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(1.27 MB 5285x3762 download.png)
Second American Civil War - a /GET/ game Anonymous Comrade 09/16/2020 (Wed) 06:15:14 No. 113624
Inspired by both the success of the quest thread and the time bear challenged us all to chess >Basic Rules - Everyone can create a a warlord state / successor state three states in size (Ignore territories + Hawaii and Alaska) using this site (https://mapchart.net/usa.html) And post it in reply to OP for me to see (Also if you want write a lore / worldbuilding for your state etc thats cool as well) - After i give it a day or two i'll check back to see if enough people have responded and declare the game open if they have. - I will post an initial map showing what the US looks like with everyone's choices. - Everyone will start with 2 armies per state for a total of six each - States no one has claimed will be "In Chaos" and will be automatically claimed by the first person who moves an army into it - Everyone gets one move per turn - Moving army(s) into another state counts as a move. - You can build more army(s) in whichever state(s) you control as the game goes on but each one will take a move to make - Three armies can be in a state at a time. - I will use a random number gen to determine the outcomes of attacks - Attacking with inferior numbers (See: 1v2 2v3 1v3 etc) will mandate getting at least 7> to succeed Equal forces (1v1 2v2 3v3 etc) will be 5> Attacking with superior numbers (3v2 3v1 2v1 etc) will result in having to get a 3> - Losing a state loses the armies within it - Failing an attack loses 1 army - Rolling a 0 while attacking results in a critical failure and the attacking forces being destroyed entirely - After every few days i will post an updated map and read of the results of everyones moves. try to reply directly to the update with new moves to make it easier to chronicle. I will obviously try to check in every day / day or two once/if the game starts same as bear with chess or spurdo with his thread. And obviously feel free to write whatever lore or worldbuilding you want as the game goes on. That wont be counted as a turn. And all alliances or NAP's are negotiated between yourselves with no binding agreements to hold them.
>>113624 I kill everyone by launching a nuclear fart game over thank you for playing
(18.43 KB 331x442 Grace_02.jpg)
(77.09 KB 879x507 Grace's Land claim.png)
>>113624 Claimed
Correction, these ones.
Fug, it didn't upload.
(823.27 KB 5285x3762 org.png)
Pumpkin Gang
The Cultural Marxist Liberal States of America, ruled by Chairman Soros with an iron fist.
Hello, Ismail.
(74.15 KB 2400x1200 cssa.png)
(6.59 MB 4533x3099 haymarket.jpeg)
(810.19 KB 5285x3762 midwest.png)
The Combined Syndicalist States of America Capital: Chicago
(1.20 MB 5285x3762 download (1).png)
Ok i suppose five players is enough to give this a go. Blue = Liberal Marxist states of America under the iron grip of Comrade soros. Orange = Pumpkin country Red = Spurdo's redneck country Purple = graceland Green = Combined Syndicates of America As earlier explained reply with what you want to do this turn and in a day or two i will come back with the results and a new map.
c'mon do something you fucks i want anarchy
(75.39 KB 370x450 0909090213.png)
(5.57 MB 5847x8000 Louisiana-Redneck Agreement.png)
>>113762 Louisiana Despotate sends 1 army from Louisiana to occupy Texas. My move: Arkansas: 2 Armies Mississippi: 2 Armies Louisiana: 1 Army One army from Louisiana moves to occupy Texas. >2nd pic related Louisiana wants to make diplomacy with Spurdo's Rednecks
>>113767 We could really use a 6th player near blue. There's too much open space.
(348.38 KB 3750x2500 Commie Gadsen Flag.png)
(102.46 KB 297x469 Commissar Cletus Transparent.png)
Redneck Country moves to occupy Florida with one army and tries to make contact with the Government of Cuba to open up diplomatic relations and discuss the possibility of trade. >>113776 Cletus McEarlwith, the acting foreign minister of Redneck Country receives Gracefag's missive and agrees to recognize Louisiana Despotate's claims on Texas on the condition that a "no treading treaty" (also known as a non-aggresion pact) is also signed between the two sides for mutual security.
>>113624 The Islamic Confederation of the Indian Plains (TICIP) encompasses the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada. >>113777 >>113762 My move: Our brave horsemen divison in New Mexico in will conquer Colorado. Arizona and Nevada fend off the yahudi states of Soros
>>113762 Our (((Great Leader))) has ordered two armies from the Californian CMLS to move to occupy the neighboring fascist racist state of Nevada and liberate it from the filth of the wh*Te m*n.
(1.30 MB 5285x3762 Rocky Confederation Map.png)
(107.72 KB 1267x960 Rocky Confederation.jpg)
(645.91 KB 2100x1510 ye_tweet_to_soros.png)
The Rocky Confederation is made up of Wyoming, Utah and Colorado., under the guidance of Supreme Leader YE. >>113762 First move is to defend colorado from the islamic and to give a proposal to the soros states
(192.46 KB 1533x1117 america map.png)
(141.62 KB 174x374 soldier b.PNG)
(28.35 KB 500x300 Black army flag.png)
The provisional popular army is declared. The first move is to capture DC and burn the white house
>>113777 Nah man If I joined I would go full posadist on their asses. While they fight and sign treaties I would contact my ayy lmao bros and become friends with them. And when they all gang up and come for my state in the end. I would come down on earth again in UFOs with my alien comrades and defeat all of them in one shot with my high tech space weapons and then go on about enacting global communism with amerikkka as the first socialist base as sweet revenge.
(413.30 KB 1400x788 Civil War Flag.png)
Redneck Country, due to the ever-changing nature of the young movement of states has decided to change its name to the Confederate Socialist States of America, adopting a formal Coat of Arms and National Flag in the place of its old Gadsen battle flag that remains as a relic of its days as a mere anti-governmental militia group. I did not make either of these, I just stole them from the web.
(386.99 KB 900x1500 CSSA Militiaman.png)
>>113820 Artist's rendition of a CSSA Militiaman having a smoke break while on guard duty.
(31.68 KB 359x398 grace book.jpg)
(3.12 MB 5847x8000 NAP offer to CSSA Louisiana.png)
>>113779 Louisiana accepts a "no tread treaty" on these conditions they offer for 3 turns max. Since Louisiana is also filled with rednecks, it isn't too far-fetched to accept NAP for now despite any political animosity.
(12.18 KB 384x461 186.png)
>>113840 The CSSA delegation agrees to the signing of the treaty and expresses hopes that it will be, quote: "The first of many steps towards a lasting peace between the peoples of the confederacy and the despotate."
(233.46 KB 1459x1082 042bf6d663e136254a1524942bd550a4.jpg)
(172.25 KB 791x549 5cb61e5618d17.ilel.jpg)
The Confederation of the Islamic Plains will gurantee the Louisiana Despostate all states directly north of Texas. A true French and Indian Alliance. Only if Lousiana swears to protect me as a shield against the Rockies and Soros, will they be allowed into the land the proposed treaty would entail (Texas and above).
(150.04 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
(74.15 KB 2400x1200 cssa.png)
>>113762 The CSSA moves one (1) army from Indiana into Kentucky. The Office of Foreign Affairs wishes to establish an embassy in the Rocky Confederation and the Pumpkin Gang as well as seeks to establish cooperation with the provisional popular army.
(1003.46 KB 5616x3744 press conference.jpeg)
>>113850 Clarification: the CSSA in this post refers to the Combined Syndicalist States of America governed from the Free City of Chicago. This is not to be confused with any other nations using the CSSA initialism.
Damn this blew up well ok... - Uncontested moves - >Graceland occupies Texas. >Spurdos CSSA occupies Florida. >Provisional popular army occupies DC (And burns down the whitehouse) >The CSSA (Chicago government) occupies Kentucky. - Contested moves - >Californian invasion of Nevada. <9 Success. California takes Nevada. TICIP presence in the state eliminated. >TICIP Invasion of Colorado <5 Success. TICIP takes Colorado. Rocky confederation forces forces defeated. Im not sure if "Pumpkin gang" is coming back but i suppose i'll let us move to the next round since he's not in any immediate danger and hasn't bothered to respond.
>>113856 (Fixed) >Addendum. TICIP attacked with a "division" im guessing that was actually meant to be one army. So they were actually pushed back. Sorry for the confusion.
(1.19 MB 1280x1110 Grace Muse of Monarchy.png)
(92.82 KB 508x524 pvUGsLV3.jpg small.jpg)
>>113856 >>113857 Rename "Graceland" to Kingdom of Louisiana. I have one questions. 1. Are we allowed to send "volunteer" regiments to allies or other people? Basically, send one army into their land, but basically combined our forces? >>113847 Louisiana accepts Indian alliance, but it contemplates how much it will help protect them. LOUISIANA MOVE My move: Texas: 1 army (want to build 2nd army there) Louisiana: 1 army Arkansas: 2 Armies Mississippi: 2 Armies. Louisiana uses this turn to make another army in Texas The Louisiana Despotate makes a proclamation about becoming a legitimate kingdom. The warlord Louisiana dominate becomes a legitimate kingdom... And that the Kingdom of Louisiana is together (like the Egyptians) through the magnificent Mississippi River... and hope to unite the Two Lands of Upper and Lower Louisiana. A Bokassa-style coronation is held with a ridiculous spending of the budget spent on over-glamorous royal splendor and it is recited that Louis XIV is reincarnated here... the Louisianan Kingdom established on the sacred grounds of the first founders of states. As La Salle named Louisiana after Louis XIV, Grace thought it proper to legitimize the Kingdom of Louisiana this way.
>>113866 I couldn't make up my mind at first, but... Using this 2nd turn to make an army in Texas and proclaim the Kingdom of Louisiana
(228.70 KB 1300x792 DGF4XE.jpg)
>>113856 >Im not sure if "Pumpkin gang" is coming back I didn't expect things to start so soon lel As for the lore of this land, let's say criminal gangs both high, like those old mafia families that have moved onto being wall street executives, supported by contemporary ground level street gangs. That being said, the gang moves to take control of Jersey. One army moves from NY to NJ. If this keeps going faster than I can reply, next move should be moving from MA to CT
(161.60 KB 1080x1350 bffae531e51dede9c25a8955c76d344b.jpg)
>>113857 Alright here is my move. I want 5 armies split evenly between utah and colorado border, ready for any attack of the Indian Country. I send the last army from colorado to Kansas to take it and I send 1 army to Idaho from Wyoming to take it. I send to representatives to the Soros States and to the Kingdom to discuss diplomacy for now. and Ye releases a new song, 'Bitches from Wyoming'
Recommendation for map Write the number of armies on the state for each occupied territory on the map. Either that, or everyone has to keep track of their armies. The faction key on bottom right is a nice touch.
>>113870 *ready for any attack from the Indian Country
(134.51 KB 1200x800 pumpkingang.png)
>>113868 Ideologically it's libertarian capitalist. As long as they pay protection money, and don't call it a tax: you can have child slaves, prostitution, speculate futures on housing, whatever. Long term goal is control over the eastern seaboard and the return of Cuba. >>113850 Certainly. In the short term we're ready to be friends with everyone
(577.52 KB 900x506 shakeee.png)
Proposal to the Kingdom of Louisiana: Volunteer the two armies in Texas to the New Mexico shield and I'll give you a military base in New Mexico. You are free to station an army in this military base and are free to use it in whatever way you wish. The Islamic Confederation of the Indian Plains will also adopt the more modern western mannerisms and dress. Turn 2 If Louisiana accepts: Send one volunteer army to Arizona and keep the other in New Mexico. If Louisanna doesn't accept: Invade Utah with the two armies already in Arizona
(859.33 KB 5285x3762 VJwxgRdQ.png)
If it's not too late to add a new state I would be humbled to introduce the new Aryan nation of the Krushchevi Songun Rājatba The glorious people of the Krushchevi Songun Rajatba live harmoniously amongst the bountiful fields of the corn belt region in greater amerikkka. We follow the Korean policy of Songun or military first, a strategy emphasising the importance of self reliance for our free people as interpreted through the preachings of the great Krushchevite messiah, John Paul Cupp. John Paul Cupp was the first to synthesise the Songun policy with the mobilization of the masses to the land, as practiced by Pol Pot and exported to American Conditions through the advanced maize science of Nikita Krushchev. John Paul Cupp's followers later rediscovered the lost connection and fraternal bond between the Aryan race and the Hindu enlightenment as it first occured under the Maurya Empire (322–180 BCE). He learned that through the pious practice of hinduism, the Aryan peoples of America would be rejuvenated and could live without fear of oppression or an empty belly. The Krushchevi Songun Rājatba seeks first to protect itself against the imperialist encroachment of greater Amerikkka, and to establish food security and bountiful stocks of corn, with the eventual goal of complete and harmonious control of all major corn producing provinces of Amerikkka Krushchevi Songun Rājatba Aryan ethnostate State line: Agro-Juche Relgion:Hare Krishna Hinduism Foreign Policy:Anti Imperialism and friendship with KKKorea Our first move is to advance 2 of our armies from the Minnesota commune into the bountiful state of Wisconsin, as well as send a delegation to the central committee of the United Korean Workers party. Turn 2 would be to raise another 2 armies in the Minnesota commune
(536.03 KB 960x566 cornmessiah.png)
>>113888 Missing pic
(74.15 KB 2400x1200 cssa.png)
(819.55 KB 5285x3762 proposal.png)
(428.84 KB 1024x672 treaty.jpeg)
>>113857 After reports of violent right-wing attacks against peaceful demonstrators CSSA (Chicago) moves one (1) army from the great state of Illinois to Wisconsin to ensure peace and democratic rule of law in the state. >>113878 >>113817 Partition of the North East To ensure peace in the civilized portions of the country, the CSSA (Chicago) proposes a partition of the region (see pic related). President Wedding hopes the careful proposal will allow our states to flourish, he said in his address from Sacco and Vanzetti Park (formerly Jackson Park).
(1.23 MB 5285x3762 States w: Dissent 1.png)
These are the current states w/ dissent. Can only be stopped via allocation of resources to relieve them or suppression via military. Ether way, if not dealt with, the region will either return to chaos or create a new entity
>>113891 The foreign ministry of the Krushchevi Songun Rājatba requests an urgent meeting to discuss recognition of our state and territory and the forming of a bilateral non-aggression treaty. We offer the CSSA a guarantee of non intervention in Montana, and recognition of CSSA claims in Michigan and any claims made directly to the south and east of the state. In return we request a withdrawal of skirmishing forces and claims on Wisconsan, a recognition of our rightful claim to Nebraska, as well as an agreement of non aggression the terms of which to be drafted by the CSSA
(1.30 MB 5285x3762 Plains Partnership.png)
(924.55 KB 2560x2521 GettyImages-1142126412.jpg)
>>113901 >montana I can tell you ain't a burger lmao. Thats Missouri. Anyways, the Rocky Confederation would like to form a parternship of sorts with the KSR. Since were both midwestern powers, I feel a partnership is in our best interest. I'm saying this because I can see future conflicts arriving, specifically about Montana and Kansas. If you agree to the partnership, it would go like this. You would recognize my claim of Montana and I would recognize the claim of North Dakota for you. As for Kansas, as of right now I am claiming it, but we can discuss its future as I see your clear prospects and I wish to avoid conflicts
Da Pennsilfaanisch-Deitsche Reich, or the Pennsylvania German Reich, rises out of the chaos of Pennsylvania, with its capital seated at Lengeschder (Lancaster). Der Fiehrer Stirling Ritter has stated that his first course of action will be to build up his small nation's armed forces in order to better protect the country from its enemies.
(209.93 KB 1323x2048 EUxAoIvXQAIGR.jpg)
(145.01 KB 1200x675 EMqloaNUYAA3w-u.png)
>>113884 Louisiana knows that the future of our Kingdom relies upon strong Islamic Plain Indians. The volunteers will march to New Mexico by the 3rd turn after this new turn is finished. Make sure there is 1 army stationed there on your side when the time is right... because states can only fit 3 armies at once. If there is actually 2 armies already in New Mexico by then, I will just send one Louisianan Volunteer Army. The Kingdom of Louisiana doesn't have money to standardize our uniforms yet, but we have a motley group of volunteers who will fight. >>113870 Louisianan soldiers tell the diplomat to stay at the border. Isn't Rocky Confederation at war with our Indian friends?
Damn, just noticed the thread. Is this too late to join?
>>113904 Representatives of the KSR accept the agreement as proposed by Comrade YE and the Rocky Confederation, under the condition that the Rocky Mountain Confederation allows for free association of all Aryans currently living in Montana, the KSR additionally offers to pay for the emigration of these peoples. >I can tell you ain't a burger lmao. Thats Missouri. Geography studies and other intellectual pursuits take away from precious time spent on sowing the corn to feed our peoples.
(1.47 MB 2042x3000 kanye-west-outfit-ovo.jpg)
(461.56 KB 2100x1160 ye_partnership.png)
>>113911 As it stands, the Rocky Confederation is not at war with the Indians. However, we see any acts of aggression as hostile and will retaliate if necessary. However, this concerns the Rocky Confederation and the Kingdom only. We would like to create some diplomatic ties, third parties aside. >>113913 Under the law of YE "All Men Are Born Equal With Dragon Energy, Ya Feel Me", so the Aryans are free to do what they like. however, if they want to, we'd be happy to assist them with the emigration. As for Kansas, we implore the KSR to send an army of their own into the territory as a sign of equality and in case of foreign entities and their interests
(689.17 KB 4373x3072 CSSAAF Militiamen.jpg)
The Confederacy claims rightful ownership of all of America's south-east territories and thus aims to add North Carolina and Tennesee to its fraternal union. In a press statement foreign minister McEarlwith announced that the Confederacy is willing to back up its claims to these territories with military force if necessary. Following this statement, the CSSA's armed forces moved in across state borders from Alabama to seize Tennessee and restore peace and stability to the troubled region and begin integrating it into the Confederacy. Eyewitness reports say that the militiamen of Alabama's 31st Regional Militia were welcomed with open arms by the local population. >>113891 The Confederacy sends a strongly-worded letter to the northern CSSA representatives, demanding that they recognize the south's territorial claims and lambasts them for not including the Confederacy's delegation within their partitioning talks.
>>113915 Also forgot Peace In The Plains!
Okay, I seem to have been too late for the party. Will there be some sort of round 2 of this?
>>113923 Just pick three states that haven't been conquered, or picked by anyone else as a starting territories yet and make your own warlord nation. I'm sure OP will still accept late submissions considering we're only in the second round.
>>113857 Sorry for being late as fuck. On behalf of the (((Great Leader)))'s office, the Cultural Marxist MoD would like to express great joy in their conquering of the racist state of Nevada, and would like to take this opportunity to extend an olive branch to the rest of the Islamic Indian people and assure them that if they were to give up their highly problematic ways that they would be guaranteed a comfortable place in the new Marxist-Sorosist-Sarkeesianist order. On this condition, the Cultural Marxist MoD orders one occupying army to return back to California, with the the combined force of the Second Californian Army and the First and Second Nevadan Armies to move to the border of Arizona.
(460.09 KB 950x916 MarxismLeninismKanyeism.png)
(16.96 KB 480x360 jpcsks.png)
>>113915 The KSR would like to announce, the whole people of the nation are vibing with this prospect of "All Men Are Born Equal With Dragon Energy, Ya Feel Me" and furthermore the foreign ministry agrees to a mutual occupation of the Kansas territory. We intend to move a division into Kansas state lines next turn, if the dust has settled in Wisconsan also these fake kanye tweets are killing me
(1.07 MB 4500x3000 u922j84fl6p31.png)
>>113870 The Cultural Marxist MoFA would like to propose a non-aggression treaty with the leadership of the Rocky Foundation on condition that they don't intervene in the affairs of the ICIP and that the CMLSA would likewise not intervene in the affairs of any states past the state of Idaho. The MoFA would also like to take this opportunity to request the GM to officially recognize our territory as the Cultural Marxist States of AmeriKKKa, and that this be the official flag of our great nation.
>>113857 For the DM: Are there former remnants of the united states government still existing in this setting? >>113930 also yes peace in the plains *bless*
>>113915 We accept the Rocky Confederation diplomat to enter the capital. The Louisiania Foreign Ministry tells the Rocky Confederation that Louisiana potentially wants Oklahoma.
(938.68 KB 5285x3762 Turn_1_States_of_America.png)
So far to my unofficial understanding these are the territories currently occupied and contested at the end of turn 1. Did I miss anything?
(809.95 KB 5285x3762 Midwest_defence_league.png)
(34.38 KB 908x532 MDL_flag.png)
After witnessing the collapse of US government and the first steps of its successor states to take over the chaotic remnants, the people of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska have banded together in a defensive federation to protect their territory from being subjugated by hostile hand. The central government is nascent and weak, and the eventual structure of the state still unclear and will be determined by the people of the MDL in the coming weeks. The Central Committee of the Midwestern Defense league is issuing a communique to the central leaderships of KSR, Louisiana, Rocky Confederation and the CSA in order to establish diplomatic channels and determine if the following nations harbor hostile intent to the MDL
(35.67 KB 362x346 CjcQBE6.jpg)
>>113949 Which CSSA? There's two of them, one in the north and the other in the south.
>>113950 MDL is issuing a diplomatic apology to the Combined SSA and Confederate SAA for mixing the two up. Further more MDL is clarifying that the previous diplomatic communique was intended for the bordering Combined SSA
(1.06 MB 3021x2014 download.jpg)
(74.15 KB 2400x1200 cssa.png)
(259.12 KB 400x400 mayor johnson.png)
(142.98 KB 1400x1060 evanston.jpeg)
CSSA (Chicago Government) Communique >>113949 Mayor Adam H. Johnson of the Free City of Chicago welcomes the delegation from the MDL to their new Mission on Michigan Ave. Newspapers report of a jovial mood at the assembly because of the prospects for the future friendship between the two nations. >>113916 The CSSA has announced it is withdrawing the proposed partition plan involving lands rightfully claimed by the CSSA (south) and sends its apologies for any heartache it may have caused the southern freedom fighters. President Wedding wishes to invite a the leadership of the CSSA (south) to visit an undisclosed coast town on Lake Erie to discuss our common interests. >>113901 The President of the CSSA reaffirms his pledge to protect Wisconsin from alien far right forces operating from within the state and demands a complete withdraw of all KSR troops from Wisconsin. These statements come in the wake of Revolutionary Civil Protection forces being fired upon in the northern city of Evanston. RCP forces are monitoring the situation and suspect far-right involvement.
(1.97 MB 630x354 ye ridin'.gif)
ATTENTION The Islamic Confederation of the Indian Plains! WE AT THE ROCKY CONFEDERATIO UNDER SUPREME LEADER YE DO NOT SEEK FOR CONFLICT. IF PEACE CAN BE REACHED, WE WILL HAPPILY LOOK FOR ONE >>113931 We at the Rocky Confederation all agree if we get these terms. 1. Access to the sea via Washington 2. Allow for any retaliation towards the TICIP if they act with aggression. >>113934 How about this.The Rocky Confederation will send in an army into Oklahoma and you do to, and we occupy the region until a consensus is made. That way we both have equal power within the state as a balance. >>113949 We at the Rocky Confederation most consult our friends in the Plains Partnership before deciding, however as it stands, we will keep on friendly terms. However, our army in Kansas will stay for now, until a consensus ends. They will treat anyone that they contact as their own people, so rest assured this is not an act of aggression, more of caution
(260.17 KB 1080x1080 Spurdo Approves.png)
>>113971 The president's apology is wholeheartedly accepted by Confederate leadership and assurances are sent back that no lasting harm has been done to the relations of the two brethren nations as a result of this incident. The foreign ministry is currently discussing who to send in its diplomatic delegation to Lake Erie in response to the invitation of the northern leadership.
(3.85 MB 2800x4582 grace recites paper.png)
(26.65 KB 702x474 Louisiana_Kingdom_flag.png)
The Kingdom of Louisiana unveils its new flag. based off the Acadiana flag
Updates Important: Since the TICIP and bear were not aware a new player was going to control the states they decided to advance on. I've decided for Fa*Ness even if bear loses he wont lose his army this turn. The TICIP can also have the NM army they lost against bear back in Colorado. >Nations declared - Racist-Marxist-Leninist-Corn-Juche state declared in Minnesota Iowa and South dakota. - German ethnostate declare in Pennsylvania - Kansas Nebraska and Missouri have formed a defence pact confederation. >Army Building. Louisiana mustering more forces in the state of texas. >Uncontested moves - Pumpkin gang takes NJ. (Turn 1) - Pumpkin gang takes CT (Turn 2) - California moves one army back to california. Leaves one army on Nevada-Arizona border. (Also California anon you have to spend a turn building a new army(s) in Nevada) - CSSA (Southern gov) takes TN. >Contested moves >Since the Racist-Marxist-Leninist-Corn-Juche state claimed Wisconsin first they will defend. (7> Needed) <7 Success. The CSSA takes Wisconsin and the forces of the opposing side are pushed back. >The rocky confederation attempts an assault on Kansas (7> Needed) <2 The Rocky confederation forces are pushed back though with minimal casualties.
Question / Poll Should i add in periodical "chaos" or "random" events if this keeps going on for a while to keep things interesting? Like as example one could be something like. "Harsh Winter : People start getting desperate" "Three random states fall under the control of 'rebels' with one army each per state" These would basically just be NPC "characters" and would just serve as an annoyance to keep the game a little off kilter as not for everyone to settle into a permanent frontline / 1914-1918 mentality. That is until at 100 turns when Xi convinces the UN the situation wont resolve itself so the PLA steps in to 'restore order'
(92.82 KB 508x524 pvUGsLV3.jpg small.jpg)
Louisiana Anthem declared You Are My Sunshine They keep the old anthem, seeing it as still relevant to the current political regime. A cult of personality is set up with paintings of Louis XIV hung up and distributed all over the Kingdom of Louisiana... all upon the coronation speech that the spirit of Louis XIV has been reincarnated here. ... Louisiana wants to know what the Islamic Plain Indians will make of the peace proposals from Rocky Confederation and George Soros before it makes the next turn... >>113949 The Queen of Louisiana is skeptical of the Midwest Defense League, but agrees to allow their diplomats into the Palace at Baton Rouge.
>>113998 No. I don't like the sound of random events.
(540.55 KB 1000x1000 1-F-408-260-800x800.jpg)
>>113995 based anon, thanks for the update. Point of order: shouldn't I still have Kentucky under control as well? >Should i add in periodical "chaos" or "random" events if this keeps going on for a while to keep things interesting? my vote is yes
>>114002 t. CSSA (Chicago)
>>114002 Oh yeah sorry. I have to redo the map everytime because theres no way to just save one and keep editing it on this site.
>>114004 We really need an army count for each state, but that might be a pain. Is everyone keeping track of their armies?
>>114005 It's not that big a deal for now since everyone only controls like three states each anyway and i can just read the thread back. But yeah at some point i think i'll need to either start making marks on the map showing armies or just have everyone keep track of their own.
(4.04 KB 275x183 da Supreme Leader orders.jpeg)
>>113995 I want to send two armies from Wyoming into the territory of Idaho and Montana, each with their own armies. Then I want to send the army heading out of Kansas into Oklahoma to occupy it for now. >>113998 Yes, mario party that shit
>>114009 You take one state per turn bear-kun
(904.75 KB 5285x3762 lazy.png)
>>114005 >>114006 I started doing it by reading through the thread but got lazy and this is how far I got. I would suggest that everyone says their status in their posts like >>113776 does here. It would be easier for you to add them up eventually and for you to eventually make the calculations if we need them later.
(5.63 KB 266x190 yeezus ordah.jpg)
>>114010 uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fine I'll occupy oklahoma
>>114013 with one or two armies?
>>114014 The one moving out of Kansas
>>113998 sounds rad
>>113995 >German ethnostate declare in Pennsylvania It's a Pennsylvania Dutch ethnostate smdh this is basically cultural genocide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pennsylvania_Dutch Anyway for this turn Der Fiehrer would like to continue the buildup of forces in Pennsylvania proper, for a total of three armies. Pennsylfaani (Pennsylvania): 2 -> 3 armies
(536.14 KB 1287x2000 CP27662441.jpg)
(21.78 KB 300x324 oka-warrior-with-flag-1990.jpg)
(104.58 KB 1200x780 1200px-Flag_of_Mohawciety.svg.jpg)
>>114012 >>114013 The Islamic Confederation of the Indian Plains has debuted the offical revolutionary flag. It is the flag of the Mohawk centered by the Al-Quds star. Thanks be to God who gives us the victory (Corinthians) God grants us victory though we are a minority (Palestinian song) My move: TICIP will wait for the Louisianan volunteers to arrive. Watch any moves California makes on the Arizona border, fortify the border. TICIP gives an offical condemnation of bear invading Oklahoma. We have guaranteed Grace's Louisiana the land north of Texas and we will enforce this promise.
>>114031 kannst du deutsch?
(52.50 KB 505x406 41028.jpg)
>>114033 The Kingdom of Louisiana puts forward a Defensive Pact and requests that it gets signed before any volunteers arrive. The conditions Louisiana wants a guarantee that Islamic Plain Indians will help secure Texas in the event that it gets invaded for these 3-turns... seeing as how there is a big security risk. But support Louisianan hold on Texas. If the Defensive Pact is declined Louisiana will only send 1 volunteer army. ... Louisiania prompts Indians to either make another army or clear room for the 2 Louisianian Volunteer armies.
>>114034 Ein bisschen
>>114038 >>114033 Ok how about this.. If you guys send volunteers just reply to my posts where and which state their going to.
>>114041 If he accepts the Defensive Pact, I will send 2 Louisianan Volunteer Armies from Texas to his New Mexico.
MDL takes its turn to muster more militia forces in the state of Kansas. Armies: Kansas (2+1) Missouri (2) Nebraska (2) Internal affairs: The CCMDL is taking an emergency session to discuss most pressing questions regarding the leagues state structure. Results should be clear next turn.
>>113923 We should do a playthrough with the counties map if we wanna get real autistic
(106.03 KB 300x300 BoraAndUpa.png)
>>114038 >>114044 TICIP accepts the pact.
>>113995 >>113998 >>114041 Two (2) Louisianan Volunteer Armies, stationed in Texas, are sent to New Mexico in order to support the Islamic Confederation of Indian Plains. My volunteer armies will be given under the full command of the Indians to use as they wish MY TURN Texas: 2 Volunteer Armies moving to join Indians in New Mexico. Soon to be 0 armies, but still under my control. Louisiana: 1 army Arkansas: 2 Armies Mississippi: 2 Armies Using this turn to send two (2) volunteer armies I have in Texas to New Mexico. They are given to Islamic Confederation of Indian Plains to use
>>113998 Yeah that sounds awesome >>114012 I think I have 2 left in Minnesota after building one army there and losing that attack in Wisconsin, 2 in south Dakota and Iowa.
(52.67 KB 1080x1350 peace amongst our peoples.png)
(1.88 MB 1024x683 forthosethatjustwanttogrill.png)
>>113949 The KSR foreign ministry extends warm greetings to the MDL. While we have only just made contact, we must make it clear that we harbour no ill intentions, and wish to help protect the autonomy of neutral states and defend against imperial aggression in the Midwestern region, in line with the lofty ideals of our Songun policy. Furthermore, for the 2nd south Dakota column, we request safe passage through your territories, to serve as a peacekeeping force in the highly contested Kansas region of which we recognize your sole ownership. As a sign of commitment to peace and mutual prosperity in the Midwestern region, we request the participation of the MDL and the Rocky Confederation in the construction we have begun in South Dakota on the border of NE and WY of the BBQ of Eternal Grill and Peace.
(100.67 KB 284x177 ambassadorshipderreichpins.png)
(5.34 KB 268x188 anopengesture.png)
(32.73 KB 283x424 peace,land,corn.jpg)
>>113910 The Krushchevi Songun Rājatba proudly announces it is the first to recognize the newly birthed Pennsilfaanisch-Deitsche Reich of Dutch Nazi LARPers. Minister of foreign affairs Comrade John Cupp Jr extends warm Aryan greetings to our far away neighbors, and aim to establish regular communications and co-operative geopolitical policies. We eagerly await your reply. >>114033 The KSR would also like to take the time to send the pious Islamic Confederation of the Indian Plains our political and spiritual support in their fight against the imperialist aggression of the Cultural Marxist States of AmeriKKKa. The KSR finds the aggression displayed by the so called "comrade" George Soros simply untenable. >>113817 Urgent communique from the war ministry: Greetings free peoples of the Provisional Popular Army, the KSR would like to establish formal diplomatic ties with you, with eyes on a future treaty of territorial recognition and mutual defense. With tensions heating up in the great lakes region, we think it best we come to some kind of agreement here, Stay safe out there. Namaste. Lastly we would like to extend a friendly open invitation to the Confederate Socialist States of America, the Kingdom of Louisiana, and Pumpkin Gang, and request embassy.
(13.37 KB 300x160 international observers.jpg)
(239.14 KB 600x350 reinforcments.jpg)
>>113971 The KSR Vehemently opposes the North CSSA's military invasion of our territories and further expansion into Wisconsin. We can only wonder as to a connection between the further rapid growth of their Territory and the recent "far right attacks" on their' armed forces in the area, that have come at such an opportune time. With such aspersions cast, the KSR demands a full and neutral international investigation into the cause of these so called attacks. We refuse to withdraw the KSR Wisconsin Garrison and we will reinforce with a fresh column of troops from the the Minnesota second army for another counterattack into Wisconsin with the (2) combined forces. >>114013 The KSR recognizes the RC's peaceful occupation of Oklahoma, and send our respectful congratulations.
>>114060 While we appreciate the diplomatic courtesy, we will have to decline from participating in the Great Grill project for now, as we would like to keep our diplomatic neutrality at least until the end of the MDL constitutional debate that shall define our policies going forward. On similar grounds, we accept your request for military passage under one condition: no forces are allowed to enter the state of Missouri, as we fret this may result in an escalation of hostilities between your nation and the CSSA-North.
>>114071 wait you're both dot indian and casino indian?
>>114089 We follow the teachings of the wise pujari Nikita Krushchev himself. Our common people are Androgynous Aryans, mainly of Bengali descent. However we do allow farang to live amongst us provided they can be said to meet a reasonable standard of hygiene and presentation. We are a progressive civilization. In these modern times, it can even be said that we allow noble farang to integrate more fully into our society and ranks of great prestige and honour. Those cumskins whom have risen above and beyond any natural limitations put on them by their unfortunate birthing. Gambling however violates our dharma to work joyously in the fields without modern comforts. >>114082 The KSR respects your neutrality and wishes you stability and wise decision making in your constitutional debate. We agree to stay out of Missouri, so long as we have forces stationed in your territory, and we remain at a state of peace.
>>113998 Yes, bring in the RNG events to break up the late-game monotony. >>114004 One army from South Carolina moves to occupy North Carolina. Army count in states for next round: >Alabama, 1 army >Tennessee, 1 army >Florida, 1 army >Georgia, 1 army >S. Carolina, 1 army >N. Carolina, 1 army >>114071 CSSA's foreign ministry wishes to inquire their counterparts within the KSR what the establishment of such an embassy would entail, including where it would be placed within the Confederacy's borders and whether a security detail of troops would be included among the personnel stationed with the diplomatic mission there.
>>114056 >I think I have 2 left in Minnesota after building one army there and losing that attack in Wisconsin, 2 in south Dakota and Iowa. I thought we were going off of the end of round two so I figured two armies were destroyed in Wisconsin against the Combined SSA and maybe I missed the building of the other army? dunno OP should obviously check my work
Hey, if anyone wants to take over for soros country that would be appreciated. I won't be available at all for the next week and tbh I was getting kinda bored. Just make sure to crush those damn indians, and fuck up Grace royally if you ever catch her.
>>114104 >>113995 >>113998 If a player resigns, should they just collapse back into anarchy?
(47.48 KB 923x713 EQgKa5zU0AEUvqK.jpg)
>>114105 >>114104 would playing both the Indians and Soros country be a conflict of interest
>>114104 Would anyone want to play Soros? I might have a friend, but idk.
(12.62 KB 154x354 california.jpg)
>>114104 A SLOT IS OPEN? If anyone was wanting to join, but it was too late--this is your chance! You can simply take over Soros and rename to something else. I'm sure if whoever takes the spot agrees to give Indians Nevada, they'll get off your back.
So are we waiting for somebody to take up California and co?
>>114115 We should spread the word to anons. Maybe /games/ would care.
>>114112 ill take it i guess. if im able to take both in one turn ill give nevada to the indians and take idaho with two armies, one from oregon and one from washington state current army positions: 2 CA, 1 WA, 1 OR, 2 ID
>>114120 You can only do one state per turn.
>>114121 Ok, I take Idaho with those two armies and tell the Indians I'll give them Nevada next turn.
on the subject of building armies, can you build them in more than one state per turn or is it only one army per state per turn?
>>114137 one army build is one move.
(74.15 KB 2400x1200 cssa.png)
>>113995 The CSSA (Chicago Government) would like to train a new army in Wisconsin. >>114073 The CSSA's (Chicago Government) does not wish any further bloodshed with the KSR but will remain steadfast in its defense of democratic rule of law in the state of Wisconsin.
>>114143 that makes: <State | Armies >IL | 1 >IN | 1 >OH | 2 >KY | 1 >WI | 1 + 1 in training
(81.55 KB 1024x681 photo_2017-01-17_12-33-55.jpg)
>>114145 T-thanks, anon this made me smile
(18.84 KB 320x240 320px-Plate_of_scrapple.jpg)
(63.28 KB 600x400 Shoofly_Pie.jpg)
>>114071 Der Fiehrer himself would like to deeply apologize for not replying sooner, as his secretary just came across your most courteous message earlier today. The Reich would like to thank the Krushchevi Songun Rājatba for their recognition and looks forward to further cooperation in the future. As a show of thanks the Reich would also like to send the KSR a sizeable gift of scrapple and shoofly pie.
Update Army building - Pennsylvania has continued to build their military forces constructing one (1) additional army for a total of three armies. - the MDL constructs an additional army in the state of Kansas for a total of three (3) within the state. - The CSSA (Chicago) trained a new army in Wisconsin - KSR wants to re-invade wisconsin but needs an army to do it. out of courtesy lets just say they trained (+1) army this turn in Minnesota Uncontested Moves - The Rocky Confederation has moved troops (1 army) into Oklahoma. - The CSSA (Southern Government) has sent one (1) army to occupy North Carolina. - Kingdom of Louisiana gifted (2) armies of volunteers to the TICIP in New Mexico. The TICIP now has (2) regular armies and (2) volunteer armies within the state. - California has used (1) army from both Washington and Oregon to attempt to tame the wilderness of Idaho. Other - From watching the thread i think that everyone just keeping a running total of their troop numbers and positions will be the easiest way to keep this going smoothly. - Considering the support i'll probably spring the first of the random / chaos events i've been thinking up when all states are taken and frontlines set in. - I did develop a specific system to manage players going permanent AFK / forfeiting. but since someone basically immediately stepped in to play cali i didn't think it was necessary this time.
Opinion / Poll Is the rule that all the armies in a state are destroyed if you fail at defending it bad? Like the KSR and TICIP basically just lost one third of their forces instantly. Should we just change it so you lose half and the other half retreats to one of your other states? (Assuming your not encircled / last stand) If so i will give the TICIP and KSR one army back each in AZ and MN respectively. And in the case of the KSR role a new battle of them trying to retake Wisconsin with that + their new unit i gave them.
(2.49 MB 2600x3718 grace unhappy.png)
>>114171 >Is the rule that all the armies in a state are destroyed if you fail at defending it bad? I think it is an okay rule. >Like the KSR and TICIP basically just lost one third of their forces instantly. TICIP received my reinforcements. He should be okay. >>114170 Not making a move yet. >Kingdom of Louisiana gifted (2) armies of volunteers to the TICIP in New Mexico. The TICIP now has (2) regular armies and (2) volunteer armies within the state. Hm, isn't that above state capacity? I thought he had 1 army in New Mexico or moved it to Arizona in order to make room for the volunteers.
Have you guys started backstabbing each other or are you all still playing house? Call me when the chaos begins HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA
(340.13 KB 2392x4000 grace-sketch-tyrannophile.jpg)
>>114174 >Have you guys started backstabbing each other or are you all still playing house? I am ever-trustworthy and won't backstab anyone. Louisiana is an honest kingdom.
>>114173 >Hm, isn't that above state capacity? I thought he had 1 army in New Mexico or moved it to Arizona in order to make room for the volunteers. Oh yeah correction
>>114171 I think it should depend on the roll, critical success for the attacker should mean that the defenders got encircled and completely destroyed while anything below that means that at least a part of the defending force managed to retreat to the nearest friendly state. What system are you using for rolls anyway? If its a D20 it could be something like: >Attacker rolls a 1-3 for a disastrous defeat (Attackers make no gains and end up encircled and destroyed when the defenders launch a counter-attack) >Attacker rolls a 4-6 for a humiliating defeat (The attackers take significant losses with little gain and are routed from the battlefield, if only one army is attacking they are shattered and wiped out) >Attacker rolls a 7-9 for a minor defeat (The attackers are repulsed and take some losses, but retreat back to their own lines in an orderly manner) >Attacker rolls a 10-12 for a status quo (Both sides lose 1 army and no territorial changes happen) >Attacker rolls a 13-15 for a pyrrhic victory (The defenders are driven out of the state but they lose hardly anyone.) >Attacker rolls 16-18 for a great victory (The defenders take noticeable losses but manage to save their army from complete destruction) >Attacker rolls a 19-20 for a decisive victory (The defenders are completely encircled and destroyed by the attackers)
>>114183 I just use a Random num generator with it set to 0-10. 0 already is a critical failure on behalf of the attacker meaning they lose all of instead of just one army by failing an attack.
>>114170 I'm not going to waste a move giving Nevada to the Indians but there are no armies there so they can take the state uncontested, and I won't try to retake it or start a war with them once they do so. In terms of my actual moves I send both armies currently in Idaho into Montana, and move the remaining army in Washington to Idaho. Armies per state at end of turn: 2 CA, 1 OR, 0 WA, 1 ID, 2 MT
(148.49 KB 1000x843 sniffsinternally.jpg)
>>114184 >0 already is a critical failure on behalf of the attacker meaning they lose all of instead of just one army by failing an attack What my point with my initial post was, was that the same rules of varying failure/success could be applied for the defenders depending on how successful the attack is instead of the roll just being a measure of how badly it fails for the attackers when they go below a certain value. It would help add some significance to critically/significantly successful rolls instead of it just being "you rolled an 8 and win". I was already aware that attacks could fail miserably as per your initial post but adding some flavor to winning a battle as well makes the victory against bad odds taste all the more sweeter and would (I believe) encourage people to take more gambles with their attack moves. It doesn't have to be either "only part of the enemy army gets destroyed upon victory" or "all of them get destroyed", it can be both.
>>114177 That's not what I heard Oklahoma say about you in the highschool cafeteria, sis She called you a slut. That's right. She is planning something against you. I said what I said uhhuhh
>>114170 I put an army in Nevada from Wyoming
With the conclusion of the first round of talks for the Constitutional debate of the MDL, many great changes have already started. The following is a list of passed changes: 1. Moving forward, the Midwestern Defense League is to be considered as a Unitary state. While initially formed as a defensive federation, the Central Committee of the MDL (from now CCMDLL), made up from leading figures from all three states, have determined that under the current turbulent times centralization was necessary. 2. Following the signing of the first constitution, the CCMDL is declared defunct, and is to be replaced by the Midwestern Presidium The Presidium shall be made up from the former members of the CCMDL. New positions will be opened to make sure equal distribution of members from the differing districts. Members of the Presidium are to be held accountable by a right of recall. Currently, as the stability of the region isn't guaranteed, there are no plans for future elections. 3. Kansas City is declared as the official capital of the state As the place that has currently served as the headquarters for the CCMDL, Kansas City is to be made the new administrative centre for our new nation. 4. Existing power structures of the former states are to be integrated into the new administration. The municipal level citizen councils that have formed in the first days of the anarchy of Federal collapse are to be integrated as the new county authorities, which shall answer to the district authority, formed from the members of the county citizen councils. These districts in turn shall directly answer to the Presidium in Kansas City which holds the legislative and executive power of our nation. Similarly, our current citizen militias shall be placed under the central command of the Ministry of Defense which shall answer directly to the Presidium. 5. From this moment on, Midwestern Defense League shall be known as the Midwestern Citizens Republic (MCR). After passing the initial Constitutional packet, the MCR Presidium has declared recess, during which it is expected to fulfill the plan laid out during the first part of the Constitutional debate. It is currently planned for a second constitutional debate to occur in the near future that will be responsible for deciding the future economic, social and foreign policy of the MCR, as well as finalizing the founding of our nation by deciding on a new national flag that will replace the unofficial battle flag of the citizens militia. Turn: Still to be decided
>>114171 I'd agree with Spurdo, have some sort of system where if the attacker gets a really good roll the defender is wiped. Couple of questions to the OP/GM Is there a limit to the amount of armies that can be stationed in one state? Is it max 3 per state? If we use turn to move armies, can we move around multiple of them? If so, how does it work? At most you can move one army through one border? Don't know what others think, but what about some sort of system to use turn for something else appart from army movement? I'm just spitballing here, but like an additional +x dice or something could be added to defense of a state, or maybe a +x on your next attack or something. Though I guess those events that you got cooking for later would do something like this (having you use your move for something other than the army)?
>>114207 yeah if there was something where you can have an army build fortifications or plan their attacks for a turn to give a dice roll advantage that might be interesting the way ive seen it used so far is that moving armies around your/allies land is free, but you can only move armies into one hostile/unclaimed state per turn. you can move several armies into the same state at once though as long as they were in a state bordering it the previous turn
>>114207 >>114208 Yes I would very much like a clarification on this and I would also like to know if you can pincer attack from two states which you control into one state to increase attacking forces?
(90.82 KB 640x628 unglesam.png)
>>114170 The Confederate Armed Forces begin stepping up their recruitment efforts in addition to reinforcing their border defenses in the crossroad state of Tennessee. Additionally, now that the southern CSSA has consolidated its hold on most of the former CSA's territories at least somewhat, it plans to begin establishing proper diplomatic and trade relations with its neighbors and the island territories around Florida. Army count in states for next round: >Alabama, 1 army >Tennessee, 2 army >Florida, 1 army >Georgia, 1 army >S. Carolina, 1 army >N. Carolina, 1 army Since I don't control NPC nations like Cuba I'd like to get an idea on how the CSSA diplomatic mission on the first turn there went from OP, possibly in the form of a mini-event or something.
>>114206 MCR continues to muster up its forces and creates a new army in Missouri. Turn: KS (3) MO (2+1) NE (2)
>>114214 >tfw you realize MO could be used a staging ground to attack 5 different factions
(888.82 KB 5285x3762 Army_map.png)
I'm volunteering to keep track of the army map if OP doesn't mind, as it is a bit hard to know for definite which player has what. I tried to find the most recent posts, and picrel is what I gathered for now. Could all players not already accounted for in the pic reply with their army positions? Ideally after this I'll just gather the data after each turn and update accordingly.
>>114181 >>114170 Army count: New Mexico-3 Arizona-2 Earlier you let me keep the army I sent to die in Colorado. I don't really want or need it and I'll be fine without it. >>114173 >>114177 How would you feel about taking Oklahoma while I take Colorado? It'll cut Bear off from Louisiana and you get to expand upward. >>114185 I'm not taking back Nevada yet Just letting bear know he should probably annex Montana and bug Soros if he wants to live.
>>114218 >>114221 I don’t want to fight. If I did, I would’ve taken Texas already but I haven’t. I will hold onto Oklahoma so no other power has it and will invite the Indians and the Kingdom into a summit held in Oklahoma to discuss its future
TICIP move The Islamic Confederation will invade Oklahoma with two armies from New Mexico. Oklahoma will be turned over to the Kingdom of Louisiana next turn. As a neutral power it is able to manage any disputes that arise. As an Indian ally it will safeguard our country. Military support may be needed if anything happens on the west coast. TICIP will support Louisiana if anything happens out in Missouri in the following turns.
>>114226 You should accept the army offer from OP, TICIP. Just have an extra army in Arizona.
>>114226 >TICIP will support Louisiana if anything happens out in Missouri in the following turns. wdhmbt?
(2.56 MB 4500x3000 royal_forest_grace.jpg)
>>114170 >>114171 MY TURN Louisiana: 1 army Arkansas: 2 armies, making 1 extra army this turn Mississippi: 2 armies Texas: 0 armies ... Using this turn to make an army in Arkansas
==The Rocky Confederation calls for a quick alliance with the MCR to help defend Oklahoma via sending in 1-2 support armies. The reasoning for this would be so that it remains as a barrier between Missouri and The Indians/Louisiana. If you help defend it, Rocky Confederation promises to uphold Missouri as rightful territory of the MCR. I also call upon my ally The KSR to give the Rocky Confederation any support they can in case of any further acts of aggression, which seems to be rapidly increasing==
>>114253 Oh, cut the pedantic bullshit. The Rocky Confederation had put up a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the Oklahoma Question and the Indians spat all over it and Louisiana gleefully slobbered it up. To call this an act of war is egregious. The Rocky Confederation is merely defending the territory its currently occupying, and will do so. If you wanted to hand over the land to the Indians, you would pressure them to stop this attack and join the negotiations table. My offer for a summit stands but my call for an alliance with the MCR also stands. In fact, if the Indians do attack and the MCR forms an alliance with the Rocky Confederation, the we’d be happy to have a summit about the future of Oklahoma with them. In the words of Supreme Leader YE “fuck all this fake shit”
(29.90 KB 388x443 1526776878630.jpg)
>>114254 I had guaranteed Louisiana land north of Texas. I'm giving an ally land and military power in exchange for protection. How would you solve the Oklahoma question exactly? Anything productive for us?
>>114255 Yes. I would give up complete control to the Kingdom of Louisiana the territory of Oklahoma. In exchange, The TICIP and Louisiana would enter a non aggression pact with the Rocky Confederation, agreeing to the current and future borders. Of course, there will be a transition period where Louisiana can move an army in and after that turn ends The Rocky Confederation will move their army out. I think these are fair terms, however if you have any complaints do tell
>>114257 I will only agree to the terms set if you send armies into Montana.
>>114259 Hmmm, may you tell me why?
>>114260 A containment policy against Soros and california.
(2.25 MB 3192x3000 grace_blush.png)
>>114254 >>114257 >>114260 The Queen of Louisiana suggests we go back to dividing the Oklahoma territory into 2 halves! This way there will be no animosity between us. Royal Louisiana will send a courtier to the summit in Oklahoma to convene with the Rocky Confederation in coordination with the Islamic Confederation of Indian Plains. Louisiana backs down on its saber-rattling threats now that the Indians are on board with the peaceful solution. But the 1st condition we wanted earlier was for the OP to approve dividing Oklahoma into two halves. Louisiana wants East Oklahoma Earlier the Kingdom of Louisiana thought it would have been better to use Indians as a buffer state and that's why they wanted to extend the claim to them, But now that we have claim to our birthright once again, Louisiana will accept these terms. >>114261 We recommend the Indians continue to buildup their forces and negotiate--revise their turn and return to a peaceful summit--BUT on the condition that the summit agrees to negotiate this turn and not prolong it.
>>114261 Alright. I will cancel my occupation of Nevada for this turn. I will then either send in one army if my KSR ally agrees to help take Montana by sending in one army or send in two armies if KSR is unable to, towards Montana to face off from Wyoming. If you can help thats fine by us. >>114262 Oklahoma will be split then. Is everything agreed upon?
(30.70 KB 724x965 index.png)
(3.49 MB 5847x8000 Oklahoma Split.png)
>>114265 >Oklahoma will be split then. Is everything agreed upon? Yes, there are the terms we will accept--but we want a mutual recognition of our lands in a treaty. The land of East Oklahoma will be the Queen of Louisiana's birthright, but we will also recognize Kanye West's claim to West Oklahoma. If the OP also concludes this--please do, OP!
(1.19 MB 5285x3762 ahh.png)
>>114257 >>114259 (((We))) are shocked by the recent aggression shown by the Rocky Confederation. If the Indians and Louisiana would like, we can all cancel them by firing squad and partition their lands as shown here.
Ey yo is it too late to join?
>>114269 there are still a few states free, if i was you i would take maine and new hampshire since they are the only two unclaimed states that still border each other
(432.67 KB 2100x834 ye_oklahoma.png)
>>114266 Alright, but the territory will be know as North West Oklahoma, not for geographical reasons, but after Supreme Leader YE's daughter >>114267 Its become apparent to many that your influence has overreached its welcome. Either dial it back or be pushed back
>>114269 If you want to join, I'd recommend taking Maine ME as a one-state nation, but no more than 1 state >>114267 This complicates the matter. We were already in the process of signing peace.
>>114269 There are still a few unclaimed states, I don't imagine OP would have a problem with you jumping in. You'll probably be at a disadvantage though, unless your three starting states don't have to be contiguous.
(7.32 MB Elbow Room.mp4)
>>114275 This would be much better for all parties involved than anything the rocky coalition could propose. (((We))) do not want any conflict with the TICIP, as they play an integral part in (((our))) plans.
(1.09 MB 1522x1100 14 lichess.png)
(143.82 KB 667x1000 Louis XIV & La Salle.jpg)
>>114279 We'll see if the Indians say anything... but Louisiana doesn't want war. Cannot Soros reside in Idaho or spend the time building armies this turn?
(74.15 KB 2400x1200 cssa.png)
(43.39 KB 474x372 chi.jpeg)
(91.19 KB 750x375 troops-on-western-border.jpg)
Communique from the Free City of Chicago, capital of the CSSA This afternoon, as patrols along the western border angry typingtically increased, President Wedding delivered a passionate speech to the people's council in defense of their democratic and socialist values in the face of continued right-wing attacks against the freedom loving people of Wisconsin by the KSR. >If we give in Wisconsin, before we know it fascists will be marching through Cleveland and beyond. The president presented the growing tensions centered around Wisconsin as an existential struggle for freedom and socialism not only in the CSSA but all across the former United States. In his speech he invited the governments of the MDL, the CSSA (south), and any other peace loving socialist nations to Cincinnati to work out an agreement for a defense treaty. >I hope to create bulwark against the rise of fascist aggression across the continent. >>114170 The CSSA (Chicago Government) announces new elite forces are being trained in the state of Illinois. >WI | 2 >IL | 1 + 1 (in training) >IN | 1 >OH | 2 >KY | 1
>>114284 >>114284 >angry typingtically <d ramatically
>>114266 >>114274 The Islamic Confederation of the Indian Plains will only accept the division of Oklahoma if the Rocky Confederation understands the threat posed by The State of Soros and acts upon it. Take either Idaho or Montana in a joint operation against the expansion of Soros that will bring Nevada back to the Indians. These are the conditions. The Rockies will now hopefully understand the strength of the Indians. REVISION TO THE MOVE OF TICIP ONLY IF THE ROCKY CONFEDERATION ACCEPTS TICIP will train an army in Arizona this turn, bringing the count of troops to 3 in both states. >>114267 Why would I want the rockies? There's only mormons and hippies, no Indians anywhere.
>>114207 >>114211 You can move an army (1) as part of your move into another state you own for free. Building an army costs a move. max of 3 armies per state. taking an unoccupied / attacking another state costs a turn. I suppose pincer attacks are ok since i let Neu-Soros do it in Idaho. So yeah if you send one (1) army each from two states that border a third it will be counted as (2) attacking armies and one move.
>>114212 Ive actually worked out a system for that as well spurdo. everything involving foreign policy starts with a base role of 5> using a 1-10 number gen which is then altered depending on ideology and proximity. since you are about as close as you can get to Cuba on the game map and have a similar ideology i will -1 each from the base requirement >Needs 3> <10 Total success The Communist Party Cuba immediately opens relations with the CSSA (Southern government) and announces their full willingness to support the CSSA as much as they can with both economic, trade, Political, Diplomatic and if necessary military aid. The New Cuban ambassador to the CSSA gives the president of the CSSA a call and simply says "We're giving you a blank check dont squander it"
>>114246 MCR Ministry of defense, seeing that a peaceful resolution to this flashpoint is drawing near, politely rejects the proposal as it is seen as no longer needed in order to keep peace in the region. However, if hostilities once again flair up, we are willing to intervene in order to protect the current borers. >>114284 MCR (previously MDL) eagerly accepts the CSSA(N)'s proposal to participate in the diplomatic summit with hopes of forming a defensive treaty.
(929.32 KB 5285x3762 Army_map.png)
Current army map. If there are any inconsistencies / you want to fill in the blanks, reply to this post.
should i always wait for every player to make a move or if it goes a day without one or two people replying should i just play the move if it dosen't interfere with any of the afk players borders? Also i've finally worked out a system for acknowledging foreign policy and recognition so if you want to start asking foreign nations for aid you can start now. - First you have to actually establish relations - Then request aid - Then request being sent volunteers. None of these are counted as a "move" but you can only do these things once at a time over three turns minimum.
>>114297 I think it would be good for there to be a semi-official end turn time (perhaps somewhere around an hour or two from now each day). For those who didn't move, maybe keep track of who didn't make a move and give them two moves next turn / take over for one turn and make a neutral move (build army in remote state).
>>114170 Der Fiehrer has no moves for this turn but instead would like to open up diplomatic channels with our neighbors. >>114296 Pennsylvania has 2 armies with a 3rd being trained.
>>114305 Foreign nations as in like Gamerstan and Mexico / cuba or whatever lol players can just work out diplomacy between themselves at their own leisure.
(349.28 KB 2643x1881 pk.jpg)
Pumpkin gang returns. Going to say the turns I missed was moving my militias around. It is unacceptable to have these german(dutch?) statists so close, move in for the attack. All groups colored on this map have been diplomatically recognized :)
>>114309 You can only move one army from one state. A state can have a max of 3 armies. Moving your armies move is one turn. I recommend grouping your army together as 3 in a nearby state, then attack.
(2.65 MB 5280x3762 USmap.jpg)
Update Army building - CSSA (Southern Government) began building an army in Tennessee. - MCR creates a new army in Missouri. - Kingdom of Louisiana building an additional army in Arkansas. - CSSA (Chicago) building a new "elite" army in the state of Illinois. - TICIP Training a new army in Arizona. Uncontested moves - Rocky confederation and the Kingdom of Louisiana organise a partition of Oklahoma. - The C.M.L-SA has utterly abandoned Nevada to be fought over between the TICIP and the rocky confederation leading the state to fall into chaos. - The C.M.L-SA occupies Montana. Battles >Pumpkin gang launches a full blown assault on the Dutch riek with (3) armies (5> to pass) <1 Attack repelled with disaster on the attackers side narrowly avoided. (1) army (NJ) destroyed. >Rocky confederation launches an offensive into Montana (2) with (2) armies (5> needed) <9 Absolute success. the (2) C.M.L-SA armies are destroyed and the Rocky confederation occupies the state.
(2.58 MB 5280x3762 Army_map.png)
Refreshed army map. I believe KSR and PPA might have left us. I found their army count from earlier from the thread, but I'm not 100% sure if they are correct. Anyway, it would be cool if bear would declare their army count. Also, what is the situation with East / West Oklahoma? I am guessing Grace got one army in EOK and bear has one/two in WOK?
>>114322 oof for my move, I build an additional army in idaho
also if an army is encircled and then defeated, will that army be completely destroyed no matter what? like if the cssa lost Illinois and then their armies in wisconson were attacked
(442.18 KB 970x546 pixlr-bg-result (1) (1).png)
Our move One TICIP army to Nevada If Soros is willing to give us volunteers we will moderate in any conflict with the rockies.
>>114293 >Rolled a 10 Well that went better than expected. President Murphy O'Donnell gratefully accepts the Cuban offers for aid and informs the ambassador, that the CSSA government is willing to deport known gusanos back to Cuba should the Cuban government wish to take them back. These gusanos are mainly criminals who escaped prosecution by coming to the United States when it was still known as such. Beyond that the CSSA requests assistance in the following areas: >Material aid and advisors for rebuilding the aging public infrastructure of its member states, kickstarting the expansion of its industry and thus getting the individual state economies back onto their feet. >Humanitarian aid in the form of doctors that are willing to help provide crash course training for local medical personnel and volunteers willing to learn, the CSSA government is trying to build a system of universal health care but there is currently a shortage of civilian doctors since more than a few people with sufficient training are currently enlisted for the needs of the armed forces. >Military aid in the form of Cuban advisors to help train local militias into a proper people's army through both conventional military training as well as political training >Diplomatic aid in the form of recognition for the legitimacy of the southern cause in the eyes of the world and the global communist movement >>114284 (S)CSSA's government has expressed interest in the idea of a mutual defense treaty and is willing to send a delegation from its foreign ministry to negotiate the details with their northern counterparts, including foreign minister McEarlwith. >>114322 Southern CSSA trains a second army of local militiamen in North Carolina as part of its continued border defense plan. Army count in states for next round: >Alabama, 1 army >Tennessee, 2 armies >Florida, 1 army >Georgia, 1 army >S. Carolina, 1 army >N. Carolina, 2 armies
>>114370 The TICIP wouldn’t be able to as per the agreement that I would take Montana and in return TICIP would form a non aggression pact between them and the Rocky Confederation
>>114375 It would be a violation of our NAP if you act in a way that threatens my proposed peace agreement with Soros.
>>114370 (((we))) are not sure what you are proposing. If a war is inevitable, of course sending volunteers would be a viable possibility, but as of right now (((we))) are not sure if that will be necessary.
>>114378 Nowhere in our agreed upon NAP was there anything about the TICIP relationship with the Soros States. I will comply with what was agreed, which was the occupation of Montana, and splitting of Oklahoma, and I hope the TICIP holds their end of the deal
>>114380 I am referring to the militarization in the Idaho Montana region. If anything happens, these hypothetical volunteers would serve Nevada well. Nevada is right next to Idaho and it shields California from Utah. >>114381 Any unprovoked attack on Soros would be an attack on an ally and thus me. Making it a violation of the pact.
>>114386 Also, if Soros attacks the Rockies, I will intervene on behalf of the Rockies.
The MoD of the MCR would like to inquire Chairman bear if he still considers the now-silent government of the KSR as his ally. Also, MCR's Ministry of Foreign Relations is sending a proposal to the Queen Grace of Louisiana. We would like to forge a mutual NAP, as well as a non-intervention pact - we shall stay out of your conflicts whilr you stay out of ours, so long as this doesn't violate either of our defensive pacts. These diplomatic interactions come after the conclusion of an emergency Presidium session, the full results of which haven't yet been made public.
>>114386 >>114388 Alright, but I expect the same as well >>114393 Supreme Leader YE's biggest goal as of now 1. Drop the hottest collection ever. 2. To have Peace In The Plains. So we still consider them allies, as we see it as the best possible way to achieve that goal
>>114395 (((we))) have no wish for Montana's land and resources, our only desire is to be able to move military assets through it. If you guarantee us the right to move armies through this state, we will happily sign a non-aggression treaty with you. The same applies to the TICIP and Louisiana
(74.15 KB 2400x1200 cssa.png)
(837.02 KB 5285x3762 cincinnati_proposal.png)
>>114322 The CSSA (Chicago) continues to train forces in the state of Illinois. >>114371 >>114294 President Wedding welcome the delegations from the MCR and the CSSA (south) in Cincinnati and expressed his gratitude at their commitment to preventing the spread of fascism throughout North America. President Wedding first and foremost proposed a strategy of containment in the northern-midwest region and wishes to continue discussion about this important topic in the coming turns.
>>114309 >>114322 This assault on the Deitsches Vadderland will not be tolerated. Der Fiehrer orders 1 army to invade New Jersey from Pennsylvania as retaliation against this unprovoked aggression. Pennsylfaani (Pennsylvania): 3 -> 2 armies Tschaertschi (New Jersey): 1 army invading
Our ministry of defense finalizes the creation of the Citizen's Corps by mustering another army regiment in Nebraska. MO (3) KS (3) NE (2+1) Additionally, our Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to use one of the last remaining passenger planes in our borders that wasn't damaged or destroyed during the initial chaos of Federal collapse to send a diplomatic delegation on a flight to Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, in hopes of establishing diplomatic relations and studying their government system.
>>114478 MCR has just received shocking news from the citizens of the new Eastern Oklahoma state. Following the partition of Oklahoma, the people in Eastern side of the state have found themselves abandoned and undefended. Also, the partition of the state has caused an infrastructural chaos. All of this has transformed into a near-lawless state, only de-facto controlled by the servants of Queen Grace in Tulsa. Our state cannot let such a situation continue, hence we are canceling the recruitment of new soldiers in Nebraska, and instead sending in one regiment of our Citizens Army from Kansas to Eastern Oklahoma to restore stability to the region. We inform the Kingdom of Louisiana that we do not consider this as an act of war against your nation. We promise not to attack any of your home states, which we fully recognize as yours and yours alone. For this reason we are sending a single army regiment. If you so choose, you can wipe out our peacekeeping force with your superior numbers, however we do wish to avoid any bloodshed. Revised turn: MO (3) KS (3 - 1 = 2) NE (2) EOK (1 occupying empty state)
>>114309 The Queen of Louisiana is appalled at how tensions have escalated. Previously it was the Rocky Confederation, now the Midwest Citizens Republic stepping in to claim her promised land! This is the last straw to break the camel's back. Queen Grace appears on a televised broadcast and reads from paper in her hands. "Our Louisiana cannot deign having the MCR claiming my birthright. They disgrace our concord with Kanye West! The MCR's biggest insult to our Kingdom is setting up a defensive league on our porch. Who else to fend against? Louisiana, no doubt! The MCR fears the all-encompassing power of the Louisianan royal state, and our endeavor to unite Lower and Upper Louisiana! They fear the unity and strength, integrity of my empire, that is strong as a million men together, the great body-politic of the four corners of this land! They offered a NAP, and then revealed their trepidation; the cowardly dogs! They will trample our land without expecting any thorny bushes, but this won't be with impunity!" "We see no peaceful future. The conflict with the MCR is inevitable. Their military buildup and expansionism leave no choice. As they move to snatch our rightful land, the MCR claims to defend it--an insult against the integrity of Royal Louisiana! We had lost our armies in defending the just cause of the Plain Indians." "My armies will invade, and they will knock the MCR down to size--but our intention is to maintain the status quo and secure East Oklahoma as our rightful land! The Louisiana-Rocky Oklahoma split confirms it." "I re-assure the four corners of the USA, that the Louisianan Royal Army is righteous in their cause. Our counter-invasion aims to knock the MCR down to size and protect our claim to East Oklahoma. Royal Louisiana will not expand into Missouri or landgrab, except for the land that is ours--East Oklahoma!" The broadcast breaks off abruptly The Louisianan High Command already starts a mobilization for a counter-offensive, no matter what! Louisianan Royal Army strikes right into the heart of the enemy MY TURN Louisiana: 1 army Mississippi: 2 armies Arkansas: 3 armies, being sent to invade Missouri Texas: 0 army East Oklahoma: 0 army ... Using this turn to send 3 armies from Arkansas into Missouri to attack the MCR in retaliation for their plans to invade East Oklahoma. The attack is also to level down their perceived militarization. Louisiana is willing to risk tooth and nail
(2.54 MB 3225x3082 Grace repulsed!.png)
This post >>114504 meant for >>114322 Using my turn to invade Missouri with my three (3) armies in Arkansas
(352.18 KB 748x580 Citizen_Corps.jpg)
Alea iacta est https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QqQZD0aMVZU MCR's MoFA would like to inquire Rocky Confederation and the TICIP for what is their stance in this quickly escalating conflict. Since our intervention to EOK was purely humanitarian, we would be willing to negotiate its return to Rocky oversight if Chairman YE is willing to stay neutral. We appologise to our CSSA(S) and CSSA(N) allies for creating a diplomatic incident. All help is appreciated, however for now we are fully prepared to face this aggressors threat ourselves.
(3.92 MB 3400x3082 grace-reprimands.png)
Rocky Confederation is called to maintain neutrality on terms of the Louisiana-Rocky Oklahoma Split. Since they recognized our claim, Louisiana doesn't feel they should get involved. Cough But TICIP is welcome to return our two (2) Louisianan volunteer armies. But they have no need to get involved other than sending the volunteers to fight to defend the homeland.
>>114510 MCR would advise the TICIP against sending back the volunteer forces, as this will stretch your own men thin, and make Soros once again the more powerful regional entity. Not to mention that the KoL is in no position to make demands, and is also leaving their state of Texas - a land that once belonged to your ancestors - completely exposed.
My Move Build up one new army in Wyoming >>114494 >>114504 >>114507 >>114510 The Rocky Confederation is looking at the situation and what the two sides are saying and is deciding on staying neutral for now. However, due to the nature of neutrality, and its treaties signed, this means that the TICIP is allowed to move troops through Colorado and North West Oklahoma for battle but the MCR is not allowed to send in troops, as allowing troops to go through to attack the TICIP and KoL would be a violation of the NAP signed, so its sorry if it may seem as if the Rocky Confederation doesn't seem neutral. Supreme Leader YE is willing if this is a truly humanitarian mission, to occupy all of Oklahoma territory for now, butultimately respect the borders set by Louisiana-Rocky Split when the KoL decides to move an army into East Oklahoma. >>114341 sorry Utah: 2 armies Colorado: 1 army North West Oklahoma: 1 amy Wyoming: 0 armies (though one being built)
(7.07 MB Marching Along.mp4)
(31.68 KB 359x398 grace book.jpg)
Louisiana also uses this time to send an envoy to establish relations with Haiti. We seek to get a foreign power on our side eventually and cannot lag behind.
>>114510 I'm in no position to give the armies back and you are in no position to demand them back. I'm building an army in Nevada next turn. TELEGRAPH TO THE KRUSHCHEVITE ARYAN CORN CASTE STATE Strike the midwest and TICIP will ensure the Rockies treat you well and aid in the invasion.
>>113817 TICIP lauds the insurgent destruction of the imperial core.
>>114529 Louisiana understands their predicament and doesn't demand their soldiers. you sacrificed enough turns moving those armies back and forth The Louisianians will only request moral support for the Louisiana-MCR War. Moral Support to re-assure the world the righteous cause of the Louisianans.
(650.66 KB 1242x2087 Ye_union.PNG)
Rocky Confederation X (N)CSSA???? >>114428 explain to me what you want to do
Pumpkin gang awaits the result of the attack on new joisey anxiously while raising another army in new york
>>114322 Der Fiehrer of the Pennsylvania German Reich would also like to establish communications with sympathetic organizations in South America, particularly in Brazil and Argentina.
(2.68 MB 5280x3762 USmap.jpg)
Update Army building - C.M.L-SA builds an army in Idaho - CSSA (Chicago) Begins mustering more troops in Illinois - Rocky confederation building new army in Wyoming. - New Militia trained by the CSSA (South) in North carolina. Uncontested Moves - TICIP sends a single army to Nevada - The MCR has occupied eastern oklahoma. Battles -Dutch Reik seizure of NJ (5> needed) <10 Operation is a success the Dutch reik quickly occupies all of NJ and shatters the army stationed there. - Kingdom of Louisiana intervention in Missouri (5> needed) <5 The Kingdom of Louisiana defeats the forces stationed in the state seizing Missouri. Foreign affairs - Louisiana attempts to open relations with Haiti (4> needed) <8 You receive a letter a short time latter from the Haitian foreign minister offering for them to send a legation to New orleans and establish a consulate. - The Dutch Riek is attempting to open relations with Argentina and Brazil (6> needed for both) <6 <5 No reply is given by the Argentinian government. Though the Brazilian government offers to send a legation to Pennsylvania and have talks about a potential embassy.
Edit: Forgot to give NJ to the right colour. Oklahoma is still split E-W with the west held by the RC and the east the MCR
>>114610 We wish to be able to move stuff through that state without conflict if we wish to do so. We have no plans to attack you or any of your allies.
>>114649 >>114651 So since the roll was only 5 does it mean my army gets restationed to the neighbouring states with available free space?
>>114658 Name and flag
>>114658 Also while I accept the results of the last battle, shouldn't 5 be the stalemate roll? I assumed so since 5> sounds like needing to roll more than five, not at least five or more. But anyway, the way it works now is a bit unbalanced, since attacking has a 6 in 11 and deffending only a 5 in 11 chance to succeed, meaning that attacking is the right move and to be on the defensive is always a mistake. Oh, and I tried to make diplomatic contact with Vuvuzela last turn >>114478
Is the Rajatba still present?
>>114663 Think both he and the East Coast anarchist state have left the game.
>>114666 I told patatabro to get back into the game, but I guess he forgot... again.
(4.26 KB 1078x718 american socialist flag.png)
The provisional popular army captures West virgina as the conquest of DC is already done for, The provisional popular army declares The Republic and changes their flag >>114667 I'm sorry mate I've been kinda bussy lately and haven't spent many time here :(
(115.08 KB 600x800 David Burnham.jpg)
>>114649 >>114651 How did the Cubans respond to my requests for aid? Also does the aid being received have any gameplay effects that will become noticeable sooner or later in the game? If there's no actual gameplay effect then some flavor text would still be nice. Actions: >The Confederacy's recruitment program continues chugging steadily along, with a new army being formed in Alabama. >(S)CSSA's diplomatic mission in the Kingdom of Louisiana inquires her Majesty, the Queen, through letter whether she would be willing to discuss the selling of the territory of Mississippi to the Confederacy. The Ambassador in charge of the mission, David Burnham, stresses in his request for audience that, quote: "the state holds historical and cultural significance to the Confederacy and its people due to it being one of the seven founding members of the original CSA. Additionally there is good reason to believe that there are significant amounts of people within the state itself who align with the southern cause and would likely become an inconvenience for the Kingdom and its government should they continue to hold onto the state through forceful means." >>114668 How convenient, you arrived right on call.
MCR would like to give a proposal to the government of CSSA(S). Our armed forces, while defeated once in battle, will counterattack the state of Missouri in due haste aka once OP informs me what exactly happened to my army. Thus we would propose a strategic alliance - the state of Arkansas lies undeffended, and if your army siezes it, the main force of Kingdom of Luoisiana would be cut off, and hopefully destroyed in our attack. This would leave both Mississipi and Louisiana proper - both states to which we wouls recognize southern rule, mostly exposed. If the CSSA(S) accepts our offer, we would like to invite the TICIP in our partition of this illegitimate "Kingdom" by offering Texas, which still lies ripe for the taking.
>>114684 The (S)CSSA's foreign ministry receives the MCR proposal, responding that they will forward it to both the president and the CSSAAF High Command for consideration. The proposal is deliberated on and its determined that the alertness of the border troops at Tennessee and Alabama shall be raised in preparation, but that they will be held back from further movement until it is clearer to the southern leadership how the balance of the conflict will change in the coming days and weeks. Their reasoning is purely one of pragmatism and not wanting to get entangled in a war where the odds of winning are so unclear. Should the MCR wish to provide intelligence on the Kingdom's troop movements and composition, it might help sway the south's opinion in their favor.
Building an army in Nevada this turn TICIP army count Nevada: 1 + (1) Arizona: 2 New Mexico: 3 Any messages or military sent on behalf of the Rajatba would be appreciated. Let it be known any attack on Louisiana will result in severe revenge on our behalf.
The Queen of Louisiana gives a sigh of relief as news that her armies were victorious. It must be a stroke of luck against the odds drawn against her Kingdom. This successful battle probably saved the future of the Kingdom. The Battle of Missouri was a bloody affair. The Louisianan Royal Army also had fought fanatically to preserve the Kingdom. The successful invasion puts Louisiana in a far better position to claim East Oklahoma back. MY TURN Louisiana: 1 army Mississippi: 2 armies, building an extra army in Mississippi. Texas: 0 army Arkansas: 0 army Missouri: 3 armies? ... Using this turn to build an army in Mississippi >>114676 The Louisianan Royal Court is filled with throngs of people in the Palace halls. War leaders are gathered around Queen Grace, overseeing a map of the MCR territories and East Oklahoma... The stunning victory is announced in the chamber, much to Queen Grace's relief, as the courtiers cheer on the Louisianan Royal Army's success. There was much enthusiasm around the Palace about a Louisianan triumph. David Burnham is standing in the hall with Queen Grace flocked, her war leaders and the diplomats of all lands gathered in the hall. The hall in the palace had a throne set up in the room temporarily where the Queen sits, smiling "All our states hold significance to the Confederacy, but this land also holds historical significance to our Kingdom. We occupy Southern Louisiana with my Kingdom stretching far as the eye can see. The Mississippi River overflows with an abundance of joy, the river for every heart today, because the Battle of Missouri is proof that our soldiers will defend the Kingdom at all costs, and every heart and body in Louisiana supports the cause." The Queen of Louisiana looks at the CSSA ambassador and contemplates his warning. Her soft eyes pierce the ambassador "It is said there are Louisianans who sympathize with the CSSA cause. The Kingdom of Louisiana is one giant household, like one hive, with the whole state resides in my royal person. Those rebels who try to separate the public interest from my person, like Bossuet acclaims, are worthy of death..." Queen Grace turns her head "But I am made for my people, and I am made to be loved; the whole Kingdom rejoices for me, as the Mississippi River flows propitious in my name. All people feel my embrace and love me. The Great Household that is Louisiana doesn't know politics like the rest of the world. All are made kin as in royal virtue, like one large family, where they work in coordination with the body-politic of my royal state, all of embodied in my person... There is no right and there is no left. Only the unity of this household." A portrait of Louis XIV is in the hall nearby, like was spread all across the Kingdom to legitimize the royal state. Everywhere, to David Burnham's shock, as the Queen of Louisiana almost pretty much claims to be the reincarnation... Music fills the halls with majesty of the Queen of Louisiana... As royal courtiers convene to discuss the matter with David Burnham, they suggest that the CSSA consider making its amends to Royal Louisiana... After all, Louisiana is a southern kingdom and feels the pertinence of the southern cause... Being all southerners themselves, the Louisianan courtiers open a different avenue DIPLOMATIC OFFER TO CSSA (SOUTH) Royal Louisiana will recognize the CSSA claim to Virginia and form a bond of southern solidarity. The Kingdom of Louisiana claims to also be aligned with the southern cause and the Queen of Louisiana gives her heart to the CSSA in their struggle against those who oppose the South. As Royal Louisiana is the eldest daughter of the South! We also re-assure CSSA (South) that Royal Louisiana does not seek war and has no interest to ever invade them.
This post >>114725 meant for >>114649 That post was my turn >>114690 Louisiana thanks Indians for their moral support. >>114688 But Royal Louisiana remains cautious of perceived ambitions surrounding them. We're also happy about the diplomatic recognition of the Haitians and press to convene with them on points of diplomacy and exchange. Louisiana looks for future support from Haiti
(14.47 KB 640x360 183.jpg)
>>114649 Montana: 2 Wyoming:1 Utah:2 Colorado:1 (+1) NW Oklahoma: 1 I would like to build up an army in Colorado. I also send a message to the KRS, and advise them not to partake in the current affairs, and to stay neutral as of now, though they can do as they please. I would also like to send a diplomat to the Gamer government. >>114654 Hmmmmm, I would need something from you as a sign of goodwill and no malintent
>>114658 Yeah im beggining to think that we need a more scaled system for combat rather then just binary "win/lose" I suppose you can keep one army and have it station in nebraska since thats the only state with open space. >MCR Attempts to establish diplomatic contacts with Venezuela. (6> needed) <9 After a few minutes of confusing radio exchanges between the MCR's diplomatic aircraft and the ground control tower in Caracas the delegation is allowed to land. Relations are opened with Venezuela. >>114676 After you Open relations and then request aid you can ask them to send military volunteers which will be spawned in the nearest state to said country with free space. So by requesting aid you've basically moved yourself to the second highest level of relations you can be at with a NPC country. >CSSA (Southern) requests further aid from the Cuban government Once again since you have a close proximity and a similar ideology to Cuba i am reducting 2 points from the requirement and then an additional point due to the fact you have already established such good relations. (2>needed) <6 Cuba accepts the CSSA's request for aid and leaves the door open for further involvement in the conflict.
>>114649 Following the successful campaign in Nei Schaersi, the Reich begins training a new army in Pennsilfaani (Pennsylvania) to bolster the defense of the Vadderland. Armies: Pennsilfaani (Pennsylvania): 2 -> 3 Nei Schaersi (New Jersey): 1
(812.10 KB 5285x3222 Army_map.png)
Updated army map MCR launches a full scale counter attack to take back Missouri with two armies from Nebraska and one from Kansas. We ask CSSA(S) to consider taking the gamble and occupying the state of Arkansas, which could lead to encirclement of Louisianan army. We inform the TICIP that we shall not be threatened. For now we only wish to take back our lands, something that your people should be familiar with. Finally, should our offensive falter, we would like to ask CSSA(N) for their support. Turn: NE: 1 KS: 2 EOK: 1 MO: 3 attacking PS, Potato took over WV, so I marked it on the map as well.
>>114730 What would that something be? I'll let you move forces into my territory if you want. Anyways for my move I will build an additional army in California Army positions: 2 ID, 1 OR, 2 + 1 being built CA
>>114750 pumpkin gang raises another army in NY waiting...
>>114750 The republic raises another army in VA
(51.20 KB 580x362 kanye-west-cat.jpg)
>>114737 Oi, aussie. You missed my move for the turn >>114764 Can I have Idaho?
>>114812 im not gonna give you one state just to get access through another. i only want access through one of your states, and in return am willing to let you go through any of mine. if that still isnt enough i will give you one volunteer division
>>114812 >Chairman Ye began mustering more forces in Wyoming.
I would recommend Louisiana pull their forces out of Missouri and back into Arkansas next turn. You have inflicted costly losses on the MCR and you should not overextend your forces.
(2.66 MB 5280x3762 USmap.jpg)
(123.56 KB 802x502 Oklahoma.jpg)
>>114649 Update Army Building - TICIP Built another army to reinforce Nevada. - Kingdom of Louisiana built another army in Mississippi. - The rocky confederation built an additional army in Colorado. - Dutch Riek built a new army in Pennsylvania. - C.M.L-SA Builds another army in California. - "The Republic" built an army in Virginia (Second turn) - CSSA (South) built a new army in Alabama. Uncontested moves - "The Republic" Seized West-Virginia (First turn) Battles >MCR launches an all out attack on the Louisianan royal army in Missouri hoping to push them back to the border (5> needed) <5 The Louisiana Royal army is pushed fully out of Missouri and back into Arkansas with one (1) division collapsing entirely I declare since this is the first war to amount to anything more then border skirmishes over porous and chaotic territory this series of battles will be called the "East Oklahoma war" Until its conclusion as the status of East Oklahoma was the initial casus beli for the conflict
I finally decided every army in a state getting wiped if you lose one battle was a bit hardcore and silly. So now victory and lose are scaled for example with equal ods (1v1 etc) >5-6 Normal victory - One opposing army destroyed >7-8 strong victory - Two armies destroyed. >9-10 Total victory = Three / all opposing armies destroyed. Losing a battle is inverted but to the same scale and slightly more leninent since you have to land a zero to suffer a total catastrophe. 4-3 2-1 0
(2.59 MB 5285x3762 Army_map.png)
Updated map, though I have two possible inconsistencies: >>114812 Does the map as it stands accounts for the missed recruitment or no? >>114889 >>114772 PG's move seems to have been missed, but as far as I see it was an impossible move anyway, as NY already had 3 armies. Current map shows PG as if it skipped a turn. If OP is ok with it, I'd ask for Pumpkin to reply to this post so that a free army would be added to CT, VA or MA.
(2.59 MB 5285x3762 Army_map.png)
>>114902 Ah crap, forgot to add 1 army in Western Oklahoma.
(229.29 KB 540x355 AIM members honor.png)
The Indian Plains attempt to establish relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Support would be appreciated. Adherent to the principles of Wilyat e Faiqh, both our states are preparing for the reappearance of Imam Mahdi. The fall of Satan and appearance of pious law in the imperial core should only hasten the preparations. The Communists and oppressors will be torn limb from limb. Flowers will bloom with the blood of the opposition serving as the fertilizer "I have accepted the task of government because God, Exalted and Almighty, has exacted from the scholars of Islam a pledge not to sit silent and idle in the face of the gluttony and plundering of the oppressors, on the one hand, and the hunger and deprivation of the oppressed, on the other" -Imam Khomeini
MCR would like to offer peace to Queen Grace of Louisiana. We have no desire to infringe on your core crown lands, and would wish to see stability to be restored to the region. While we are going to reinforce our border, we promise not to advance. Move: NE (1) KS (2 - 2 moving out + 1 recruitment) EOK (1 + 2 moving in) MO (3) We also would like for our diplomatic mission to Venezuela to try and negotiate medical aid to help us recover from the Battle for Missouri.
>>114902 >it was an impossible move anyway, as NY already had 3 armies Well there goes the plan to build 100 armies in a state! Army in CT then. As for this turn, 2 armies attack NJ from NY
I build one more army in Oregon. my offer to the rockies to give them military access and a volunteer division or two in exchange for military access through montana still stands.
>>114907 1 army to be built in Arizona
>>114908 Louisiana is finally dismayed after the defeat. Queen Grace accepts the terms of peace, but we extend a 5-turn NAP to keep everything peaceful. >>114889 MY TURN Louisiana: 1 army Arkansas: 2 armies, building 1 army here Mississippi: 3 Armies Texas: 0 Armies ... Using this turn to build one (1) army in Arkansas Louisiana re-assures MCR that NAP is offered and it will only look to defend itself. The Louisianans seem to accept the loss of East Oklahoma as it stands.
>>114889 >>114892 >>114902 >Pumpkin gang built another army in NY. Fuck im really bad at reading comprehension and remembering shit even when im the one making the rules...
>>114889 The Reich moves one army from PA to NJ to bolster our defenses. Pennsilfaani (PA): 3 -> 2 Nei Schaersi (NJ): 1 -> 2
>>114932 Anyway since PG hasnt responded yet im just gonna allocate the army to CT for now to fortify the NY-CT defensive line against the Dutch riek.
>>114934 He actually just replied here >>114914
(2.60 MB 5285x3762 Army_map.png)
Updated army map. >>114932 No problem. I'll try to keep the mid-turn map as up to date as possible.
>>114925 MCR accepts the proposal for an NAP.
>>114954 Just to clarify I meant to move just one army from PA to NJ. I realize that was an awkward way for me to depict it, sorry about that.
>>114958 It's pretty bad he's gone.
(63.51 KB 863x485 Militiamen.jpg)
>>114889 CSSA (South) builds up a new army from the latest wave of recruits in Tennesee. Army count in states for next round: >Alabama, 2 armies >Tennessee, 3 armies >Florida, 1 army >Georgia, 1 army >S. Carolina, 1 army >N. Carolina, 2 armies
Where is everybody?
>>115065 This might be the end, anon.
>>115066 Damn, and it was just starting to get good.
nah most of us are still here, op hasnt just done another turn
Krushchev Juche state cursed us all
(94.20 KB 1242x1206 eol4fplezd451.jpg)
>>114889 My turn Move an army from Montana to North Dakota to stabilize the region >>114920 The Rocky Confederation thinks this is a fair offer, and would ease tension between the twos people by showing cooperation between the two nations. The Rocky Confederation allows access through its land for two divisions for the Soros States
>>115084 from*
>>115085 can i give volunteers this turn, even tho i am already building an army in oregon? if i can't ill do it next turn
(2.66 MB 5280x3762 USmap.jpg)
>>114889 Update Army building - MCR built a new army in Kansas. - C.M.L-SA built a new army in Oregon - TICIP Built a new army in Arizona. - Kingdom of Louisiana built an army in Arkansas. - CSSA (South) builds a new army in Tennessee. Uncontested movements - Rocky confederation occupied North Dakota. Battles >Pumpkin Country attacked NJ in an attempt to reclaim it from the dutch riek (5> needed) <9 Total victory. The Pennsylvanian Dutch reiks forces are encircled within the city of New Jersey proper after a pincer maneuverer halted their retreat. The fight is brutal but eventually Pumpkin country forces raise their flag over city hall. Country collapse >KSR. After the Mysterious and inexplicable disappearance of their leadership after the battle of Wisconsin the KSR has effectively dissolved into its original constitutent states >Minnesota. Its local militias were able to maintain order and the state continues to exist with a standing army (2) >Iowa Similar situation as Wisconsin with the state government declaring de-facto independence with the help of their militia (2) >South Dakota. Government authority in South Dakota vanished almost overnight with most of the states militiamen abandoning their posts. Soon this turned to banditry and warlord's within the flat state. Someone will need to come pick up the pieces I will be playing Minnesota and Iowa until / Unless someone else wants to play as them or the KSR Guy comes back
>>115101 MY TURN Louisiana: 1 army, building one (1) extra army Arkansas: 3 armies Mississippi: 3 armies Texas: 0 armies ... Using this turn to build one (1) army in Louisiana The Queen of Louisiana, out of curiosity, starts sending royal courtiers and messengers to all lands in the balkanized USA. The royal courtiers get efficient transport and appear in almost every warlord state and confederation. Each comes with royal splendor and a portrait of the Queen of Louisiana herself... a brief description will be for each warlord state the royal messangers appear: >TICIP Royal courtiers and Muslims from Louisiana, who live in peace and know fairness and equity under the Louisianan state, come bearing gifts and munitions from the Louisianan arms dealers. The royal messangers wear strange clothes with their justacorps and jabots, peruke wigs and all. This traveling diplomatic envoy tells the Islamic Indians that the Queen of Louisiana will send troops to Texas soon and mean no alarm when they arrive >Rocky Confederation Louisianan Royal Messengers arrive in the land of Kanye West and come bearing gifts and a portrait of the Queen of Louisiana to establish diplomacy. Among them are exotic animals they brought to gift to Kanye West as well as animal experts from Louisiana. These diplomats offer to open communications from the Queen of Louisiana and facilitate communication between the two warlords. >Cultural Marxist Liberal (((Soros))) States An avowed anti-racist courtier arrives. Along with the usual portrait of the Queen of Louisiana brought along with them, they present George Soros with a portrait of himself, an astonishing picture of man. The royal messangers are keen on trying to facilitate or edge the Cultural Marxist Liberal Statesmen to ease their conflict with Islamic Plain Indians. The royal messengers hint that bombing Islamic Plain Indians would be kinda racist. >CSSA (South) Royal Messangers arrive in the Deep South with their envoys of royal entertainment and gifts. A much larger portrait of the Queen of Louisiana herself is brought. The Louisianan diplomats request an embassy in the Confederate Socialist States of America to help diminish any conflicts between the two warlord states. The Queen of Louisiana also sends her household chef to help prepare food and cajun specialties for the CSSA people and government. The caravan moves through the South giving gifts to all people they find, entertainment and festivals--all in promotion of Queen Grace's repute among the Southerners >MCR A very stolid statesman is sent to negotiate with their government and ease the animosity. There is no royal caravan bringing entertainment or festivities, but they do bring a painting of the Queen of Louisiana >CSSA (Chicago) A shrewd Louisianan diplomat and royal entourage of entertainers who bring their own jubilee arrive in Chicago. The diplomat warmly addresses President Wedding and tries his best to give a friendly impression of the Louisianans despite their allegiance to their despotic Queen. The Chicagoans also receive gifts from the caravan. As the standard protocol, a portrait of the Queen of Louisiana is also brought to the city Louisianans visiting the CSSA (North) perform a spectacle of dance choreography and carry small Louisianan royal flags with them and other instruments. The Louisianan diplomat requests an embassy in CSSA (Chicago) >Pennsylvanian Dutch Reik Louisianan Royal Musicians on the caravan with diplomats barely make it through a war-torn region and arrive in the farthest edges of the US. They visit the Pennsylvanian capital and request communications with the regime there. They bring the portrait of the Queen of Louisiana and attempt to play music for the entertainment of these Dutch Pennsylvanians >Pumpkin Country It is the longest journey, and the royal messengers are exhausted. The caravan was hit by bullets and explosives, with survivors... they manage to bring a somewhat intact portrait of the Queen of Louisiana through the wartorn country. They injured caravan requests aid to their injuries. The Louisianan travelers who arrived in good health study the customs and behavior of the Pumpkin countrymen
(2.62 MB 5285x3762 Army_map.png)
Updated map. >>115101 Missed my attempt at diplomacy to get humanitarian aid from Venezuela
To the government of Rocky Confederation Seeing the collapse of the KSR and the dissolution of any formal government in the state of South Dakota, our government expresses it's interest in restoring stability to the state by taking it under our wing. However, we first would like to consult with your government in order to find out if you don't oppose such a move.
>>115101 My Turn Move the army from Wyoming to South Dakota. And I’d like to send one army from Colorado into Wyoming. Also like to establish ties with the [email protected] Government
(48.27 KB 500x366 the_wall.jpg)
>>115112 Well that explains that. We would like to make a new offer then. The torn nature of the state of Eastern Oklahoma is causing many logistical issues, especially in the divided Oklahoma City. We imagine same is true on your Western side. Thus we propose to reunify the state, ceding the East to your control (after all, we only intervened there from humanitarian concerns, thus we feel no sadness in helping restore stability, even if it means we won't have hold on the state. In exchange, we would ask for you to turn back the militia force headed to restore order in South Dakota, and instead let our forces do it instead.
(2.74 MB 1799x1200 SLA Spokesperson.png)
>>115102 The establishment of the embassy is allowed after a brief meeting by the southern government concludes that it will help further establish peaceful relations and solidify president O'Donnell's reputation as a solid negotiator ahead of the coming elections. Unfortunately for Queen Grace many of the gifts from the Louisianan caravan are rejected by the humble southerners who already feel like they have everything they need thanks to the current government's policies on food, housing, energy and job security. Some even see the gifts as mere attempts at bribery and more than a few of these remote villages and small towns of proud rednecks tell the royal representatives to move on and not overstay their welcome... even to the point of forcing them out at gunpoint. An incident occurs during the fifth day of the caravan's stay within CSSA territory that would later be dubbed as the "Monroeville Bloodbath" where several members of the local branch of Alabama's Workers' Militia later identified as members of the "Southern Liberation Army", a more extreme left-libertarian offshoot of the established ruling party opened fire on the good-will caravan, killing several people before local authorities arrived to handle the situation. The group would later release a statement taking responsibility for the deed saying that O'Donnell's government were, quote: "A bunch of limp-dicked tankies to whom stability and good diplomatic relations are more important than justice and liberation for people like our brothers and sisters in Missisippi and the rest of the American south who suffer under the thumb of the that reactionary bitch's junta while O'Donnell and the rest of our so-called representatives are busy licking her boots." The SLA spokesperson on the video statement would also go on to say that, quote: "There can be no peace as long as there are southern people who still suffer under tyranny, as long as there is a person whose labor is exploited or who languishes in a prison cell, we are not free! Long live Socialism! Death to the enemies of liberty and reactionary scum!" President O'Donnell would later send out a formal apology regarding the incident to the Queen, hoping in his message and later phone call that the incident wouldn't taint the relations between the two Southern powers in an irreparable manner and that his government would do everything it could do to make sure such an incident would not occur again during his presidency.
(90.62 KB 1800x1080 Backroom Dealings.jpg)
>>115101 >>115109 >>115122 An additional army is formed in Alabama. Publically, this is done in response to the events at Monroeville to help existing members of loyal militia hunt down the SLA before they can do further damage.However, within government and upper military circles, this is seen merely a well-timed excuse to increase military presence at the Alabama-Mississippi border area. No actual effort is put into the efforts of tracking down the whereabouts of the SLA since it is believed that their fanaticism can be wielded as a useful covert tool by the newly formed MIS (Military Intelligence Service) and other security agencies as long as the government continues to publicly denounce the group and make token efforts at dismantling it through the occasional arrest (and subsequent hushed release) of SLA members. Army count in states for next round: >Alabama, 3 armies >Tennessee, 3 armies >Florida, 1 army >Georgia, 1 army >S. Carolina, 1 army >N. Carolina, 2 armies
(9.76 KB 180x279 images.png)
Offical declaration of war against the Rocky Confederation Skirmishes between our people and the Rockies have been prevalent. We were able to make peace with you after these forgivable incidents. There has however been a shift recently. Encroachment on the Indian ally of Louisiana by the Rockies and Midwest has reached an intolerable height. We will not let you threaten the integrity of our faction any longer. All armies in New Mexico to Colorado Further attempts to establish relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran Our brothers in arms and faith will hopefully smile upon our attempts to organize the ummah against the corruption within America. We wish to exchange ideas and military knowledge. The Quds force is free to work alongside us in developing military technologies hidden within the archives the fallen government left behind. We will ask the Kingdom of Louisiana to condemn the murderous Pahlavis and House of Saud. Cooperation between brothers is strength.
MCR's MoFA expresses grave concern over the erupting hostilities in the southern plains. We are willing to cooperate with the Rockies if the situation gets out of hand. We also wish to inform the California government of a possibility to create a three-sided defensive pact to stop Indian aggression. I won't be available for the next ~hours, so keep that in mind if anything drastic happens
>>115126 This attack on (((our ally))) will not be tolerated. As time is of the essence in defending (((our ally))) from (((antisemetic terrorists))), instead of wasting a turn giving two divisons as volunteers to the Rockies, (((we))) instead attack Nevada with two divisions from Idaho and one from Oregon.When this war is concluded, we will give any states we capture to the Rockies in exchange for a continuation of the military access treaty and North Dakota, but will occupy them ourselves for the time being. The terms for that treaty are negotiable, and we can discuss them more when the time comes. >>115102 I thank the Louisianan diplomat for the portrait and tell them that we hope the current conflict with the Indians can be solved peacefully. >>115134 We would also support the creation of an alliance between us, the MCR, and the Rockies.
>>115141 Armies at beginning of turn: 3 CA, 2 OR, 2 ID At end of turn: 3 CA, 1 OR, 3 attacking the 2 Indian divisions in NV
The Rocky Confederation stops all troops from entering South Dakota and instead focus on the Southern Front. Our descions will be based on a key move 1. If the MCR is willing send in help, via a volunteer army in Colorado, then we will build an army in Utah. 2. If the MCR cannot send in help, then we will build the army in Colorado >>115114 >>115134 If the MCR is willing to help the Rocky Confederation in their efforts against the Indians, than the question of South Dakota will be more favorable to the MCR >>115141 The Rocky Confederation is grateful for the help of the Soros States, two sides coming together, once not seeing eye to eye. Talks will occur, and YE is grateful for such a woke, honest man. The Supreme Leader YE personally writes a letter to the Queen Grace of Louisiana Ey yoo, so these Indians are your friends, and I get it, homies help homies. But they keep messing with us, and that ain't cool, you feel me. So I'm asking you, as King in some respects, as I do see myself in that sort of positions, if I lived in Medieval Europe, to stay neutral in this situation. And in return, I am willing to give the Louisiana a land which its feet has not touched for quite a while
>>114907 Oh yeah I forgot you wanted to befriend Iran <7 The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes the congregation of the TICIP and welcomes further cooperation
>>115101 By order of der Fiehrer a third army is raised in PA. Armies: Pennsilfaani (PA): 2 -> 3 >>115102 Der Fiehrer chuckles softly to himself, and explains that the term "Pennsylvania Dutch," while often used, is a bit of a misnomer, a corruption of the Pennsylvania German word "Dietsche," and that his people are, in fact, German. Even so, der Fiehrer is delighted to meet these royal messengers and finds their gifts most pleasing. He wastes no time in showing this caravan from far off lands the glory and splendor of the Reich.
The Queen of Louisiana becomes increasingly paranoid about the state of affairs surrounding Royal Louisiana. Each corner of the Kingdom, there are enemies. Shortly after the incident in Alabama, Lousianan Royal Guards seize David Burnham and toss him into an oubliette. >>115101 REVISED TURN Instead of making an army in Louisiana, the Kingdom of Louisiana makes the great Declaration of War against the CSSA (South)' The Queen of Louisiana reads the War Declaration. The increasingly rogue state sees no other option than to take advantage of the NAP given to MCR and retaliate against the CSSA (South) for funding rebels, as the Louisianan Royal State claims. LOUISIANA-CSSA (SOUTH) WAR DECLARED The Royal Louisianan Armies rally together and march into Alabama and immediately start shooting at any rebel cohort or CSSA soldier they find. Tanks are also sent into the deep south, and upon any resistance from the locals moving to protect the regime--the Louisianan Royal Army is issued an order from the Louisianan High Command to put down any who oppose the Queen of Louisiana's invasion MY TURN Louisiana: 1 army Arkansas: 3 armies Mississippi: 3 armies, moving to invade Alabama Texas: 0 armies ... Revising this turn to send three (3) armies from Mississippi to invade Alabama and attack and kill rebels and CSSA (South)'s armies. All opposition, be it volunteer rebel or CSSA army, will be dealt with in this invasion. >>115126 The Kingdom of Louisiana gives moral support to the Islamic Plain Indians. >>115152 The Queen of Louisiana reads Supreme Leader YE's letter and contemplates the situation. But the Kingdom of Louisiana, seeing as how it has bigger CSSA fish to fry, don't directly participate in the conflict as it stands for now.
(212.50 KB 1280x960 little_green_MCR_volunteers.jpg)
>>115152 After deliberation, MCR MoD has agreed to send one army regiment from Kansas to Colorado in order to bolster Rocky defenses. Seeing another conflict erupt in the south, we are also willing to send two army regiments from East Oklahoma to West Oklahoma, if the Rockies deem it needed. >>115141 We would also wish to advise the Californian army to give no quarter and assault Nevada in full force. TURN: EOK: 3 MO: 3 NE: 1 KS: 1 - 1 = 0 One volunteer army moving to Colorado, for a total of 3 defender armies. We also try to negotiate humanitarian and economic aid from Venezuela.
(925.55 KB 2559x1439 EugeneVDebs.jpg)
(158.64 KB 899x1200 Anti-Monarchist Propaganda.jpg)
(220.19 KB 1250x650 Border Troops.jpg)
>>115174 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJnYjS-i_r4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2N366xn6V4&bpctr=1601278792 "War is a terrible thing, senseless slaughter of his fellow human is not something that man should ever have to participate in willingly or otherwise, especially when its done against fellow workers, however our western neighbor has left us no choice but to defend ourselves and our home with their invasion across the Alabama-Mississippi border. I alone do not have the power to initiate war for I am merely a single delegate of the people like all of you, and a just war can only be declared by the people. So I ask this parliament, as the representatives of our people, do we all, as a collective representation of the public's will, want war? Do we want a total war? Do we want a war so destructive that it will shake the very ground we all stand on? A war that will bring complete desolation to everything that it touches. A conflict so horrifying that will permanently stain the southern soil red with the blood of its sons and daughters?!" - Excerpt from the speech of Alabaman parliamentary delegate Thomas J. Fisher during the emergency session of the CSSA parliament, his speech would be met with thunderous applause by the other representatives present at the time who voted unanimously in favor of responding to the Louisianan declaration of war with their own Missives requesting aid from all nearby socialist powers, including Cuba and the northern CSSA is sent out and the CSSAAF troops at the border are ordered to mobilize in preparation for the Louisianan offensive. Additionally, every other part of society is also put on war footing, including the press and media houses, which start producing propaganda leaflets and anti-monarchist hitpieces to boost the morale of the Confederate citizenry, and eventually when the counter-offensive begins, diminish it on the other side of the frontline.
>>115185 Big question though, is CSSA(N) gone for good? He didn't make a move for quite a while now.
heccin bumperino
(2.66 MB 5280x3762 USmap.jpg)
The Dam has finally broken No more talk No more half measures There will be blood Update >Army building. - CSSA (South) built an army in Alabama. - Der Fuhrer orders another army to be mobilised for the defence of Pennsylvania. - The RC constructed an army in Colorado. Battles >The TICIP deploys all three armies stationed in New Mexico to attack the (3) stationed there by the RC (5> Needed) <1 - Severe Failure. The TICIP troops were just not equipped for the mountain combat that awaited them in Colorado. The cold. The long marches along narrow cliffs. Unsuitable terrain for using their horses and near constant attacks by RC forces took their toll and after hearing frantic calls over the radio from the other two armies in the invasion force for help before being silenced forever the remaining division of TICIP Calvary ordered a full retreat back to New Mexico <(2) armies lost >In retaliation for the TICIP's attack on the RC the C.M.L-SA launches a two pronged assault on Nevada hoping to reinforce their allies (3> needed) <8 - Strong Victory Californian tanks roll over TICIP forces in Nevada and after a blitz to vegas full control of the state falls to them in a week <(2) TICIP armies lost C.M.L-SA takes Nevada >The Kingdom of Louisiana sends launches a full scale attack (3) against the waiting CSSA army (3) in Alabama. (5> Needed) <0 - DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY. High Command in Baton Rouge was happy at first when they received the first reports. The CSSA had fallen back and looked like Montgomery would fall by daybreak. Then by the second day things became strange. No hails for reinforcement. No signal of victory...No anything. Then after countless attempts to get in contact with a radio operator from the invasion force someone finally picked up. >"Their all gone" >*Click* <KINGDOM OF LOUSIANA LOSES THREE (3) ARMIES. Foreign affairs >The TICIP requested an expansion of Aid with the islamic republic of Iran. <9 - Total success. The Ayatollah messages personally and says any charity they can give you will receive. >The CSSA (South) requested volunteers from Cuba <10 "Of course comrade the FIRST division should be in florida by the end of the week.
>>115363 (((we))) send all three armies currently in california to arizona. Army positions at beginning of turn: 3 CA, 1 OR, 3 NV Army positions at end of turn: 1 OR, 3 NV, 3 attacking 3 (?) Indian armies in AZ also will there be governments in exile, if someone loses all their territory but still have allies and some divisions left
>>115363 The Queen of Louisiana is devastated at these reports The invasion seems to be foiled. The propaganda festers in the minds of the Great House of Louisiana. It is no longer an invasion, but a proactive revolution against the Palace at Baton Rouge. The royalists bring back the dreadful news of how the Louisianan Royal Army was slaughtered at the forefront, how the guerilla warfare out-maneuvered the strong army, and inevitably the combined strength of dissents and CSSA army defeated the Queen of Louisiana's massive invasion. Queen Grace sits alone in a dark room. It could already be seen that revolutionaries were storming the Palace. It could already be sensed that the CSSA army will be openly retaliating against her Kingdom and dismantling her propaganda machine and spy network... In a despondent, contemplative hour, Queen Grace orders a desperate attack against the revolutionary foothold MY TURN Louisiana: 1 army Arkansas: 3 armies, moving to attack Tennessee Mississippi: 0 armies Texas: 0 armies ... In a desperate move to rescue the Kingdom of Louisiana from utter destruction, the Queen of Louisiana orders the hardened veteran armies of Arkansas to attack Tennessee! These armies are robust veterans who fought in the East Oklahoma War and they could possibly turn the tides of battle Queen Grace lapses in her throne and considers moving the court to Texas or somewhere secure. A flicker of madness starts to catch up with the Queen of Louisiana after the infamous defeat of her armies. "This is a somber hour, but it is our best chance to use the war veterans up north in Arkansas. They will thrust these CSSA armies. They will win back our invasion by their force alone!" It could be a suicidal drive. The Louisianans send the last remaining army to fight the CSSA (South) in a last stand The Queen of Louisiana has an existential crisis for her empire. Grace contemplates death or making a retreat to Texas to find protection with the Islamic Plain Indians, IF the war veterans fail to push back at Tennessee. It is a matter of existential dread through the Queen of Louisiana's mind... >The Kingdom of Louisiana calls for Haitian military aid to help defend Louisiana and Baton Rouge. These will be foreign mercenaries to put down any CSSA armies or those who bought into their propaganda
(2.64 MB 5285x3762 Army_map.png)
Army map >>115363 I believe that the RC has recruited in Utah. since I sent 1 volunteer to CO, meaning it was already full, and bear has outlined that he would recruit in Utah in that case. Also sorry for seeming like a creaky wheel, but you missed my attempt at diplomacy with Venezuela once again. >>115366 Either somehow factor it in to the random events or grant them control over one of the abandoned nations
(2.22 MB 3312x3000 grace_angry.png)
>>115367 Sending three (3) Louisianan Armies from Arkansas to attack Tennesseee for clarity's sake.
oh yeah im not sure if this would work or not but if ye also attacks the 3 armies in arizona from utah they will be able to take it if (((we))) cant, obviously if we do take it they wont be able to but if we cant that would double our chances of taking the state, after that they would only have 1 division and 1 state left
(1006.90 KB 2100x1306 YE_first_thing_he_tweets.png)
>>115368 It's ok sorry fren >MCR attempts to expand diplomatic relations with the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela. <9 Success. Venzuela decides to formally recognise the MCR as "the closest thing to a legitimate government in the American chaos"
>>115363 The Reich sends 2 armies to invade NJ Armies: PA: 3 -> 1 NJ: 2 invading
(146.19 KB 569x425 stalinwriting.jpg)
(407.94 KB 500x364 Dontstopmenow.gif)
(200.56 KB 900x675 leaflets.jpg)
>>115363 >When the smoke cleared and the ringing in their ears stopped, the members of Alabama's first, second and third regional Workers' Militia slowly raised their heads, looking over the desolate battlefield filled with craters and littered with the mutilated bodies of the dead. The sight was... chilling to say the least, more than a few of us became nauseous at the combination of sight and smell of death at its rawest and began vomiting onto the floor of the trenchline. >A few brave souls took the risk of climbing out of the trenches to see if the battle was truly over, their comrades observing with weapons at the ready, prepared to provide covering fire if it was necessary. In the end, nothing happened and the reconnaissance units returned with smiles and laughter to report that the only enemies remaining on Alabaman soil were the dead and those too wounded to continue fighting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFNr9FnpZBk >The news spread like wildfire across the entire defensive line and more than a few bottles of moonshine were opened up among the troops. The musically gifted among us started playing various modified versions of older Confederate songs like Dixie's Land on their instruments. The overall mood was one of merry celebration of victory against a hostile cause. As for me? I was just glad me and my comrades didn't return home in body bags when all was said and done and just settled for a relaxing smoke from my pipe. >After all, The Battle for Alabama, the first act of what would later be known as the "War of Southern Liberation" after the incident that began it all, had ended with a complete CSSA victory... And I could proudly come home to my kids and say I was there to witness it all through thick and thin. - Excerpt from the memoirs of Platoon Leader Joseph D. Sherman, Alabama 2nd Regional Militia, Alpha Company. On the Confederate homefront, the press is working overtime to spread news of the absolutely devastating blow delivered towards the Royal Army in the battle, planes are sent over the now-open frontline to deliver the news of the coming liberation to the people of Mississippi in the form of leaflet drops where they are encouraged to accept the militiamen as fellow southerners coming to liberate them from the yoke of the Queen's tyranny. Food is only very mildly rationed to help feed the troops better for their coming march westwards. >>115367 Some of the planes (under friendly escort of course) go as far as the Royal Capital in Louisiana, only sticking around in the enemy airspace long enough to drop their load of leaflets before turning back towards friendlier skies. Many leaflets contain propaganda both mocking the Royal Army's defeat in Alabama and the Queen herself in the form of caricatures, such as one where speaks of peace out of one end of her mouth and starts conflict with the other.
>>115101 Pumpkin Gang will raise another army in NY. Just to note, there are two in NJ and one in NY currently >>115381 We might have we've gotten off on the wrong foot and should think about calling a truce. What do you say?
Telegraph to the Ayatollah: WE WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST THE QUDS FORCE STATION TWO ARMIES IN NEW MEXICO We have borne the brunt of the Americo-Zionist invasion forces. We have resisted every violation of our pious law. We have been pushed to our limits by god. We now turn to our fellow followers, it is clear that the lord had intended to bring us closer. The Islamic Confederation hopes that the liberation and union of faith preached by imam Khomeini will become global. From sea to shining sea, our people will be free. -Cleric Peltier


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