I guess you're going for more realistic? It's the same principles as bigger human, just with smaller proportions. Check something like Loomis list of how proportions change over time, and try to keep it in mind? Dunno, again, it all depends on what proportions you're using for Alunya. If you're drawing her 7 heads tall, maybe draw Rodina 5 heads tall. If Alunya's 3 heads tall, maybe Rodina's 2 and a half. Etc
Okay, added "Alunya" and "Drawfag" flags.
Lemme look lemme look
I want more pictures of the Situcat!
(1.43 MB 1062x1500 ClipboardImage(5) (1).png)
bump for cockshott cat
her name should be dickdribble
what about pussystabb?
(37.21 KB 241x335 attacks.gif)
>cockshott cat
Kek, imagine his reaction if someone showed him one
(578.63 KB 1274x694 paps.jpg)
>I don't want to always have to draw stuff about mocking the porkies
Walking on a thin line here
please draw an Anne Frank Alunya in the same artstyle of the Anne Frank Diary the Graphic Adaptation
I think it's a very un-tan thing to directly tie a tan to a real person, and a living one at that. For example: The mutualist cat isn't Proudhon as a toon cat, it's an idea/concept/outlook made into a character. Proudhon was a big influence on mutualism, but you would not expect the mutualist cat to rant about how women have to be naturally subservient to men, because that really isn't a particularly mutualist position, though it was Proudhon's. You and me and others have certain expectations what the MUTUALIST cat would talk about, even though as far as I know there has never been a strip with her talking about anything. Because before anything else such a figure is the vessel of an idea that is bigger than some individual, the vessel can also have a particular character; but it can also start out as almost nothing and may grow into a developed character with quirks over time, or not at all.

So, yes to cybernetics cat, but not one strongly resembling a particular cybernetics thinker. There can be subtle references in the design to several people, preferably dead ones. Stafford Beer liked smoking cigars and making weird doodles. During the 60s and 70s cybernetics hype, AI was strongly associated with computers playing Chess, so I think an interest in playing Chess would also make sense for such a character. I also associate cybernetics with a very particular way of making music: when a jazz band is just noodling around and the influence is bouncing around, but I don't know how one would make that work visually. I think an earlier (I mean back when the USSR existed) mascot of sorts for cybernetics was a robot playing saxophone.
(12.65 KB 288x208 unknown (13).png)
(336.70 KB 864x1440 IMG_20180106_190502.jpg)
(323.62 KB 864x1440 IMG_20180106_190519.jpg)
Was looking at old art and found some Alunyas I don't think I posted here
(79.91 KB 278x450 oldalunya.png)
(595.39 KB 1106x801 Screenshot_320.png)
(120.97 KB 563x568 unknown (9).png)
The one on the right is /x/-tan, right? Very good. She must've dyed her hair blonde.
Probably obvious but the drawings remind me of Genesis era Sonic artwork.
(11.01 KB 475x263 d36.jpg)
I'm pretty sure I've already spotted the fifth one earlier on the booru. All of these are still nice tho.
wasnt Jovanka based on a titoist transgirl on /leftypol/ ?
(134.89 KB 465x800 titocat.png)
this one has been sitting in my imgur for 2 years, i miss the old days
god these remind of me of those comfy days when i started going on /leftypol/ and the breath of fresh air i got from the catgirl oc - i miss it.
anyway i want to fuck her brains out.
whats so appealing bout titocat ?
idk it's just her velma from scooby doo sort of geek vibes she's giving off with that hair and glasses + the scarf is based
(48.37 KB 640x707 bloosh.jpg)

>tfw no political ideology cat bois
Alunya has been drawn with a dick quite a bit actually
Jovanka has a D tho
Moar Alunya
Good stuff. She cute.
the guy who always spammed the board asking for more alyuna art would have a field day with this
Oh damn, I love this art style. Would love to see more, comrade.
Not the artist, but he probably lurks somewhere
Sauce, then?
My friend is demanding more.
I am too.
(122.65 KB 1280x720 put.jpg)
Pururin, Welcome to the NHK
Character Design by Ishihama, Masashi
But where'd you find the edit if you didn't make it?
ayy i edited it myself. it took a while. i first posted it in one of the leftypol threads.
don't know if this has already been posted btw
(400.58 KB 1014x879 Illustration.png)
cute girldick
Strong Velma vibes tbh
gib grammy milkers
get rid of the dick and give her boobies damn it
(261.47 KB 1600x1235 mussolini.jpg)
i want a smug fascist catgirl
unbased, just give her more ass and smol diddies
I dont regret being the model for Jovanka one bit.
context behind the scarf is that i was highly, like highly insecure bout my chin, thought it was too big, hey at least it ended up being a nice style.
(930.78 KB 800x480 reconsider.png)
(99.14 KB 800x600 letmedie.jpg)
>I dont regret being the model for Jovanka one bit.
when, where, and why was this
2017 iirc, with catgirl drawgirl she needed someone for titocat i think
the og one? i didn't know she used irl references.
only one was
only know for me though, she just needed some inspiration
As far as I recall she only did it twice, titocat and the alt-right cat was based on some girl she knew iirc. As far as the other cats, nazbol cat is based on a cute girl that appears in google images when searching nazbol; I don't recall other catgirls being based on specific people, not physically at least.

Tough luck, I'm not just a drawfag, I'm a fagfag too
based drawfag anon
wait, is that the person who jovanka was modelled off of?
y e s
(666.34 KB 1756x1239 randoms.jpg)
I currently don't have internet at home


Doodles this yesterday. Posting here because leftcom cat
(417.99 KB 1756x1239 lewdcatgirls1.jpg)
(315.09 KB 1756x1239 lewdcatgirls2.jpg)
Also here doing this as a commission
Also also sorry for the uncouth shilling but considering I need the money for a house move, I'll drop mention that if anyone wants anything specific with these characters or anything they can head over to twitter (ppdppl_art) to DM me and talk commissions
Beautiful art !
the one on the left has a fat neck
I'll take that into consideration
Oh nice. It brings me back to when i first started browsing /leftypol/ and got banned constantly for being a schizo and posting about demons being in control of the capitalist system. Good times were had by all, except for the people’s champions/the people’s champions.
>demons being in control of the capitalist system
Why you stopped telling the truth?
so whats peoples opinions on how the internet has become increasingly lame? my take is that people have less income to support neets and so they are being forced to get jobs
Well, i don't quite know. I just haven't been as furious as i was then. I still go on schizo rants sometimes though
i want 2 cum on her patatas
I like the art style. It's clean, but it also depicts her pretty well. You can go places with this. It reminds me of how political comics look nowadays.
i for one am unironically grateful for uneven boob representation
looks fine, keep it up
butt > boobs though
personally also not much of a fan of sharp lines and edges but for a first time after a longer while pretty nice, keep it up
use models
Not nearly hairy enough
>face of a 55 year old woman
>body of a 25 year old THOT
>labia like the mouth of the kraken
I am horrified. You could do better. I can tell you don't lack skill.
now that, is hot
>posts deleted instead of just spoilering the images
I'm mad

Anyway two more pictures for here incoming (two commissions) plus sprites, gonna post over the weekend
(33.96 KB 636x474 Screenshot_166.png)
Bing bing some sprites
Cute, tbh.
(926.11 KB 1753x1242 Screenshot_174.png)
(152.64 KB 751x1102 Screenshot_172.png)
Late night drawings
Hot. Wasn't expecting Nekomije to have such a big bush.
Since they're cat girls I default to them having decent bushes lol
(29.13 KB 390x500 1466819003000.jpg)
Definitely not complaining.
That pose looks so paintful having hips do a full 180°
I think she's sitting not on her back given the angle of her pubes so it's not too hard for a flexible person irl
And they're part cat.
I need more trashy nazbol cat femdom in my life tbh
(989.12 KB 1266x1688 3889590.png)
Those were from /b2/. There are no more.
(661.99 KB 1254x885 getchansmall.png)
(1.05 MB 885x1254 thanksgivingsmall.png)
Two commissions
(256.90 KB 2100x1500 Cletus.png)
Saw a suggestion on another thread to create Commissar Cletus and Jamal from a 4chan thread. So a drew him up
(8.16 KB 687x450 spurdo_ilme.png)
(102.46 KB 297x469 Commissar Cletus Transparent.png)
>Commissar Cletus
>He's brown
I though Cletus was supposed to be a representation of the white trash redneck stereotype while Jamal is the heavily accented racist stereotype of the southern black?
Thayut's 'cuz he works outsahd. He's got a farmer's tayun, hyuck hyuck. Y'awll yankees jus' don't get iyut.
>>35965 (off by one, but checked)
Very nice.
Are these hot off the stove?
(11.88 KB 164x199 glushkov.jpg)
(167.82 KB 505x699 glushkov_2.png)
(37.44 KB 300x350 glushkov_3.jpg)
How about taking Glushkov as the base for the Cybernetics cat? You can then add some other details, like maybe the glasses are broken in memory of Alende? And she could also be holding TANS or something. Just throwing out some ideas
(2.86 MB 2732x2048 picg ira cat.png)
hope this hasnt been done before lol
>afraid of a little armalite, are ye?
Nah, i'm afraid you're gonna have to put that gun away while i suck your girly dick.
(104.34 KB 1152x648 cletus.jpg)
obviously doing black face in support of his black comrade
Holy shit, I drew that! Is it a commission or a random request, I don't even remember
>Ears come out here
>Hair comes out here
>Makes no sense
Top kek

>Bottom right
(351.70 KB 1736x1228 catlin.png)
(250.61 KB 1111x1152 catlin2.png)
I've no idea if you gave her a dick there just as a joke, or like, fetish image, like how Vivian has a lot of futa images and so on, or if you want her to legit have a dick as part of the design- if the latter, I'll edit this nude comparison image
(58.25 KB 660x495 img_4090.jpg)
(327.92 KB 480x278 Redneck.png)
>Holy shit, I drew that!
Paps, is that you?
>Is it a commission or a random request, I don't even remember
Yeah I requested it about two years back on the /leftypol/ discord server because I was looking to update my Steam avatar and you made it completely for free after I provided some reference pictures on what I was looking for. Thanks for that by the way, still have it on my profile even though I had to crop it a bit so it fit the frame.
(61.23 KB 474x376 1-247810892469106240198247.jpg)
oh these are awesome dude :U
yeah i originally just wanted to make a "my little armalite" reference but then i remembered something i heard about male IRA members dressing up as women for propaganda. pic (allegedly) related though i cant find a source on that so could be bs. either way she doesnt need to have a dick. though it is pretty hot tbf
nuuuuuuu I'm so sick of swole girls having girlcocks!
(182.54 KB 1050x731 `480`94709`840984701923840198.jpg)
>not wanting a shredded amazonian queen to destroy your ass with her 12 inch she-cock
what are you, gay?
(478.39 KB 755x720 lese majester.png)
Have a gift
(8.82 KB 267x189 download.jpg)
nice pixel art
There's a place for treasonous catgirls like her.
maybe the worst place imaginable, if you could guess
It's my lap.
(106.54 KB 620x608 Alunya n box.png)
Nope, she's getting shipped to /b/.
(59.48 KB 375x450 Alunya_in_box.png)
(75.39 KB 370x450 Grace_standalone.png)
(428.11 KB 558x744 1488435451797.png)
stop shitting up this thread with your garbage art and larpery. this is not the place for another grace thread shitstorm.
They're free to do this as far as I'm concerned so long as they keep polishing and pushing to improve their art
I'm biased though, I always end up liking when anons use my art as reference for their dumb shitposting
(1.09 MB 3264x2448 ByeByeCrownie.jpg)
Old art but relevant
(1.38 MB 2939x2726 IMG_0635.jpg)
(1.51 MB 3024x2545 IMG_0636.jpg)
(1.36 MB 3024x2545 IMG_0637.jpg)
Nice !
(42.52 KB 405x470 04040404.jpg)
>stop shitting up this thread
Why are you so mad? It's only an autistic drawing.
>your garbage art
Honestly, not as bad as the other contributions here.
>this is not the place for another grace thread shitstorm
Get Graced
Did they think there wouldn't be revenge for >>39374 this?
I can draw more :>

maybe they cuddling or something o.O
please do, more alunya would be neat
>I can draw more :>
Tbh, maybe it's time to stop bullying Alunya.
That would be cute.
(114.49 KB 1248x978 image0.jpg)
(199.58 KB 356x354 1571122222793.png)
oh yes
>those arms wrapping around her neck
Her Grace cannot deign anymore low than this
ffs no grace blush reaction pic
(167.99 KB 400x865 Old_Alunya_drawing_2018.png)
Here's some year old OC I did, thought I post it here.
Got a Rodina for /GET/?
This board needs another thread for Rodina.
This could use color.
(1.07 MB 3264x2448 image0-2.jpg)
Tried doing Sankara
awesome, good to know you're still around
(39.95 KB 400x823 Old_Rodina_GETCHAN_drawing.jpg)
I do, I just found it in my DA. Here it is!
Looks like it was already posted in the Rodina thread: >>41368
(667.13 KB 1242x1394 1576540609152.png)
(2.22 KB 64x64 alunyarun.gif)
>>34245 i did a thing, or i tried
>>45107 looks awesome
>>45107 Ace!
>>45107 SO CUTE!
Someone is storytiming Alunya and the catgirls on /co/ if anyone's interested https://boards.4channel.org/co/thread/112115434
(109.03 KB 720x656 si si si si si.jpg)
why isn't there a futurist catgirl that has a weird art style that constantly shifts and has weird shading as a way of trying to capture sound and motion
>>45199 I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions! Seems like gender balance has a strong impact on boards (we all know /co/ has disproportionately many more women than other boards on 4cucked). Maybe this should be taken into account into the future? What other boards have many women? Maybe posting threads to hypersensitive /pol/ exclusively isn't that smart.
>>941 Anyone have standalone Makhno? Great artwork.
>>45107 I love it, feel free to do more Also sorry for mostly forgetting this thread in the past few weeks, moved house and was busy and still am scrunging for rents etc t. Paps
(65.12 KB 614x869 DDuQEI2UMAAN_68.jpg large.jpg)
(166.81 KB 496x909 Screenshot_604.png)
>>45199 That thread made me happy! Thanks.
>>46695 Thank you! Hope someone will fill the second one in eventually.
>>45997 I don't know the source for this one but here you go
(1.22 MB 2833x2125 digitized.jpg)
(3.37 MB 3400x3082 grace-reprimand.png)
>>47697 God I hate the monarchy fags
>>47698 Why? I don't think they do anything wrong.
>>47698 i like graceposter(s) they add some banter to the site
>>47697 at least make her a loli to make it interesting
>>47697 The only good Grace posting is gay-Grace --> >>41028
(3.04 MB 3787x3000 grace x integralist SFW.png)
(487.97 KB 768x720 Grace x Aurelia.png)
(24.57 KB 663x151 Tyrant 05.png)
>>47724 >>47702 You aren't the only people getting bullied.
>>47697 >>47731 are you paying someone for these? like it's sonic oc? bruh
>>47731 >grace x integralist sfw boi you better post the other version
>>47731 To be frank, Grace and Cat make a better couple than Integralist
>>47828 its from some drawfag at /liberty/ and probably /fascist/, /int/ or /pol/
>>32149 Holy fuck i had been daydreaming about this picture for fucking 4 years thanks you do fucking much god damn
(295.59 KB 1098x1493 alunya monarchist.png)
>>48065 I reallt gotta practice anime faces more
>>48065 Please critique me paps
>>48065 I would say it's good concept art.
>>48065 >>48066 >>48067 Not Paps but I suppose I could give some constructive criticism as has been taught to me during our last semester's art feedback sessions The legs are quite well done in that they are anatomically correct from what I can see and certainly not wet noodles, the knee and the rest of the individual parts are easily distinguishable and drawn in a way that looks natural and consistent for Alunya's body type, good work on that. Overall the piece could use some more shading on the characters (right now its inconsistent in that only the guillotine is shaded while the characters are not), I'd first recommend figuring out where your main light source is and starting the shading work from there. Her right forearm seems to bend pretty awkwardly giving it a really rubbery feel, forearms are not supposed to really... bend unless you're really going for a wacky cartoon feel where the whole arm is just the equivalent of one long-ass gummy worm. Just a suggestion, but maybe if you straightened the forearm and bent the elbow a bit more along with the wrist it would look more natural. Oh yeah, and I like that nice little detail with skirt being lifted by the tail, it really helps distinguish that the tail is indeed a part of her body with its own bones and muscle that make it possible for it to move and not just a buttplug that's been shoved up her arse as part of a cosplay. I won't give it a grading since I'm not a certified teacher or art critic, I'll just say its a good start and you should keep working on it. If you need references or study material I'll be happy to provide.
>>48099 ♥️♥️Thank you. I tried going for a gestural arm but I guess it just looks like her bones are bend. I hadn't thought about the fact that shading one part but no the rest makes it look weird.
(1.93 MB 2898x2883 LEFTYPOL_CATGIRLS.jpg)
>>48104 that's beautiful.
(120.78 KB goodjob.webm)
>>48104 Good shit m8
(759.34 KB 4380x2468 SOLIDARITY_FOREVER.png)
(738.17 KB 4380x2468 SOLIDARITY_FOREVER2.png)
>>48160 >>48104 Damn this looks awesome
>>48160 damn nice
(5.23 MB 2316x3211 lenin_cat.jpg)
Vlada (Leninism).
>>48258 Not even a huge fan of the catgirls but this is great. Keep at it!
>>48258 This is really high quality wow Keep it up comrade!
>>48258 can you do Rodina too? like, as the cute original? also i don't mean to be rude, is that neck that long on purpose? it doesn't look bad, just new to me
>>48377 (OP) It was a mistake, likely due to the upwards perspective.
(1.13 MB 2334x3301 che_cat.jpg)
>>48804 Nice !
>>48804 That pun is terrible and I love it. Amazing artwork too. Keep it up, anon!
>>48804 Not brown enough.
(227.90 KB 860x684 argentina es blanca.png)
>>49248 She's Cuban, not Argentinian.
>>49248 There are plenty of whites in Cuba. Castro himself was the son of Spanish immigrants.
>>49328 >>49275 I have only said "Not brown enough" not out of concern for "minorities representation" but because brown (cat)girls make my peepee hard and tingly.
(42.57 KB 800x450 ArgentinaIsWhite.jpg)
>>49331 Wasn't implying any such thing, only that an Argentinian girl would suit your tastes better.
>>47731 Sauce?
(242.75 KB 376x641 alunya-srs.png)
Could someone add Alunyas usual color-scheme to this? Seems like original artists made it for a specifically black-and-white / dreary context (shadows dotted) but it wouldn't make sense for the OC I want to use it to and I'm not that good at digital (re)coloring for it to not look like shit. <3
(2.93 MB 3787x3000 grace x integralist NSFW.png)
>>49408 >>47993 fine, but only because you asked
>>49453 Turn integralist-chan into a 6'5" amazonian futa and then it will be bueno.
(103.94 KB 376x641 colored version.png)
>>49435 I've never done this before. Is this good?
>>48804 I want to feel up her thighs
>>49473 Thank you~ <3
>>49474 Fuck off pervert
>>49480 I want to hug and fug
>>49474 (Artist of Piece) I totally understand anon. Why you gotta make my pee pee hard about my own drawing
>>49521 You draw very well, anon.
a girl AND a gamer? Whoa mama! Hummina hummina hummina bazooooooooing! eyes pop out AROOOOOOOOGA! jaw drops tongue rolls out WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF tongue bursts out of the outh uncontrollably leaking face and everything in reach WURBLWUBRLBWURblrwurblwurlbrwubrlwburlwbruwrlblwublr tiny cupid shoots an arrow through heart Ahhhhhhhhhhh me lady... heart in the shape of a heart starts beating so hard you can see it through shirt ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum ba-bum milk truck crashes into a bakery store in the background spiling white liquid and dough on the streets BABY WANTS TO FUCK inhales from the gas tank honka honka honka honka masturabtes furiously ohhhh my gooooodd
(94.80 KB 1555x1160 OK_PORKY.png)
(95.05 KB 1555x1160 OK_DOOMER.png)
ok porky
>>49771 Adorable !!
(264.28 KB 1032x1032 tiresome.jpg)
Sometimes Revolution feels a million miles away.
>>49797 And you know what? We will proudly take a million more steps towards it! Nice art
(93.23 KB 1879x875 1.png)
(112.58 KB 670x921 2.png)
(96.22 KB 1886x908 3.png)
I’m going to delete the posts in pics related. Why you ask? Because I feel like they are ruining a perfectly fine OC thread with sectarian shitflinging. If you want to discuss Alunyas political alignment, that’s fine by me as long as It’s either civilized or in another thread. If anyone has a problem with my decision please take it to the moderation thread >>31470
Edited last time by anon on 01/27/2020 (Mon) 20:11:36.
(1.25 MB 1920x1080 rude fellow.png)
>>49908 Restore the posts!
>>49908 Based, fuck them in the ass.
>>49908 based
(1.96 MB 1773x1871 how_to.jpg)
(1.96 MB 1773x1871 how_to.jpg)
(536.40 KB 1476x1180 how_to2.jpg)
>>50102 Corrected ver. and template
Dropping uncoloured pieces. Requesting a colouring of these + >>41339
>>50102 >>50104 Is this the generic leftists/left unity/non-sectarian Alunya to you? Marx, Engels, Lenin? You make me sad.
>>50111 If you want to revive that shitstorm please take it to here >>50113 Some people like to post their OC here and I don't like the idea of it being filled with sectarian shitposting
Edited last time by anon on 01/29/2020 (Wed) 19:24:00.
>>50116 Did you just kick someone out of the thread for correctly pointing out that the list of theorists right now do not reflect a balanced, 'leftist unity' selection? It's only Marxists. Party-oriented Marxists.
>>50136 Sorry, I was just scared that this thread would turn into a shitstorm again like >>49908
>>50138 looking back on it, i've probably acted too soon
(617.89 KB 500x375 1579516449898.gif)
>>50140 >i've probably acted too soon nah, you did the right thing, people’s champion
(672.29 KB 1626x1180 template2.jpg)
The original font is the TF2 'Secondary' font.
>>50111 >>50136 Is this fine? I'm not the OP, btw.
(144.04 KB 1320x1218 EPk6Z_LX0AEqsTv.jpg)
>>50102 This is goddamn cute, anon, I love it, please keep doing art like this RE: Alunya and sectarianism, she was created when leftypol hadn't had its big schism of "tankies vs anarkiddies" yet. Yes she's patterned after a Catalonia Free State fighter (and I seen people acting like my own design where she's got the white shirt and the hat is the original? Is this just /pol/yps joining in not aware of her history), but she was meant to represent all of leftypol at a time that meant "all of the left, which we're mostly defining as being to the left of the neoliberal establishment". As I always insist on this stuff, she's public domain, so now it's down to what you feel like doing. Especially in the absence of a dedicated ancom catgirl, and with the community having split on ideological lines, and with Alunya being designed after ancom visuals, it's perfectly reasonable to use her as a specific ancom character. Being she was created to be non-sectarian, has a secondary design (mea culpa) that uses more generic "turn of the century worker" imagery and even the hammer and sickle, and is only defined by how the person using her at any point wants to define her, it's also reasonable to use her as a general leftist character and not specifically ancom. Up to you guys. Anyway and meanwhile did this as a commission
>>50271 > when leftypol hadn't had its big schism of "tankies vs anarkiddies" yet It didn't have tankies yet, and trots were more than happy being represented by a catgirl donning the colours of the CNT-FAI.
>>50279 >It didn't have tankies yet but it did
>>50372 The size was drastically smaller before the twitter and reddittards got wind of us.
>>50425 hot needs hands to go lower
>>50425 Cute
(1.94 MB 3192x1791 heart.jpg)
>>50695 Damn, this piece sent me onto a one-way trip to feelsville. Good work on the piece anon. I like the little details that've been put into it, like the fact that the glow is coming from the left side of her chest where the heart is. It reminds me of the quote "I can't help it that my blood is red and my heart is on the left" or something along those lines.
>>50695 not a fan of her character tbh, but that's a really nice warm piece great job
>>50767 >not a fan of her character Why not? Not trying to antagonise, just curious since I think this might be the first time I see a specific negative opinion on one of the catgirls rather than "this catgirl is the best"
(132.00 KB 610x475 WHY.png)
>>50769 Not the person you asked, but the PICG Rodina redesign is generally not liked here. Nothing but love for Rachel, she was great. But the Rodina redesign was a huge dick move. Not only were we not asked about it, but the redesign removed all the GETchan references and then we were pressured to rename our mascot Rodina to her working name "Domovina", which of course we weren't going to do. I'm personally glad the PICG redesign seems to have fallen out of use, as I'm not a fan of it either.
>>50695 More like this, please. This is just too good.
>>50769 basically what >>50819 explained it's changes mostly due to fear of drawing a loli and forcing them to be of the same age to have them in one fictional setting of a school or something also she just looks like a rodent, we should call her rodenta instead of Rodina, since she has very little to do with Rodina doesn't mean that i completely hate rodenta, if she were just a character of her own i wouldn't mind her at all, just still mock her for her looks a little
>>50836 >>50819 Hmm. I mean, that much makes sense, but even Rachel later on drew Loli Rodina, I thought by now it was generally agreed to consider both as separate characters instead
>>50819 >>50836 >>50767 (Artist of >>50695) Thanks for the history lesson (new here). I'll still mostly draw 'tall' Rodina though (I have a thing for tall girls).
>>50888 She drew Rodina as thanks to /GET/ for awarding her the "People's Artist of GETchan" medal, yes. But that was after PICG was discontinued. It's more the history of the character than the design itself, at least for me. The whole campaign to get the redesign to replace the original. The design itself is kinda lackluster and removes all the key GETchan references in Rodina's design, so if she just called it a new character I don't think anyone would have even known it was supposed to be the same character and it all could have been avoided. >>50930 Draw whatever you want, m8. Just letting you know why /GET/ doesn't really like the PICG "Rodina" redesign. You're a great artist regardless.
>>50930 >I have a thing for tall girls And this sentence right confirmed that you are my nigga.
>>36099 >Makes no sense I love it! >bottom left Where have I seen her before? :-/
>>50932 >The whole campaign to get the redesign to replace the original wtf that's rude rachel why
>>51019 Because the original being a loli made her uncomfortable.
(4.19 MB 3960x1860 first_steps.jpg)
>>51019 >>51020 Wasn't really a campaign though, just something she did herself- she never tried to get others to follow her, not that I recall. And even then, again, towards the end she considered the two Rodinas as separate characters and drew loli Rodina. Feels to me a bit like holding a silly grudge, not because you're not right to not like it when a stranger artist pops in and "steals" a character, but because that later got solved with the best possible solution (they are separate characters) but you're ignoring it
>>51036 not blaming Rachel, she just created something new based off Rodina, making a different character, but i remember there were people who were kinda pushing for new "Rodina" as a replacement i hold no grudge against Rachel, she did a very fine job creating the PICG, but i don't like her Rodina re-interpretation because its just not a good one imo
>>51033 Very nice!
>>51036 Again, you're missing the point. I'm not blaming Rachel, I'm blaming the mob that came here and posted endless "change your mascot" and "change her name" threads. Left a really bad taste in my mouth. Rachel's initial reaction to the situation wasn't great, but she came around later, so let me just say once again that I don't blame her. I assume you weren't here when the whole thing was happening, but it was not a good time.
>>51048 it was pretty annoying already on 8/leftypol/ with those kind of posters, since they did want to get rid of "the loli" can't imagine how much shittier it was having this going on a smaller board where this must stick out even more, going after your own OC
>>51048 > I'm blaming the mob that came here and posted endless "change your mascot" and "change her name" threads. That's such a dick move. How common was this?
>>51054 I think it hit Druže especially hard, since he created her. But it wasn't fun for the rest of us either, considering she was made to represent us. >>51057 Was pretty much a daily occurrence throughout PICG's run. After that was discontinued, the redesign seemed to fade out of people's memories and they pretty much immediately stopped coming here to bother us.
(3.98 MB 3930x1780 first_steps.jpg)
>>51033 Slightly updated ver.
>>51126 >Berniecat going for the deep cuts, eh
>>51126 >your organizing in *you're organizing in >is their a *is there a Point 2 sounds kinda douchey. If there is an org that is doing things right, you don't "adapt their strategy to your own situation", you join them.
>>50930 >I'll still mostly draw 'tall' Rodina though (I have a thing for tall girls) >>50946 i want to see her fuck
>>51128 >Point 2 sounds kinda douchey. If there is an org that is doing things right, you don't "adapt their strategy to your own situation", you join them. (Artist of >>51126, >>51033) I thought it was a given that you would join these orgs regardless, this guide is intended for those setting up their own local orgs/branches of orgs individually. Seeing what other sucessful local orgs are doing to provide mututal aid and class consciousness (whether a lefty org or no), then adapting their tactics to your specific material conditions.
(147.51 KB 523x409 D7L9V2bXkAExkst.jpg large.jpg)
>>51129 >i want to see her fuck (Artist of >>50946)
>>51133 dew it not forcing you but it would be nice :^)
(Author of this post)
>>49454 based
(65.75 KB 1645x1201 EQGuFj3XsAMVCiA.jpg)
>>51288 too sexy
(156.60 KB 1080x972 D1VAOHk.jpg)
>>51288 Jon?
Will PICG every have a resurgence? And somewhat related... have we ever considered getting attention and breadpilling people on r34? (I know leftybooru is a thing but it 1. sucks 2. barely works and 3. barely had anything good)
>>51387 Seriously though, propaganda porn is an untapped market. although I would worry that the community would be split on this.
>>51389 let them moan and cry about it, the porn already exists and there will be more as that's the way it naturally goes would be nice to have a presence on r34 sites like pahel or what it's called when you look up "communism" on there it's not like you don't get results already, it'd be only an improvement to get some influence by posting better stuff
>>51400 Nah. There is like a REAAAAL lack of actual pr0nz. Likely due to a lack of actual artistic creativity due to most of us having too much time studying theory. Although we should try to get artists so they can help breadpill some comrades
>>51400 And btw. leftypol is getting less powerful in mainstream leftism, and though alunya might become reused, but probably not even close to the mascot level she had back then. Which is real sad considering our arguably highest moments was when we had professional artists working alongside us. But now alot of that community (as well as a lot of others) had left and we kinda need to lead ourselves forward. So what I suggest is that we promote more artistic prevalence.
(1021.25 KB 2334x3301 zap_cat.jpg)
Emilanyo (Zapitista Cat)
>>51389 >>51400 >>51402 >>51403 As one of the new resident artists here, I can attest to how the board mascots and the visual culture that came from past artists did initially draw me into the board. I do love seeing this unique culture that boards such as leftypol creates, it's a huge breath of fresh air to have a (fairly) small community rather than popular social media sites, where no collective identity ever really forms due to how atomized every user is. Unfortunately, I feel my personal time and effort would probably be better spent organizing people locally than being glued to my PC as I am when making art and browsing leftypol (most of the time). If I saw a bigger push in the leftypol community towards organizing locally (discussing tactics and such more constructively) I suppose i'd feel less guilty for not 'pulling my weight' in that sense. P.S. I probably wouldn't mind making hentai/ecchi featuring our mascots if the tactic proved successful... Just saying.
>>51419 Draw situationist cat handholding
>>51417 Neat, only thing that bothers me is that the female equivalent to "Emiliano" would be "Emiliana", "Emilia", "Amalia" or other such names. The "o" at the end implies a male gender.
(1.62 MB 3264x2448 image0.jpg)
I posted it in the trash thread, but I like it and it will last longer here. Drawing of Georges Brassens by me. >>51417 Very nice!
>>51402 In raw numbers the vast majority of Alunya pictures outside of leftypol and here is porked.com porn. Think about that for a second. Theory that is not evaluated evaluated against observation of reality is just chinless selfmasturbation.
>>51417 Question. Is this supposed to represent the modern day Zapatistas in Chiapas or the original 1910s Revolution ones? Other than that Muy Bueno.
>>51522 She's meant to be a modern zap in casual clothing (although her ambiguity can be take as symbolizing the whole history of the movement). Another anon on leftypol mentioned she isn't wearing combat gear as well, so maybe i'll make a version of her with said gear (ski mask, olive drap, cap, etc.) in the future.
(942.54 KB 1428x2021 het!.jpg)
Say NO to the Black Pill!
>>52952 coward
>>52962 rude but blackpilled
>>52952 This is so good, I love the shading and the text style.
>>52952 I just realized that she’s eating a ripped off portion of the fish but the fish is completely fine lmao
>>53018 She's obviously just finished a second fish that was also on the plate.
(1.64 MB 2732x1481 dengist catgirl.png)
Dengist catgirl. I hope noone else did this before. I was thinking she could be like Maoist cat / Ye Mao's younger sister? but she would still act older & talk down to her about "productive forces" and "market socialism", which causes Maocat to hate her? idk abt lore man i just draw pictures.
>>53138 I love her! Especially the long ears!
>>53138 I want her to step on me.
>>53138 love it, continue drawing art and having fun like this
>>53138 >true ideology revealed! >tfw line goes up You should color a few of those sketches.
>>36009 Cletus represents the inbred rural farmer redneck and Jamal is the inner-city laborer and gang-affiliated criminal.
>>53138 Looks like you forgot to draw her tail. I assume it's just like Ye Mao's?
(757.74 KB 1650x1152 IN THE STREETS.jpg)
>>53319 I like normal clothed Alunya
>>53319 This is lit af.
>>53319 Very, very, very nice.
>>53319 Spelling error: it's Cockshott
(247.71 KB 1729x1284 DbpQ2fVW0AEPhHC.jpg)
(32.89 KB 569x383 Dg6KwAXWsAAAVZA.jpg)
(46.64 KB 388x463 spookbuster.jpg)
>>53562 >pic 2 Why is she so sad?
>>53572 Lost the dildo (heheheh)
>>53576 what have we done to you
>>53576 >>53590 He was so sweet, so innocent. We've turned him into a pervert.
>>53562 i <3 this artstyle. its so cute.
(157.09 KB 992x880 1407407782876.jpg)
>>53591 >He **Etienne's a grill you silly-billy.*
>>53590 Oh please, I have grown up in educational camps with students far more dirty than here! A little joke does no harm !! >>53591 >>53598 Both are wrong.
pls lewd alunya
(209.58 KB 1082x1107 Screenshot_188.png)
>>53852 im drunk
(38.39 KB 600x805 25626437636.jpg)
>>43618 hot >>54010 very hot
>>54010 That's a lot of bush.
(363.66 KB 2408x3319 politigals0001.png)
(447.98 KB 2107x3271 politigals0002.png)
(485.73 KB 2481x3507 politigals0003.png)
Not quite catgirls, but I wanted to post this on GET. Political icons as anime girls 1/2
(341.10 KB 2481x3130 politigals0004.png)
(372.26 KB 2394x3299 politigals0005.png)
(260.12 KB 3382x2195 politigals0006.png)
>>54033 Political icons as anime girls 2/2
>>54034 Stalin nd Mao please?
>>54033 >>54034 Adorable !
(160.02 KB 760x540 bueno.jpg)
>>54033 >>54034 Very cute
>>54033 I want Marx-Chan to squash my head with her thighs.
(335.15 KB 1120x1157 Screenshot_189.png)
Something something 1999 back in fashion
(323.90 KB 673x720 LOOGY.jpg)
>>54346 >fully body Pap tall Rodina NÜT
(672.76 KB 948x1211 Screenshot_190.png)
(38.20 KB 600x542 mcmahongif.jpg)
>>54010 holy FUCK that's amazing >>54346 >those tummies hnng
>>54346 >>54384 very fucking based comrade
>>54034 I love stirner chan
>>54384 Now this is art
I found this from the Erika artist. rip
(1.32 MB 1975x1097 CATGIRLS.png)
OK, it was annoying me that I hadn't this done yet so I pushed through the past couple days and nearly finished the new version of the catgirls chart Posting now for feedback on how to present it- just a big image? maybe a neocities page? Also we got three catgirls without a name and that's just sad, please name our catgirls
>>54013 >54010 hotter than 43618 Nigga you on drugs or something?
(871.55 KB 2100x1500 icepick_rodina.png)
>>54464 Looks like Alunya needs help
>>54551 Free Territory cat - Karetnie (very much based off Keretnik) Mutual bimbo - Murriel Dengist - Xipi
>>35305 How did I miss this holy shit
>>54551 Who is the catgirl below lolbert cat and left of Sandinista with the orange hair/green sweater?
>>54551 Also this looks so good, wow.
(566.16 KB 1214x2126 mom alunya.jpg)
posting rare alunya
(2.14 MB 2480x3508 maomao.jpg)
(3.70 MB 2480x3894 stanstan.jpg)
>>54037 Since you asked for it
>>54594 >>54571 >>54034 >>54033 Nice. Nice, NICE! I love them!
Someone make a Plunge Protection Gang catgirl.
>>54686 t. plunge protection gang
(1.00 MB 1809x1191 aha!.jpg)
>>54783 DAMN! Deng is thicc!
We need more yuri
>>54783 nice to see Trotsky cat utilized
(43.18 KB 500x500 d96.jpg)
>all the leftypol girls have a bush patrician taste anons
>>54783 Ace!
>>54783 Nice drawing! Also, did Xipi break her wrist?
>>54901 (drawfag) Hands are always the hardest to draw :(
>>54960 this
(705.39 KB 1080x1440 20200227_163156.jpg)
not sure if anyone remembers but a while back (i think over a year ago) i drew a sketch of my idea of an IRA catgirl. i know someone else has already posted a design here (v cute btw), but i thought i'd give drawing mine another try. i couldn't think of any cat puns at the time so i named her Saoirse.
>>55030 We want a plunge protection gang catgirl while being furiously beaten up/våldtäktd by Corona-chan
>>54960 As a fellow «drawfag»(sic) I understand
>>55030 Great stuff, anon! If you're here to stay (or even if not) we're happy to have you back! t. New Drawfag
>>55030 absolute cutie, she's getting kept around as far as I'm concerned >>55045 please explain plunge protection to me like I'm mentally 5 years old, I'm gay and a drawfag
(9.11 KB 518x518 suprised_alunya_crop.png)
(77.95 KB 1373x1314 suprised_alunya.png)
Alunya makes a funni face
(335.17 KB 1287x881 tired_alunya_.png)
Blackpilled Alunya at 4AM
>>55341 sheseesyourdick.png
General question: Where did most of the political catgirl designs come from? Did they come from Paps, CatgirlDrawgirl or were they spontaneously created by individuals in the Leftypol community?
>>55872 Already replied on the leftypol thread but might as well here too in case there's anons who don't go there One anon created Alunya. The first basic design with the black shirt etc that we use in the spoiler images. Months later I stopped by leftypol, not yet a regular, and in a thread asking if they had a board-tan. In it someone mentioned changing the design so I designed the one more based on 19th century worker movements- the poofy red hat, long skirt, white button-up shirt one. In a later thread I did the first drawings of Alunya in an SD style and suggesting making comics, but then I ghosted out as I tend to do. Later still, Drawgirl stopped by and IIRC saw that early thread, might be a coincidence though. Point is she was inspired by Alunya to do a comic about politics, and using my "Alunya with white shirt" design as a base, designed the original batch of PICG who all had a more samey design. I then redrew them all and retouched their outfits for most of them, and added a few more girls like the Nazbol or Posadist. Then Drawgirl eventually stopped doing PICG and I avoided creating new girls as I stopped coming to leftypol as often, and since then most new girls have been random anons adding to it. t.Paps
(31.86 KB 688x659 vlady_yes.png)
(323.03 KB 1226x1179 Screenshot_192.png)
(594.94 KB 1524x1212 Screenshot_193.png)
>>56023 I want to fuck this cat
(711.39 KB 1267x1329 catlinweb.png)
>>56023 >>56032 >>56573 I've loved this thread and everything posted in it so much for so long, that I've actually ran out of ways of expressing it for each art-piece. Giving out some (you)s is all I've got, and it ain't much, but trust me when I say my cheeks hurt from smiling!
>>56601 If THIS isn't wholesome, I don't know what is.
(2.78 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr03.png)
(2.65 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr02.png)
(2.71 MB 3408x2800 revised_gr01.png)
To anyone who wants to post more political catgirl art on the main board (leftypol) i'd suggest you make a new thread since the last one hit the post limit and got bumplocked.
>>56714 This makes me desire to draw Revolutionary Citizen Grace with tri-colours!
>>56772 made one >>326378
(183.07 KB 723x1346 fenya stand.png)
(211.11 KB 902x739 fenya tech.png)
(200.32 KB 882x721 fenya his.png)
>>56905 I love her and her cute jester outfit, hope we get more interesting designs of her.
>>56875 Please do!
(2.16 MB 1200x900 Untitled81_20200305110114.png)
Just a little edit
(45.54 KB 587x974 image0.jpg)
>>56977 A little sketch
(103.47 KB 1674x1656 sketchi1.png)
(132.97 KB 1680x2324 sketchi2.png)
bored sketches
(2.41 MB 3225x3082 Monarchomachist!.png)
>>57105 Comrade Étienne... BACK TO THE BASTILLE!
>>57131 And I am out !
(3.66 MB 3000x1700 Artillery Crew Final.png)
Reposting from /leftytrash/.
(86.00 KB 969x672 image0.jpg)
(757.74 KB 1650x1152 IN THE STREETS.jpg)
>>57292 Original file
>>57302 gross
>>57335 rude
(564.99 KB 285x290 Nekomije.gif)
https://kirrys.tumblr.com/post/190956283755/happy-catgirl-i-am-trying-to-learn-opentoonz-and >Feb 21 Holy shit, Rachel is still drawing catgirls. Fuck, I miss her.
>>58475 BASED Rachel please come back we miss you
>>58475 this is very kute
>>58488 >>58475 You could just message her either on twitter or tumblr? Maybe ask her to just visit us for old times' sake, we don't necessarily have to ask her to stay or anything but just catching up with what she's been up to the last few years would be nice. I mean its not like she holds a grudge against us or anything, she left because partly because of the angry typing with radlibs on reddit and partly because of wanting to be known for something more than being a personal artist for a niche group of leftist Tuvan throatsinging enthusiasts.
>>58504 She has not posted on her political catgirl twitter for years and i dont have a tumblr.
>>58513 This doesn't have any new posts either but this is her personal twitter. https://twitter.com/kirryface?lang=en It might be that she's just neglected all other social media platforms besides tumblr or she made a new account that I don't know of and simply forgot to delete this one.
>>58475 oh wow wonder if she's got another means of contact like, wish she'd get back to twitter or something just because I don't wanna go to tumblr just to DM her
We should name the Makhnovist cat Hulia. After Huliaipolie, Makno's city of birth.
Just downloaded all images ITT. Thanks for your work drawanon
(891.84 KB 900x1500 Post-Stalinism Catgirl.png)
Reposting from /leftytrash/ for archival reasons.
>>60713 Can you please upload a zip?
(67.00 KB 842x1191 nowords1.png)
here's something to entertain you guys add your own dialogue to this comic! you got any other ideas or thoughts on short comics on what the other girls are doing during confinement?
(55.19 KB 842x1191 gorbachev.jpg)
>>61860 I love this
btw nice comic.
Would anyone be interested in doing a Buddhist-Marxism cat? I'm not a drawer, but can give some advice on what they might look like
(43.01 KB 560x288 dx.jpg)
>>61854 I love it. Very cute, and contains recognizably very cat-like behaviour while also playing with very human things and emotions. And, you've managed to express everything with style and clarity in your drawings. It's a sign of skill from a comic artist to succeed in making text supplemental and optional, rather than essential. But surely you know this already, I'm just saying it to express my respect in a way everyone understands. Also, since inspiration often comes from personal experience... You have my sympathies.
>>61922 Get out, reactionary
>>61926 how is it reactionary to ask for wider representation of non-western leftists?
>>61963 it has shit all to do with the west or the east. there are multiple non-white catgirls, but buddhism is a reactionary religion from a feudal time.
>>61966 this is such a reactionary take. Buddhist Marxists used the language and culture of Buddhism to help make marxism and socialism understandable. christian language pervades much of the western marxist canon, but you don't realise because you're so deep inside it
>>61974 you sound like a pomo. yes I am aware of the presence of "christian language" in some Marxist texts, but if you think that it makes Marxism "christian" then you're a retard, and the same would go for any Buddhist metaphors used by Marxists to explain Marxism to Buddhists.
>>61976 you sound really reactionary. recognising the existence and the contribution of Buddhist/South East Asian marxists has nothing to do with spreading religion and everything to do with acknowledging the contribution and participation of non-Western marxisms to the canon. Buddhism is simply their cultural marker, like "West" is for someone like Karl Marx.
>>62000 >Religous belief is the same thing as customs Eat a cock t. chink
>>61922 pitch your design, use a dollmaker or something if needed
>>62000 >Buddhist/South East Asian marxists falsification! I love Uncle Ho and you know very well he was no Buddhist. >Buddhism is simply their cultural marker, like "West" is for someone like Karl Marx. YES, THIS IS WHY I THINK YOU SOUND LIKE A POMO.
>>61922 I'm a proponent of Buddhist ethics and I feel this is misguided. The Buddha should be represented in person if we are to represent Dharmic socialism. Like we do with Marx, Stirner, etc. On that note: the Buddha and Alunya together? That's a neat concept. >>61854 Awesome as always.
>>62009 >implying their not inextricably linked in most Eastern societies fuck off t. gook
>>62019 yeah i'm talking about Po Hla Gyi and Thakin Soe
(2.38 MB 1896x827 Screenshot_197.png)
>>62636 >Reverse bunnysuit Was not expecting to see this trend here, but fucking nice.
>>62636 Ohohoho, nice!
(3.33 MB 800x450 HeavyIsNice.gif)
>>62636 Not really my cup of tea in terms of kinks, but it still looks good regardless so props for that. Always glad to see the more rarely-used catgirls getting their time in the spotlight.
(19.77 KB 144x330 Alunya faggot cat.png)
Not my drawing, but still OC.
(2.55 MB 1944x938 Screenshot_202.png)
some more might end up over a few days here, few days there, doing all the girls might not depends on where the horny takes a man, really
>>62886 A C E ! Somehow I'm not the least surprised Valentina has zero shame and maximum confidence about this.
>>62886 >fitt
(104.00 KB 600x600 alunya thumbs up.png)
Seeing as this thread is nearly at 500 posts, I've made it cyclical to keep it going. Keep up the great work, comrades.
>>62886 can you smell the pussy wafting out of this image?
(84.79 KB 782x960 received_543354493272165.jpeg)
>>62956 Imagine the smell.
(137.74 KB 1076x598 sand.png)
>>62886 who the girl with the PENIS?
>>26950 Post dick


no cookies?