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(36.79 KB 175x115 logo.png)
Hunger Games ⑨ Anonymous Comrade 01/11/2020 (Sat) 16:57:55 No. 47850
I need 24 participants same events as last time
(169.84 KB 694x840 1508649386747.jfif)
(8.02 KB 215x234 Douglas-MacArthur.-9959.jfif)
(95.70 KB 900x691 5432ebd169bedd4458d2a55d.jfif)
The strongest, McArthur and an atom bomb
/qresearch/ and donald blumpf
Fuck this shit, I never win
(26.27 KB 750x411 ELOeS0AU8AAN_0O.jpg)
Party feud
(66.77 KB 960x894 ENysfBdXsAA6yQQ.jpg)
(7.36 KB 420x420 b36.png)
(39.72 KB 562x545 EL3c3GLXUAAU3Io.jpg)
Kara Boga
(558.79 KB 426x567 EM5nPvjWkAALy3m.png)
>>47865 >>47866 >>47868 also give a name pls.
>>47869 roody poo Groyper Libyan man with shisha
>>47871 you want this as roody poo >>47865 correct?
(889.36 KB 2048x1600 La Feelca.png)
(53.39 KB 161x222 Muhammad_Yunis_al-Ahmad.jpg)
(19.11 KB 261x281 oc donut steel.jpg)
la feelca walter Finnish Boomer
>>47873 ye i want him a sroody poo
Bernie, Jeb and Marx
(447.84 KB 700x586 D0qW-8bUYAAYyaW.png)
(350.33 KB 1125x1200 47484595_p0_master1200.jpg)
Coco and Tomoko
(19.72 KB 600x600 Father.jpg)
Your Dad
(181.71 KB 320x240 yugiyamiv4.png)
(262.38 KB 500x500 saku.png)
(275.53 KB 500x500 nico.png)
KoG, Sakurako, Nico.
2 spots remaining
(176.95 KB 498x684 Lenin.jpg)
(272.75 KB 1200x1472 FDR.jpg)
Lenin and FDR(in that order)
Comrade King Yugo
>>47886 That's Rodina.
>>47887 It's King and Yugo. Check my trips, they speak the truth. Doesn't matter however, as they didn't make it, which is ok.
(378.32 KB 674x831 1.png)
>>47886 I've removed bernie and marx This is the current roster Thoughts?
>>47890 not sure why you made room but i'll take it, glad my couple is together
>>47890 Ew, just make "Comrade King" into "Rodina" instead.
>>47892 alright but then make Yugo to Hideri as well
(101.92 KB 406x904 1.png)
(83.34 KB 414x750 2.png)
(160.45 KB 527x639 3.png)
>>47892 >>47893 Fixed Let's begin.
>>47895 >Tomoko kills Rodina right off the bat Nice.
(304.20 KB 580x402 w3k17f576aby.png)
>>47895 >Tomoko killed Jeb Ok this isn't Epic.
(59.25 KB 800x451 0_100b9c_82089013_XL.jpg)
Piece of cake
(17.61 KB 261x326 le upset nordic gentleman.png)
>>47895 >Finnish Boomer scared Kara Boga away Well he is pretty scary-looking.
(150.91 KB 400x941 1.png)
(112.91 KB 643x752 2.png)
(108.92 KB 466x483 3.png)
Day 1
(55.15 KB 331x670 1.png)
>>47902 >KoG tries to spear fish with a trident It's all about the timing. You should know this, fag.
>>47902 >McArthur recieves a hatchet from an unknown sponsor Not surprised also >tomoko coco aliance holy shit boys gg
(111.07 KB 444x939 1.png)
(138.54 KB 465x902 2.png)
(107.60 KB 363x784 3.png)
Night 1
(311.61 KB 400x400 iqRYv3Qd_400x400.png)
>>47907 >McArthur sets an explosive off That's it gommies, you're finished https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7V4tOdboWA
>>47907 poor little coco
(151.62 KB 421x941 1.png)
(157.02 KB 486x784 2.png)
(76.72 KB 292x928 3.png)
Day 2 and F
>>47907 >Your dad is dead Finally, fuck that guy.
>>47911 Lenin-FDR tagteam.
(17.24 KB 261x261 SOON.jpg)
>>47911 Shit, well I guess he was already pretty old anyways. RIP in peace.
(115.97 KB 534x751 1.png)
(100.20 KB 532x423 2.png)
Night 2
(103.54 KB 413x717 1.png)
(72.38 KB 302x429 2.png)
(53.06 KB 327x629 3.png)
Day 3 and F
>>47917 >>47918 *laughs in Polio*
(116.16 KB 382x640 1.png)
(86.52 KB 329x779 2.png)
Night 3
(164.33 KB 428x913 1.png)
(23.01 KB 313x324 2.png)
(379.13 KB 672x799 3.png)
Day 4. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 F 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and the current status of the game
>>47921 >Sakurako questions her sanity She's sad without her Waifu, Nico. ;_;
(97.17 KB 419x534 00rooseveltFD4.jpg)
>>47922 LENIN NUMBUR WON!!!!
>>47922 Press "P" to piss on grave. P
>>47921 coco needs rodina to help her with those things, since she's an experienced pioneer
(182.00 KB 627x940 1.png)
>>47926 Night 4
(131.05 KB 368x931 1.png)
(62.38 KB 286x686 2.png)
Day 5 and F
>>47928 those flowers are probably for Tomokos grave Coco is such a good girl
>>47927 >>47928 Oh KoG, doing painfully average as usual.
(90.79 KB 386x664 1.png)
Night 5
>>47931 It's down to Lenin to stop McArthur's rampage.
(410.62 KB 1051x591 784.PNG)
>>47931 Coco why
(53.08 KB 595x568 1.png)
The feast >>47932 How did you know???
>>47935 Oh wait lenin killed the bomb. forget what I said.
(23.43 KB 417x250 1.png)
(12.84 KB 262x274 2.png)
(308.09 KB 607x731 3.png)
And we have a winner
(1.38 MB 2742x3342 FDR Press release image.jpg)
(418.76 KB 1069x605 8720.PNG)
congrats Lenin
>>47937 District 11 dominated, wtf. >11 Nice dubs.
>Lenin kills Lenin, making Lenin the winner lmao
(820.38 KB 860x1424 yFPXVpW.jpg)


no cookies?