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simp Anonymous Comrade 03/25/2020 (Wed) 23:25:16 No. 62481
Share pictures of people you find attractive
(1.45 MB 960x1280 8pp5inesd0y31.png)
(165.70 KB 969x1200 DRhPhyHX4AAVJQ8.jpg)
(61.23 KB 640x640 NE5C2F1.jpg)
(171.50 KB 1073x1200 ESDjkcPXYAYB4iI.jpg)
I've just been admonished to come here to post simping pics. Here we go. Also, no Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional flag, for fuck's sake.
(466.04 KB 1407x2048 EP9_BCGUUAA_MK-.jpg)
>>62481 >how did you call Bernie, anon? Succ...dem? What does that mean?
>>62535 needs to go easier on the blush. its not a circus, lady
(121.36 KB 900x1200 D0P9R0jWoAEUT1m.jpg)
>>62594 >2d eww and yikespilled
Why do people like that Bernie chick with a fake BF so much? Just watch porn, fam
i don't understand guys that feel attracted to those featureless and "beauty" normed women they might be alright, i don't know them, but just from looks they have nothing outstanding going for them they're kind of cute and i know they're supposed to be beautiful but i just don't see it
>>62684 Because A. It’s vanilla B. You have no emotional attachment to them C. You aren’t a simp manchild
>>62673 Imagine unironically choosing a drawn facsimile of a woman over the real deal Now that’s what I call false consciousness
>>62684 Everyone has a preference about what they see as beautiful/cute. and emotional connection also impacts that. just post whatever you think looks attractive
>>62709 it's more ethical than "real" porn
(505.90 KB 900x900 0_1659d7_51695d48_orig_full.jpg)
(18.81 KB 216x300 original-216x300.jpg)
soviet girls
I wish I was pretty
>>62714 And growing your own food is more ethical than going to the market nigga, oh well
>>62735 Is you a girl? One born with a pussy?
>>62756 i read that in robert plant's voice haha
>>62519 >>62535 more bernie girl
>>62729 my god, holy shit they are hot
>>62746 No to both. Not just girls can be pretty.
>>62729 wtf i thought soviet was black and white
(8.53 KB 175x288 sdfghj.jpg)
>>62994 of course, but you have to remember that the soviets fell in the late 80s, so colored photos would still be a thing (more soviet girls)
I will now judge the taste of all the simps on this board. >>62492 >teehee so cute and quirky! Personally I find these people annoying but it's acceptable taste esp. cuz they can mellow out later >>62519 >attention whore Enjoy your future divorce and alimony payments cuck >>62531 >older woman Respectable taste. >>62586 >Tattooed attention whore Even worse taste than the bernie bro. >>62729 >Soviet girls Acceptable taste. >>63000 >Another tattooed attention whore Cringe >>63017 >Insane ethononationalist Bad taste simply for the reason that she'd kill you and marry a high ranking syrian officer asap Man you zoomers are retarded at picking wahmen.
(56.07 KB 317x312 1489213415932.jpg)
>>63026 goatsedance.com >wahmen <mega cringe moment
>>63026 <Another tattooed attention whore That’s a pornstar She hot af tho Bet you like “2D girls” sperg Anyway all these chicks are probably vapid and dull as shit with no personalities
(131.87 KB 880x480 nyannycosplay.jpg)
(90.56 KB 1280x720 hitdfgh.jpg)
(175.13 KB 1200x659 8d8.jpg)
>>63082 probably the same person >>62594
>>63039 >>63082 repent your crap or get out otakus
>>63082 >Unironically preferring to fantasize about pussy instead of fucking it Lolz 1000
>>63076 Lmao this chick is nothing special I’d fuck her till I drop, but she’s probs the least good looking girl posted here
>>63076 Too bad she doesn't look that great without the wig.
>>63090 >to fantasize about pussy What do you think this thread is about?
(37.07 KB 385x600 1409390472815.jpg)
(34.21 KB 333x500 Nat Bolsheviks4.jpg)
(23.68 KB 400x400 59121494.jpeg)
>>62481 Women? Ew.
(139.89 KB 1080x1350 1551673810256.jpg)
(57.83 KB 691x1024 1580614738800.jpg)
(2.43 MB 1440x2560 1567182891031.jpg)
>>63119 Nice titties bro
>>63119 me on the right
>>63115 This but unironically
Why are "asian"-adjacent ethnicities so hot? Do I have yellow fever? If so how do I deal with this? Is it even a problem or a personal preference in terms of what I find beautiful (cultural, subjective)?
>>63328 Your not the only one who finds asians quite hot.
>>63328 preferring asian girls is perfectly fine. the problem is that some people like to do stupid shit like write "asians only" in their dating profiles or literally use the word "yellow fever" in front of an asian woman. I hope you're not that retarded, and if you aren't, avoiding retarded behavior should be easy.
(8.77 KB 225x225 ercftghvbjkn.jpg)
(99.38 KB 768x1024 DyM8sLDU0AAfYgj.jpg)
>>63328 It's because asians have higher neoteny and you're a pedo. jk
>>63328 what is your favorite asian-adjacent etnicity?
(238.28 KB 502x665 1.jpeg)
(290.36 KB 560x948 2.jpeg)
(211.05 KB 269x507 3.jpeg)
>>63371 Mongolians, Kazakhs and Kalmyks
(167.94 KB 1200x800 jnuygfrdekjhg.jpg)
(49.99 KB 524x793 screen-6.jpg)
>>63429 That's some good shit. Thoughts on Koreans?
>>63037 >goatsedance.com >heh wonder what that link leads to >oh
>>62679 watching porn is trash Softcore is the only good core
>>63493 Literally the only good hentai is that one story on Luscious.net
(1.21 MB 249x167 1348841320982.gif)
>>63453 Anon no YOU WEREN'T HIP ENOUGH https://youtu.be/PNk_SH_vVbU?t=131
>>63453 meh, i've seen worse
Do you know the Druze keep their core beliefs a secret which is passed down only to a few men every generation?
(437.20 KB 800x1053 1722797.jpg)
>>63735 Very good taste!
(213.95 KB 1500x1063 5.jpg)
otakus get out
(6.40 KB 226x250 engles_hentai.jpg)
>>63730 god, women in tanktops are so fucking hot
(11.33 KB 235x308 iojhugf.jpg)
(7.38 KB 208x243 fcghvjbkn.jpg)
>>63991 based armpit poster
>>63854 Can I get the full video, I-It's for homework! Baaka
(477.14 KB 812x976 hoodie 1.jpg)
>>62535 Succ on dem nuts lmao
>>64155 Nothing like some señoritasss
>>63963 It lets you get an idea of the actual goodies, that's why. It's like racy without being racy, if you get my drift. And for the Druze God's sake, Rania is so fantastically shapely... And tasty...
(6.29 KB 170x296 sxdrghv.jpg)
(123.06 KB 900x1200 EDVaSCAU4AISyi_.jpg)
(81.99 KB 900x1200 D_4w1khU4AAZP59.jpg)


no cookies?