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(4.61 MB lunafarewell.webm)
Commemorative King song Anonymous Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 17:44:10 No. 75232
We should do a commemorative song or something similar like with lunachan Here are some propositions on what song whe could use as a base; https://youtu.be/0k8xMiZp588[Embed] Hasta Siempre Che Guevara. https://youtu.be/ZrA8vdZwEko[Embed] És l’hora dels adéus (Tradiotional song from here about saying goodbye, see >>75072 ) https://youtu.be/Tf8nTiP5tBw[Embed] You Fell Victim - Bolshevik Funeral March Propose more songs, tomorrow morning I'll do a strawpoll with all of them so that we can choose one. Then we can start versioning the song
>>75232 Oh fug, here are the links fixed; https://youtu.be/0k8xMiZp588 Hasta Siempre Che Guevara. https://youtu.be/ZrA8vdZwEko És l’hora dels adéus (Tradiotional song from here about saying goodbye, see >>75072 ) https://youtu.be/Tf8nTiP5tBw You Fell Victim - Bolshevik Funeral March
How about the USSR national anthem, like he did for Lunachan? I'm totally not biased of course.
We could also use "La Peregrinación 2" since it seems King like it a lot. Now, the problem is that I can't find the instrumentals
Will we be writing and singing the lyrics?
>>75261 Yeah that's the idea
>>75242 Why not the anthem of GETchan? It has the same tune and even mentions him. https://youtu.be/UecXvGM2IYc
What happened?
(128.65 KB 1871x913 get king .png)
>>75604 He's most likely gone forever anon meaning he's not on /ref/ either
>>75608 The winner will be selected when 24 hours pass
>>75644 What if there is a tie?
>>75717 Or maybe we re-do it with only both songs, dunno.
shit, looking at the strawpoll I realise I forgot to add La Peregrinación, If anyone wants to vote for it tell me here
(34.10 KB 1011x561 strawpol.PNG)
Looks like Hasta Siempre Che Guevara won. Now, since there is a large part of this board that speaks spanish I would like to ask; on what language should the song be? Spanish, which will be easier to versionate or english so that everyone can understand without subtitles Vote comrades! https://www.strawpoll.me/19865420
>>76249 while spanish would be better, more people here actually speak english, i assume, making it a bigger pool of potential participants that can actually sing it intelligibly people actually interested in singing should get to pick i suppose
I've got a last message from King: >Song for me Big oof. Should just sing the Anthem of GETchan instead. I was always trying to get a "GETchan Sings" of that done, but it never panned out. And as for "Hasta Siempre", that song was associated with Iara leaving. I'd feel weird about taking that from her.
Edited last time by zeke on 04/25/2020 (Sat) 17:08:14.
Will this be posted in the youtube channel?
>>76388 gotta ask the youtube channel owner >>76345 oh, hmmm... well, anthem then i guess?
>>76406 I guess so if king suggested it but there's already 3 versions of the anthem so i'm not sure about adding another one
>>76345 So I guess that whole "I won't check the board again was a lie" then hehe Alrighty, that solves lots of problems. Do you mind pinning this thread then? >>76422 so that people don't get confused over what's happening. Also, if you can. Tell King to feel free to send me his audio if he wants. >>76408 Well, this is not really a "serious" version
>>77060 why is half of africa missing
>>77095 Probably has something to do with sphere of influence or country landmass
>>77060 Damn, never heard this song sounds fucking based


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