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Welcome to /GET/, a congregation of everything that's wrong with humanity.

(55.49 KB 333x402 run.jpg)
When this thread hits page 10 I'll be save. Anonymous Comrade 10/26/2019 (Sat) 07:56:05 No. 26541
You, commies will never gulag me.
(356.13 KB 1800x1200 1537701201562.jpg)
*Blocks your path*
brebare ur anus borgy :-DDDDD
>Neoluddite with wog Australian characteristics weilding a goanna blocks your path
Yeh nah mate gonna have to confiscate those contraband
>takes your shoes
>speed cut in half, take damage to your non-boong feet
I can't even get to page 2.
WTF, /GET/ just let me leave.
>sage in the wrong field
There is no page 10, even eye know that.
(2.76 MB 2048x2048 Laughs in anarchist Alt.png)
>When porky is so incompetent he ends up finding his way back to the gulag on his own
back into the gulag
You loose again porky.
(94.44 KB 185x213 marksismus.png)
Back to the top
(81.79 KB 255x251 1470188726619.png)
(40.31 KB 205x243 page2.png)
>page 2
commies BTFO
you see the plan is to let you get to page nine THEN bring you back to the gulag to not get this bumplocked too quickly, but because you are such a squeeler, imma gonna have to put you back now.
(85.27 KB 300x300 communist cirno.png)
Good point, we can't let Porky go free. Here, it's cyclic now.
Why do you torture me like this, I just wanted to make a profit.
Is that so bad?
Do I really deserve this?

the people’s champions = Gods.
Yoink, now i can bump this thread as much as i want
Obligatory daily bump
(108.89 KB 960x622 YES.jpg)
Every time you bump this thread, a porky becomes a prolie.
One more down
Can't you guys stop this.
I just want to be free.
Bump, fuk u porky.
Good mornin porkie! hows the gulag today?
(335.75 KB 576x566 porky not crying.png)
It's nice, really nice.
(22.78 KB 600x600 tooloftheday.jpg)
Time for you to do some honest labor as part of the "rehabilitation through work" -program.
Here's your tool of the day, now go clean the latrines.
Almost hit the bottom of page 1, don't want that to happen.
We will /GET you comrade. )))))
Someone help me
I've been stuck here for over a week
They're bullying me
Whoa, now that was a close one.
We have saying in French about pigs

«Fuck you»
Not tonight, Porkie
Whew that was close
Sure is nice to go on porky patrol instead of wageslaving.
Please tell me there's more Spurdo art like this
Not so fast, porker.
Another close call.
yikes, our celebrations let porkie get to page 2
(385.60 KB 1689x493 page 2 again.png)
thank you anon
I wont let this happen
(13.88 KB 600x319 1.jpg)
uh, I really have to go to the toilet.
(26.72 KB 460x276 2.jpg)
*farting noises*
It feels like I’m fucking dying.
*loud farting noises*
*extremely loud farting noises*
I’m dying, aren’t I?
*earth tremor noises*
(35.82 KB 600x374 3.2.jpg)
(66.33 KB 504x900 3.jpg)
Hey porky, I’ve got a job for you.
Hold up.
*Un-zips pants*
Hello Porky
Phew, another close call.
Nope lol
where u goin city boy
>that was a close call
(1.52 MB 500x282 1502657445970.gif)
check out this plant I found
I wonder what that would feel like up my butt.
Friends from eveywhere. in Bolivia there was NO COUP. There was a peaceful movement of the Bolivian people to recover the respect to our vote, democracy and our constitution, demanding the president, Evo, and his criminal government to resign because of the FRAUD commited
very painful, since it is a ginger plant
for u :^)
It was going so well. I, I was on page 3. I was going to finally escape. It's just not fair.
hey porky, wanna know a joke
your existence
(104.83 KB 500x500 bump.png)
(784.47 KB 1990x762 Porky_Target.png)
(35.05 KB 315x349 Grinbitch.jpg)
(31.37 KB 600x600 I came here to laugh.jpg)
(193.00 KB 493x547 demonic fort.png)
chaotic bump
(473.90 KB 1325x827 Porky_Bolivia.png)
(26.66 KB 151x200 Porky_chad.png)
(221.67 KB 576x566 Porky_Deluxe.png)
Don't mind me, just dropping of my porky collection since I'm clearing the meme folder
(251.54 KB 576x566 Porky_Demon.png)
(419.75 KB 576x566 Porky_Expandig.png)
(383.21 KB 500x750 Porky_Gun.png)
(34.32 KB 480x426 Porky_Idpol.jpg)
(46.76 KB 705x486 Porky_IRL.jpg)
(54.90 KB 200x197 Porky_Kek.png)
(47.51 KB 773x441 Porky_Kids.jpg)
(495.65 KB 1417x568 Porky_n_Frens.png)
(784.47 KB 1990x762 Porky_Target.png)
(312.28 KB 715x506 Porky_Trek.png)
(53.38 KB 500x514 Porky_Woke.png)
hey porky
Not letting you slip away.
blessed thread
(562.33 KB 1024x576 mangoes.png)
run, pig, run
u wot
why does this remind me of jaiden animations?????


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