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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

(149.19 KB 900x1200 mikugesugaoblueeyes.jpg)
filter me 11/15/2019 (Fri) 12:56:55 No. 33939
3939 GET
I sure do enjoy getting them gets. don't forget to celebrate miku day next year.
The get guarantees socialism by or before 2022 and humans being able to survive climate change.
Also, we shall make a get meeting/conference to get to know y'all better. I suggest in the front of the MLK Memorial. Y'all decide on the time.
I'm also planning on establishing my presence in this thread.
my rudder's acting up.
We need evo POV.
(21.49 KB 671x1200 image-placeholder-title.jpg)
>tfw climb these things for a living to find gf
>find no gf
I've just lised a meeting place now it's up to you guys to list the time.
Just a reminder Citrus is the most popular anime in North Korea.
(391.05 KB 1086x547 Selection_323.png)
(1.12 MB 2190x1953 infinite sakus.png)
Is this /saku/?
(1.22 MB 951x960 sakurako spin3.gif)
Learning how to run over those Glow in the dark cia roody poos.
But you want to run over them not fly over them smh
Inital D them mid-air stunt jump.
(112.32 KB 720x1280 Screenshot_2019-11-18-05-19-30.png)
(7.57 MB 3666x5169 01.jpg)
I think I've read that one. That's the one where the guys look like fucking goblins, right? Pic related.
Yep, the ugliness makes it interesting.
I just didn't like that they all got murdered at the end when they did nothing wrong.
Same, but that makes it like real life.
I don't like real life, though. I read doujinshi to get away from real life.
(13.81 KB 720x306 tposemiku.jpg)
I just realize, I can double T-pose.
(409.24 KB 902x642 Selection_316.png)
(33.62 KB 715x254 Selection_326.png)
(21.32 KB 736x182 Selection_327.png)
Pretty based posters in a US military dicksucking circlejerk.
(17.64 KB 194x130 Selection_328.png)
I'm back for just today of this month.
This is a good thread but i'm not otaku enough to enjoy it very much.
39939 GET
Celebrate Miku day 2020
Celebrate her barfday too
Traps are males
(1.49 MB 2448x2448 20191129_134314.jpg)
(1.49 MB 2448x2448 20191129_134230.jpg)
I'll be back after the eleventh.
nice stikers
can't say the same about that cable management tho
rewatching clannad.
The two gangs are the nazi's and the Bolsheviks and spoilers the death of Kazuto Miyazawa is symbolic of the death of Stalin, also due to the allegiance of Yukine Miyazawa she is deduced to be nazbol.
Also, Tomoyo is the aggressive alt ego of Yukine, so also nazbol and is comparable to Stalin. This is a fact.
On episode 11 of afterstory.
(615.97 KB 888x638 funeral.png)
He also has a crippled arm, just like Stalin.
Fuck I read Tomoya, well still stand, he's Stalin too.
Tomoyo is compairable to Stalin because she is the only one that could match Kazuto in a fight.
Thus they share similar qualities.
The light orbs are offerings to the Nazbol gods.


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